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Here are the answers to CodyCross Toronto Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

East African country with capital Addis Ababa.


Never go in against a __ when death is on the line.

Disposable battery with zinc and manganese dioxide.

Mixing butter and sugar when baking.

Toronto first had this civil rights week in 1972.

Something that is to be kept quiet.

Hand painted highlights without using foils.


Designer of the first practical automobile.

__ Post, Toronto-based newspaper across Canada.

Brubeck composition has atypical time signature.

Penny __, cheap booklet with lurid stories.

The body of a plane.

Tom Selleck's 80s crime show.

Henri, French artist of 1883's Carnival Evening.

Puzzle 2

Material popular in making sports clothes stretchy.

Putting money down in support of a business.

First book of the Bible.

Going back inside, e.g. an event, or a building.

Pen15 co-creator Maya __.

Travels fast and out of control.

Lattice structure where floral vines grow upon.

Black Creek __ Village, settlement era attraction.

Musical set in the seedy Kit Kat Klub; life is one.

Alignment of an actor's voice to a moving image.

__ Hall, Toronto's law school; name of subway stop.

Pigment that makes skin dark.

Action you just can't resist.

Domesticated polecats kept as pets.

Salad made with apples, walnuts and celery.

Medical term for the loss of sense of smell.

English executioner, gave his name to a crane.

Name of a literary Don who was a knight-errant.

Puzzle 3

Lapis hue telling no lies.

Makers of this video game were sued over dances.

Person who writes words to go in Broadway musicals.

Give credit or approval to; authenticate.

__ dining; eat outside in fresh air (in Italian!).

Fans who follow bands on tour.

Camera setting for taking wide pictures.

Toronto's is at Nathan Phillips Square.

Gershwin's was In Blue in 1924.

When robins, wrens get musical, it's called this.

Distinctive outfits worn by military forces.

Name of thoroughbred horse racetrack in Toronto.

Tiny rodent named after the French word for sleep.

Hair tie made from a gathered band of fabric.

Body of water between Britain and Ireland.

The M in IMF.

Owner-__; property lived in by the home's owner.

The muggle best friend of Harry Potter.

Puzzle 4

Shoulder gun historically used by infantry.

Least brightly colored.

Meeting where people try to talk to the dead.

This Polish capital's a friendship city to Toronto.

Alan the computer pioneer.

The part of a tree where leaves grow.

Pungent root ground to a powder to use as a spice.

A handbag without a strap.

Cancel permissions or access rights.

Poet Gorman who spoke at Biden's inauguration.

__ Tight, sang The Beatles.

This national grocery chain started in Toronto.

Cloister, anagram of rarify.

Traditional Inuit boats made with animal skins.

Green __, worn by winner of the Masters in golf.

Add a solution to make a liquid less concentrated.

Puzzle 5

Frock that folds over in front and ties.

Instruction requesting people to retreat.

Great ape whose name means "man of the forest".

This ethnic area is at Spadina and Dundas West.

Edith Wharton wrote of this Age in 1920.

Reluctance or unwillingness to carry on.

Agent played by Kiefer Sutherland in 24.

Removing a shellfish's black tube before eating.

Toronto's team in the Canadian Football League.

International term for electric lighting equipment.

Movie with Elizabeth Hurley as the Devil.

Puzzle 6

Extract of tortoise for shining paintwork, maybe.

Busy Toronto expressway that follows a creek.

Mechanical, working with metal cogs or gears.

Insect whose "effect" can cause a ship to sink.

The TV show __ 13 stored mystical objects.

It becomes swollen in lymphadenopathy.

Toronto mayor called in the army in 1999 for this.

Residents, inhabitants of a house.

Heigl, known for 27 Dresses, Grey's Anatomy.

Shaznay Lewis, Melanie Blatt and the Appletons.

Book with punched holes to add extra leaves.

Puzzle 7

Next to or overlooking a harbor.

A genus of marine snakes like the black-banded.

Optimistic, cheerful; number greater than zero.

Plaiting dough before baking.

Soft and light dressing gown for women.

The CN Tower's 360 restaurant __ every 72 minutes.

Ancient Maya name for the city of Tikal.

A deep-sea diver's oxygen tank.

__ training; learning while at work.

__ orders sometimes take a vow of silence.

Murder, She Wrote detective Jessica.

Passed through the eye of a needle.

This Toronto urban greenery has a prized small zoo.

Kurt, author of 1969's Slaughterhouse-Five.

Puzzle 8

PInky chewing gum, originally tasted of cinnamon.

Tuneful sounding of voices or instruments together.

New Zealand president Ardern.

Something accused of happening but not proven.

To put __ out; to test the water.

"Honest Ed" famous for a Toronto discount store.

40K Americans are injured by these yearly.

Global news agency, part of Thomson __.

Oil traditionally used to season cricket bats.

The road that marks Toronto's northern boundary.

A Frida Kahlo self-portrait featured these birds.

Puzzle 9

A coil of paper, once used for important writing.

Woven lattice construction material.

2018 FIFA World Cup champions.

Znaimer was a key mover of this Toronto TV network.

Fairy king in A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Ridiculous, strange.

Animals that are harmful to crop or cattle.

Flamboyant character, __ than life.

Interior footwear accessory.

2006 horror remake with Nicolas Cage: The __ Man.

The divine creator of the universe in Hinduism.

Its medical name is cerumen.

__ Bueno, chocolate wafer bar with hazelnut cream.

Musical mother of Elon Musk''s baby X Æ A-Xii.

Lunar __ Vehicle (LRV); moon buggy.

River on the South Africa-Namibia border.

Acted in Road to Avonlea, directed Away From Her.

Puzzle 10

Cold, frosty time of day around the mulberry bush.

Hot pepper sauce brand to add one drip at a time.

One-page pamphlet of information.

One-time Toronto floating restaurant, __ John's.

Invention copyrights.

Slimline, willowy.

Chess pieces that flank the king and the queen.

This director of Ghostbusters is from Toronto.

A unit of area equal to 100 ares or 10,000 m2.

Cylindrical sushi roll with two or more fillings.

Puzzle 11

Started a vintage car with a revolving handle.

Leaves the premises.

Pressing textiles together to make cloth.

Devil solves crimes for the LAPD.

Toronto reinvented this joke item, the __ cushion.

X-Men villain who can control metal.

Old term for being afraid.

This Kelly was part of Destiny's Child.

Film technician (male) assists chief electrician.

Garnet and carnation are symbols for this month.

Plant whose curly leaf type is used as a garnish.

Rossini's operatic Barber was from this city.

Men's "business casual" khaki pants from Levi's.

__ donuts, sold at Toronto's annual summer fair.

Puzzle 12

Province New __; once famed Toronto pub __ House.

Surgically implanted device to control heartbeat.

Slowly cooling hot glass objects.

Joe Exotic stars in this documentary.

A former city that merged into Toronto in 1998.

Making a lasting impression.

Boxer's skills, particularly an ability to move.

As Henry V says, "Cry havoc! And let slip the __".

Waxy beehive cells where golden stuff is stored.

An ice-cream or cake topping found in funfetti.

Puzzle 13

Pine resin infused Greek wine.

Egg-laying Australian mammal; anagram of chained.

Mary who wrote Frankenstein.

U.S. filmmakers often add this to Toronto streets.

Small container for keeping dossiers, binders in.

Birthday wishes that are not quite on time.

Select an actor to play an unsuitable role.

Selena Gomez sings about a year __ rain.

Type of glossy coating that protects printed works.

Leviathan, huge roller __ at Canada's Wonderland.

Puzzle 14

Ancient Greek playwright who wrote Oedipus Rex.

This Hazel hit Toronto in 1954.

Popped a balloon.

Long, green vegetable that's also a perennial.

The __, classic teen book with Ponyboy and Sodapop.

Termination of employment; being fired.

Science overseen by the IUPAC.

Farm animals regarded as an asset.

Skin rash caused by irritation or insect bite.

The Royal Ontario Museum has many Mars __ samples.

In Ebony and Ivory, "Ebony" refers to these.

Puzzle 15

First name of Gone with the Wind heroine O'Hara.

Prince Harry opened these games in Toronto in 2017.

HBO series with Regina King as Sister Night.

Slyly get the better of someone.

Not criminally.

Loudspeakers for high frequencies (no birds!).

Dolphin-like sea mammal; anagram of poor pies.

Acidic, sour, wine that is off.

Precious metal beaten very thin.

Flourishes, rapidly grows.

A rebel; a James Garner western TV series.

Acting playfully, behaving comically.

Ripley's __ is a fishy Toronto tourist attraction.

Naval punishment of being dragged under a ship.

Illumination for a student's work table.

Puzzle 16

Units for measuring noise levels.

June __, Toronto mayor who banned Barenaked Ladies.

Male vocal range pitched above bass.

Sea near Bermuda that is wide in Jean Rhys's novel.

Giant, mammoth.

Small spiny mammal that hibernates in winter.

A genre of detective, dark movies.

Small couch made for two.

Cover public places with knitting.

Large store with a great variety of goods, bazaar.

Gemstone cut with royal title.

Historic Toronto area where Margaret Atwood lives.

Text attached at the end of a book or report.

Central US state that resembles a frying pan.

Puzzle 17

He fell into the magic potion when he was a little boy.

Name of major river and college in west Toronto.

A bond or deed kept in the custody of a third party.

Black __, dark and dystopian drama series.

Gladness when something is over and done with.

Something that can be purposeful.

Name for bumpy finish on a ceiling.

Swiss __, Toronto restaurant chain founded in 1954.

Phrase for what powers smart homes, Internet of __.

Chemical element number 56, symbol Ba.

Pearmains, galas and pink ladies, for instance.

Husband and adversary to Martha in the Albee play.

Turkey __ Time, song from Promises, Promises.

All the papers you've not yet dealt with go in it.

Puzzle 18

Parts of sentences that contain verbs.

What you steal when you take someone's praise.

Fairies, pixies.

Creamy white sauce that means velvety in French.

Exhaustion caused by overwork.

This Toronto man directed the 1987 film Moonstruck.

The movement of butterfly wings.

Renowned ballet school based in Milan.

Surfing move that needs all the fingers or toes.

Touring with a band, especially when unknown.

Most important term; a phrase for search engines.

No commuting cars allowed in this part of Toronto.

Puzzle 19

Legal entity that manages money for your kids.

Creative and innovative, like a clever solution.

Upper Canada __, a revolt in Toronto in 1837.

American actress Frances known for Fargo.

Flowering plant with large reddish-orange petals.

With __, without the use of tools.

Tennis official.

Singer of Heart of Gold was born in Toronto.

Remedy that relieves pain.

Bigfoot's other name.

Police sting operation.

Small fast naval ship to attack submarines.

Puzzle 20

In a self-satisfied manner.

The first stage of grief.

The triangular shapes collected in Trivial Pursuit.

Long-running sitcom set in a Boston bar.

Calvin, DJ who released Feel So Close in 2011.

My __ Greek Wedding was partly filmed in Toronto.

A type of martial arts; rhymes with ducati.

Rocky inlets along the coast of Norway.

Protein in wheat, helps bread hold its shape.

Inner layer of an article of clothing.

The __ of the Sands, spy story by Erskine Childers.

Decorative strip of material above a window frame.

Liz Taylor outraged Toronto's King __ Hotel.

Greek god of archery.

When parliamentary procedure delayed discussion.

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