CodyCross Things to be Grateful For Pack answers

Things to be Grateful For PackThings to be Grateful For

Here are the answers to CodyCross Things to be Grateful For Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Mobile phone reception.

Small mammals like a weasel or ferret.

Greedy, cruel aunt in James and the Giant Peach.

Doctor Foster stepped in this up to his middle.

The opposite of days.

Clean __; fresh bed linen.

Racket sport indoors, against a wall.

Strong-smelling bulb widely used in cooking.

Dolly __ was the name of the first cloned sheep.

Not wrongs.

Puzzle 2

A word that describes a material that can be bent.

Playing on fairways and greens.

Word for a royal line or family tree.

Look Who's __, three movies seen from babies' view.

Expanse of flat land at a high level.

Raising upwards, picking up.

Toiling in employment, doing tasks for an employer.

Beaming, grinning.

__ May became prime minister of the UK in 2016.

Large marine shells used as musical instruments.

When you turn the lights off and go to sleep.

Cartoon cat with a blog.

Puzzle 3

Pastime of using GPS to find secret stashes.

Paul Newman's wife: Joanne __.

Long-distance journey made by car.

__ stones, pavers or slabs for crossing rivers.

Occurred in reality.

Power; opposite of weakness.

Completely enfolds or covers something.

Werther's __; caramel candy in gold wrappers.

Three violinists Old King Cole called for.

Kindred spirit, true love.

Warbling, singing like a bird.

Sent goods overseas for sale.

A place where farm animals live outside.

Puzzle 4

Shouting loudly.

Baked treats, often with chocolate chips.

I'm __; JT song used as a McDonalds jingle.

The lever of a water pistol.

Happy, satisfied.

Another name for the Sasquatch or Yeti.

A business or organization.

Biblical moral story.

Fully __; battery with maximum power.

Makes something longer.

Achieving first place in a contest.

Quidditch players with bats for the bludgers.

Sets of DVDs, for example of a television series.

Puzzle 5

Make better.

Mincing cheese to sprinkle on pizza.

Get back at somebody, take __.

Truck that sprinkles salt on roads in winter.

Yellow-skinned inhabitants of Oz.

Asking for money or help.

The central line running around the Earth.

Sun, rain, wind, snow are types of __.

Decorative strips worn in the hair.


High regard or esteem; honor.

Puzzle 6

To tell someone something factual.

Drive, get-up-and-go, zest for life.

Freedom of __; right to voice your own opinion.

Your personal understanding of a religion.

Difficult or complicated; not easy.

Bicycle ridden by two people.

Carla __, plays Kendra in The Space Between Us.

On your marks, __, go!.

The capital of the Australian island of Tasmania.

Sugar-coated nut or seed.

People who travel on horses.

Puzzle 7

Heating water until it bubbles.

Trustworthiness, truthfulness.

Asked for something to be made or delivered.

Goal __, GS, netball player who can score goals.

Lawn game played by the Queen of Hearts.

Exercise session.

Big, soft floor coverings.

__ pin, use this for evenly flattening pastry.

South Pacific Island home of Moana.

It protects your fingers from sewing needles.

African river with the Victoria Falls.


Marked an animal with a hot iron.

Checked cotton fabric, like Dorothy's dress.

Puzzle 8

Representative government with elected officials.

Understanding, wisdom.

Provides a room with usable objects.

Object that holds something, it has contents.

__ Castle shares its name with Scotland's capital.

It's __; number 1 hit for *NSYNC in 2000.

Found in a lamp, has a filament.

Spring bulbs have blooms from central spikes.

The pseudonym Anne Bronte wrote under.

Hard, not easy.

Feeling sure of yourself or something you did.

Yellow sugary toffee with tiny bubbles in.

Thick, twisted cord that hangs from a tree.

Puzzle 9

Quiet, not busy or overcrowded.

Five little ducks went __ one day.

Collectable range of toy grocery items.

Aerial tramway to a mountain peak.

Commitment, piety, dedication.

Compilation of carefully selected music tracks.

Wild, prickly plants where berries like to grow.

Food cooked in but not eaten at a restaurant.

Leaping, bouncing, e.g. like a puppy.

Wild pigs with large tusks and shaggy manes.

Puzzle 10

Mothers and fathers.

Returning to full health; getting better.

Classic book, __ of Sunnybrook Farm.

Secured like a gate.

A bed of __; a patch of stinging plants.

Least wealthy.

South African country, capital Windhoek.

Fruit with fuzzy skin and white/yellow flesh.

McEnroe said "You cannot be __".

Navigational instrument of a telescope and a scale.

They are waxy and colorful and arty.

Puzzle 11

Made a wage.

Wriggle in embarrassment.

Gave a clue.

Underground shelter for wartime safety.

Liquids such as juice, tea or coffee.

Animal trough served as a cot or crib for Jesus.

Freestyle skiing down a slope with small bumps.

Overhead water spray in a bathroom.

The colorful part of a flower.

A soft noise made by leaves blowing on the ground.

Create a new device.

__, __ on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?.

Puzzle 12

Came out of somewhere that was hidden from view.

The sound a car horn makes.

Modifies slightly.

Heavy objects lifted in the gym.


Living creatures, e.g. tigers, giraffes, bears.

Good __; people you enjoy spending time with.

Another word for sifting something, e.g. flour.

Not the good guys in a film.

Part of a room from which lights hang down.

__ "Zack" Taylor, Black Ranger from Power Rangers.

Anne's surname in Anne of Green Gables.

Making a phone noise.

Rationing your calorie intake.

Puzzle 13

Saving somebody from harm.

Scarlet __, Minions movie baddie.

Black and white flightless birds of Antarctica.

Claims a hotel room, restaurant table.

Giveaways, things you don't pay for.

Reminders of happy events.

Concerned with the needs of others.

Belgian city famous for sprouts.

Obsolete literary term for a lover.

Reached objective, obtained successful result.

Koh Samui belongs to this country.

Lou __; former manager of boy band *NSYNC.

Puzzle 14

The N in CND, or Campaign for __ Disarmament.

Chilled out, at ease.

Electronic gadgets, e.g. tablets or mobile phones.

Dark-shelled sea creatures with yellow flesh.

Metal fasteners on a belt.

Limped along.

Straps used to tether horses.

Megastar singer of "Like a Virgin" and "Vogue".


Giving help and support to those in need.

Denuded a chicken.

Use of the correct spellings and punctuation.

Feeling unwell on a boat.

Understanding someone else's feelings.

Written records of someone's daily life.

A success, a win, a triumph.

Gathering of crops.

Puzzle 15

A bunch of electrical wires.

People who attend a party.

Cartoon associate of Butthead.

Dried plums.

Landscape, countryside; plants and animals.

__ the 13th, movie series with Jason.

Security, being free from danger or harm.

What a ghost does.

Hairdressing and beauty __; places to be pampered.

Woven by a spider to catch its prey.

Put a new plaque or statue on display; uncover.

Cause a train to accidentally leave the tracks.

Covered in dots.

Half a quarter.

Opposite of winners.

Bella __; played CeCe Jones in Shake It Up.

Puzzle 16

Going in advance of.

__ wheels, firework named after a martyred saint.

Spraying a fine mist of water onto hot skin.

__ author; writer with a book in print.

Large lake in the Netherlands once open to the sea.

The __; little folk who live in the walls.

Wildlife area of Africa noted for animal migration.

When there is plenty of something, there is an __.

Dogs who are mix of cockers and poodles.

Resting and recovering after a busy day.

Hard-shelled, spherical Australian nut.

Kitchen pots with handles, used on a stove top.

Chris __; sang on Say Something with J. Timberlake.

Gaining a higher or better position at work.

Rocket that carries astronauts.

Puzzle 17

Body of water in Jordan in which swimmers float.

Person who makes food for events.

Not deep.

Comes up with a plan.

Countryside homes that cowboys live on.

Largest living primate, found in African forests.

A retort, quick response, a comeback.

Follow-up books or films.

Fun game where you balance on colored spots.

Hurtful, causes damage to someone.

Government divisions in Switzerland.

__ food; snacks that help cheer you up.

Liberty, lack of restraint.

Puzzle 18

Pacifies or calms someone.

Complete absence of any noise.

Opposite of failure.

Writers of novels.

Placed flowers or trees into soil.

I got this feeling, inside __; JT's Trolls lyrics.

A book or film series with three parts.

An extinct hooved mammal that looked like a hippo.


OMG spelled out.

Puzzle 19

__-Price; well-known makers of infant toys.

US word for what Brits call lorries.

Clear pane of glass in the house or car.

A set of TV shows is known as seasons or __.

Book backs.

Quiet, speaking in __ tones.

French-speaking province of Canada.

Makes someone late.

John __, former Beatle shot and killed in 1980.

When your salary hits your bank account.

A holiday at sea on a grand ocean liner.

A copy of your files as safety in case of a crash.

Grand chair for kings and queens.

Main __, comes after the starter, before dessert.

Bands of military men.

Riches, large amounts of money.

Puzzle 20

Jurassic World: __ Kingdom, dinosaur film sequel.

Face protection shields on motorcycle helmets.

A meal eaten outside, often with sandwiches.

Search engine with colorful logo.

Bony part of arms.

The season that follows spring.

Large wooden container, holds pirate rum.

Metallic coil that can walk downstairs.

Runs off to get married.

Snug compartments to stay in a boat or plane.

Diving __; high platforms over swimming pools.

Bent-down gesture of respect to a queen.

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