CodyCross The Land of Oz Pack answers

The Land of Oz PackThe Land of Oz

Here are the answers to CodyCross The Land of Oz Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

One who secretly adores you.

Time of deep beaches.

Stock market workers who liaise with customers.

Deadly red flowers in Land of Oz meadow.

Pulls or aggravates a muscle.

Spicy Mexican sausage, often served with eggs.

An ocular sphere?.

When evidence is presented at a court case.

The __ in Oz, novel by illustrator John R. Neill.

Pestle-like device used to mash drink ingredients.

Forcibly removing from power.

He's the son of Han Solo and Princess Leia.

Eighth and outermost planet in our solar system.

Last name of actor Jeffrey from Burn Notice.

Puzzle 2

Teasing, poking fun at.

The Beatles' Miss Rigby.

Borrowing cash on a possession.

Illustrator of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, W.W..

Second most popular sauce after chocolate.

What Jurassic Park scientists used to get dino DNA.

Medical name for bodily weakness or wasting.

Another name for the chemical element tungsten.

Hippy culture, loose and bright tunics.

Cairn dog breed, played Toto in The Wizard of Oz.

Easternmost of North America's Great Lakes.

Sailing along rivers for pleasure.

They keep things separate, like when tiling a wall.

Puzzle 3

Extra attentive, e.g. __ parents.

Supernatural Nicole Kidman film, The __.

Boy visitor to Oz in The Yellow Knight of Oz.

North American cat with tufted ears.

A spoken address to a god or deity.

Its astrological symbol is a crab.

From a Distance singer, Bette.

A shallow body of water that rhymes with immune.

James, lead actor in Oz the Great and Powerful.

Pull out of a business deal at the last minute.

Puzzle 4

Oz figure aka the Soldier with the Green Whiskers.

Citizen's legal obligation to sit on a trial.

Italian word for symphony, in some orchestra names.

To be tangible; relating to the body.

In westerns, what the villain wore on his head.

The Karate Kid revamped into a TV series.

Greek yogurt and cucumber sauce for gyros.

Red Bull gives __, energy drink advertising slogan.

Visual designs on a computer screen.

Surname of British Formula 1 star Lewis.

Ancient Roman port city south of Rome.

Character with nieces in L. Frank Baum book series.

Structure built to house pigeons.

One of the small bones that form the spine.

Stare at this patterned poster to see a 3D image.

Puzzle 5

Anchors __, a command to set sail.

Sparkly shade of Dorothy's shoes in Baum's novel.

Related to the supernatural.

Britt, Swedish actress, wife of Peter Sellers.

Middle value in a set of numbers.

The mammary glands of female cattle or sheep.

Island state that joined the USA in 1959.

Iron tripod for a pot or kettle to stand on.

__-Bright, little boy featured in The Road to Oz.

Competitors in a running event.

Black __, medicinal plant said to be cooling.

Clothing company epitomized by wool suits.

Mix, blend of two culinary styles.

Puzzle 6

Fabric that's been padded, stitched in squares.

Nationality of playwright Anton Chekhov.

__ Back to Oz, 1972 animated fantasy film.

Parasitic fungi that attack plants.

Small, onion-like bulb.

Superman's home planet.

Sitting with one leg on either side of a horse.

Siesta o'clock.

Fabric of Dorothy Gale's blue and white dress.

Putting a cat among these birds causes chaos.

Puzzle 7

Travel agents' classically named booking system.

Actress Judy, Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz in 1939.

Tropical lizards, green and scaley.

Simon and Garfunkel's 1965 song, The Sound of this.

Geographic area including Australia and Polynesia.

Elephant of Pumperdink in the Land of Oz.

Kicks to strengthen abdominals while laying down.

Stone fragment with huge linguistic significance.

Directed, showed to a seat.

Scientific study of animals and their behavior.

Home __, making homemade beer.

Knead one's muscles.

Puzzle 8

Carrie Fisher's legendary actress mother Debbie.

One can buy milk there.

Healthy kind of diet everyone should have.

The ancient trade route joining China and the West.

Political drama with Julianna Margulies, The __.

Cannon such as Big Bertha used in WWI.

Questioning, like the Land of Oz Dromedary.

E __ unum, motto on US currency.

Try out for a part in a play.

Embarrassing blunder.

Author of The Shaggy Man of Oz.

The art of stylishly decorated homes, __ design.

A large extinct elephant-like mammal.

He starred in The Money Pit opposite Shelley Long.

Congratulate someone for cooking a steak?.

Puzzle 9

Italian car manufacturer with Ypsilon model.

Description of a news event.

Two-wheeled scooter sometimes used for city tours.

Tropical fruit also called pawpaw.

Offshore drilling platform for liquid fuel.

Magical desert that surrounds the Land of Oz.

First name of singer Eilish and actor Lourd.

Diamond pattern seen on socks.

__ of civilization, epithet for Mesopotamia.

Comedian bear on The Muppets.

Candy Country marshal in Legends of Oz movie.

Electronic dance music with a repetitive beat.

Puzzle 10

Social media company with CEO Jack Dorsey.

Singer of Give Me Everything and Timber.

Brings together to make a whole again.

Device used to start a fuel mixture in an engine.

Actor Jim, Lion in Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return.

The superior-most of the tonsils.

Tiny depressions on the surface of a golf ball.

Canadian one-dollar coins.

Edith, pen name used by L. Frank Baum.

Substance used to darken pale skin tone.

The perennial herb also called wild marjoram.

Beam wrapped in ribbons as a folk celebration.

Corroding, affected by oxygen.

Puzzle 11

Witch of the East in 1975 The Wiz Broadway musical.

He always rings twice, according to 1946 movie.

Sailing ship used for voyages of exploration.

Not figurative.

Cyclone, e.g. the storm in The Wizard of Oz.

Image shown on a Rorschach test.

Band that had a Heart of Glass in 1979.

Criminal offender who has served time in prison.

A giant coniferous California redwood tree.

Shakespeare play that opens with the Three Witches.

Opposites of peaks.

Puzzle 12

Last name of singer Christina, or Xtina for short.

Southern country in the Land of Oz.

Light pole that illuminates a street.

Undesirable disadvantage of a plan.

Anthem adopted by the European Union.

Tobacco holder often used for juggling.

A reverse shot in tennis.

Mingle, like particles that affect each other.

Capital city of Tuscany, Italy.

Present packaging.

Climbing plant with pale purple hanging flowers.

Fast-moving primary roads.

__ group, experts who oversee a particular project.

Wife of L. Frank Baum.

Invisible creature that fought Alien in 2004.

The E in EV, where V is vehicle.

Customer who leaves feedback on a purchase.

Former segregated settlement in South Africa.

Puzzle 13

Paperboy, in a Disney musical.

Rocks with mineral crystals inside.

Dorothy Gale's relative, married to Uncle Henry.

A bet on both sides for insurance.

It's said to be bated if you're scared or anxious.

Falsified documents or artwork.

The Spanish tennis player whose surname is Nadal.

French windmill, might be red.

A fortune __ can predict the future.

Fly trap spun by an eight-legged weaver.

Cubes of this make Halloween cocktails more spooky.

Riddle, conundrum.

Inhabitants of L. Frank Baum's fictional Land.

Sound transmission that mimics natural hearing.

Biblical book on the migration of Israelites.

Puzzle 14

Orientation, the course of a route.

Swift handwriting invented by Isaac Pitman.

Nickname for a scarlet-chested robin.

Describes a movie shot without huge funding.

Arthur Miller play about every male descendant.

Venetian explorer; a popular swimming pool game.

Land of Oz fountain containing Water of Oblivion.

Any way the __; final lyrics of Bohemian Rhapsody.

Much-sought goblet of Arthurian legend.

Data can often do this without causality.

Fictional continent on which the Land of Oz lies.

Maiden name of actress Joan, Baroness Olivier.

Puzzle 15

A river in motion is doing this.

Winged porcine in the later Land of Oz novels.

World's second biggest selling spice.

Birthplace country of Yves Saint-Laurent.

This kind of cable will boost your battery power.

Road to Oz in abandoned 1950s live-action movie.

Showy, dazzling display or performance.

Hypnotic states.

Near the __, means verging on the coarse and lewd.

Describes conditions below freezing point.

Moving force or a stimulus.

Puzzle 16

Island in the sky in 1934 novel Speedy in Oz.

Machine used to raise and move boxes, crates.

Tom yum soup originates from this Asian country.

The comedian who flew over Cannes in a bee costume.

__! The Witch is Dead, song sung by the Munchkins.

Settlement that has vanished from the modern world.

The history and description of coats of arms.

Capital of Manitoba.

Religion in which there are Four Noble Truths.

US state and subject of a popular musical.

Canine companion for a blind person.

Electromagnetic radiation that gives off heat.

Use different words to describe something.

Describes someone who comes up with unique ideas.

Puzzle 17

Keys and passwords grant it.

Only chemical element whose name ends with T.

Dorothy's pet cat in the Oz book series.

Clash of the Titans quote: Release the __!.

Acting Sheen who played president on West Wing.

Landlocked nation whose capital is Kampala.

Small hunting hound; the breed of Snoopy.

Abseil down a cliff or rock face.

Rods that radiate from the middle of a bike wheel.

Indirect taxes on goods.

First name of the Good Witch of the South.

Quid __, Latin expression meaning 'this for that'.

Home to bottling and selling fermented grapes.

Puzzle 18

Rock singer of Extraordinary and Why Can't I?.

A twice-baked Italian almond biscuit.

Relating to the sea and sailing.

Card game using pegs to keep score.

Cardio fitness class with music and step exercises.

Carpenter's prop and Land of Oz equine.

The woman someone is going to get married to.

When a doctor sends a patient to a specialist.

Family in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.

Captain Cook's pleasant name for the Tongan Isles.

:) or 8-D.

It keeps a joey in its pouch.

Paul, composer on The Wizard of Oz 1902 stage play.

Puzzle 19

Fraud tool to capture credit card info.

Pupils become this in low light.

Mound left by colonies of small insects.

Type of rock made from hardened lava.

Long thick corkscrew-shaped pasta.

King who died in the Battle of Bosworth: __ III.

Emerald City witch played by Rachel Weisz in 2013.

It and Venus are the two planets without moons.

Microsoft Office program for little reminders.

Samuel, Irish playwright of Waiting for Godot.

This band sang Come As You Are.

Real name of Nick, Tin Woodman in the Land of Oz.

Not widely known inside information.

Puzzle 20

Set of five playing cards, e.g. royal flush.

Company that oversees the US music charts.

Talking rodents in the Land of Oz.

Legal term for due care or attention.

Between a rock and a __, an impossible situation.

Greek philosopher, father of political science.

Land of Oz device that grants one wish per day.

To be fair, just or unbiased.

Famous Duchamp painting, Nude Descending a __.

1986 film with David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly.

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