CodyCross Thrills and Spills Pack answers

Thrills and Spills PackThrills and Spills

Here are the answers to CodyCross Thrills and Spills Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

__ Berman, 50s/60s phone conversation comedian.

Captain __; Tintin's seafaring best friend.

Waiting for __, Christopher Guest mockumentary.

White __ ride; extreme ride needing a tight grip.

Pupil, learner.

City in Rhode Island that hosts a folk festival.

Red __, common butterfly.

Embarrassed, humiliated, full of regret.

Long distance, challenging triathlon event.

Brand of Gournay cheese, creamy with herbs.

Followers of Islam.

Another name for a jumper, worn to keep warm.

__ Gaarder; best-selling author of Sophie's World.

Puzzle 2

Walk over these glowing embers as endurance test.

Jerry, Kramer, Elaine, and George chronicles.

Units of weight, anagram of montages.

German poet who wrote Ode to Joy.

Cafes or restaurants.

Assassin, killer.

Letting go of something.

Steve McQueen prison movie; French for butterfly.

__ programs aim to preserve and grow species.

Fishing method that involves nets.

Tea __, used with loose tea to hold back leaves.

Downhill, face-down sliding winter sport.

He says "Th-th-that's all folks".

Blocked out the Sun.

Reject, refuse.

__, warm North Atlantic Sea and its seaweed.

Puzzle 3

Flat, paved, garden areas.

Fictional Star Trek race led by a Praetor.

Cardboard tubes full of edible potato discs.

Money received in exchange for work.

Legally recognized people of a nation.

Illness that causes the skin and eyes to yellow.

Freefall flying outfit.

Brazilian national park, with diverse flora/fauna.

9 times the amount.

Shark-__ waters; ocean area filled with predators.

Waterproof overshoes.

Alfred __; created Salvarsan with Paul Ehrlich.

Director of The Duchess and Journey's End.

Element with symbol Se, named for the moon.

Worthy of being identified; anagram of amenable.

Medical man, with an evil alter ego.

You're __, the Last, My Everything, Barry White.

Puzzle 4

British singer who's the voice of Garnet on TV.

Yiddish insult, a US term for a stupid person.

Girls __, Walberswick Pier, by Philip Wilson Steer.

Ban, get rid of.

Fast-paced running activity over urban obstacles.

In the Mouth of __, horror flick.

US ballistic missile, Britain's nuclear deterrent.

Floated steadily above the ground.

Violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, red.

__ fruits; cherries, dates etc. preserved in syrup.

Protective eye masks worn by skiers.

Puzzle 5

Fast-flowing sections of rivers with white water.

Romantic term for grassy areas, lawns, meadows.

Small desert rodent with large ears.

__ of Grass, collection of poetry by Walt Whitman.

Carpet cleaner that sucks.

The Age of Pericles, aka the Golden Age of __.

Fruits with large stones, like apricots and plums.

Tweedledee spoiled this in battle with Tweedledum.

Agatha Christie's Belgian detective.

__ jumping; adrenaline rush with a springy cord.

__ Afternoon; 1975 Oscar-nominated drama.

Puzzle 6

Any flying plane.


Brian __, the 18th PM of Canada.

Aquatic mammals that people long to swim with.

Expanse of coldness that projects over the sea.

Japanese-style hit for Styx in 1983.

To make bigger.

Home city of Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

__ list, items a builder is to fix on a new home.

Away from the west.

Sensed, picked up on something.

Exotic wild bird served under glass.

Be towed in the air behind a boat.

Travel mail item.

Puzzle 7

Dark patches cast on the ground in bright sunlight.

Aerial slide.

Taron __ of Robin Hood and Eddie the Eagle.

Cycling trick with front raised off the ground.

Ankle boot with strap, has Indian name.

Name of the animated family central to Family Guy.

Her first album was called Let Go: Avril __.

Georges Simenon's most famous detective.

Held on the end of a string.

Required by fashion, custom or etiquette: de __.

Puzzle 8

Kipling poem about an Indian worker.

Long island lies between Russia and Japan.

Transfers power to a local level.

KT __, Scottish singer-guitarist of Suddenly I See.

Mary, Mary, quite __.


Ascertained the length of.

Television stations.

__ exchange rate, where currency's value changes.

Away from the main, marked skiing area.

Book of Records or a popular Irish brew.

Narrow sledge for sliding downhill over snow.

Puzzle 9

Seafood that is cooked in oil in a pan.

Microsoft sans-serif typeface and a large catapult.

Paying close notice to; listening intently.

Martha Reeves backing group.

Endangered species of sea turtle.

James Bond film about a stolen Fabergé egg.

Christina __, Married With Children star.

US shaver and hair care brand.

Swim with no clothes on.

Person employed to round up lost canines.

Bright pops of light in the sky at New Year.

Home-made seat hanging from a tree.

British captain George __, voyager to N America.

Harsh powers named after an Athenian legislator.

Cold town in west-central Alaska.

Battle where Lord Admiral Nelson lost his life.

Puzzle 10

Play character who "loved not wisely but too well".

__ White, Michael Jackson anti-racism hit.

Prison under a castle.

Foghorn __, rooster with repetitive catchphrase.

Camera supports with triple feet.

TV show about a junk dealer: __ and Son.

Electronic __, surveillance device on an ankle.

White horse with darker skin patches.

__ sports; risky, high energy activities.

Jumps in freestyle skiing.

Jumbled, confused, befuddled.

Made a hacking sound when ill.

The wickedest queen ever, according to the Bible.

Mediterranean island, birthplace of Napoleon.

Puzzle 11

__ line, linked process in a car-making plant.

Accumulating in secret.

Sinead O'Connor hit, Nothing __ 2 U.

Spiked metal device for climbing up ice cliffs.

United Arab __, home to the Burj Khalifa.

Somersault in reverse.

A glass for sherry, and also a glass for beer.

Study of ancient Greece and Rome.

__ parking, indicated in car parks by a wheelchair.

__ War; anti-government protest in Mexico, 1926-29.

Michael __, Harry Bosch's creator.

Trainspotting star, Ewan __.

Puzzle 12

Classy vegetable eaten with hollandaise.

Grammy Award-winning song for Anita Baker.

Sailor King, third son of George III.

Stubbornly static.

Coastal region of New Zealand; Napier is capital.

Director of the 2012 biopic Lincoln, Steven __.

Fast-flowing river drop; thrilling to kayak over.

Ray Donovan star, Liev __.

High-speed winter team sport down a twisty track.

__ Heights, by Emily Bronte.

__ of health; doctor's declaration of wellness.

Politican who named both of his poodles Rufus.

Being __; forgetting your house key.

Condition of being over-hairy.

Puzzle 13

Ross's monkey Marcel's species.

Things that happen at a certain time of year.

__ drop; steep slide that tests your nerves.

Clay recipient for growing greenery inside.

Clara __, kind woman who nurses David Copperfield.

Blackberry-type fruit, its leaves fed to silkworms.

__ Murphy, played Tai Frasier in Clueless.


Sharper, more tapered.

Tropical wetlands in central South America.

Water ride at an amusement park.

Puzzle 14

After the __, moralistic work by Béraud.

Sixteen __ with Molly Ringwald.

Low-frequency speakers.

City of John Lennon's death.

Wild __; staying outside overnight with no tent.

Cooking gas.

Gently moving art suspended over a baby's cot.

Endive used as a coffee substitute.

Plunder and sack.

__ and the Forty Thieves.

Exaggerated self-pride.

__ Veyron; powerful Italian supercar.

Puzzle 15

Jewish spring festival celebrating freedom.

Driving haulage vehicles.

Riding a horse without a saddle.

Stuck in the Middle singer: Gerry __.

Flinching in embarrassment.

English queen for nine days in 1553.

Related to a specific area of a country.

Anne __, who sang in Les Misérables.

Answer to a math problem.

Battle of __; ended China's Xia Dynasty in 1600 BC.

Matt __, US cartoonist and The Simpsons creator.

Study to do outside of school.

Chinese condiment in light and dark varieties.

World's first vertical drop roller coaster (in UK).

I __ lonely as a cloud: by William Wordsworth.

Horizontal part of goalposts in soccer and rugby.

Puzzle 16

Country with an annual midsommarstang festival.

Basket weave, used on outdoor furniture.

__ With Dirty Faces, Hollywood movie with Cagney.

Christmas drink that's yellow and creamy.

Son of Henry VIII who became king at age 9: __ VI.

Model __, scale model kits of aircraft.

Protective headgear for extreme sports.

Dashing man; wearing a hat at an angle.

John __ Sousa, US military composer.

Site of major Australian bushfire in 2015.

Bumpy freestyle skiing event.

Puzzle 17

Tightrope used in balancing acts.

Imposed a rule.

More attractive or beautiful than.

Not including any milk, butter, cream, etc..

Tradespeople who install glass in windows.

Roller coaster where cars hang below the track.

The P in PDF.

Related to currency.

Greek island with Mamma Mia church.

Swiss painter and etcher, teacher at the Bauhaus.

Hippie VW camper in Cars.


Sieve, colander.

Animals developing, advancing and adapting.

Posts to which boats are secured.

Area of S France famed for wild white horses.

Puzzle 18

Surgeon's blade.

Amelia __; 19th-century women's rights campaigner.

Have the __; shake with nerves.

Afghanistan's currency, also name of an inhabitant.

__ racing; motorsports on unsurfaced tracks.

Not in any place.

Increasing the temperature of water.

Gwyneth __, maid of honour at Madonna's wedding #2.

Middle East pastry dessert sweetened with honey.

Wire system invented to take people up mountains.

Ahead of everyone else in a race.

Country where the band America originated.

Puzzle 19

One of the lines on a tiger.

Slender ape with woolly fur such as the siamang.

Sound a parrot makes.

Risky, hazardous situation.

__ stick, USB device for storing data.

Miley Cyrus sings of this California beach town.

Opinion poll conducted in the street.

Spicy Indonesian chili sauce.

Landmarks, attractions worth visiting.

Funeral in __, Harry Palmer thriller by Deighton.

Underground extreme sport.

Woozy, dizzy, half asleep.

Puzzle 20

It is next to cleanliness in the popular saying.

Guided tour on foot of haunted streets.

__ man; male who helps and supports you.

John __, who is married to Emily Blunt.

Art form for which Luca della Robbia was famous.

__ Vista; Florida location of Disney World Resort.

Manually operated tool for making holes.

Household pest, a hardy insect.

Co-writer of That's What Friends Are For: Burt __.

Thin chipped potato.

Skills, talents.

Protected ring of countryside around a town.

Large ship for carrying bulk loads of goods.

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