CodyCross The Water Cycle Pack answers

The Water Cycle PackThe Water Cycle

Here are the answers to CodyCross The Water Cycle Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Tall shoes, such as stilettos.

Writing on metal or carving into stone.

Land too full of water to take in more; fat type.

Sugary suckers.

Explosive pyrotechnics set off at parties.

Where piano lessons take place in a school.

It's the smallest dog breed, and a Mexican state.

Happening over and over, like in the water cycle.

The lead dancer in a ballet company.

Equipment for riding waves behind a motorboat.

Native to the US state where CIA is headquartered.

Puzzle 2

Carbon ash compacted for use as fuel or art.

Rock or sand deposited at the bottom of rivers.

Female star of 2018's A Star is Born.

Local Area Network technology that uses cables.

Pumped up a ball.

Type of leg veins that can hurt, appear purple.

Legally becoming parents to someone else's child.

Stage and movie musical with ABBA songs.

Quick snacks, e.g. burgers, fried chicken, etc.

Millionaire's offshore banking site.

Automatic reaction, not thought through.

Used a duster to shine a household surface.

Hand signals or expressions.

__ basin, land area where water empties into river.

Puzzle 3

Afeared, concerned, anxious.

TV transmission type that permits HD.

Leafy garnish often used by restaurants.


__ cats and dogs; pouring, drizzling, spitting.

Circulated and networked at a social event.

Stylish shirts for women.

To see the future, gaze into this type of ball.

Titanic sinker; smaller than a glacier.

Sleep-inducing bedtime song.

Hedge cutting tool.

Puzzle 4

Their leaves lose water through the water cycle.

Item spun during a common kissing game.

Fight, contest, battle.

Steam press a transfer to a T-shirt.

Mushroom found on tree stumps, not in the ocean!.

Tissue protector of shirts at a barbecue or picnic.

Greece's Acropolis stands above this city.

Alex, who hosted Jeopardy!.

DC's biggest rival in comics, superhero films.

The U in UPS.

Prequel musical to the Wizard of Oz.

Grim __, personification of death.

African animals with black and white striped coats.

Wooden frames that hold canvases or paper.

Preserved shell; __ water is ancient groundwater.

Competitions between two mounted knights.

Timon and Pumbaa's catchphrase is "__ Matata".

First name of the Beatles' guitarist Harrison.

Sticky tags that can be written on.

Puzzle 5

Turns that smile upside-down.

Most recently purchased.

Direction heated water moves in when evaporating.

Winter hand garment that isn't a glove.

The largest flowering plant family in the world.

Key used to scroll to an earlier part of a file.

Number of years celebrated by a pearl anniversary.

Arm muscle used for dumbbell curls.

This instrument is a rounded concave brass plate.

Upper chamber of US legislative assembly.

Frozen Italian dessert.

Humans breathe this element; it makes up water too.

Eric Carle's literary caterpillar was very this.

__ Bull, Martin Scorsese boxing biopic.

Detain a suspected criminal.

Puzzle 6

Han Solo's Wookiee co-pilot.

An "ology" meaning the study of water, its cycle.

People often do this to furniture for a new look.

__ City, imperial palace complex in Beijing.

Nut-collecting animals who like bird feeders.

Holes for earrings and other jewelry.

What a band performs and that you hear in person.

Gong for primetime or daytime TV excellence.

Sport played with a shuttlecock.

Calculating, like keeping track of water runoff.

This man made a giant leap for mankind, Neil.

Closely united or interwoven.

Puzzle 7

Facial treatment often using clay, minerals.

Unkindly, meanly.

Condition of water after evaporation; not solid.

Drawing, sketch, painting, etc.

Perform lotus, downward dog on this workout rug.

A spacecraft's return into the atmosphere.

Need this to hear gaming buddies.

Partition that splits a room.

Death at a __, dysfunctional family comedy.

Bird that likes showing off its beautiful feathers.

Instrument played by Dizzy Gillespie.

What gelatin does when you shake it.

Light rainfalls in spring; April __.

Nickname of Egyptian ruler, tomb found in 1922.

Beverage preparation expert in a coffee shop.

Puzzle 8

The Hunt for Red __, Tom Clancy and submarines.

Words that have an s added at the end.

Springs; places where rivers begin.

Fraction equal to 25 percent.

The 2019 film where Brad Pitt goes to Mars.

The original settings on a device.

Ultra-challenging triathlon endurance event.

Feeling of dizziness, loss of balance.

Extinct, elephant-like creature.

TV genre of Love Island and Big Brother.

Shaped molds for making cookies.

Raining little balls of ice; stopping a taxi.

Flared style of jeans cut to cover your shoes.

What is often provided by corporate investors.

Puzzle 9

Network of living things, including water cycle.

The wooden puppet who turned into a boy.

Giant hairy spider.

Giant maze that may contain a minotaur.

First __, person who attends emergency situations.

Blowy factor affecting evaporation in water cycle.

Successfully deposited a parcel at its destination.

Pair of sticks with a point, for drawing circles.

Problem-solving instruction followed by a computer.

Where Santa and his elves live.

Popstar whose albums include Prism and Smile.

Male anglers.

Beer brand shortened to "Bud".

Puzzle 10

Those who fund the government.

Rhythmic thud of a pulse.

Construction plan, architect's design.

Move around, the way water does in its cycle.

Harry Potter had a cloak that made him this.

Musical style meaning with voices only.

Soaks meat in seasoned liquid.

Saline liquid that makes up the ocean.

Sword pulled from the stone by Arthur.

Final strand, breaks the camel's back; The __.

Said of a thing that has no appealing qualities.

Ancient animals whose name means "terrible lizard".

Great prize won by Formula 1 drivers.

Puzzle 11

Borough of New York City; Beckhams' eldest son.

She plays Wonder Woman on the big screen.

It's the M in the political abbreviation PM.

A match made here, a perfect partner.

One better than gold certification for album sales.

Building material bonded with cement and water.

Element putting the H into H2O, the water molecule.

To stray onto private land.

A barb-tailed and flat-bodied fish; a model of car.

Overflowing of water from riverbanks.

Frequencies for broadcasting on the radio.

Puzzle 12

Crunchy, like bread rolls with a hard outer layer.

Flood or huge downpour of rain.

To move quickly with small hurried steps.

A spread of food on a table, for everyone to share.

American actor Duff, star of Cheaper by the Dozen.

Simple garment that originated in the Andes.

Number of seconds in a minute and a half.

Margaret, writer of The Handmaid's Tale.

Country in which the Bastille was famously stormed.

3D spherical models of the Earth.

The music genre associated with Bob Marley.

Combining of different air masses that causes rain.

Puzzle 13

Facebook app for direct communication.

Wide-brimmed Mexican hats.

Fake lake or other water storage.

Painful indigestion, often after eating.

Spinal columns.

Highly competitive, like hungry canines.

A detour, scenic route.

Flight __, a member of cabin crew.

Egyptian queen killed by the bite of a snake.

Exchanges of water between land, ocean and air.

Rent collectors.

Puzzle 14

Lines of hair above our visual organs.

Word for religious and mysterious.

Mirror in a car that shows the vehicle behind you.

Ornamental band worn around the wrist.

Pollution causes this bad downpour in water cycle.

Ten times ten times ten.

Whale named for its curved appearance.

Kid in 1969 Butch Cassidy western.

The whole kit and __, absolutely everything.

This Steel has written more than 140 novels.

Boxer's rebounding training equipment.

Memento, souvenir.

Frozen plane on the ground that stores water.

Loss of feeling in a body part.

Puzzle 15

The crime of illegally hunting wildlife.

Air __, rising breezes that carry steam upward.

Dead Heads follow this Dead band all over.

Central American coastline or a biting insect.

Candy other than brittles that rhymes with vittles.

Fabric wall hanging that was woven and sewn.

Sets of false teeth.

Measurable depth of sky water dropped over time.

Someone who is very energetic is this.

Pasta-based name of Alfredo in Pixar's Ratatouille.

Avid reader, always lost in a novel.

Person who sets papers to test students' knowledge.

Puzzle 16

Wetness; water cycle provides this to the land.

Another word for pants.

Black-and-white part of an electronic piano.

Uses something to gain advantage.

Cover a document in a protective plastic cover.

The system of water pipes in one's home.

Hovering, like steam after evaporating.

Country where it's thought golf was first played.

ABS stands for this type of braking system.

The chemical element represented by Cl.

Antony Hopkins played him in Silence of the Lambs.

Puzzle 17

Rapidly or at a fast pace.

Illegally accessing computer data.

Construction in which buzzing insects make honey.

Injection that provides disease immunity.

Annual publication for events of the year ahead.

Mighty __ Power Rangers.

Parties in Spanish.

Distance on a football field.

First name of Bloom, actor in Lord of the Rings.

A loud rumbling noise that occurs after lightning.

Study of rock formations, including historic water.

Runway down which models parade in fashion shows.

Change for the better, turn over one of these.

Title for a judge of the Supreme Court.

Snares and cymbals form part of this musical setup.

Plastic stick for mixing sugar into tea or coffee.

Artisans who make items from clay.

Undo, go back; condense from steam back to water.

Puzzle 18

French breakfast pastry, half-moon shaped.

Executive ones make TV shows happen.

Emergency gas-powered machine for electricity.

The place where tickets are sold or reserved.

This type of Beasts and Where to Find Them.

Surgery often required at the dentists.

Kitchen storage for cumin, pepper, thyme, etc.

Permanent storage disk of a PC.

Tiny water units that move fast in evaporation.

Spiders and scorpions.

Martial artist who uses hands and feet.

French heroine who heard voices.

Natural shower like Niagara.

Puzzle 19

Folders where most incoming emails land.

Let go, like clouds do to their raindrops.

Ruffled hair in an untidy way.

Commercial transport of goods via sea, rail or air.

Nutrient-rich material from recycled veggie scraps.

Manchester and Bristol are cities in this country.

Reese Witherspoon starred in __ Blonde.

Leafy green vegetable known as a superfood.

Branch of mathematics using letters.

Causing water to increase in temperature.

Puzzle 20

Wicked or cruel act.

Wheeled carriages pulled by horses.

A five-sided shape.

David who played Agent Mulder in The X-Files.

eBay button for making an instant purchase.

The swapping of water between areas in the cycle.

Charm with magic, protective powers.

Footwear brand with Go Walk range.

Cold dessert cooked inside a baked Alaska.

Materials such as carpets, tiling, lino, etc.

Name shared by actors Aniston, Lawrence, Lopez.

Presidential end of the White House.

How wet the air is.

You'll burn this oil by working late at night.

Trumpet musical instrument at the 2010 World Cup.

Medical treatments or health cures.

Hamlet says that to be or not to be is the __.

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