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Here are the answers to CodyCross Time Savers Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Removing the outer flakes from fish skin.

Shakespearean character who lends Bassanio money.

__ machine, dispenser to get canned drinks from.

Electric tool for cutting back hedges.

Operating a motor vehicle.

__ shoes, streamlined sports footwear with cleats.

Godfather director.

Bendy, malleable.

__ Compares 2 U, iconic Sinéad O'Connor hit.

Padded box-seat that doubles as storage.

Not Saturday or Sunday.

__ & Mason, London's Piccadilly grocery store.

Puzzle 2

Ancient Greek colony that became Constantinople.

Inquisitiveness that killed the cat.

Peculiar, unusual character.

__ plants, organisms grown to cure ailments.

Cells that provide energy, can be rechargeable.

Slow-fermented bread with health benefits.

Baby __, Peppa Pig's newborn cousin.

Bryan Ferry's glam rock group.

Go there to order food without leaving your car.

Number of years of life or service.

Isaac Newton sat under one to ponder gravity.

Clears a building or space for safety reasons.

Tales of the French Foreign Legion by P. C. Wren.

Puzzle 3

Daredevil male performer of risky tricks and feats.

Two slices of bread with a filling.

Contradictory expression, like "pretty ugly".

St Louis is in this US state.

Ring this to make your presence known at a home.

Remove someone from your contacts list.

Shins of horses.

Lacking in bravado.

Impasse in negotiations.

__ mask; worn in hospitals for infection control.

Lincoln in __, Booker-winner by George Saunders.

Puzzle 4

Time periods for workers.

__ Does it Better, theme for The Spy Who Loved Me.

Trench with a roof for shelter; tree-trunk canoe.

Brand of electronic book reader.

Marriage partner.

Different from all others, sui generis.

Baseball player known as the Georgia Peach.

Quaintness, flight of fancy, caprice.

Take someone against their will.

Brown, furry aquatic animals.

Brandenburg Gate city.

Cold blended drink, often coffee-based.

Hula dancers' __ are made of grass and leaves.

__ Booth, co-writer with Cleese on Fawlty Towers.

Decorative woolen bobble.

__ shopping, buying products from websites.

Puzzle 5

Portuguese sailing ship of the Age of Discovery.

Tall stand with top, for a lecturer or preacher.

Unkind acts towards animals.

Name shared by Princess Diana and PM Churchill.

Burned a steak black.

Stripy lines on a product for scanning.

Award-winning film, The __ of King George.

In fit physical condition, well.

__, we have a problem.

Machine that slices and cuts vegetables.

Switzerland languages: French, German, Italian, __.

Puzzle 6

__ cards, collection of work contacts.

Prevail, be the strongest presence.

Scheduling and arranging things in advance.

Tracy __; wannabe-famous Hairspray lead character.

Creativity with paints, clay, etc.; skill, ability.

Spacek and Sheen were in this Terrence Malick film.

Sally Field's memoir.

Breaking and entering, usually to steal.

German traditional mulled red wine; glow wine.

Slow-moving animal, hides in its shell.

Pots and pans with a coating for easy cleaning.

Puzzle 7

Moving stairway found in shopping malls.


Novel by Anne Fine made into a movie: Madame __.

Tactical emergency squads from US Police forces.

Post-graduate qualification.

Food __, for chopping and blending food.

A flaky breakfast pastry created by the French.

He sang country song Even Though I'm Leaving.

South African province; Bloemfontein is capital.

Convinced, compelled.

Puzzle 8

Hagrid's spider pal.

Use this machine to reproduce a page; xerox.

The O in UFO.

A lumberjack.

__ food, snacks to grab outside from vendors.

Charles __; alter ego of Professor X in X-Men.

Advanced someone money on credit.

Calculate; have an opinion about.

Water slides.

Software component that adds extra features.

Bring to memory.

Puzzle 9

Renew, cool or clean.

Drank something noisily and greedily.

Tim __-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web.

Shonda Rhimes White House Washington drama.

Martha __, domestic and lifestyle guru.

Force that keeps us on Earth.

Monroe-inspired play by Miller, Finishing the __.

Northern Irish golf superstar Rory __.

Aegean holiday island, complete with windmills.

Very cold kitchen appliance for storing food.

Brest-__, treaty, it saw Russia's removal from WW1.

Their __ Majesties Request, 60s Rolling Stones LP.

Czech lager named for where it was originally made.

__ Peck, actor who played the lawyer Atticus Finch.

Puzzle 10

Shantytown area, especially associated with Brazil.

Display in a prominent place.

Fish with pink flesh.

The biggest Portland is in this state.

__ on the Ritz by Fred Astaire.

Smart and dashingly dressed, usually a man.

Scared of something.

__ engine, for finding things on the internet.

Short term for a person who takes bets.

Smoking alternative; using an e-cigarette.

Smart __, calling devices with apps.

This musical company makes sewing machines.

Puzzle 11

David __, played Kwai Chang Caine in TV's Kung Fu.

Answers to problems, riddles or puzzles.

Red __, English cheese from the Midlands.

These were meant to fly, according to Nicki Minaj.

Retired LA Lakers guard, nicknamed Mr Clutch.

Process done by machinery, not by a human.

Keyboard symbol that shares a key with a 7.

Plump, North American rodent, a marmot.

To have listened without the speaker's knowledge.

This blows hot air to dry wet tresses.

Puzzle 12

Leave unprotected and alone.

__ machine, put dirty clothes in it.

Brush __, marks made by a paint brush.

Ted __, reluctant pilot of the Airplane! series.

Ceremony uniting two people in marriage.

Lemon __; cake with sweet citrus glaze.

Rita Wright, who sang With You I'm Born Again.

Clothes pouches in which to carry objects.

Generic word for car, truck, van, etc..

Carb __, eating lots of carbs in advance of a race.

Mao Zedong's five year plan, the Great Leap __.

Jack __, novelist of The Eagle Has Landed.

Make smoothies using this machine.

Moves or pushes with force.

Puzzle 13

Sending messages electronically, not via the post.

Royal castle in Scotland.

Person on narrow wood strips pulled by sled dogs.

Transportation of a package to its destiny.

Sans-__, patriotic dress of French revolutionaries.

Airbrush bronzing treatment for pale skin.

Mrs __, the object of Ben Braddock's affection.

The route between universes, maybe.

Ol __, popular nickname for Frank Sinatra.

Strong metal used in barbecue grills and pans.

Sailing ship with two or more masts.

Point __; mystery-solving video-game genre.

Class outline.

Crossing the threshold.

__ Pekkala, helpful witch in His Dark Materials.

Lines on skin.

Turnip-shaped, knobbly, white, root vegetable.

Most frightening.

Puzzle 14

Symbol that verifies the content of gold or silver.

Height, elevation above sea level.

Margo __, Bette Davis's character in All About Eve.

Fidgety, unable to keep still.

Icy pack to place on a sprain or injury.

__ belt, moving strip to transport goods.

St __; fictional village home of Miss Marple.

Honorific title in Tibetan Buddhism; precious one.

Nationality of Paddington bear.

A short shot of fast coffee.

Angle-measuring instrument devised by Ptolemy.

Puzzle 15

Jane Austen novel: Pride and __.

Dimly, blocking out the details, vaguely.

Holding Back the Years band.

US golfer, winner of five Open titles.

Small circular candles.

Virtual __, a helping voice such as Siri.

Round, buttery, white-fleshed nut.

Dart-firing weapons.

Wireless technology for connecting devices.

Unmarried men.

Puzzle 16

Artificial humans, computer intelligence.

Willy __; West Germany Chancellor, 1969-74.

Florida Keys themed Beach Boys song of 1988.

Shutters that cover windows.

Black and white mammals with black eye patches.

City of the White __, St Petersburg's nickname.

Paul __, starred as Butch Cassidy.

__ de Winter, Cardinal Richelieu's chief spy.

__ Green Men, another name for Toy Story aliens.

Use this to rub out pencil errors.

Puzzle 17

Expensive fungus found underground by pigs.

Gwyneth __ played protagonist "Emma" in 1996 film.

Archaic term for mornings.

Asked questions.

Civilian version of military cars.

Pinky flowering houseplant.

Part of a 24-hour period not including night.

Lattices of deliciousness with syrup.

Type of photography that doesn't need a film.

Quickly, without delay.

Whiskery, scale-less swimmers with a feline name.

Puzzle 18

Isola __; island in the middle of Lake Como.


A pitcher used to hold wine.

Internet connection without cables.

Zebra __, black-and-white walkway.

Seventies Paul Newman movie The __ Inferno.

Male attendant by the ocean.

Play devil's __; argue just for the sake of it.

Got one's balance, found a firmer footing.

Taped or documented for future reference.

__ of the fittest; natural selection.

Making a request for a pizza delivery.

Fried risotto balls stuffed with cheese.

Puzzle 19

Downloading TV and movies to watch right away.

Sits alongside a legislature and judiciary.

Inserting one type of media into another.

Hotel helper who books taxis and tables for guests.

Costa __, Italian cruise ship that sank in 2012.

Flat display platform for putting a sponge on.

Relative who should be contacted in an emergency.

Making people feel comfortable and at home.

Meal that might be a treat to have in bed.

The __; 2013 Ridley Scott drug deal drama.

Puzzle 20

Total __; Arthur Rimbaud biopic starring DiCaprio.

Judge's order when entering a courtroom.

Baby __, post-war generation.

Celebrity, fame, recognition.

Madonna, "__ the thought, of always having you...".

Shedding tears.

Bird that lays the largest eggs.

The M in SMS stands for this; Short __ Service.

Strike these to light a fire.

First name of Doctor House.

Sections of a tv show; markers of weather changes.

Golden citrus fruit that is native to China.

The Presidential Medal of __, given to Elvis.

French-based hotel chain shares name with a planet.

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