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Things We Lose PackThings We Lose

Here are the answers to CodyCross Things We Lose Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Office stationery tool for fixing papers together.

To teach someone.

Diced with a knife.

Frankenstein's creation.

Custom-made, tailored to a particular person.

Caught an animal and stopped it from escaping.

Poisonous plant/drink used to kill Ancient Greeks.

Great pleasure or happiness, rhymes with "tonight".

Used by a woman to carry a purse and other items.

Do not __, sign hung on a hotel-room door.

Small, charming country residence.

__ ball, with cork inside, for game with wickets.

Works __; does incredible things.

Puzzle 2

Something to hold a liquid, like a glass or vase.

Ruthless, cruel and harsh.

Contact __; removable vision correctors.

Lose __; enter a bad phone reception area.

Wrapped in the hair to create curls.

Celestial place.

Garam __, a mixture of Indian spices.

Ropes a cow.

Took advice, payed attention to it.

Street performer who plays a musical instrument.

Puzzle 3

Vehicle-sharing service to help the environment.

Went down on the knees.

Routine checks by police or security officers.

__ ice, mashed ice used in long cocktails.

Once __ David's City; choral Christmas carol.

Thick, snuggly cover for a baby in a pushchair.

Kira __, plays Phoebe Thunderman on Nickelodeon.

Draw around the edge of a shape.

The sound of a phone when someone calls.

The Snowman and the __, chilly canine cartoon.

Permits that allow train travel, for example.

__ Board; Wii console accessory for standing on.

A sleeveless jumper.


Sad, emotional and ready to cry.

All the fish are __ Nemo.

Plural of index; how many times to use a number.

The belly or tummy.

Martin Luther King's widow: __ Scott King.

Cutting down trees is known as __.

Underground holes that rabbits live in.

A fidget __, popular fiddle toy craze.

Puzzle 4

Nationality of someone from the United States.

Not the oldest.

Item that blocks your path.

Describes water with the impurities removed.

Cosy footwear worn inside the house.

Chain, sometimes with a pendant or medallion.

A __, singing style with all voices, no music.

Cooked leftovers.

A place to buy things to read.

The most breezy.

Meet __, Brad Pitt plays Death alongside Forlani.

Puzzle 5

Rock made by cemented grains of sand.

Risky, hazardous.

Curved pieces of plastic sit atop wheels of a bike.

Chocolate dessert with a gooey sauce.

Annoying someone to get a reaction.

Printed documents, e.g. contracts, receipts.

Swimming stroke with two-arm pull and dolphin kick.

Don light-coloured clothing to stay cool.

Lively, fit and active.

Item to groom a horse with (spicy perhaps!).

The __ Peas, a hip hop group.

Puzzle 6

To cause deliberate damage.

Shiny-bodied fish with a stripe down its back.

Row, quarrel, dispute.

Deciding games at the end of a sports season.

Ballot to choose a political officer.

Competes for something (rhymes with "lends").

Outdoor grill for flame cooking food.

Exit cut into a stage.

When planes come down at the end of flights.

Occupation of Al Capone, Bonnie and Clyde.

Game with a plastic mule for balancing things on.

A rocket or Catherine wheel is one of these.

Blood cells that form clots.

"Colourful" body of water to the north of Turkey.

Puzzle 7

Purses for men.

Diamond shape.

Gave colour to a steak.

Preserved remains of animals in rocks.

Is very angry, simmers with rage.

Jitterbugging, moving to music.

__ plague, a disease with swollen lumps.

__ Carlisle, Go-Go's lead who sang I Get Weak.

A strong wind that twists and destroys.


Puzzle 8

Southern African country, capital Gaborone.

Pigs' feet.

Inability to sleep.

Elastic tie for a ponytail or plait.

Assignments done outside of school time.

Anna __; starred as Poppy in Trolls.

To be delicate in movements, like a dancer.

Bob __ was Scrooge's clerk and father of Tiny Tim.

A repeating pattern.

People who play pianos.

Playing short golf shots, or cutting potatoes.

Tropical plant bearing dates or coconuts.

An honour or privilege rather than a curse.

Puzzle 9

Short message social site – watch your characters!.

Lose __ of a vehicle; skid or be unable to brake.

__ Miller, star of Dance Moms.

Opposite of presence; being missing from somewhere.

Faced in battle.

The round part of your seeing organ.

The room in a house where food is cooked.

A warm and cosy layer, e.g. blanket or vest.

Pancake day, Shrove __.

Timepieces worn around the wrist.

Full first name of Somalian-born athlete Farah.

Puzzle 10

A luxury, fast vehicle, e.g. a Lamborghini.

Offspring; young boys and girls.

When a bird moults, it loses __.

Super, jolly nice.

Tony the Tiger's grrreat breakfast cereal.

Sea between Italy and the Balkans.

__ Roth, author of Divergent book series.

To do with a country, not global or local.

Put someone's mind at ease; remove doubts.

Rock __; "Dance with me" hit for JT in 2003.

The most expansive; largest.

Puzzle 11

Go here to see movies.

Medic, aka GP, who treats common ailments.

Three times ten makes this.

The __ Mary, Christ's mother.

Lose the will __; give up.

Gina __, care worker in Tracy Beaker.

Padded bedcovers, often kicked off in the night.

The remains of something that was destroyed.

An orange vegetable, useful snowman's nose.

Arranging papers in an order.

Puzzle 12

Detectives or investigators.

Lose one's __; go insane over mislaid glass balls.

Abnormal, not like everything else.

Buddies, mates, chums; not enemies.

Shiny circular wheel trims.

Desperately dry period of weather with no rain.

Padded item for seating, often decorative.

Drinking far too much alcohol in a short time.

Thick and creamy soup often packed with seafood.

The Polar __; Christmas film aboard a train.

Puzzle 13

Nails with threads, for twisting to attach things.

Termites live in these hills.

A choir of __; heavenly beings with halos.

Pointy, frozen line of water hanging down outside.

Protective headgear worn by cyclists.

Give these out to friends you want at your party.

Synonym for "says" or "speaks".

A decorative pin worn to complement an outfit.

Fish with pink flesh that lays eggs in fresh water.

The United __; US.

High seas robbery under a black and white flag.

Lucy Locket lost hers in the nursery rhyme.

Imperial measure, equivalent of 2.54 cm.

Puzzle 14

International political hostility.


__ board, slice food on this with a knife.

A section of a book.

Stopping for a little while.

Wires that are plucked on guitars.


Charlie __, film star known as the Little Tramp.

Round fasteners that are sewn onto clothes.

Admit to a wrongdoing or crime.

Bits of bird organs used in gravy.

Spring __, fall back; daylight saving saying.

Grand venue for sports events with lots of seating.

A scent that people wear to smell nice.

Warm knitted items worn around necks.

Country in Europe: anagram of "my range".

Set your online profile to this so it isn't public.

Fast train.

Puzzle 15

Nuclear explosive device.

Jewellery worn around the wrist.

ID document for international travel.

Sour, astringent, like the liquid added to chips.

Someone who creates something new.

From the country known for haggis.

The right to vote in an election.

Blow Me (One __); 2012 song by Pink.

Older than 79/younger than 90, someone in their __.

Ethyl, grain, isopropyl.

Small flows or tiny rivers.

The Amber __; third His Dark Materials novel.

The __ rate tells you how many £££ you get for $$$.

AMA means "ask me __".

Puzzle 16

A family member connected by blood.

Cuts small bits of wood off a stick.

Device for shielding you from the rain.

TYVM, or thank you __.

Tiny bugs that live in human hair.

Special offers, good deals at the shops.

Small metal links that attach locking devices.

Nazi bombing campaign on London.

A bottle size holding four bottles of Champagne.

Game between two teams pulling each end of a rope.

Bag carried on the back.

A precious mineral, such as a ruby or emerald.

Puzzle 17

Handel's most famous oratorio.

Made a duck noise.

Really hoping for something to happen.

In the circus, found on a trapeze or high-wire.

Someone who makes a decision, a selection.

Travelling by boat.

Transport with pedals and two wheels.

The type of orange used in marmalade.

A community of people linked together.

Someone who has had a limb cut off.

Football __; games that can be lost, won or drawn.

Paper-covered illumination.

Angrily; in annoyance.

Puzzle 18

Thin watery soup from France.

A text file saved on a computer.

Object carried for good luck or magical properties.

Secret phrase used to log into an online account.

Morpurgo's story of an animal once in army service.

__ For The Music; grateful ABBA hit in 1977.


Hot, sticky weather.

Adjective relating to Spain/Spanish-speaking folk.

The study of genes and heredity.

A treasured memento of a place, person or event.

An activity designed to get you fitter.

Puzzle 19

Leaves used to make cigarettes and cigars.

Tropical green/red fruits, orange flesh, big stone.

__ International, human rights organization.

Point or dot in numbers, e.g. 2.5 or 1.75.

Source of power for phones, remote controls, etc.

People who are being held in a jail.

Sense that uses the ears.

White water bird with a pouched beak to catch fish.

Tommy's best friend in Rugrats.

Medicine pills or handheld computers.

Held very tight.

Songs, each country has a national one.

Go backwards in a car.

Puzzle 20

Silver-white precious metal used for wedding bands.

Someone who is legally responsible for a child.

Liking something, being entertained.

Hand-operated cutting tools.

Canine that works on farms and rounds up lambs.

Funny but coarse humour.

A blended drink made with fruit.

Six-sided shapes.

Ability to see, vision.

Room under a house that can smell musty.

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