CodyCross Things in Storage Pack answers

Things in Storage PackThings in Storage

Here are the answers to CodyCross Things in Storage Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Water-immersing Christian initiation rite.

__ A, first piece of evidence in the courtroom.

A hurried wedding named after a type of weapon.

Fabric-covered trunk with a hinged, padded lid.

You're said to tickle these when you play piano.

Sweet substance made of heated sugar, butter.

Head supports for sleeping stored away for guests.

Audrey or Katharine; no relation.

Long period without rainfall.

Country once ruled by Chancellor Helmut Kohl.

A large, ten-legged crustacean.

Puzzle 2

Three-dimensional round shape.

Animated movie franchise with Anna and Elsa.

Blogger Perez, famous for celebrity interviews.

To strongly oppose something or someone.

Date when one receives their salary.

Music app.

Sport associated with Boris Becker and Ivan Lendl.

Steps that double as towel or blanket storage.

__ to the spot, frozen in fear or shock.

Pour wine (port say) from one container to another.

A painful skin mark caused by a knock or blow.

It's the M in ROM and RAM.

They might contain treasure or stored items.

To take a look; a male goose.

An English nursery rhyme, Polly put the __ on.

April holiday noted for bunnies and eggs.

Puzzle 3

Made something on a screen bigger.

H2O2 is the formula for hydrogen __.

Amusing TV gaffes.

Better __ you know means things could be worse.

Glass container with rubber-seal lid for freshness.

Someone who falsely pretends to be someone else.

Cobras, caimans and crocodiles, for example.

Wooden planks mounted on walls for storing items.

Rihanna's 2007 smash hit.

Legal agreement between two parties.

The kinds of models displayed in Madame Tussauds.

Totalled, equalled.

Puzzle 4

Giant track marks left by Clifford the Big Red dog.

Remains of a boat crash.

2021 ballad, a hit for Billie Eilish.

Water on which Latvia has its coastline.

Increase fourfold.

Breakable drinking vessels stored away for parties.

If you have no coin to flip, play __ scissors.

Queen who oversaw the defeat of the Spanish Armada.

Pyrotechnics stored in a garage.

Greek boy who fell in love with his own reflection.

Puzzle 5

A building or room in a house for keeping books.

__ and sniff, stickers with scented coating.

Looking glasses, store spare ones vertically.

Flat handheld board on which an artist mixes paint.

A PLC is a public limited one.

Fixed a musical instrument's pitch.

The largest planet in the solar system.

Storing items on hooks.

Art period from 1600 to 1750.

Powdered milk for babies.

These weapon codes are often a target in spy films.

National property in another country.

Puzzle 6

Cylindrical optical device used by astronomers.

Catherine who married Michael Douglas in 2000.

Single-shot golf score, straight from the tee.

Star Wars senator also known as Dark Sith.

Rolls stored for decorating interior walls.

TV remake starring Queen Latifah, The __.

A large expanse of land, like Asia or Africa.

An Italian pasta dish often served with meatballs.

Signature from famous person to store safely.

OCD is this kind of compulsive disorder.

Puzzle 7

Metal prong used to spear food for cooking.

Puzzle of interlocking pieces that make a picture.

Lofts at the top of houses.

A musical interval of eight notes.

Forms of diagrams, maps, graphics.

An overnight flight.

Knick-__ or paraphernalia.

David Attenborough introduced a Perfect one in 2021.

Japanese name for Japan.

Folded flaps on the front of a jacket.

El Salvador unit of currency.

Body stat that's important to basketball coaches.

Grin and __, endure something unpleasant.

Welcome to the __ House by Vonnegut.

The __ Man, cultish 70s film with Edward Woodward.

Delicious morsels given to pets as a reward.

The teachings of Christianity.

Puzzle 8

Speedy __; bouncing back quickly from illness.

Long-nosed animal that picnics on insects.

Not attached or connected by electrical cables.

Third-largest religion, with gods Vishnu and Shiva.

Poe poem with the refrain "Nevermore".

Hue worn by sailors.

Provisions stored for a later date.

Grill for cooking food outdoors.

Container for fire sticks.

Opening in a contract or law that gets exploited.

Table for table tennis, stored in a garage.

Not tuneful or harmonious.

Another name for a merry-go-round.

Puzzle 9

Energy used to do something; a try, an attempt.

Reward money for catching escaped criminals.

The female rapper who sings I Like It and Money.

It's an anagram of dynamo.

Rough __, travel book series.

Circular storage case for headgear.

33rd US president, and 34th US vice president.

Large airy room with a glass roof.

Circular garland hung on a door at Christmas.

The grim __ collects souls.

First name of James Bond actor Craig.

A friend in need is a friend __.

Small jars of cinnamon, cloves stored in a rack.

Without pollutants, cleanly.

Dinosaur bone encased in rock.

Puzzle 10

Mozilla web browser.

Luring with gentle and kind persuasion.

May 9 holiday in Russia: __ Day.

Large African bird that runs but doesn't fly.

Describes the crumbed coating of many fried meats.

Container for storing hammers and screwdrivers.

X-Men villain who can bend metal.

Highest ranking classification of living things.

Basket for storing clothes before washing.

Meter __; shows amount of gas or electricity used.

William, legendary Star Trek and Boston Legal star.

Someone who isn't perfect or without blame.

Puzzle 11

Stewed fruits in jars; jams kept in storage.

The vertical shaft containing a flight of steps.

With more gravity, more influential.

With a crooked spine, like Notre Dame's Quasimodo.

Position that wins the game of chess.

Try to hit the bullseye on this.

Severe economic downturn.

Paraphernalia used for sports or crafts.

Country whose islands include Java and Sumatra.

Method used in films to show the past.

American music similar to country but all acoustic.

Puzzle 12

To have put a stopper in a bottle.

Number of sides a hendecagon has.

David Bowie song Space __.

Star sign of someone born on June 1.

Autumn foliage found on garage floors.

As the saying goes, no pain __.

A meeting to communicate with spirits.

Nose and mouth of a dog.

The Crown that Secretariat wore.

Bathroom storage unit with a sink.

1953 Marilyn Monroe movie: Gentlemen __ Blondes.

Jane who wrote Pride and Prejudice, Emma.

Puzzle 13

Computer software designed to stop hackers.

What Yankee Doodle called the feather in his cap.

Roy Brown shot down this German Flying Ace.

__ bag, padded cocoon blanket stored with a tent.

Aerial territory above a country or area of land.

2006 disaster movie about a submerged liner.

Website that uses social media to help raise money.

Popular blend of tea with bergamot.

Animated film, animals living as humans in city.

Relating to books, or publications about books.

An accident waiting __; inevitable disaster.

Floor below a house for storage.

Largest land mammal in Australia.

Puzzle 14

Splitting of a glacier.

A range of options, a mixture of things.

Stanley Kubrick's 1980 horror film, The __.

Charge for sending items by mail.

Edward Smith was the captain of this doomed ship.

Jules Verne's 20,000 __ Under the Sea.

Sealed something in a cardboard cuboid.

Released, like a photon from an atom.

Birds of prey; nickname for dinosaurs.

Shawn Mendes sings If I Can't __.

Storage unit found in a bedroom.

Puzzle 15

Machine for cutting grass.

A downspout for directing water away from a house.

Artworks created by brushing pigment on canvas.

Dasher, Prancer and Donner, don't forget Rudolph.

Destined to happen.

Place in Los Angeles where movies are made.

Fainting episodes.

Desert area with pans; scene of land speed records.

Villains or crooks.

James Brown was the "__ of Soul".

Large building where commercial goods are stored.

Puzzle 16

Excercise machine used for running and walking.

Marvel superhero played on-screen by Hugh Jackman.

Putters and irons, stored in a garage.

Famous brand of extruded polystyrene material.

Artificial sweetener used in carbonated drinks.

Heart song about vicious lies; predatory fish.

Symptom of a heart attack.

Fat Tuesday carnival in New Orleans.

Field in which John Maynard Keynes was well known.

List of items put into a storage unit.

Proverbially, it's said to be 20/20.

Puzzle 17

City once known as Constantinople.

A TV show has a certain number of these every year.

Formal painting of one person.

Practical jokes are a form of this.

Storing boxes on top of each other vertically.

Identification used to sign into a computer.

Having a battle.

Time by which guests have to leave a hotel.

Weather scale on which 12 represents a hurricane.

__ container, with close seal to store food safely.

Puzzle 18

Not widely known; hush-hush, on the __.

The O in IMO.

Holders to suspend clothes from.

Sets of knives.

The building in which the Russian parliament sits.

Played a golf hole one under par.

Californian city, subject of a Dionne Warwick song.

Ewes, mares, lionesses are these of the species.

Frodo had to throw the ring into one of these.

Serviettes for sticky fingers.

Personal __ or belongings.

What Indiana Jones searched for in his first movie.

Tangled, bed-head hair; anagram of loudest.

Puzzle 19

Cool kitchen room for storing provisions.

Simple block-arranging game originating in Russia.

People who save the day.

This chemical element has the symbol Cu.

Aquaman's real first name in the DC Comics.

Someone arrested might call this professional.

Bavarian city known for Oktoberfest celebration.

Elementary, my dear __!; sidekick to Holmes.

Rumble in the __, Ali vs Foreman in Kinshasa in 74.

Baby talk is also called this.

Gizzard of a turkey, removed before cooking.

Wooly, fluffy.

Give away items that are no longer needed.

Facility for filming TV or radio shows.

Large horned African animals, for short.

The Star Wars character played by Carrie Fisher.

Puzzle 20

Study of flying saucers and extraterrestrials.

Falling over like a dead flower.

Yearly hardback comic-book publications.

The small opening in a lock.

What competitors are doing in the Tour de France.

The main protagonist from Irving's Sleepy Hollow.

Sprinkle drops of liquid onto a plate.

Hiring a storage unit.

Large body of ice that slowly travels across land.

A cut of meat from the breast of a quadruped.

Diamond-shaped tablet for sore throats.

Michelangelo painted this renowned chapel.

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