CodyCross The Night Sky Pack answers

The Night Sky PackThe Night Sky

Here are the answers to CodyCross The Night Sky Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

The scientific study of celestial bodies and space.

Company with yellow-leaping stag on a green ground.

Signs up for another tour of duty.

Weight hanging on a string; vertical spirit level.

Site launched by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger.

Ben Stiller's 2001 male model role.

Rectangle holding a basketball hoop.

Pupa of a butterfly.

Willy Wonka's supposed chocolate factory rival.

Slight wavering of the moon seen from Earth.

Rapper from Queens, Curtis James Jackson.

Puzzle 2

Ambush, swoop, jump on prey.

One who gives advice or teaches less experienced.

Italian-Swiss border lake, near Monte San Giorgio.

Emphatic or ironic interjection.

Ownership of assets with debts attached.

Underground structure designed to protect.

__ King, with the album Tapestry, song One.

High school featured in Grease.

Something relating to or involving stars.

Cocktail made of Prosecco, Aperol, and soda water.

Richard Branson's airline, __ Atlantic.

The main protagonist of the God of War series.

The moon as it progresses from full to new.

The Catholic nun and saint who won a Nobel prize.

Puzzle 3

Driving a ship into another.

Country whose Internet address abbreviation is AM.

Non-Jewish person.

Gradually thinning, e.g. pant leg style.

European law enforcement agency.

The teenage half-witch living in Greendale.

Stanley Kubrick's 1968 film, 2001: A Space __.

Come alongside, reaching someone ahead.

E.g. a toenail developing in the wrong direction.

It joins a tee to a green.

Our solar system is made up of 8 and 1 dwarf.

__ Mann; Pretty Flamingo rock band.

Puzzle 4

Secretively escape.

This vaccination keeps sickness away in winter.

Matt Damon gets left on the red planet in The __.

Hue linked to one of Robin Hood's Merry Men.

Second largest European country by area.

Oarsman who narrates Moby-Dick: "Call me ___".

Noise made by friendly dogs.

Take over for an exhausted pitcher.

Crunchy, twisted, salty baked dough.

The man who discovered four of Saturn's moons.

Puzzle 5

Prickly plants on which blackberries grow.

Pink City in southern France, home to Airbus HQ.

Prisoner, especially one confined within a country.

The space opera series featuring R2-D2 and C-3PO.

Snoopy's airborne antagonist.

US did this to space shuttles at Cape Canaveral.

A measuring device, or foolish person.

A space-time tube connecting two regions of space.

German warmed and spiced red wine; Prost!.

Author Anthony of the novel Barchester Towers.

Rejuvenator for one's visage after an arid trip.

Person who oversees a movie or album.

Puzzle 6

Maximus Decimus Meridius was one.

Lichnerowicz's theorem for the universe's fate.

Hard to gain, easy to lose, necessary to learn.

Large crustacean prized for its claws, not lobster.

Queen of England coronated at twenty seven.

Neutral typeface, popular on signage.

Aviation agreement for operating joint flights.

Cresting waves that break with foam.

Ad lib, in music.

To have children.

Orion's other name.

Another term for circles of latitude on a globe.

Puzzle 7

What Lies __, horror with Pfeiffer.

River flowing through Russia to Kara Sea.

Italian rice dish.

Radio show where callers ring up and speak on air.

David, UK Prime Minister from 2010 to 2016.

Protective clothing worn in a science lesson.

The ISS is the International Space this.

Collected and kept hold of.

Spice Girls song about what they really want.

Velma's catch phrase.

Not quite a full book.

The force that keeps the planets in orbit.

Puzzle 8

A bundle of paper money; monetary resources.

Ritual involving the question "Will you marry me?".

Hammerstein was this to composer Rogers.

Cabbage and turnip hybrid.

Dark reddish-brown wood used for furniture.

Appearing, disappearing cat in Alice's Adventures.

The 2018 film about Neil Armstrong's moon landing.

Type of window covering, or person from Italy.

Netflix TV series about the monarchy.

Foods like potatoes, breads, pastas.

He's the father of astronomy, __ Copernicus.

A population that's been scattered geographically.

No man is __; company is better than isolation.

Puzzle 9

Cooked on a flat surface, like a chef.

Essential computer program that can't be altered.

Open and bold resistance.

The progression of the sun on a given day.

Porous layers of water-containing rock.

Iconic Scottish musical instrument.

Zeus' strong son who has a 1997 Disney film.

Bonus from a company for selling their product.

__ Aeronautics and Space Administration, NASA.

The divisions of a book, usually with a heading.

Canadian city home to ice hockey's Oilers.

Collection of outside furniture.

Puzzle 10

When an alien takes a human to their ship.

Wiegenlied and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

Protected area of countryside around a town.

Body position of Wat Pho's Buddha sculpture.

Located in or related to outer space.

The infamous villain played by Ralph Fiennes.

Mad Men's charming protagonist.

Tall Moomin with red dress and hat and long snout.

Examples include shiitake, enoki and portobello.

The celestial competition between the US and USSR.

Puzzle 11

Failed due to pressure of the spotlight.

These Chili Peppers really sing.

Male ducks.

William of __, devised a problem-solving "razor".

Loud, hearty laugh.

Set fire to something in a pan to flash cook it.

A space rock that reaches Earth's surface.

Country of which El Al is the national airline.

Region north of 66 degrees north latitude.

Temporary accommodation for the armed forces.

US president who said, "The buck stops here".

Type of interest that has an ulterior motive.

This planet has 7 rings and 62 moons.

Telekinetic teen on Stranger Things.

Absolution from being wrongly accused.

Puzzle 12

James Joyce novel where you'd find Leopold Bloom.

A scientific theory for how the universe began.

Clenched awkwardly at what someone said.

A method of making baskets and textiles.

Say it there in 280 characters or less.

French overseas department in the Indian Ocean.

Substance for making something watertight.

Country where you can find the treat Mozart balls.

Famous theoretical physicist, Stephen __.

One of the most vital physical aspects of ballet.

Band led by Peter Gabriel and then Phil Collins.

Puzzle 13

Gravity is so strong here that nothing escapes.

Solar and wind, two forms of this type of energy.

Circular disc worn as a pendant.

Hand-crafted small figure to take your cares away.

This style of cake is gluten-free.

Ancestral dwelling.

One with this blood type can be a universal donor.

"All right, stop. Collaborate __".

A hook used to help scale walls.

Heathcliff, Hamlet both seek this.

Companies that sell consumer goods.

Mover of a trolley or wheeled platform on a set.

The collection of stars known as the great bear.

"The Truth is Out There" sci-fi TV series.

The pupa of a moth or butterfly.

Puzzle 14

Oak tree fruits loved by squirrels.

Oil transporter.

Robert Bloch novel adapted by Alfred Hitchcock.

Turn into bone.

A system of two stars orbiting a common point.

Cartoon Google logo.

2016 Amos Lee Album.

Clause that allows a contract to be terminated.

A movie about 3 of NASA's female staff, __ Figures.

Crazy, wacky, used to describe caper movies.

Puzzle 15

Gets thinner, like a cat's eyes when happy.

South African redbush, its leaves used to make tea.

A popular nursery rhyme, __, __, little star.

Barters the price.

Gave birth to tadpoles.

The seven __ of the world; amazing sites to behold.

This pot was an early version of a toilet.

A planet, chemical element, and Roman god.

Michael; Fatal Attraction actor and Kirk's son.

Identifying addition to a sleeve.

Puzzle 16

Display pieces in a museum or gallery.

Day of the week on which to post old photos.

Group of islands to the west of Scotland.

Singer-songwriter of Blowin' in the Wind.

It marks the longest and shortest days of the year.

The job of the batting side's opponents.

Stress remedy, a break from work to recover.

Military supplies and equipment.

Garbage __; gross 1980s parody trading cards.

Legal word for child under age sixteen.

The moon's shape in its first quarter.

Howard Hughes had this type of company.

Transferred power, delegated.

Rock bottom, nadir.

__ A Time, TV show about town stuck in fairy tale.

Puzzle 17

Stars are mostly made of helium and this element.

Not leeward.

New York City building, or automobile manufacturer.

Funny, often ribald, poem of five lines.

Curls up into someone else.

Small pieces of paper, not bound in a book.

A Kuiper belt dwarf planet discovered in 2005.

A certification for selling 2 million singles.

Undercover drag role for Martin Lawrence in 2000.

Snowboard trick, also a scoring pass in basketball.

Where the tracks meet.

Splashing around like ducks in water.

__ me! Polite expression of surprise.

Puzzle 18

Serving as a temporary solution or fix.

Sewing-machine brand from Sweden.

White lips, pale face, __ in snow flakes.

The first successful rover to land on Mars.

Things that are often buried by pirates.

The bird from the first day of Christmas.

Elaborate maze, and Jim Henson movie.

A doctor who focuses on the urinary system.

Red-suited fearless Marvel superhero.

Uranus and Neptune have this chilly nickname.

Islamic decoration, or ballet position.

Australian Aboriginal rite of passage to manhood.

King Arthur's wife and queen.

__ margins; columns of text with straight edges.

Puzzle 19

Mixed breed dogs, with uncertain parentage.

Greek philosopher known for creating ethics.

Budget system where cash goes in one for a bill.

The water-carrying constellation.

Musical siblings who were Righteous.

Religious title of Wilbert Vere Awdry.

All matter and space as a whole.

Great __ Range, vast mountain range in Australia.

Something of great size or power.

Ribbed-edge summer squash.

Movie monster, climbed the Empire State Building.

Alexander, an American founding father.

Puzzle 20

Vatican chapel known for its painted ceiling.

An arrangement or bundle of flowers.

Portable makeup case with a mirror for touch-ups.

Veggie in Lady Florence Bjelke-Petersen's scones.

1997 alien film with Bruce Willis, The Fifth this.

Latter Day Saints followers.

Happening online and not in the real world.

Lead singer of Guns n' Roses; anagram of so relax.

Cargo for a ship or train.

Booster shot given if you step on a nail.

Outside in the elements.

Fast-paced attacking players in rugby and soccer.

The icy middle of a comet.

Many towns require this registration for a dog.

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