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Here are the answers to CodyCross Time Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Between meal foods.

__ cabinet, place where office folders are kept.

__ light; downward beam from a rescue helicopter.

New __, US reportage magazine from the Big Apple.

The secret to good comedy.

Removes feathers from a dead bird.

Goodbye __ Brick Road, album by Elton John.


Roughly built cabins.

__ clocks mark each hour with a bird call.

Puzzle 2

Sorry Seems to Be the __ Word, Elton John song.

Running late, not on schedule.

Brand of wax drawing instruments.

__ Fusion, Hydrogen turns into Helium in the Sun.

Ocean where the Tuvalu Islands are found.

Breaks into houses to steal possessions.

Points to the minutes on a clock face.

Ceramic workers.

Dry or parched.

Pay It __, Helen Hunt pass-it-on movie.

Your first cousin once __ is your cousin's child.

__ knife, it cut off the tails of Three Blind Mice.

Member of 1950s counterculture, wore black a lot.

Blocked, like a pipe.

Swarming insects.

Puzzle 3

Twitching in anticipation of pain.

Type of shoes, e.g. Louboutins.

Time of day that follows morning.

Where completed election papers are placed.

Opposite of early morning.

Insect with two pairs of strong, transparent wings.

Traditional Christmas carol: God Rest Ye Merry __.

Adherents of the Church of Rome.

Device for measuring time with sand.

Not revealing your name or identity.

Puzzle 4

Actress __ Garner, Hudson, or Lawrence.

A chronological list of events.

Momentary sightings.

__ diet; healthy nutrition needed by humans.

Drive past another vehicle.

Weighted mechanism that powers a clock.

Young males gather up at tennis matches.

Women and __ first! Alert when abandoning ship.

__ clover; luckiest leaf.

Black leopards.

Puzzle 5

Professional greeting between business folk.

Failure, malfunction, of a car for e.g..

Variation of "piece of cake" w/ different dessert.

A letter that isn't a vowel.

Not permanent or long-lasting; short-term.

Gilbert __, Aladdin's Iago.

More in need of water than another person.

Musical instrument with a series of wooden bars.

Term for artificial rather than natural fabric.

Name of the Pilgrim's ship; April showers bring....

Century that includes the year 1999.

Rolls of stickiness to catch household insects.

Another name for vintner or vino producer.

Puzzle 6

Chart with days, weeks, months and years.

Reach for __; aim high.

Bringing back to life.

Arrivals on runways.

Animal __; one way to help endangered species.

US weight of 2000 lb, not long.

The right to vote in an election.

Individual hairs on a paintbrush.

Chili __, with meat.

In a paternal way.

The boy who wouldn't grow up.

Leads or guides, maybe an orchestra.

Day of the week named after the sixth planet.

Sums of money given to failing businesses.

Allowing to grow sweeter on a tree.

Puzzle 7

Skin at a fingernail end.

Title of ruler in ancient Egypt.

Silver __; event to mark a 25-year milestone.

Capsicums, e.g. bell or cayenne.

Periods of food scarcity.

Clothing in need of washing and folding.

Popular saying and Paula Abdul song: Opposites __.

Gwyneth __, played Pepper Potts.

Used to open or lock a vehicle.

After the event, not on time.

Absence from work due to illness.

__ down spine; chills when you're spooked.

Puzzle 8

Most wooly, furry, or shaggy.

__ Silver; peg-legged pirate in Treasure Island.

Erecting a tent.

German breed often trained as police dogs.

Fish known for stripping prey to the bone.

A blend of English and Yiddish: Ameridish or __.

When there is an extra day in February.

Two pieces of clothes that compliment each other.

Fraud, deception.

Dicing vegetables.

Not factory built.

Feeling thankful.

Young girl in charge of dairy churns.

Indian religion that features yoga.

Guns N' Roses want to be taken to this city.

Not westerly.

Not up to one's usual standard, a golf term.

The coldest possible temperature: __ zero.

12am; the time 60 minutes after 11pm.

Unremarkable; contrarily, out of the __.

Cosmo the __; telepathic comic book astro canine.

Puzzle 9

To achieve something despite any obstacles.

Leave quickly, __ it out of here.

Carcasses of animals hit by vehicles.

"Old __ Was a Merry Old Soul".

Number of days in two weeks.

Pipework for a household bathroom.

Cooking food, e.g. meat, in the oven.

Relating to a galaxy.

Marx Brothers film with mallard broth.

A job with shorter or fewer shifts.

Puzzle 10

Green vegetable that might get stuck in your teeth.

Marked a cow with a hot iron.

Twisting the mechanism that powers a clock.

Referees, esp. in baseball.

Being nauseous on the oceans.

Indented, bumpy; a chin or cheek perhaps.

Grammy winning 2018 Song of the Year: This is __.

Time of day that precedes afternoon.

Flag __, hoisting national banners on special days.

__ on the Roof, the If I Were a Rich Man musical.

__ back; hair that has been greased back.

Blood, frogs, lice, etc.: the ten __ of Egypt.

Population __, or how full an area is.

Puzzle 11

Bottled gas used for BBQs.

Serious, long-term, e.g. long-lasting illness.

Gothic horror novel by Bram Stoker.

These boots are made for __.

Mozilla Internet browser.

Immediate, without any delay, on the spot.

Grassy expanse that runs from tee to green in golf.

Main ingredient in coleslaw.

Sixty of these make up one hour.

Pandemonium or lawlessness.

Hell's __; Gordon Ramsay cooking reality TV show.

Puzzle 12

Respiratory disease with a difficult spelling.

__ on; tended towards.

__ saver; image displayed on an idle computer.

Maker of coats or English weather often: __ Fog.

Every year.

__ screw, light bulb named after an inventor.

Ball, globe.

Country where Joan of Arc was burned at the stake.

__ puppet, simple toy placed on a digit.

Current, up to date; not ancient.

Puzzle 13

Outdoor musical instrument affected by breezes.

Ocular pain from too much screen time.

Clap them if you're happy and you know it.

The day before today.

Light up or thrill with power.

Add commas, exclamation marks, etc..

Without milk, butter, cheese, etc..

Event to celebrate 100 years.

Type of pen that succeeded the fountain pen.

Garden weed with a yellow flower.

Dislodge a ruler from power.

Money-saving porcelain porcine.

Puzzle 14

__ impaired; partially or completely blind.

Day of the week that is three days after Monday.

With renown, in a well-known way.

Japanese suicidal aircraft in World War II.

__ hour; time of a last-ditch attempt.

Person native to the country where Lima is capital.

The Fault in __, book by John Green.

Clock-making, or the study of time.

Cooking of a steak: rare, medium or __.

__ mark; querying punctuation symbol.

Making a noise like a particular snake.

Moving around a planet.

Fight ender in boxing.

No shoes on.

Puzzle 15

Falls apart; breaks down into dust.

Snuggling while laying back to front.

Harry Potter's clever friend __ Grainger.

Turning from liquid to solid with cold.

__ the clock; revisit a past era.

Previous existence, former incarnation.

Downward dog or plank, for example.

Extra paid work, beyond contracted hours.

Modesty, lack of vanity; being humble.

__ Gambino, Donald Glover.

Short ribs cut from the spine of a pig; I want my.

Puzzle 16

Edible innards of a roasted turkey.

Margaret Mitchell's Gone with __.

__ manner; how doctors treat their patients.

Timepieces worn on wrists.

Fried __, crispy Southern fowl, like the Colonel's.

Speaks without clarity.

Sex and __; Manhattan-based sitcom.

Early morning when the first solar rays appear.

Flew an aircraft.

South American big cats, look like leopards.

Final __, RPG videogame series featuring Lulu.

Ocean in which the Mariana Trench is located.

Describes skin lined with age.

New __; site of annual Jazz Fest and Mardi Gras.

Puzzle 17

Taking someone hostage.

Frame at the top end of a bed.

Dog Day __, heist movie with Pacino in the p.m..

Gambling token in a card room.

Stirring; e.g. thought-__.

Don't worry, forget about it.

Small carpet used by Muslims five times a day.

Overwhelming 'earth moving' victory at the polls.

Hump day; middle of the working week.


Ocean sports equipment for riding waves.

Legal documents, stating terms and conditions.

__ when you're having fun; set phrase.

Bread made from fermented flour mixture.

Puzzle 18

Going up the side of a mountain or hill.

__ office; venue for civil wedding ceremonies.

Early evening, dusk.

Sore, reddened, tender, on fire?.

__ Six; group of Spider-Man supervillains.

Outwit, get the better of someone.

Plan of timings for events.

International House of __.

Specialists in beautifying dogs.

In the __, an intervening period.

Sam Smith hit about farewells, No Good at __.

Puzzle 19

Being __; being criticized or chastised.

NASA space craft, e.g. Atlantis, Challenger.

First month of the Gregorian calendar.

Maori is its second larget ethnic group: New __.

Least soft.

YGM stands for you've __, received e-letter.

Dead Sea __, ancient writings found in a cave.

Period of day that follows afternoon.

Typically made with gin, vermouth, and olives.

Aperture in a lock in a door.

Puzzle 20

Money that is put away for future need.

Worn to keep the light out on a flight.

Public processions, often with floats and bands.

Period of 100 years.

Small round green vegetables are found here.

Porpoise relative with a longer and leaner body.

When hell __ over; event that will never happen.

Actor brother of River Phoenix.

Made a liquid conentration weaker with water.

Clock without hands that displays numerals.

__ and Western, US-based folk music genre.

Individual released early from prison.

Novel by Cervantes: Don __.

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