CodyCross Things that Make us Happy Pack answers

Things that Make us Happy PackThings that Make us Happy

Here are the answers to CodyCross Things that Make us Happy Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Ariel, Helvitica, Times Roman, etc.: fonts or __.

Medium preferred by artist Henry Moore.

Followed; stuck up for.

Condiment container, not for salt.

Beehive, dreadlocks, quiff are all types of this.

Cotton States, including Georgia and Alabama.

__ dish; lidded cookware that goes inside an oven.

The main room of a royal palace.

Device for measuring precipitation.

Person at the front of an orchestra with a baton.

Passenger to __, diplomatic intrigue in Germany.

Absolving of sins.

Fish unintentionally caught in fishers' nets.

Character from the Scream series of films.

Energetic, hand-held dance form to swing music.

First winners of the Copa America in 1910.

Maker of articles using a precious metal.

Puzzle 2

Principle founder of Microsoft.

Regular TV drama series about characters' lives.

New York taxi.

Daily supervision of tots and kids.

Scary Movie series actor and stand-up comedian.

Chocolate __; flowing luxury desserts.

Rock climber's tool for holding on.

Coated in batter and cooked in hot oil.

Frequency indicated by BID on medical notes.

Group that plays metal instruments incl. cornets.

Pet rabbit species named after mountain range.

Puzzle 3

Cats, giraffes, tortoises, reindeer are all these.

Queen Mary II, wife of King __ III.

Wettest months in the Bahamas: June and __.

"A Hard Day's Night": debut film of the __.

Largest city in the United States.

The ability to go wherever, whenever, not caged.

Cereal elves; Snap, __, Pop.

A cordless phone, for example: __ operated.

Belief in no gods.

In a spotless and neat way.

Gym session.

Puzzle 4

Not in the heart of the action, but on the edge.

Holding someone tight; removing gunk from a spot.

Heavy woollen short coat.

Mecca of American country music.

Vitamins and minerals that make food good for us.

Superhero gains special powers with yellow fruit.

Term for trees that keep their leaves year-round.

Do this when blowing birthday candles out.

Absorbent sheet for drying the body after a wash.

Enter or force one's way into.

Diminutive characters from The Wizard of Oz.

Business news channel with HQ in New York.

Free software that is widely distributed.

Developed from two or more types, e.g. dogs.

First 5x Commonwealh Games host country.

Keen at observing.

Puzzle 5

Fluffy egg dishes, savoury or sweet.

Sit quietly and empty the mind.

Huge floor cushions.

__ Hunting; 1997 film starring Matt Damon.

In the 1970s was called a women's libber.

Loots like pirates might.

People from Bruges.

Musicians who beat rhythms.

Crawling along on hands and knees.

Purple, scented flower with relaxing essential oil.

André __, founder of a French tyre company.

Working for a golfer.

Puzzle 6

To have put your support behind someone/something.

Gymnastic and balletic move close to the floor.

Another word for smells, especially nice ones.

Wearable blankets worn over the shoulders.

Can't hold a __ to.

Rick __, he's never gonna give you up.

HG2G or The Hitchhiker's Guide to the __.

__ frost; icy covering on gardens or roads.

A lot, more than enough.

24 hours when money is received from an employer.

Type of dry wine used in a lobster Newburg recipe.

Let me Google that __ or LMGTFY.

Puzzle 7

Name of spouse of John, Edward II and Richard II.

Nike ticks.

Long-running comedy, co-written by Larry David.

Dotted with, interspersed with.

Petting a cat or dog.

On __, filmed parts of TV/cinema away from a set.

Italian little crusts, used like bruschetta.

Cleaning brand that loves the jobs you hate.

Gemstone that marks a 45th wedding anniversary.

Having significance.

Relating to flying and the air transport industry.

Another word for a leaflet.

Sweet, frozen dairy product, comes in tubs.

Phone wired into the home.

Day of week named for a Roman god of agriculture.

Puzzle 8

Nat King Cole sang that he nipped at your nose.

Until sick, in Latin.

Line on a mountain above which flurries fall.

Juvenile mallards, teals or wigeons, for example.

Nickname for India's film industry.

Offsetting to make equal.

Part of the Earth where life forms exist.

Independent worker, self-employed.

Taking a bath standing up under a water sprinkler.

Precious metal Au with light colouring.

Movie with Anger, Disgust, Fear, Joy and Sadness.

They pass strands through the eyes of needles.

Uncork a bottle of champagne.

Movements to elongate the muscles.

"__ and seven years ago": Gettysburg Address start.

Fitness icon who stars in Grace and Frankie.

Examination by deliciousness.

Puzzle 9

Wanderers; anagram of marbles.

Trump typo that went viral.

Piloting a vehicle.

2002 Bond film Die __ Day.

__ Style, architecture style of California.

Country where the game of rugby originated.

Never appearing to grow older.

Field labourers gathering strawberries, say.

Plants with petals.

Cream sauce for a fettuccine dish.

Cliff-dwelling black/white birds with orange beaks.

Those were __, Mary Hopkins hit.

Brighter, sunnier, less cloudy.

Puzzle 10

Glacier-created, flooded inlets like in Norway.

City where the Red Sox play.

In a foreign country.

Famous drag queen's real name is Andre Charles.

Reared animals to sell at market.

Celebrity magazine picks "sexiest man" every year.

Playing video entertainment or apps for fun.

Cock-a-__-doo, mimics the noise of cockerels.

Single-masted sailing ship.

Last 24 hours of the working week, for many.

Person who loves good nosh or is a gourmet.

Return to __; address unknown hit for Elvis.

Puzzle 11

Language invented by a Polish opthalmologist.

Sang about Barbara Ann and Sloop John B.

The AK in AKA.

__ oils, essences extracted from plants.

Luke and Bo's cousin in The Dukes of Hazzard.

Noise from a plane flying above the speed of sound.

Denotes your pooch is pleased to see you.

Continuous flow of charged particles from the sun.

Whipped cream in French cuisine: creme __.

Indulging with a spa day or nice food.

__ Doughboy; advertising mascot with chef's hat.

Scrooge was in charge of Huey, Dewey, and Louie.

Puzzle 12

Feel elated, as if one is floating.

Christmas trees are decorated with these.

Shared division between two rooms or buildings.

Small sour fruit used as a condiment or jelly.

Person who gives their time to help others for free.

Visible tracks left on roads by spinning tyres.

Dedication to St. Francis: Basilica di San __.

Technology behind receiver/transmitter comms.

Votes by an entire population on single topics.

Cacao-based sweet snack.

Wombat country.

Place where fragrances are made and sold.

Island close to Cape Cod, Massachusetts USA.

Charlie Brown and Snoopy's canary friend.

Production and discharge of substances by cells.

__ Hill, Fats Domino's most recognisable hit.

Bugs Bunny hunter.

Puzzle 13

Isaac __ set out The Three Laws of Robotics.

Large flat expanses of land, e.g. Great __.

The M in MBE, an award from the queen.

Eager __, animal who's keen to work hard.

Fruits dipped in honey at Jewish New Year.

Walking in the countryside or hills.

Over __; walkie-talkie sign-off.

The month of August in Spanish.

Contribute towards a gift, with money.

Red sky when the evening starts to arrive.

Puzzle 14

Perfectly happy and contented state.

Pure breed dog or cat.

Appliances for keeping food ice cold.

Canada city with the most Stanley Cup wins.

Italian creamy coffee dessert, a pick me up.

Getting down on bended knee to ask for marriage.

Website that raises money for personal projects.

"Fine words butter no __".

In an acceptable way – but only just.

Former Family Feud like British TV show: Family __.

Clapping from an audience.

Puzzle 15

Tracks and trains make up this.

Month in which Elvis Presley was born.

Hillary and Bill __.

Subtracts, takes off, e.g. tax.

Poorly drained, wet and low-lying lands.

Jumping on one leg.

Plans, aims.

Blocked with a bung, like a sink for e.g..

Whirling __.

Analysis; seeing a counsellor or psychologist.

Annual April 27 South African holiday: __ Day.

Maize kernels heated and puffed up.

Objects to shoot at.

Girl's name; anagram of aimless.

Puzzle 16

Smoke and debris lingering over an active volcano.

Small solution, such as used in homeopathy.

__ meal; food you eat on an aeroplane.

Kitchen hourglass.

__ time, the 24-hour clock in the US and the army.

Masters of the __; franchise featuring He-Man.

Walk Like an __; pharaonic hit for The Bangles.

Bright, rubber spheres filled with air.

Vanilla crème anglaise with meringue: __ island.

Red Bull: It gives __ according to the ad slogan.

Events where two people get married.

Smacked into each other.

Canoeing in Canada.

Puzzle 17

David Lean epic Lawrence of __.

River that runs through the center of Budapest.

Pressed a cloth to.

Thoughts in comic strips are displayed in a __.

Artificial wooden stick in place of a limb.

Funny entertainment show.

__ Black Sheep, Have You Any Wool?.

Wolfgang Amadeus __, the maestro.

Like margarine but the real deal.

Wall recesses that hold statues or ornaments.

Clear solids that split white light into colours.

Puzzle 18

Illegal position in front of the ball in football.

Removing hair with a razor.

Threw a rope over as a cowboy would.

TV streaming provider that made Russian Doll.


__ Leghorn, rooster with repetitive catchphrase.

Sums of money stashed for a rainy day.

"Two's __, three's a crowd".

Large spotted jungle cat; anagram of red opal.

Pod spice from orchids, for flavouring desserts.

Uniting together.

House renters.

Puzzle 19

Became less shallow.

Animal that eats both plants and other animals.

__ Magnificent; Michael Jackson's private magician.

Sweet brown drink with herb and stems extracts.

Happiness hormone released with laughter.

Checking a person's body for hidden items.

Dizzy Dizzy __, board game with wind-up reptile.

Athletics event that uses the Fosbury flop.

To feed an animal before it is killed for eating.

Lake upon which Chicago and Milwaukee lie.

British word for what Americans call a sidewalk.

Schemes to reduce commuting vehicle numbers.

Different __ have different New Year traditions.

Hang headwear on this.

Oil company started by John D Rockefeller in 1870.

Squads within an army.

Flat-stepping partner dancing, often Argentine.

Recollections of past events.

Brief period of wintry weather.

Puzzle 20

Luxury chocolate balls.

Highway you pay to use.

Competition to bust the best moves.

Archaic term for an unmarried woman.

Heaviest existing land dwelling animal: African __.

__ Bunny, Ms Potter's rabbit has a green hat.

Bank __, days off from work.

Items for keeping a set of paperbacks upright.

Taking part in trivia knowledge contests.

Disadvantage imposed in sport to even up an event.

Point of __; turning back is physically impossible.

Country, alphabetically between Haiti and Hungary.

Being nice to others, showing compassion.

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