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Therapeutic Art PackTherapeutic Art

Here are the answers to CodyCross Therapeutic Art Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

This stone can soften calluses on the feet.

Stories in the head when asleep; try painting them.

Tower attached to a church, sometimes with bats.

The length of a book in pages.

Last name of brothers who first flew a motor plane.

Frozen biome; Toyota model.

Therapeutic puzzle made of cut-out pieces.

White __ with Shawn and Marlon Wayans.

Type of race where contestants get grimy.

Beach Boys tune, Surfin' __.

Voice box.

Bring goods into the country for trade.

Large wasp.

Country once ruled by Ivan the Terrible.

Puzzle 2

A white Italian cheese resembling cottage cheese.

Dentists sometimes do this with wisdom teeth.

Glass that's dyed to create beautiful designs.

Batman villain whose real name is Oswald Cobblepot.

Followers of this religion worship in a synagogue.

Country that lies between France and Poland.

Magazine that follows the entertainment industry.

Large set of info analyzed to spot patterns.

1997 film with Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Shakespeare made Much Ado About it.

Diagram for jotting down thoughts and ideas.

Wild dogs from Africa.

Idle, relaxed drawings sketched without thinking.

Plays that contribute to goals being scored.

Puzzle 3

Blocking air to put out fire; to be overbearing.

Sum given for financial rescue.

Country next to Russia, Poland and others.

__-Webster, collegiate dictionary.

Putting a treasured artwork into a surround.

US city whose NBA team are the Bulls.

The stomach and pancreas are located in this area.

Nationality of opera singer Andrea Bocelli.

Think back carefully over one's actions; meditate.

A short story that has a moral lesson or principle.

Word guessing game with blanked out letters.

Small horned antelope.

Puzzle 4

TV series AHS is this kind of Horror Story.

Popular video game with mode for up to 100 players.

Breathing tubes used by divers.

Type of conflict, occurred in 1914-18 and 1939-45.

State where Joe Biden was a US Senator.

Oscar-winning Emma who plays Nanny McPhee.

Chewed something noisy.

Group of musicians playing together.

Professional illusionist.

Celebrating with a social gathering.

Not created by machine; mindfully crafted.

Shiny coating makeup product for the mouth.

A four-leaf clover is said to bring this.

Times __, serif font created for the newspaper.

Shout it from the these; a public announcement.

Wrist band that can be made with beads, string.

Puzzle 5

Using discarded objects to make an artwork.

Twisty wine opener.

An aircraft breaking the sound barrier causes one.

Put up for bid.

The Duke, to some.

Military phrase for troops in place, "Boots on __".

Gut feeling or sixth sense of what to draw.

This bird often represents peace.

Punchline for what a bee uses to get sticky hair.

Scrooge blamed his visions on problems with this.

Puzzle 6

Sailing vacations on ocean liners.

The kind of reasoning Spock uses for decisions.

Vlad the Impaler may have inspired this character.

Prickled on the skin.

__ through; managed to barely pass.

Take deep ones to relax the body.

The decision of a jury or a court.

Wide area, large stretch of land.

Having put the car away for the night.

First name of Simpson who played Daisy Duke.

Carve shavings off wood to form a sculpture.

Withdraw, back off, run away.

Rainy days and __, 1971 and 1993 Carpenters hit.

Puzzle 7

Leave people to their fate.

This Man festival is held in Nevada each summer.

Aware of the present moment; grounded.

Flat, upland area of natural terrain.

Limited __, special version of a product.

Fell down awkwardly.

It comes after the Stone and Bronze epochs.

A red or yellow domed-back beetle with black spots.

Cut-out design for making repeated patterns.

Audrey Hepburn enjoyed a Roman one.

Cloths for removing dirt from household surfaces.

Puzzle 8

Edible tree product often roasted over a fire.

1980s rock band led by guitar hero Eddie.

Insect with a taste for oranges, bananas.

State of anxious uncertainty or excitement.

Toni, Nobel Prize-winning author of Beloved.

State of being mentally and physically healthy.

Japanese manufacturer of jet skis and motorcycles.

They go with Broomsticks in the 1971 musical.

Adhering to traditional beliefs and doctrines.

Supply water to crops.

Ideas we try to banish during a meditative task.

Sporting equipment hit with a sand iron.

Forced to leave the country.

Puzzle 9

Squid arms.

Car brand with a golden cross logo.

__ mean time, the time zone of the United Kingdom.

Subvert, sabotage.

Buffing a mirror or tile for mindful contemplation.

How long food lasts before it shouldn't be eaten.

They attract, according to Paula Abdul 1989 hit.

Curved toy that comes back when thrown.

Cartoons belong to this movie category.

A trip taken by newlyweds right after a wedding.

Items used to make an artwork; fabric, textiles.

Puzzle 10

Type of rug named after Asian country.

Tree that can be "weeping".

Improve someone's life.

African nation whose flag has a crowned crane.

Noble gas that gives a squeaky voice effect.

Movies that are serious, not comedies.

Dealing well with what life throws at you.

Grim personification of death who carries a scythe.

Fight or this, automatic response to battle or run.

City where the Peasant's Revolt of 1381 took place.

World of plants, animals for artistic inspiration.

Temporary malfunction of a tech device.

Hard-shelled mints with a chewy interior.

Shake up some letter cubes to play this word game.

Puzzle 11

Warm, lush areas of the world.

Comic book Doctor played by Benedict Cumberbatch.

Using a blade to craft blocks of wood into a shape.

Acidic liquid made by fermenting ethanol alcohol.

Searching for a mobile network when abroad.

Life, this, and the pursuit of happiness.


Divine gods and goddesses.

A style where hair is clipped close to the scalp.

Birds of a __ flock together.

Craft involving tying knots into patterns.

Small, bitesize snacks.

Protruding hair from around a cat's mouth.

Puzzle 12

Italian black vinegar used in salad dressings.

Be mindful; perhaps while looking at a painting.

1934 Best Picture winner: It __ One Night.

A passageway between rooms.

Military aircraft engaged in conflict.

Stop receiving updates to a specific Twitter feed.

__ pen, type of pen used in calligraphy.

Hugely successful American football quarterback.

The mathematical study of shapes.

A pregnant woman's painkilling spinal injection.

In one's heart of hearts.

Photographic company known for its instant cameras.

A young plant.

Her real name is Stefani Joanne Germanotta.

Puzzle 13

Die-cast toy cars with fiery logo.

Annual animal movement to warmer climes.

Cargo ship.

The captions displayed at the bottom of a screen.

UK city in which John Lennon Airport is located.

Sung without a musical accompaniment.

Stitch patterns onto a cloth as a mindful activity.

Group of elite US universities.

Comic strip detective known for his yellow suit.

Watching what is happening, being mindful.

Squishy candy shaped like an ursine mammal.

Puzzle 14

Language in which goodbye is "arrivederci".

Filling in shapes with pencils to create shadow.

Fruit that is dipped in batter and then fried.

Like eggs or fish cooked in liquid.

Bill Paxton movie about tornados.

This planet is farthest from the sun.

Small supermarket, convenience store.

Round area in the middle of a building.

Receiving baseball pitches.

Ugly, unattractive landmark.

Shiny, protective layer; brush onto wood with care.

The highest mountain in Greece where the gods live.

Puzzle 15

Chinese art of designing harmonious room layouts.

First name of Barrack Obama's wife.

Final utterance in an argument.

Got sicker again.

Exactly matched mirror imagery or patterns.

Alvin, Theodore and Simon's species.

Large insect that tends to bite equines.

Zen; calm and attentive, like when sketching.

Constantly moving land masses of thick ice.

Magical arts, sorcery.

Long thin bread loaf with a French name.

Commemorative annual school publication.

Carriers with little wheels.

A doctrine that emphasizes direct vigorous action.

Puzzle 16

Attentiveness, mindfulness.

Ecosystem under the sea, the Great Barrier is one.

Alanis, singer of You Oughta Know and Hands Clean.

Schooling, learning delivered by teachers.

Put fillings in this at a Mexican restaurant.

Painful sensation of stomach acid in the chest.

Disney animated series about stone creatures.

Those who buy shares in a company.

Feeling connected to a higher power.

Animals that eat both meat and plants.

If you'll BRB, then you'll be this.

Puzzle 17

Angle between 90 and 180 degrees.

Seek advice from an expert.

What is being done to paper in origami.

Locations of religious rituals; English rock band.

The pupil of David Bowie's left eye.

Chess pieces that only move diagonally.

__ Bride; 1999 rom-com about bride with cold feet.

Legumes that are roasted, salted, even in M&M's.

Underlying worried feeling, relieved by crafting.

Xs in bowling.

It goes before room, chute, basket or detergent.

Book that is still being produced and published.

Johnny Knoxville's reality show with crazy stunts.

Puzzle 18

Substance formed by two or more chemical elements.

A small broken or detached piece of something.

Transformation of a room or entire property.

Handheld tool for plucking hairs.

Drink made by fermenting green or black tea.

Ocean basin off the west Florida coast, Gulf __.

Being restful and reducing anxiety; letting go.

Annual independent film festival held in Utah.

TV quiz show in which the answer is a question.

Image to paint of oneself or another person.

Disciple Thomas, who questioned the Resurrection.

Puzzle 19

Gifts whose paper has been removed.

A revolving mechanical device which moves boats.

Bracelet or watch strap.

Huckleberry Finn's friend.

Uncooked, inedible pastry for making ornaments.

A tree that loses its leaves in winter.

Forgetfulness in pregnancy or after childbirth.

Keen interest in learning more about an art form.

1980s brand of basketball shoes produced by Nike.

Lincoln used this in Gettysburg address to mean 80.

Puzzle 20

Muscles on the back of arms, opposite the biceps.

Safari animal with Rothschild's and Somali types.

Type of tape that's a thin, easy-to-tear adhesive.

Lack of sound, for quiet reflection while drawing.

All your __ goods, everything you own.

Someone between 10-12 years old.

Vandal, someone who scrawls on walls.

Any song that you can't get out of your head.

Julia, star of Pretty Woman and Stepmom.

A building that has the most stories?.

Rodent that has danced and been dramatic online.

Relaxing, like pastel shades.

High ground, steep hilly terrain.

Oscar-Mayer lunch meat.

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