CodyCross Tools of the Trade Pack answers

Tools of the Trade PackTools of the Trade

Here are the answers to CodyCross Tools of the Trade Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Clothing worn when leaving Earth's atmosphere.

Earned raise or upgraded title, often both.

The part used to steer a bicycle.

Farm animals.

Sacrilege, acting against God.

__ the Bride; song commonly heard at weddings.

Piece of information used to make decisions.

Computer tool for preventing unwanted promotions.

Sought-after currency, limited editions.

Keeps a bouffant in place.

Generic orange-flavored liqueur, three times dry.

Puzzle 2

Over-the-ankle footwear, like Converse All-Stars.

Pest that feeds off other creatures.

Cadbury Easter treat with yolk middle.

Electromagnetic radiation popular in comic books.

Pad used for jotting down ideas; Sparks' film.

Flower sellers.

Pink TV porker with a young brother George.

Course sessions that enhance skills.

Your child's child would be this male relative.

Gifts, given for celebrations.

Part of road for use by the speediest drivers.

Outdoor heat source for toasting marshmallows.

Renowned martial arts film star who died young.

Flummoxed, befuddled, confounded.

Puzzle 3

Not at work, not on shift.

The bare essentials, no frills.

Breakfast food of oats, fruit, nuts, seeds, syrups.

Graphite drawing tools.

Detectives, in the vein of Sherlock Holmes.

A set of rock-hard abs.

Large jug for serving drinks in at parties.

With low volume, in a non-loud way.

Lens for vision correction.

Put the cat among the __, means to cause an upset.

Instrument used in fanfare for announcements.

An insect, and also the name of a sport.

Occupying oneself.

Amy __, comedian, actress, writer, producer.

Cardboard square, shows a newscaster their lines.

Take care of a plant while it grows.

Puzzle 4

Having suffered the loss of one's husband or wife.

Clothing designer template; repeating design.

Country where goulash originated, a desire to eat?.

Brings back to life.

Online destination created by a programmer.

Storage spot with doors, often holds dishes.

Gun part that's pulled to shoot.

A baby frog.

__ mind; sense of security.

Monotony, tedium, ennui.

Avengers: __, Infinity War sequel.

Puzzle 5

__ hero; one whose good deeds go unnoticed.

What to wear for a party, attire.

Hansel's sister in the fairy tale.

The fruit that's most ready to eat is the __.

Neeson had a "particular set" of these in Taken.

Cuban tobacco products, rolled on bare thighs.

Cyber __; post-Thanksgiving bargain shopping event.

The sharp parts of an ice-skate.

Photographic device for capturing moments.

Nuts with caps that fall from oak trees.

Julius __, military general married to Cleopatra.

Puzzle 6

Person who runs a machine; police/phone dispatcher.

Worn by the Phantom of the Opera.

Seven times as large.

Crowing cockerels who sing cock-a-doodle.

Jay-Z has 99 __ in this 2003 hit song.

Harry Potter and the __ of Azkaban.

City home to the Canadian F1 Grand Prix.

Italian dessert made with coffee and sponge cakes.

Wipeable kitchen flooring.

Pamphlet that details a company's offerings.

The T in FTP, File __ Protocol.

Puzzle 7

__ cob, yellow kernels coated with melted butter.

Star, famous person.

Knowledge, proficiency.

Jumping out of an aircraft with a parachute.

Place where bituminous fuels are mined.

The small and large length of digestive tract.

Person employed to exercise canines.

Why the Scarecrow went to the Wizard; he was __.

I've got sunshine on a __; The Temptations lyric.

Felt bad about having done something.

__ out; trying new thing, turning over new leaf.

Homebase for a teacher.

"This little piggy cried __ all the way home".

Furniture pieces that hold novels.

__ Day; Punxsutawney Phil's annual outing.

Puzzle 8

Eight-legged sea creature.

British nanny Mary __, played by Julie Andrews.

To wow somebody; anagram of simpers.

They trade by selling on an online auction site.

Pussy __, soft, furry, yellowy flower clusters.

Very old.

Founder of the Mongol Empire: __ Khan.

Tailpipe; gasses made by an engine.

Flat flipping tool for a cook.

L'Oréal's slogan: Because you're __.

Fierce competition between two local teams.

Acupuncturists stick these in patients.

Opposite of eastern.

The struggle of daily life and getting "cheese".

__ salesman; second-hand vehicle dealer.

FWIW, __ it's worth.

Puzzle 9

According to the nursery rhyme, she lost her sheep.

Shop __, look at all options before buying.

Mixture of flour, eggs, milk for e.g. pancakes.

The whole or complete thing.

__ blasters, 80s portable (just) stereo systems.

Sports shirt worn by a player.

Distress call, French for "come and help me".

Another name for shrimps.

Small leafy garden shrubs.

Miniature versions; runway walkers.

53rd and 54th cards in a pack.

Sleepy __, Johnny Depp horseman movie.

Puzzle 10

Common green-headed ducks.

Cooperative collaboration with a group.

__ actor; someone who dreams of the big screen.

Vegetable spuds you can bake, boil, fry or mash.

Published collection of recipes.

Reverse of something else.

The second largest ocean of the world.

3D ones create figures, paper ones copy images.

Ride the breeze and the waves.

Approved or admitted, like to college.

Motorcyclists' typical clothing of choice.

Grotesque carved face on church roof.

Motion __, queasiness when in a boat or vehicle.

Outdoor worker who tends plants and mows lawns.

Puzzle 11

Octagonal instruction for vehicles to cease moving.

Character on the front of easy-cook rice packaging.

Making a voluntary fundraising contribution.

Shop that deals with fixing cars.

Particular; one __ thing.

Feathered fowls with beautiful tail display.

Craft flown by a pilot.

Hair tied up behind, resembling that of a horse.

Producing unusual or original ideas.

Book page corners, turned down like canine hearers.

Planned music lineup, Spotify is full of them.

Puzzle 12

Non-professionals; lovers of what they do.

Enough to make someone not drunk.

Having a positive outlook.

Support on the back of a seat of a motor vehicle.

False teeth.

Soft, spoonable desserts like chocolate or tapioca.

Large straw hat, a souvenir from Spain or Mexico.

Online platform for raising money for charities.

Decorative container to hold a kid's school meal.

Tool used on a door when the key is missing.

Making more animals by mating.

Cylindrical glass vial used in science experiments.

Puzzle 13

Public __; busses, trains or ferries, for example.

A skydiver uses this to stop freefalling.

Heavy-duty farm pony.

Science that deals with food and nourishment.

Grass-cutting machine.

__ People with Billy Eichner and Julie Klausner.

Large bloom with yellow petals, edible seeds.

Earth's axis point in Antarctica.

__ of grandeur, false notions of awesomeness.

Chris __, Broken Halos, Tennessee Whiskey singer.

Book-lending institutions.

Puzzle 14

Walk clumsily, right before falling maybe.

This evening.

Juliet talks to Romeo from her bedroom __.

Movement of a horse onto its back legs.

Cuts the hair of animals, predominantly dogs.

Circus swing that acrobats hang from.

With or __ You, powerful 80s ballad by U2.

Bank __, place where your money is kept.

Heavy artillery that fire big round balls.

__ more than you can chew; take on too much.

Your __; term of address for royalty.

Disciple, one of 12 first followers of Christ.

Roads for planes to take off and land.

Identification allowing one to drive a car.

Full of people, packed.

Puzzle 15

Another word for landing a fish.

Skilled worker who repairs cars, etc..

Solar rays that shine on summer days.

Frozen, dairy-based dessert we all scream for.

Monica's husband in Friends, Mr. Bing.

Holes used by perfumers and sommeliers to smell.

Restaurant leftovers taken home for a pooch maybe.

__ training; learn as you work.

Writhed back and forth like a worm.

__ and carry on.

Having lost both parents.

Elvis sang you ain't nothin but one of these.

St Francis __; patron saint of ecologists.

Actor Cumberbatch's first name.

Made of a material such as iron, steel, or gold.

Croakiest, huskiest voice; maybe w/ a sore throat.

Someone unfeeling or emotionless; sashimi?.

Commemorative book published annually by a school.

Snipping tool for hairdressers.

Five-armed sea life, named after heavenly bodies.

Puzzle 16

Chain __, notes that "must" be passed on for luck.

Having broken free, narrowly perhaps.

Type of animal; not genus, not family.

Detailed leaflet given out at a play or recital.

Straw, rasp, blue, and black are all these.

Someone who reads minds or sees the future.

Violent physical attack.

Navigational device for finding north.

Upper-limb support on a cinema or plane seat.

Where urine is stored in your body.

School or gym places to store books, clothes, etc.

To be in __, to have secret nefarious arrangements.

Lifeguard's shrill instrument that is blown.

__ Style, Psy one-hit wonder with distinct dance.

Warned about.

Puzzle 17

Raise a glass in the air and say __!.

Soft drinks/juices blended with spirits.

What you'd call a party in Mexico.

Uniforms worn by nurses; TV comedy about ER life.

List of things to do before you die.

Downhill racers on snow.

Catholic Church position of authority; chess piece.

Painting done on a wet plaster wall or ceiling.

Burgled, took without permission.

Leisure-trip balloon with a basket.

Hue associated with cowardice.

South/Central American monkey with resonating roar.

Carpenter's tool struck with a mallet to cut wood.

Puzzle 18

Nemo is this "entertaining" type of swimmer.

__ attention; giving someone your sole focus.

Cat toilet found in houses and animal shelters.

Shaped rug made from an animal who produces wool.

Hasbro board game that tries to cage a rodent.

Extensive stone monument snaking across China.

Making a face of pain.

New __; someone from Auckland or Christchurch.

Strawberry __; sweet, layered dessert cake.

Fake person used to display clothing in a store.

Innocent people plead this in court.

Puzzle 19

Schwarzenegger's nationality.

Breaking suddenly in two, like a twig.

Glimpse of something rare (loch ness, bigfoot?).

Horn __ symbol of abundance seen at Thanksgiving.

Computer programs.

__ chest, X marks the spot.

Animal that has a diet of plants and meat.

Small animals hit by vehicles, sadly.

Hanging loosely, like a loose tie or earring.

Sleep-inducing medication.

__ Order, NWO phrase uttered by Bush in 1990.

Coming into flower.

__ Girl; brave statue that faced the Charging Bull.

Porcine character, said That's All Folks!.

Round item hit by a bat before running to first.

Shopper, buyer; they're always right.

Wrote a piece of music or poetry.

Government collection of duties from income, etc..

Organism that lives on a host.

Puzzle 20

Very tall bird that can't fly.

Classified people or things together.

Weights on a pole that make a ringing sound.

Dolce's fashion partner.

Running away from, perhaps in terror.

Cowardly Lion requested this from the Wizard.

Kylie, she sang The Locomotion.

Eye protectors for swimmers, skiers, chemists.

New York street foods w/ plenty of ketchup.

Fulfill a promise, come through; They always __.

Metal joiners that use blowtorches.

Cut the right wire and stopped the explosion.

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