CodyCross Theatrical Performance Pack answers

Theatrical Performance PackTheatrical Performance

Here are the answers to CodyCross Theatrical Performance Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Waldorf-__; luxury New York hotels built in 1893.

Empire founded in 1299 by Osman I.

A laden small commercial vehicle.

Not for.

Former capital of British Somaliland.

Showy flowers named after a Swedish botanist.

Peter Shaffer play about Mozart and Salieri.

Royal family residence in Berkshire: __ Castle.

80s pop singer; Jesus' mother.

Outshine someone performing in a play.

Puzzle 2

__ drill; power tool also called a jackhammer.

Great ape with reddish-brown fur.

"Almost Like Being in Love" musical.

Keep the __ burning; maintain one's daily routine.

Scientology theory devised by L Ron Hubbard.

Most like Marcus Crassus.

Musical based on a Kevin Bacon movie.

Squalidness, shabbiness.

Artificial surfing simulator.

Five-sided symbol, synonymous with the occult.

Elvis's second film; the movie featured Teddy Bear.

Puzzle 3

Label given to a group of youthful 80s actors.

Vessel that took Jamaicans to the UK in 1948.

Type of performance done on a central stage.

Close-fitting riding trousers.

Indian spice that's the world's 3rd-most expensive.

A Streetcar Named Desire playwright: Tennessee __.

Fancy word for therapy with devotee of Freud.

Greek name for the site of Christ's crucifixion.

Grid made of criss-cross strands of thin metal.

Gathered together, assembled troops.

Puzzle 4

London's stage-show district.

Sulked, thought about, like a hen.

Michael's father; played Spartacus, Kirk __.

Fried pastry tubes with sweet creamy filling.

Prized form of a green pyroxene mineral.

Kander and Ebb musical with the name of a US city.

How they say 18 in France.

The amount of money earned; a company's income.

Cancer starting in the body's connective tissues.

Hey hey, they’re the __.

Puzzle 5

The study of religion.

Amino acids linked by amide bonds.

John Wayne stars as Rooster Cogburn.

"Where the wind comes sweeping down the plain".

Shade of pigmentation.

Coast road cut into a cliff.

__ Rose; author who wrote Twelve Angry Men.

A broken chord played in sequence.

Overseer and financial backer of a play.

A Mesopotamian terraced structure.

Type of parsley also called Italian.

Make gradual progress on a large project.

Puzzle 6

Everything that makes up one's net worth.

Round window or opening on the ceiling.

In Cats, it's "all alone in the moonlight".

Portuguese-speaking African country.

__ truck, working vehicle with pivoting platform.

Packs of rugby forwards on a pitch.

Primary city of the 1916 failed Easter Rising.

Dull female partner to a showy-tail-feathered bird.

The untold story of the witches of Oz.

First name of the Soviet leader from 1958 to 1964.

Tamper, interfere, intrude.

Obsolete term for the past participle of burn.

Enjoys smugly.

Stephen Schwartz musical about Charlemagne's son.

Stephen King's biggest novelist's fan film.

Puzzle 7

Upstairs seating spot.

Spanish artist known for cubist abstract paintings.

__ for __, Shakespeare play of Isabella and Angelo.

Art of navigation, think about the seas.

Infantry units of the ancient Roman army.

65-1 Kentucky Derby winner by default: __ House.

Opposite over adjacent in trigonometry.

Musical set in Agrabah.

Brutal criticism.

__ City, self-evident nickname for Washington DC.

Silk-like fabric Persian for "twisted woven".

Drug that cures indigestion or heartburn.

Orange flaming liqueur crepes.

1975 Oscar winner: One Flew over the __ Nest.

Ballroom dance with slow and quick steps.

Puzzle 8

Confused, bewildered, befuddled.

Charles Darwin's On the __ of Species.

Oldest, typically walled, part of a N African city.

Workers who show people to their seats.

You divide these up in a will.

Docking place with berths for yachts.

Boll __; beetle that feeds on cotton plants.

Take in the glorious sight of a view.

The highest line of music in a composition.

Archaic internet access through a telephone line.

Play about a man and Pooka.

Word signifying death in Grand Theft Auto.

Loose fabrics worn over the shoulders.

Pressing hay into giant cubes.

Puzzle 9

Left-hand side, also meaning menacing or ominous.

Ocean fish; Holy __.

When actors are supposed to arrive for a show.

Flower in the genus Narcissus.

A hue between azure and dark sky blue.

Indian city, aka Ambarsar, with Golden Temple.

Oil mover.

Earth's atmosphere has more of this than oxygen.

Canned fruit and vegetables brand.

Musical with songs by Sara Bareilles.

Worries, anxieties.

Puzzle 10

Shape of a flat-bottomed laboratory flask.

Shakespeare contemporary: Christopher __.

Aromatic rose hot paste from North Africa.

Remain beyond the agreed date.

O __, opening number of Orff's Carmina Burana.

Metal hole in a curtain.

Hanging ones go in filing cabinets.

Criminal or disreputable person.

Abuja is the capital.

Asian __, invaders that snatch bees from hives.

High __, Sinatra musical movie.

__ Potter, author of The Tale of Peter Rabbit.

Sondheim musical originally titled Threes.

Final epoch of history after Stone and Bronze.

Puzzle 11

Dapper, neat and tidy; an evergreen tree.

Passionate, fervent.

A waxy substance used to tame hair.

Edgar's scheming brother in King Lear.

Large pictures painted directly onto a wall.

The last section of most modern stage dramas.

Grassland plain found in Europe and Asia.

State of matter that changes shape, but not volume.

Played roughly; cavorted.

__ Lansbury of Bedknobs and Broomsticks.

What Satan does to Jesus for 40 days and nights.

Italian city square, e.g. San Marco in Venice.

August Wilson play about Troy and Rose.

Cut a __, to destroy a large part of something.

How they have fallen!.

Gertrude __, 1st woman to swim the English Channel.

Brass instrument similar to a trumpet.

Puzzle 12

Triangular Asian pastry snacks.

Rock 'n' roll musical set in Tennessee.

Premier League team represented by a cannon.

Categories of metal money issued by a country.

Early afternoon production.

On the __ Away, Pink Floyd revolution.

Largest tributary of Amur River in China.

Accumulation of hair in a cat's throat.

__ Wheel; conceptual 1913 sculpture by Duchamp.

__ Stop Cafe, served Fried Green Tomatoes on film.

Puzzle 13

Type of evidence supported by facts.

Sea monster mentioned in the Hebrew Bible.

3 times the amount.

2017 musical based on a Tina Fey movie.

Desolate environment attacked by gales.

Cry Pretty crooner, Carrie __.

Pilsner, golden beer.

1st Tuesday in Nov. Australian horse race: __ Cup.

Where actors are when they aren't performing.

Of an object that is uniform in all directions.

To have dug something up from the ground.

The original model for testing and development.

Puzzle 14

Numbers of fruit and veg to eat in your diet.

Musical featuring Marian the Librarian: The __.

Unit of measurement for the exposure of X-rays.

Skin that has become yellowish.

To grow rapidly, often referring to plant life.

Rocky series' Ivan Drago, Dolph __.

Theatrical magazine used for Broadway programs.

__ Hell; 1979 rocking Meat Loaf anthem.

"Tufted" bird that has a rodent in its name.

Easy stuff, a doddle, child's play.

Calculation as to how far produce has flown.

German-American writer of Ham on Rye.

Puzzle 15

Bosses, bigwigs.

To stir the pot; bringing a situation to a head.

Cheese dish from Switzerland, involves scraping.

What the lights do at a production's end.

Open-source Google project; Element number 24.

Debbie __, the ingénue from Singin' in the Rain.

Repairing the outside of a vehicle.

Aquatic mammal that resembles religious brother.

Ms Steel, author of romantic books, including Blue.

Leaders of ancient Egypt.

Lisbon football team, __ CP.

Musical about Huckleberry Finn.

Nationality of someone from Yerevan.

Hardy European flower in the genus Calendula.

Puzzle 16

Long overshirts traditionally worn by farmers.

The country a .tv internet suffix leads you to.

Calculate the value of something.

Green-__ mussels, bivalves from New Zealand.

A strong divide caused by political differences.


"There's life in the __ yet!".

Originator of Maureen and Elphaba: Idina __.

Extremely outdated; Medieval social system.

__-throw; Olympic sport with a heavy metal ball.

Reddish-brown hair.

Black musical production set in Oz.

"Roll out the __", Scouting gang show tune.

Anjelica __, Morticia, Grand High Witch, Etheline.

Puzzle 17

Musical about the life and career of Fanny Brice.

Pass allowing train travel around Europe.

Pleasant, charming.

Irish dish of mashed potatoes and cabbage.

Spots on the best climber in the Tour de France.

The Carole King Musical.

Acting through gestures with no props.

Writer of summer hit Despacito.

To completely ignore, not acknowledging.

Exaggerated stories about folklore or legends.

Arabic news network, based in Qatar.

Puzzle 18

Collection of instrumentalists for a musical.

Spends money frivolously and carelessly.

Strengthened with nutrient-full ingredients.

Wife of King Charles II: __ of Braganza.

Theatrical literary advisor who edits plays, texts.

Old British coins worth a twentieth of a pound.

__ thief, describes a posh criminal like Raffles.

Rio peak with Christ the Redeemer statue.

Eerily, spookily, strangely, mysteriously.

A traditional jester in silent films that mimes.

Fish, aka the Zambezi shark.

Puzzle 19

A line on a map showing atmospheric pressure.

Greek Goddess of bravery and wisdom.

Shakespeare play about the Prince of Denmark.

Make someone like you or warm to you.

French WWI peaked helmet (with a man's name).

The Tale of Mrs Tiggy-__, anthropomorphic hedgehog.

__ of Zurich, nickname for international bankers.

Cardboard container holding half a dozen ovoids.

Disney musical starring Anna and Elsa.

Family name of The Kinks brothers Dave and Ray.

Hairpieces looped directly into hair.

Vacillate, hesitate, shilly-shally.

Tom Cruise considered this calling.

Small, Australian, wallaby-like marsupial.

Mosquito-borne fever in the tropics.

Puzzle 20

Hod __; bricklayers' assistants on a building site.

Ethical pursuit solely of pleasure.

Block at the top of an arch.

The overall leader of a stage production.

What Sleeping Beauty's prince had to cut through.

Type of musical work like Handel's Messiah.

Name given to the stripy mosque of Córdoba.

Veuve __, Champagne brand named after a widow.

Manny __, Filipino title-winning boxer and senator.

Lobe behind the frontal and above the temporal.

Try out for a role in a play.

Hide that was once used as currency; one buck.

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