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Tolkien Universe PackTolkien Universe

Here are the answers to CodyCross Tolkien Universe Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Burying, enshrining.

Genus of wasps and species of mongooses.

__ Forward, Mao Zedong's economic plan 1958-60.

Name of tubes that connect ovaries to the uterus.

A Sam Byers novel or disease with an unknown cause.

Fun, enjoyment, partying.

Container for flint and kindling.

Picturesque Greek island on Aegean Sea.

Interlinks in nature, a spider analogy.

Promoting a business or product.

What people do to lights during Earth Hour.

Red fruit component of a boysenberry hybrid.

Hobbit land between the Far Downs and Tower Hills.

__ and Laurelin: Tolkien's Two Trees of Valinor.

Revival building style named after a monarch.

Actor starred in Kung Fu Panda and Steve Jobs.

Golfer known as Phil the Thrill.

Puzzle 2

Original name of Gollum.

The thrill of __ and the agony of defeat.

Harmful; anagram of evaders.

Prince in the Tower; became king in 1483.

Ramp that ships descend once built at a shipyard.

Aquatic, flightless bird.

White object on a snooker table.

Leader of the Black Uruks in Tolkien legendarium.

Goods carried as freight.

Henry __, crossword partner to Emily Cox.

Breakfast fish soup, national dish of Myanmar.

Puzzle 3

Assertions, demands.

Italian lager brewer that makes Nastro Azzurro.

Plastic on end of shoelace.

Last Sultan of the Ottoman Empire: __ VI.

Carl Jung's female masculine side.

Single-named dress designer for MGM Studios.

Pine __, brown woodland animal with light bib.

__ Dicky, Richard Nixon's nickname.

Hobbit Peregrin Took's nickname.

Formal written Elvish language.

__ Rivera, Marcus Álvarez in Sons of Anarchy.

Puzzle 4

File __ Protocol, system of moving computer data.

Vernacular spoken by Tolkien's elves.

Dwarf city north of Nogrod; home of the Firebeards.

A show-off with little discernible talent.

AKA the Great Smog of London.

A small arboreal nocturnal primate: galago or __.

Sausage-meat pigs that roam free in Italy.

Horse races are measured in these.

__ Bernabéu; where Real Madrid FC play home games.

Skilled warrior of Celtic mythology's Fenian Cycle.

Following secretly.

The most dangerous or unsafe.

Puzzle 5

Literally good words, or witty remarks.

Gangs of __; 2002 period drama starring DiCaprio.

Length of human reach from fingertip to fingertip.

Portuguese cake, Three Wise Men.

Shaky, unsteady.

Club security.

Golden artefact crafted by Sauron in Tolkien works.

Monstrous carbuncle on the landscape.

Animal skin shoes worn by the Inuit.

Tol __; moving island in the Bay of Eldamar.

Puzzle 6

What Julius Caesar called "the essence of life".

Metallic, old-timer Autobot with a water gun.

Run down, ramshackle.

Candy Land location, __ Swamp.

Halogen (Cl) described by Carl Wilhem Scheele.

Slender antelopes.

Guerlain famous perfume, inspired by Mumtaz Mahal.

Pillars of the Kings in Middle-Earth.

South Italian region, the toe of Italy.

Dripping wet.

Sweet chilli type from Spain, means "little beak".

__ Arnot, American crossword setter and author.

Chronological points.

Smallest hobbits; first to enter Eriador.

Moving by leaps not steps.

Puzzle 7

Since 2018, the new name for Swaziland.

Golf stroke adopted near the green.

Eating greedily and noisily.

Flightless dragon bred by Morgoth.

Predominant fruits in Banbury and Eccles cakes.

King Cole's prize musicians.

The hatred of logic.

Prison where Birdman Robert Stroud was held.

Large iron fortress near Rohan in Middle-earth.


Cutting a horse's mane.

Deep pocket in magician's jacket.

Jerome Kern musical featuring "Ol' Man River".

Sir Max __, author, impossible crossword setter.

Medical term for ringing in the ears.

Table protectors.

Genus including cabbage and mustard.

Puzzle 8

Rocking side to side.

Tyrn __; hills of the Shire called Barrow-downs.

Flying assistant.

Perfect, happy and peaceful.

US state whose motto is "In God We Trust".

New Testament book where Jesus is first described.

__ Grey, British journalist held captive in Peking.

Dish that literally means "stem peas" in East Asia.

Brother of Boromir who became Prince of Ithilien.

Second largest city in Victoria, Australia.

Ringo Starr's real name, Richard __.

TV's Mister Ed of the 1960s was a __ horse.

Ticketed raffle.

Puzzle 9

Heroic period of Tolkien's early legend.

Harvest all the trees.

French city, capital of Savoie dept.

Cabinet of Dr __, 1920s German silent horror film.

Land of Half-trolls in Northwestern Middle-Earth.

__ Green; Golden State Warriors power forward.

Non-blasphemous spelling out of OMG.

Creme de __, flower liqueur with "purple" flavor.

Resources were low.

Puzzle 10

Acting in a seductive manner.

National sandwich of Uruguay.


The __ of Isengard; first book of The Two Towers.

M in EOM, to texters.

Flashing lights at a disco.

__ soldier, Bob Marley song of 1983.

Vittorio __, Italian actor in Sleepers.

Huge golden tree native to the isle of Tol Eressëa.

Give a new coat of paint to a vehicle.

La __, Argentine sports clothes, polo sponsor.


Puzzle 11

Word from a Latin love poem passed among people.

Operation __, code for the 1944 Normandy landings.

The Black Gate of Mordor, built by Sauron.

Horn made popular in the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Royal Academy of Arts first president: Joshua __.

Second-largest city in Malawi.

The China __, film about a nuclear power plant.

Western drama series; first aired in 2004.

Itinerant medieval minstrel.

Making a horse's sound.

The man from __ approves canned fruit.

__ Butterbur; proprietor of The Prancing Pony inn.

__ Mellon, PIttsburgh uni founded by industrialist.

How Jill followed Jack.

Puzzle 12

"All the news that's fit to print", The New __.

US wholesome film star, with a song in Grease.

The study of signs and symbols.

Takes advantage of others' generosity.

Twins in German; symbol on Henckels knives.

Internet language used in online forums.

Lowest female singing voice.

Cactus-eating insect produces red carmine dye.

The length of the Biblical Flood.

__ Hill, conflict of May 1969 in the Vietnam War.

Bodo __; married Bilbo Baggins' Aunt Linda.

Reckoner that tells times of high water marks.

Mark __, actor husband of Kelly Ripa.

The Old Took; hobbit who lived for 130 years.

Aleksandr __, Russian Constructivist artist.

Name for a very small coffee cup.

Puzzle 13

Julie __, award winner actress of Billy Elliot.

French flameproof dish for cooking eggs.

Punched, smacked with a fist.

Sociable, genial, friendly.

Joint swellings of the big toes.

Son of Denethor II, captain of the White Tower.

Ignored or neglected; rhymes with rubbed.

1985 charity concert on both sides of the Atlantic.

Language spoken by Tolkien's Dwarves.

Thor Heyerdahl's globe-faring raft.

55 Cancri b, exoplanet that's a warm Jupiter.

Puzzle 14

Russian royal descendants show.

Middle-Earth volcano, also called Orodruin.

Field focuses on senility.

Triple-sec orange liqueur.

Severe criticism.

Nicole Kidman drama set in a haunted mansion.

Bird of prey that morphs to match surroundings.

St Moritz toboggan track built by the British.

Grand terraced building, usually slim and narrow.


Ancient Roman baths complex, in Rome.

Prayers given before dying.

First Age Lord of the Eagles in Tolkien's universe.

18th-C gabled housing style of South Africa.

Rousing, motivating.

Puzzle 15

Tolkien race descended from the Númenóreans.

In legal terms it means "in private".

@TEOTD means At the end __.

Spawn's evil clown.

Friar responsible for the Annunciation in Florence.

Wild herb with fragrant blossoms smoked by hobbits.

Harshness of tone.

Shrieked in a high pitch.

American jazz singer billed as The Velvet Fog.

Mexican actor and Misfit of Magic magician.

Data values far outside the others in a set.

__ belt, locking device to keep a woman immaculate.

Country bordered by Panama on the northwest.

Small filled ravioli-like pasta in Jewish cooking.

Put your mix on one.

Puzzle 16

Ghana's first president: Kwame __.

Elf-maiden loved by Beren in Tolkien legendarium.

Peter __; director of the Lord of the Rings films.

Jumped over a box in gymnastics.

__ days, when times were good.

Halloween getup.

__ Cake, carroty sponge eaten at Easter.

Famous cave paintings in the Dordogne, France.

Square __, military drill on a barrack square.

Make amends for wrongdoing; atone.

Bombastic, pretentious, affected writing.

Doughnut-shaped breakfast cereal (one piece).

Songwriting bros who worked either side of Dozier.

Round bony seafish weighing over a ton!.

Puzzle 17

Hobbit; brother of Blanco and founder of the Shire.

European Iron Age culture.

Work song South US labourers used to sing.

Lesotho's capital and largest city.

Der __, Viennese street means "the trench".

__ & Greg; sitcom where opposites attract.

Tempt, seduce, lure.

Bard the __; slayer of the dragon Smaug.

South Sea __: England's 1720 stock market crash.

__ Koepka, double major champion in 2018.

Old car souped up.

Puzzle 18

Tolkien kingdom in the northern Misty Mountains.

Brooded, was sullen.

The late Princess Margaret's birthplace: __ Castle.

Move to bring chosen card to the bottom of a deck.

Old form of Spanish spoken by Sephardic Jews.

Sindarin name for Lonely Mountain.

Fashion designer Rudi Gernreich's first profession.

Dodgy, untrustworthy.

Floating freely; unmoored or untethered boat.

E.g. Ginger ale, tonic water.

Former polytechnic, Sheffield __ University.

Cannon __, expendable infantry in WWI trenches.

Country with an airline called Aeroflot.

Puzzle 19

Green rust on copper.

People applying for state benefits.

Large presumed extinct marsupial: __ tiger.

Also Imladris; Elven town founded by Elrond.

Jazz singer of I'd Rather Go Blind.

The Silicon Valley of India, formerly Bangalore.

Historical Thames event every time it froze over.

Embryonic sun formed of a dense ball of gases.

Joseph of __, took the Holy Grail to Britain.

Nickname of Gorbadoc, head of the Brandybucks.

__ Network, or Ted Turner's CNN.

Slight boxer, weighing no more than 112 lb/51 kg.

Large pulpy growth hangs on tropical tree vines.

__ Press, publishing company of William Morris.

Had a moderating effect on someone.

Puzzle 20

Cutting down grass, reaping crops.

IRL means in __.

Eru __; supreme being in Tolkien's Middle-Earth.

Michael Jackson's third-oldest brother.

Third most populous city in Scotland.

In contact with something else; or poignant.

The oil in poison ivy that causes a rash.

The Brain's hamster adversary.

__ Park, New York neighborhood and private park.

End it.

Aussie tennis player, the Rockhampton Rocket.

PlayStation karaoke-style video game.

Also Southrons; warlike people of Middle-Earth.

Christine Daaé replaced her as an opera singer.

Finnish midsummer holiday celebration.

Spirit called the water of life.

__ Acts (Intolerable Acts) were five revenge acts.

__ of labour means discrete processes or jobs.

Tropical mammal, origin of dung coffee.

Living rooms for guests; or beauty __.

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