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Tour the Body PackTour the Body

Here are the answers to CodyCross Tour the Body Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Bones of the spine.

A disorder of the voice.

Finger and toe bones.

Verbal response given when accepting an invitation.

Black-and-white seabird, with "William" origins.

Second pink property, UK edition.

Teen sleuth.

Shivered with horror.

Bell got the patent in 1876, if not full credit.

She's Robin in Stranger Things Season 3.

Puzzle 2

African American X-Men member with invisibility.

To do with horses.

Elizabeth, founder of defunct company Theranos.

Cheryl Tweedy has this facial feature on her cheek.

Goldberg, known for Ghost and The View.

Brothers who helmed the ships Pinta and Niña.

Italian sweet pastries eaten at Venice's Carnevale.

Welsh water spirit that drowns people.

Lymphoid organ where T cells mature.

Carved onto a surface, as an image.

Pair of arm muscles that are commonly flexed.

Sticky plant secretions or synthetics for plastics.

A small type of harpsichord.

Puzzle 3

The hypotenuse divided by the opposite side.

The words and language of a particular job.

Partners of veins.

Australian apparition who wears a top hat.

Free-standing garden fireplace with vertical vent.

Wild horses of Robert Glen's Las Colinas sculpture.

One of the three branches of US government.

Brain part that regulates sleep and consciousness.

Emma's village in Jane Austen's tale.

Blooms of love.

Itchy's nemesis.

Scaly, endangered animal, looks like an aardvark.

Forty-eight inches.

Puzzle 4

Tracheal branched breathing tubes.

Stand on it in Ecuador, the Congo, and Indonesia.

Gianni the Italian fashion designer.

Spice sought in Frank Herbert's Dune novels.

To cover an eye.

To run over.

Location of the ulna and the radius.

Conditions in contracts.

Wife of both Laius and their son Oedipus.

Daikon radish sprouts.

Light bulb containing iodine.

Actors in a folk play about St George's death.

Puzzle 5

Tarsal foot bone that looks like a small boat.

Desert plant type affected by drought.

Official who investigates complaints.

First test subject.

Prefab metal barracks used by the British Army.

Nickname of percussionist Tito Puente.

Red liquid prop used in horror movies.

Russian city, site of 1921 naval rebellion.

Like Squirtle or Caterpie in Pokémon.

Material inside a cell.

Puzzle 6

Underwater corroded metal stalactites.

Short-term stock speculator.

Examples of __ arches include the Arc de Triomphe.

Wheeled-vessel and directions manager.

The study of measurement.

Bonelike substance found in the ear and nose.

Another word for the cheekbone.

Machine that squeezes grapes before fermentation.

Extinct molluscs named like an Egyptian god.

In Melville's tale, Bartleby was one.

Courage-inspiring 2015 hit for Rachel Platten.

Puzzle 7

Former capital of the Dutch East Indies.

Process at the bottom of the sternum.

Event or person that inspires political change.

Singer with one name, sang I Think We're Alone Now.

Walks like a swan.

Organ that produces acid to aid digestion.

A train transporting bulk shipments.

Author of Uncle Vanya and The Cherry Orchard.

Maiden name of John McClane's Die Hard wife Holly.


Painter who sculpted The Back Series bas-reliefs.

Puzzle 8

Bunch of men who think they know it all.

Solid gold coin from 16th-century Spain.

Type of monkey often known as an "organ grinder".

Magic trick part after the pledge and the turn.

Liquid that meat is soaked in prior to cooking.

Three of a kind.

Mark who played in Dire Straits.

TB of the neck's lymph glands.


Literary device with hidden meaning.

7th-century Chinese monk who visited India.

Part of fluid mechanics that describes flow.

The three tiny bones of the middle ear.

US TV comedy that featured the Conner family.

Greta Thunberg is one, championing the earth.

Tin or pot in which to keep Assam or Earl Grey.

Puzzle 9

Very remote space object, emits a lot of energy.

A quroum of ten Jewish adults.

German composer of the Ring cycle.

Front of the neck with the pharynx and larynx.

Piffle, nonsense.

Alphabet company that studies life sciences.

Tropical fruit also known as a pawpaw.

Big toe.

Pretends to have a strong position.

Opposing team; competitors of equal skill.

Name of Poldark's horse in the TV show.

A chess move of sacrificing a pawn for advantage.

East African country that borders Kenya.

Puzzle 10

Soft Revolutionary cap, also called liberty cap.

Resident of 221B Baker Street.

She has a great Poker Face.

Ergonomic design altered this peripheral device.

52 cards in two words.

Sitting on eggs in order to hatch them.

You might find a painting here in a Japanese home.

The lower jawbone.

Sugar cane sauce from South America.

Writer known for Slaughterhouse-Five.

Full of people.

The clavicle, scapula, and humerus together.

Biblical boat.

Puzzle 11

Steal, as is done to and Edgar Allan Poe letter.

The Holy League defeated the Ottoman here in 1571.

Tortilla stuffed with rice, meat, cheese, and more.

Sounding the bell.

Hinged surface on a plane wing.

Vulpine, sly.

__ of Bruges; Michelangelo sculpture of Mary.

A beast of burden of long ago.

Bodybuilders need more than most people.

Dick __ was also known as the Boy Wonder.

Four-piece stringed instrument ensemble.

Female reproductive organs where eggs are made.

Annual log of moon phases and tides for farmers.

Organs that are the most commonly donated.

Puzzle 12

French designer who began her career in hat-making.

Part of the eye that receives focused light.

Basic enemy in Kirby video games: __ Dee.

The first search engine in Internet history.

Like powerful coffee or big muscles.

Medical term for the tailbone.

Middle Eastern dip made from ground sesame.

Polish city with historic salt mines.

Mothers, fathers, sons and daughters.

Police officer in Top Cat.

Freshwater diving birds that eat feathers.

Scale measuring the darkness of the night sky.

Miranda Lambert, part of __ Annies trio.

Puzzle 13

Percy Bysshe Shelley 1810 Gothic horror novel.

Like a one-eyed creature.

Major gland also known as the hypophysis.

The maximum rate of data transfer on a given path.

The Talk and Big Brother hostess.

Purpose-built high-rise business district of Paris.

Heel bone.

[She] Kissed a Girl, and [she] liked it.

Trees that grow in saltwater.

Prime number that is the sum of the first 4 primes.

Puzzle 14

Dense bony tissue forming most of a tooth.

Snickers ad slogan: "You're __ when you're hungry".

Early movie cowboy, starred in Lone Star Ranger.

Karl__; famous philosopher of science.

Group of eight musical tones increasing in pitch.

Mrs. Brill, who created a rocket propulsion system.

Longer bone of the forearm.

Used an épée.

Saint who produced a Latin version of the Bible.

Cooked over high heat to brown outside surface.

Common feature in Greek and Roman Temples.

Smelly Cat singer on TV's Friends.

Type of dragon with two legs.

State animal of Western Australia.

Some people need to keep their feet there.

Greedy bat in the Great Mouse Detective.

Puzzle 15

Tessa, British javelin champ in 1984.

Writings not considered genuine.

Boned meat or poultry, stuffed, tied and braised.

He determined Antarctica to be one continent.

Hairlike blood vessel.

Type of warfare involving jungle stealth.

Pun, riposte.

Holy bovine.

Bodily system of smell.

1995 sequel to El Mariachi.

Puzzle 16

Actress King, from If Beale Street Could Talk.

__ eel; deep-sea fish with an oversized jaw.

Containing apples, pears, oranges etc.

Three-legged traditional South African cooking pan.

Palpebral piece of skin.

Georgy __; commander in Russia's Red Army in WWII.

Combining entities, like Popeye the Sailor Moon.

Lafrance, choreographer of Feist's 1234 video.

Hindu feast day, also called Festival of Lights.

Stories deliberately spread to fool people.

Fictional inhabitant of Jupiter.

The hard outer surface of a tooth.

Pump it up at a party.

Doomed figure in Fitzgerald's prohibition-era book.

Puzzle 17

River sound.

Fiendish lackey to Horned King, The Black Cauldron.


Muscle responsible for lifting the arm.

Shipping route to Dutch East Indies in the 1600s.

Type of wine produced in western Sicily.

Paleozoic supercontinent.

The world's largest flatfish.

Jack-in-the-box in The Magic Roundabout.

Raise a false alarm.

One who bathes dogs and cuts their hair.

Atreyu's real name in The NeverEnding Story.

Alternative name for Mozart's 35th Symphony.

Language in which the word safari means journey.

Formation of calluses.

Puzzle 18

1880s faction of the US Republican Party.

Purchaser of paintings for galleries, etc.

Beer cooler.

Relating to gas exchange sacs found in the lung.

Glass-covered room for letting in sunlight.

Testosterone and cortisol, for example.

A long-open investigation needing more evidence.

Pain around the spine or hips.

Wood-eating insects that never sleep.

Our galaxy, containing our solar system.

Imitate the appearance of something.

Cold tomato soup from Spain.

Puzzle 19

The part of the forehead between the eyebrows.

Male Ballets Russes dancer Vaslav.

Ovum-inspired seat, designed in Denmark.

Organ near the stomach that regulates blood sugar.

Yellow & purple gem, a mix of amethyst and citrine.

Debt evader.

Vacant; a vacancy that is still open.

Foul smelling.

Palace and burial place for Spanish kings, El __.

The G in an animated GIF.

Surf style with one foot at the front of the board.

A decision of the court.

Molière play with the alternate title The Impostor.

Worked in a training position.

Ground maize found in grits and polenta.

Relax and release by turning a crank.

Tanzanian town, site of 2019 fuel tanker explosion.

Degenerative shrinking of cell nucleuses.

Cigar-smoking Hazzard County commissioner.

Puzzle 20

Guadalajara is capital of this Mexican state.

Small brown patch on the skin.

Full of wisdom and knowledge.

Surname of Mount Rushmore sculptors.

Middle organelle of a cell.

Water travel just for you.

Shirley, author of the Transit of Venus.

Upper jawbone.

Small decoration to top off a cake or plate.

Football shirts.

Supporter of the Russian Imperial family.

Wife and co-songwriter of Stevie Wonder.

Wooden flooring in a geometric pattern.

The art of turning base metals to gold.

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