CodyCross Time Capsule Pack answers

Time Capsule PackTime Capsule

Here are the answers to CodyCross Time Capsule Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Tennis has singles and these two-person teams.

Carnival attraction to get you lost, House of __.

Fishing bird with a huge beak.

Family title, passed through generations.

Sharp metal sewers with eyes for passing thread.

Improvising jazz music with a group.

A female's egg-producing organs.

Kenneth Grahame novel for kids: The Wind in the __.

There's a solar and a lunar kind of this event.

Paper with items purchased, to see price change.

"Nag a ram" is one for this answer.

Notebook computers.

Luggage under the plane is classified as this.

Japanese batter-coated fried veg or seafood.

Puzzle 2

They are said to speak louder than words.

A job's clothes, maybe Grandpa's military one.

Singer who supports the lead.

Norse ocean-going explorers of history.

Hatchet-style knife associated with butchers.

CNN stands for Cable News this.

Tight-feeling headache brought on by stress.

Applying powder, or removing powder!.

Trendy, like fad items included in a capsule.

Short, shadowy growth on a chin prior to shaving.

Mafia criminal.

Puzzle 3

Iconic hat type worn by Abraham Lincoln.

Musical hits of the era, ranked by this group.

English city served by John Lennon airport.

Nail salon appointments.

Author of the Harry Potter books.

A hairless North American bird of prey.

To build or erect a structure.

Movie: __ Beasts and Where to Find Them.

Detailed list of contents, included for reference.

Mountain home of the Yeti.

Puzzle 4

The length of time someone is expected to live.

Style of shoe with oversized soles and heels.

Padded pillows that make chairs more comfortable.

A substance such as glue.

Flat, flappy ocean creature with a barb.

Document detailing services or activities offered.

Company that made the Wii console.

When the world ends; Superman's killer.

Non-traditional pizza topped with ham, pineapple.

__ Atwood's Time Capsule Found on the Dead Planet.

US national anthem lyrics: "Twilight's last __".

Distinct areas of conflict, places of combat.

Hanna-Barbera's picnic-basket-stealing character.

Billionaire SpaceX owner.

Worldwide web, for getting information quickly.

Puzzle 5

Dessert with red fruit filling; 1990 Warrant song.

Marine arthropod with blue blood, __ crab.

Study of descendants, glimpsed through articles.

Gone but not this.

Make a facsimile, reproduce a paper.

A square is one but one isn't necessarily a square.

A futuristic, dystopian Wild West series from HBO.

Signature given by request, often on a photo.

The story of one person's life as told by another.

Weapon used by David to kill Goliath.

Action star of the Fast and Furious movies.

Puzzle 6

90's political rock group, Rage Against the __.

Dig up, remove from the ground.

Cover that keeps one warm.

Batman villain covered in question marks.

An uncomfortable interaction caused by shyness.

Type of military jet that rhymes with "carrier".

This type of trading is illegal.

To give evidence as a witness.

The art of shaping and baking clay for many uses.

Flowing waters smaller than rivers.

Oaty breakfast cereal with fruit and nuts.

Common __; social convention of respect.

Scoring calamity in soccer.

1,000 units of TNT explosive.

Live music show, commemorated with a T-shirt.

Puzzle 7

Liquid ball on grass found early in the morning.

Shakespeare's Scottish play.

Samuel L. who had trouble with snakes on a plane.

One who posts on Twitter.

Herb popular in Italian tomato dishes.

To lead an orchestra.

An argument; a lover's __.

Patterned handkerchief used to cover face or hair.

Bad hair photo that proves one can drive.

Curse word-sounding Chinese toy dog breed.

Payments for hostage releases.

Groups of sports teams that compete.

Shot that helps build immunity from disease.

Object from the past, might increase in value.

Puzzle 8

Abroad, in a different country.

A machine that is capable of flight, like a plane.

__ theft, crime where personal details are at risk.

Scientific word for speed.

Birth village, commemorated by residents.

These types of dog can be Scottish, Welsh, Irish.

Driving over the limit, liable to get a ticket.

A particular place, setting, or position.

Bury a time capsule for a guest in Animal __ game.

The hemisphere above the equator.

Sit quietly and focus on mindfulness.

Refreshing drink made of rum, fruit and sugar.

Sound made by bells, often goes with jangling.

Speak softly and carry a __.

Puzzle 9

The amount of money something makes.

To acquire or get something.

Rapper whose name used to end with "Sense".

Physical attributes, passed down, seen in photos.

Something done automatically like blinking.

Diamond pattern seen on autumn socks.

Substance added to pet cleaning sprays, detergents.

Sealed air-tight with metal.

Curlers use these to "sweep" the ice for the stone.

Haitian religion based on ancestors.

Spanish word for Mrs.

Freeman who played God in Bruce Almighty.

Fruit gummy bears maker.

Fantasy creature known as grasping, greedy.

The __-Ness; cartoon about loch-dwelling monsters.

Guinness is brewed in this Irish capital.

Striped black and white animals found in Africa.

Puzzle 10

The deaf German composer who created Eroica.

Famous person, maybe a local hero remembered.

Maze created to hide the mythical Minotaur.

House purchaser, in other words.

Country that was subject of epic Baz Luhrmann film.

Artwork made from carved stone or wood.

Left over, e.g. part of a number in a division sum.

Pride and __, 1813 novel by Jane Austen.

Unable to get lit.

Schedule of events, maybe of one's wedding.

A preserve or jelly made from citrus fruit.

Puzzle 11

Rhyme where these little pets lost their mittens.

Celebrations for unveilings.

Sweet and juicy dried grapes.

Common painkiller that also thins the blood.

Internet creation accessed with a URL.

Capital of Ontario Province in Canada.

Carole King felt like this kind of woman.

The time when all crops are gathered.

Famous statue gifted to New York from France.

Comic book billionaire who leads the Avengers.

Military personnel who are the few and the proud.

Personal journals, filled with juicy details.

The gradual displacement of soil.

Puzzle 12

Street in London; 1969 Beatles album.

To go around something, like blood in the body.

Special personal items; pirate bounties.

Account of a crime given to the police.

Jack London novel turned Ethan Hawke movie.

What you get at school overall.

Ink outline of a finger-bearing appendage.

Circumventing, avoiding the middle.

Electronic device for regulating the heart.

A promise or warranty.

The heroine of Tomb Raider.

This movie dog was put down after getting rabies.

Puzzle 13

Skeptical, not easily convinced.

In New York, it could be JFK or LaGuardia.

This Hugh plays The Greatest Showman.

Emotional shocks or distress.

A female deity like Aphrodite.

Dave Grohl was this in Nirvana.

Events of the past, bygones.

Bonuses given by credit card programs.

Tight-fitting garment worn by gymnasts.

A kitchen one might be made of granite or marble.

Slot machines are called one-armed these.

Bar __ or bat __ a coming of age celebration.

Like an atomic bomb or a fission power plant.

Guess what will happen, muse about the time ahead.

Type of writing preceded by science or non.

Herb deadly to vampires in The Vampire Diaries.

Round, spiky creatures that live in the sea.

Puzzle 14

An asteroid belt lies between Mars and this planet.

US state that occupies a "panhandle".

Another word for final scores of games; outcomes.

Originator of a town, pioneer.

CGI stands for computer-generated __.

Taking of a wallet by a street robber.

The grass is this on the other side of the fence.

Attached a dog to a leather strap.

Withstand time by being stored safely; climate.

The second largest country in Europe.

Type of rings that show commitment to engagement.

Digital stock illustrations for presentations.

Puzzle 15

Mobile calling device, included for comparison.

Large, toothy, freshwater reptile.

Team-building exercise where someone is caught.

Swimming stroke named after an insect.

Unexpected find, perhaps a buried time capsule.

Summer footwear named after the sound they make.

Rock scientist.

Padded panel at the top end of a bed.

Deep acne scars on the skin.

Last name of Luke and Anakin in Star Wars.

Group of instrumentalists playing classical songs.

Puzzle 16

1961 Disney movie: The __-Minded Professor.

Population count, in a list.

Winter garments that can be fingerless.

Janis, singer of Mercedes Benz, Piece of My Heart.

Throws someone out of home.

Confused, forgetful, disorientated, elderly.

Sports brand known for its three stripes.

Hidden underground.

A 1980s TV show; what you say when you toast.

A team sport using sticks and pucks on an ice rink.

Linking joints between the hands and arms.

A black and white spice.

It's the square root of 400.

Muslim place of worship.

Puzzle 17

Moves about, is unstable.

Official documents proving occurrences.

Order to prohibit use, especially cargo ships.

List of what a company pays its workers.

Losing one's hair.

Columbus made four to the Caribbean and America.

This Patrick has led the Enterprise and the X-Men.

Sugar, butter heated until it turns brown.

There are 360 of these in a full circle.

Outer arm muscles from the shoulder to the elbow.

US state known as the Peach State.

Things done by developers to improve apps.

__ to follow; big shoes to fill.

__ Sweet who sang "Love is in a time capsule".

Male donkey; Johnny Knoxville's MTV show.

Puzzle 18

The largest flightless bird in the world.

Move to a better version of something.

Online community for uploading and watching videos.

Sketch, maybe saved to show off talent.

Asian cuisine dish prepared in a wok.

Business __, things have returned to normal.

Wore clothes that went together well.

In the game, Donkey Kong was this kind of ape.

Comic of It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

Pair of organs in the body that filter the blood.

Musical named after an Illinois city.

Twisted or matted; Disney movie about Rapunzel.

Aguilera thanks backstabber for making her a this.

__ Continental, luxury Ford car.

1977 spacecraft containing a capsule; adventurer.

25-cent piece.

In Roman numerals, it's C.

W in the NATO phonetic alphabet.

Puzzle 19

Can for these caffeinated beans, used as storage.

Unions do this when employers don't meet demands.

West African country; type of pet pig.

Totter's playground partner.

Sounded one's car horn.

Mineral associated with thyroid, seafood.

First name of actor Jackson from Dawson's Creek.

Greek goddess after whom Athens was named.

Rapper whose hits include Stan and Lose Yourself.

Fast-flowing river waters for rafters.

Fast-growing tubular plant that pandas eat.

It's found inside of bones.

The other name for the Academy Awards.

Elton John sings about a tiny one.

Printed papers handed out to endorse a campaign.

It's the V in UV light.

A minister of a Catholic or Anglican Church.

Seussian pachyderm who hears a who.

Puzzle 20

The seven days before Easter.

Style of armchair that can be slanted for comfort.

Unknown person, maybe one who finds a capsule.

Curtis, star of original Halloween movie.

Alphabetically last African country.

Popular dinner dish; a baked ground beef mixture.

Relation Aphrodite was to Zeus in Greek myth.

Someone to whom you owe money.

__ Nine-Nine, New York cop TV series.

The metal strand in a light bulb that glows.

Those who are watching when the capsule is opened.

Here today, gone __.

Another name for the aurora borealis, these lights.

US state associated with Colonel Sanders.

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