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Here are the answers to CodyCross The Moon Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Composer Debussy or artist Monet.

Country formerly known as Asia Minor.

Large Canadian brown bear species, now extinct.

Surname of the discoverer of what causes leprosy.

Robotic spacecrafts that explore outer space.

Celtic language spoken in Scotland.

Edible mollusc with a ridged shell.

Impact crater near Apollo 11 landing site.

South African football (soccer) club: __ Chiefs.

Son of Gaia, engaged in battle with Zeus.

__ Rock, setting of many Stephen King novels.

Older children, but not quite teenagers.

Puzzle 2

Spring bulb with many bracts and pastel colors.

Forced, propelled.

Never __, German movie aka Werk ohne Autor.

Peppa Pig's French penfriend, __ Donkey.

Female trousers that are cut shorter like a skirt.

God who granted Midas his wish for golden touch.

Moon crater; shares a name with Monaco royals.

South American country whose capital is Paramaribo.

Spice Girl Melanie C's surname.

Sliding down a slope using an ice ax for stopping.

Imitating the style of wood.

Her Canterbury tale was about the death of a child.

NASA astronaut; fourth person to walk on the Moon.

Vaccinations that top up original jabs.

Puzzle 3

Cake named after a Portuguese island.

20th letter of the Greek alphabet, starts with a U.

Jack __; reported Apollo 13's problem to Houston.

Mary __, costumier on The Ballad of Buster Scruggs.

Making currency.

Large flightless parrots from New Zealand.

Legendary capital of kings in the Ramayana.

1970s Icelandic-British conflict over fishing.

Load-bearing structure for roofs or bridges.

Riley's blue emotion in Inside Out.

__ Rock; sample of Moon rock with biblical name.

Puzzle 4

Greek __, classic lines like at Brandenburg Gate.

Atom whose neutron count varies from the standard.

Ouija aka __ board used to be parlor game.

Cut of meat taken from the face of cattle.

__ Duke; left family portrait on the Moon in 1972.

Micky Dolenz was one of these, The __.

Agile greyhound-like dog.

Ship loaders.

The G in the MGM film studio.

Minorca's larger nearby Balearic island.

Harrison __; ex-senator and Apollo 17 crew member.

Gina __, Chelsea Peretti on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Hair stylist who promoted the bob cut: Vidal __.

Puzzle 5

Italian chopped eggplant/vegetable relish.

Country that means "bearded ones" in Portuguese.

Diplomatic staff and residence.

Confidently optimistic.

Apollo 15 lunar mission command module pilot.

Long-tailed monkey native to West Africa.

Furthest point from the Sun in an object's orbit.

Term for a disease spread from animals to people.

Pouches worn with kilts.

Waste, objects that have been discarded.

People who ride in canoe-like boats.

Russian airline, the national flag carrier.

Ridge of tissue, e.g. fold of skin beneath tongue.

Breeze that hits the face from the front.

Someone employed to do many jobs for someone.

Cosyness, comfortableness.

Puzzle 6

Oppress or wrong someone.

Joan __; Hollywood leading lady of the 1930s.

Follow someone, often uninvited.

Katniss from Hunger Games.

Original Beach Boy with affectionate name.

Little stars pasta, for adding to soups.

Satellite of Jupiter, solar system's largest moon.

Roger __, has the Lucky Strike account in Mad Men.

Former currency of Finland.

Relating to or characteristic of humans.

Mario __, US winner of both Indycar and F1 titles.

Lunar crater named after French astronomer.

Unique feature of Galápagos Islands boobies.

Fires a religious official.

__ line, marker seen on the side of ships.

Unlucky number in German, as elsewhere.

Glass containers to create vacuums in science labs.

Donating an annual award or prize to a university.

Puzzle 7

Castle used as the setting for Harry Potter films.

Country where the Mitad del Mundo is located.

Loud horns.

Closest point to Earth in the Moon's orbit.

Making a biologically exact copy.

Sarah __, jazz singer of Nature Boy and It's Magic.

Tight laced-up waistcoats worn over blouses.

Artist who painted the Moulin Rouge: Toulouse-__.

Items in lists in PowerPoint start with these.

Bashar __, became president of Syria in 2002.

Didi Conn's foreign-sounding character in Grease.

__ moon; autumnal full moon.

Wine merchant.

Audi __, 1980s vehicle fired up by Gene Hunt.

Puzzle 8

New Mexican place associated with the atom bomb.

Tiny trace, spark.

Trees that shed their leaves annually each fall.

Social implications, study of racial differences.

Feldspar mineral abundant on the Moon's surface.

Rabbits find a new home in __ Down.

Word operation for creating address lists.

Double __; 1944 Billy Wilder film noir.

Montes __; highest mountain range on the Moon.

Theorize, suggest.

Puzzle 9

Took brief notes at a meeting.

Poet who wrote "To a Skylark": Percy Bysshe __.

Used to treat malaria, also found in a G&T.

Michael __; on board Apollo 11 with Neil and Buzz.

Large aquatic mammal, also called a sea cow.

Dealer in animal pelts.

__ module; control compartment of a spacecraft.

20th-century US slang for detective.

Anna __, sunglasses-wearing ed-in-chief of Vogue.

The G in DSG or Direct-shift __ in cars.

Domes set on top of buildings.

Rags to Riches singer Tony __.

Country that won the first World Cup in Soccer.

Puzzle 10

A horse's high steps.

Wilson __, US soul singer of In the Midnight Hour.

Longest river in Ireland.

The __ Cousin, Disney short, mouse in Podunk.

Dr Drake __; soap role played by Joey Tribbiani.

Mare __; Sea of Showers Moon crater and lava plain.

Wine containers for pouring.

The __ Club, mahjong in San Francisco by Amy Tan.

Alloy including mercury, used for fillings.

Sweet pink/green stalk used in desserts.

An Outer Hebrides island, a World Heritage Site.

Ruler of Libya for 41 years.

Shape with many sides.

Portable Life __ System; astronaut's survival kit.

__ 4; Hasbro four-in-a-row game.

French form of the name James.

Puzzle 11

One Hundred Years of __, novel.

Lunar formation where Apollo 14 landed in 1971.

Actor in Raging Bull and Lethal Weapon.

Unhurried, tardy; anagram of adroitly.

A white wine of the Loire.

Shortest hole on a golf course.

Spiral mound of earth excreted by soil dwellers.

First lunar appearance over Earth's horizon.

Purifies a metal by melting it.

Pushing along trucks.

Second-largest city in Hungary.

Nationality of singer with the stage name Falco.

Gathering, collecting.

Puzzle 12

Immensity, huge extent.

Supporter of the monarchy.

Spanish term for St James, name given to a shrine.

Native chiefs of Latin American indigenous groups.

Not brave or gallant.

Sea of __; plain NW of Sea of Tranquility.

Illegally made and sold music recordings.

Name of world's largest subtropical rainforest.

Raw material from which newspapers are made.

Historical porridge-type wheat dish.

Arguments, quarrels, disagreements.

Sharp Objects actress Patricia __.

Puts an end to, shoots down an idea or suggestion.

Glassy lunar rocks formed by meteorite impacts.

French word for Sunday.

South Africa's Jacaranda city, on the Apies River.

Forward mail to a new address.

It's on the floor.

Police tire-deflation devices to stop speeding.

Puzzle 13

Painting using egg yolk rather than oil.

Ban from a group.

Paul __ of Peter, Paul, and Mary.

Hollows in the ground on the surface of the Moon.

Toni Morrison book that starts: "124 was spiteful".

Roman wine container.

Country to which the Faroe Islands belong.

Scared __; petrified, filled with fear.

Temporary table supported by sloping tower legs.

Dark purple autumn plums.

Song-sharing service that faced legal challenges.

Peggy __, 3X World Champion figure skater.

2011 chaotic film from Roman Polanski.

__ of the Western World, Synge's provocative play.

Spaceflight project named after Greek hunting god.

Highest mountain peak of Morocco.

Animators of Shaun the Sheep and Wallace & Gromit.

Removed silt from a waterway.

Stocky bird, with little, great and Kori types.

Puzzle 14

Elon Musk company with plans for Moon tourism.

Female foxes.

Daisy __, 1879 novella by Henry James.

Slide vertically down a rock face on a rope.

Carly Rae __, Call Me Maybe singer.

Part French, part Dutch Caribbean island: Saint __.

Negligent, inattentive.

Albert __; setting of EastEnders action.

Long canyon-like grooves on the Moon's surface.

Jewish holiday starting five days after Yom Kippur.

Cates, Robinson, Dahl.

Native code talkers in WWII.

French chicken.

Offer up as evidence.

Add air to a lawn.

Puzzle 15

Birth island of Freddie Mercury.

When an orbiting spacecraft is closest to the Moon.

Titbits associated with Shavuot.

In heraldry, to decorate a flag or shield.

2018 drama starring Ryan Gosling as Neil Armstrong.

First English Civil War battle, Battle of __.

Lead actor in Shane and This Gun For Hire.

Lobster-clawed staff doctor at Planet Express.

Butterfly bush.

Clumsy, awkward.

Puzzle 16

Basic tree-like branches of cauliflower, broccoli.

Australian soap star turned singer Kylie __.

Lunar phase between half and full moon.

Location of the Bronte Parsonage.

Semitic language officialized by the EU.

__-makers, workers creating socks and stockings.

Israeli space agency behind failed Beresheet craft.

Guided by experiences rather than theory.

Dustin Hoffman's character in Rain Man, __ Babbitt.

Konstantin __, Russian painter of Paris after Rain.

__ Washington, black US educator.

Encouraged, urged on.

Ancient city and capital of Minoan Crete.

Puzzle 17

Narrow-minded, intolerant, like a hot-air balloon.

En __, in culinary terms to serve in a shell.

As You Like It heroine.

Mocks in satire.

Wine tasters' receptacle when expelling mouthfuls.

1960s NASA program to research soft Moon landings.

South Italian city where the Appian Way ended.

Long-tailed monkey, including tamarins and pygmys.

Disconnect, e.g. two railway carriages.

Picasso's muse, Surrealist painter, photographer.

She won an Oscar for Best Actress for Hud: __ Neal.

Euphemism for "to die", based on a compass point.

Wooden paneling covering a wall.

Thai new year celebrations.

Expedition on foot on the lunar surface.

Immobilize with shock, like rabbits in headlights.

Weeklong UAE marathon for charity: 7 __ Run.

Puzzle 18

Last ruler of the Incan Empire.

Actor with a small part in a film.

National bird of Iceland.

Pole used for displaying an emblematic cloth.

Recovery ship that retrieved Apollo 11.

Associations of various joint institutions.

Marjory __, authored books on Albert Campion.

Shrubby Californian land, from a Spanish word.

Command module on Apollo 17 in 1972.

Drinking advice: don't __ and grain.

Ex-1D singer, had a 2017 hit with Strip That Down.

Puzzle 19

The property of being old.

Jennifer __, former US tennis ace.

Restaurant dishes that are not on the set menu.

Dole out, bestow, distribute.

__ on the Western Front, Remarque's tale of WWI.

Prominent Hollywood composer, George __.

Command module pilot on Apollo 17 in 1972.

Patron knight whose day is marked on April 23.

Matted or covered with straw, e.g. a __ roof.

__ Lockhart, Harry Potter character of Ken Branagh.

Enclosures for pet birds.

Large Hadron __; European particle accelerator.

Long, coat-like garment worn by Indian men.

Kazakhstan cosmodrome and launch site.

Puzzle 20

Gian Carlo Menotti opera: "Amahl and the Night __".

Edgar __; Lunar Module pilot of Apollo 14.

Phrase: nip it __.

Cinnamon whisky made by the Sazerac Company.

Medical term for premature aging.

Italian fashion group, F1 constructor (1980s-90s).

Clothing for a job.

Male steerers of ships.

Portion of the Moon visible from the Earth.

Swiss river known for its clear turquoise water.

American __, production studio created by Coppola.

Process of giving birth (to a parcel maybe?).

Poet who wrote The Charge of the Light Brigade.

Wine region of Portugal north of the Algarve.

Inclined, minded, likely to act in a certain way.

Lighthouse off the E Scottish coast aka Inchcape.

Salt and pepper in Spanish: sal y __.

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