CodyCross Things to Do When Bored Pack answers

Things to Do When Bored PackThings to Do When Bored

Here are the answers to CodyCross Things to Do When Bored Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Paul, bassist of the Beatles.

Charles Darwin's most famous theory.

Term for the muscle on the back of the thigh.

The championship game of US football.

Give up your time to help others, for free.

Set the cost of an item for sale too high.

Victoria, Angel, or Niagara, for example.

Another word for actors.

Hotel sign says this when all rooms are booked.

Bubbly drink served most often in glass flutes.

Damaged skin from solar exposure.

Another name for North American brown bears.

Arabic news network, based in Qatar.

Irish music form of protest against tyranny.

Website with images of other people's craft ideas.

Puzzle 2

__ to Heaven, 1971 hit for Led Zeppelin.

Mingle, spend time being sociable with others.

This group includes gorillas, humans and lemurs.

Edited version of a movie, approved by a director.

Rough drawings that don't require a lot of effort.

Pro wrestling duos like The Rockers, Bushwhackers.

Intense temperature, even higher than red.

Italian synonymous of a man who seduces many women.

A dark, sweet Italian type of vinegar.

Forces that some people believe are inside us.

Home of a Scottish monster.

Puzzle 3

Live show with audience members invited to perform.

Greased back, like hair for example.

Settings restored with a hard reset.

A genre of movies involving suspense and clues.

Leisure pursuits that help pass the time.

Mr. Cohen, Hallelujah singer.

Long lawn plants.

Flow of water that moves in a certain direction.

The two matching organs that filter blood.

Bad option on Santa's list.

Exercises to develop your core body strength.

A British island: anagram of "uber mad".

This is the Army's pool of extra trained personnel.

Irish spirit, the water of life.

Puzzle 4

Form of latex used to make bouncy balls.

Using a needle and thread to stitch fabric.

Large pieces of meat.

Matthew Broderick played an inspector by this name.

Film clips.

What protesters were to do to Wall Street in 2011.

Weeping species of tree; Buffy's best friend.

Long, narrow, glacial inlets in Norway.

Cause and this, basically the result.

Full first name of Cruise, Hanks, Waits, Petty.

Southern gothic Faulkner novel, 'A Light in __'.

Card game where one can shoot the moon.

Look at different websites before buying anything.

Puzzle 5

Give the house a new look, with paint or furniture.

JetBlue, Delta, Air Canada, Par Avion.

When the sky is covered with clouds.

Cognacs, French drinks.

Ending your working career for good.

Object stored for its sentimental value.

Marine mammal closely related to a dolphin.

Tiny toy cars made in the 80s and 90s, micro __.

Star Wars bad guys of clone and storm varieties.

TV broadcast with interviews with celeb guests.

Very old or battered cars.

These are used to heat many modern houses.

Ichabod Crane ran afoul of this kind of horseman.

Recorded speech again, for a film.

An academic who studies words and languages.

Doing a few laps in a pool.

Relating to monks.

Puzzle 6

Rich, heavy baked food often served at Christmas.

Carrie who wants to cry pretty.

Wax cells in a hexagonal pattern made by bees.

Get back in touch with an old friend.

Another name for rolling two ones with dice.

The character who shared adventures with Huck Finn.

What vulcans did after they lived long.

Protects the body against infectious diseases.

Innovative daily survival tips and hints.

South American country Che Guevara was born in.

Daily journalistic publication with current events.

A mirage will do this as you get closer.

Computer circuit that operates on data.

Puzzle 7

This rating shows how popular a politician is.

In boxing, rapid clusters of blows (snow showers).

A popular side dish is this pasta and cheese.

The joints of the fingers.

A marine invertebrate with five radiating arms.

Bank accounts held overseas, not on the mainland.

Taking it easy, doing as little as possible.

"__ like flies" is people succumbing together.

The opposite of the most uplifting movie moment.

__ Bad, a television series about Walter White.

Board game with lettered tiles.

Animated mice who once went "Down Under".

Puzzle 8

Bogota is the capital of this S. American country.

System of water pipes around a home.

What Ben Franklin tied to the end of a kite.

Let your mind wander.

When jurors can't reach a verdict.

Ball __, athletic hammer.

Floating green plants frogs like to sit on.

Pertaining to the Milky Way or other galaxies.

Creating garments with needles and wool.

Obstruction in the lungs is a __ of the airways.

Puzzle 9

Colorful paint for finger or toenails.

Removed dandelions from a garden.

Employee at a casino who runs the table games.

Walk at a leisurely pace.

"__ Lickin' Good", a slogan of KFC.

Units to measure the mass of a gemstone.

Pumpkins and squashes, sounds like deities.

Lower waist muscles surrounding the spine.

Christian church season leading up to Christmas.

Back to __, focus on the simple things in life.

Purple named after a flower Victorians liked.

Puzzle 10

Dives in deep.

Tunefully joining in with lyrics.

Receptacle for cigarette waste.

Constantinople was the capital of this empire.

Nerve cells.

Mole, person who leaks classified information.

Pieces of body art.

Jeans style that flares at the ankle.

Someone who loses their passport might visit one.

Beans such as lentils and soy beans.

Like __ cats; impossible to keep in order.

Feedback on purchases written by customers.

A single lens worn to correct vision.

Canine friend of Dilbert.

German city that sounds like it smells good.

Brushed and washed an animal's fur.

Lifting up a car.

Microsoft sends an updated this of Windows.

Puzzle 11

The sea where Cuba and Puerto Rico are located.

Kneading someone's muscles.

Phrase meaning it's too hard to understand, All __.

The bones forming an animal's backbone.

Hits Command+R or Ctrl+R when viewing a webpage.

Parts of a story that just don't make sense.

Watching movies and TV shows on-demand.

The Ides of March are on this date.

Jewelry chains worn near your head.

An example of one is Monopoly.

A person who creates movies like Scorsese or Nolan.

A coniferous tree that keeps its color.

Tools in your pencil case for drawing circles.

Puzzle 12

Electronic music danced to at clubs and festivals.

Screech like a bird.

The astrological signs named after constellations.

Craft creations made from household junk.

Pickled veggies used as a condiment.

Tacky or corny, but also covered in dairy product.

A meteor leaves this kind of crater.

The two-headed muscle on the front part of the arm.

Backed by money from a sponsor.

Remove unwanted apps or photos from your phone.

Puzzle 13

Financial boost, maybe in the form of a check.

Back-to-back movie-watching session.

A mixed alcoholic drink that rhymes with wholesale.

Abdominal body part that some have removed.

Both herbivore and carnivore.

Style of chair that leans back.

These canines can be American, English, or French.

Nomadic forager, also known as a hunter __.

The introduction of a play or story.

Extra strokes in golf to even out the game.

Green logo messaging platform for keeping in touch.

Spattered with small spots, like a bird's egg.

Simon & Garfunkel found a bridge over these waters.

Dinosaurs ran amok in this Park.

Puzzle 14

The country where you'd find London.

Using a hook and yarn to create patterns.

50% salary reduction.

In the musical Grease, Sandy is hopelessly this.

Very high legal court.

Brief jaunt; car used to flee a robbery.

Compilation recording of all your most-loved songs.

Warning organ on a snake, sounds like a maraca.

Beat an egg until frothy.

Creative thinking that reaches for the stars.

Puzzle 15

Exchanging goods for money or other goods.

To forward a message sent by another Twitter user.

Painkiller and blood thinner made from willow bark.

Language spoken in the country shaped like a boot.

Orange and black butterfly; royal leader.

When you don't appreciate it, you take it for this.

Shawn Mendes gets a little bit this around you.

Food preparation, making meals.

The playwright behind Romeo and Juliet, first name.

Painter Marc Chagall's religion.

Photographs taken by you of your own face.

Diabetes-fighting hormone discovered in Canada.

Traditional fall festival trip on a vehicle.

Clean clothes that need to be folded and put away.

Penelope Cruz and Tom Cruise in __ Sky.

Large plate used for carving meats.

Pushes or lunges.

Brand name of autograph marker pen.

Skeleton after it towels off?.

Puzzle 16

Refined or whitened, e.g. flour.

What IRL means in internet shorthand, In __.

Where Santa is before going "click, click, click".

Audio episodes about different interesting topics.

Reinforce paper with a thin plastic layer.

Ocean separating Europe from America.

Sharp pains in the body caused by intense exercise.

Jeepers __, horror movie from 2001.

Having an avian form.

Nike slogan, also means don't wait.

Inspire, spur someone into action.

Worn on the face by a pirate.

Game with cartoon people on cards – which is it?.

Newspapers that are published every seven days.

Overbalancing a stack of bricks.

Puzzle 17

Printed puzzle with cryptic clues.

The name for Jesus' twelve followers.

An event host will do this for a keynote speaker.

Flame __, substance that slows the spread of fire.

Treating yourself to some self care.

Women who married WW2 servicemen from overseas.

A car that doesn't have a manual transmission.

Musical instrument made up of wooden bars.

In the wings or dressing rooms of a theater.

US state of New Orleans.

Study of the system around goods and services.

Small orange named from its Moroccan home.

Puzzle 18

Honeybees leave this behind when they attack.

A story with no basis in real life.

8th planet away from the sun in our solar system.

Files installed to keep a PC running smoothly.

Money paid to a composer to play their song.

To heat something up in advance.

Limit the space someone has, trap them.

"__ I said so!".

Walked unevenly.

Book-lending institution.

2016 movie about an alien language.

Seat for a fighter pilot.

Puzzle 19

Change layout of furniture in a room.

Lone Ranger type of hero.

Australian tree climber that's really a marsupial.

Seinfeld show combining these with coffee, cars.

Practice game.

Engage in a game of Uno or solitaire.

Scientist who specializes in ecosystems.

Website URLs that are saved in the toolbar.

Dangerous area with altitudes above 8,000m.

A battle fought with edible weapons.

Give a treatment to prevent an illness.

Instrument for determining height.

Big group of musicians with variety of instruments.

Puzzle 20

Calculated expenses, how much you can spend.

Having an intense fear of something.

Dip bread chunks in this Swiss melted cheese dish.

Artsy activities such as pottery or model making.

Middle name of American civil rights leader King.

Languages of Scotland or Ireland.

Symbol that represents a sporting team.

Italian city known as the birthplace of pizza.

Toy instruments that make a buzzy sound.

An item like a clam, that sometimes has pearls.

Crossbody pageant belts.

Instructions to follow when preparing a meal.

Quadcopters, informally; remote control flyers.

Type of "games" played by Katniss and Peeta.

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