CodyCross Tourist Attractions Pack answers

Tourist Attractions PackTourist Attractions

Here are the answers to CodyCross Tourist Attractions Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Worldwide movie hit starring Audrey Tatou.

Henry David's pond.

Ezra the __, brought Torah back to Jerusalem.

The outside protective part of eggs.

Dryer motion.

Seven musicians forming a group.

Sinuous in movement or outline; stealthily quiet.

Romans made it their first province.

Witchy laugh.

This breed of cat could be Egyptian.

Largest of Thailand's islands, loved by divers.

Puzzle 2

Piazza __, cathedral square in central Florence.

Pour it to the rim.

Bay __, world's largest bay, fed by the Ganges.

Constables, lawmen.

Similar to marzipan but with apricot or peach.

__ in the Dust, true story of helping orphans.

Sleep on it.

Fuller dome design.

Salubrious network of alleyways in Amsterdam.

Picasso's tragedy of war.

Man who brought Russian literature to Europe.

Puzzle 3

It is bliss.

Great Greek philosopher, Plato's student.

Small desk with desktop that lifts on hinges.

"Heavenly" sponge cake.

__ Peter, 1992 Oscar winner.

The "M" in ERM, the forerunner to the Euro.

Don't eat these small balls fired from a cannon.

Professional charged with steering Venetian boats.

First to wear it was Queen Charlotte of England.

__ Rossini, Italian composer.

Spoke of, referred to.

Puzzle 4

Sling sleeper.

Echo, reverberate.

French composer, wrote opera Pelleas et Melisande.

Tonitrophobia is the fear of this.

Words for the departed.

A __ in Time by Madeleine L'Engle.

Island where Napoleon was born.

Husky-drawn transport.

Dancing frenetically in a pit near a stage.

Molecule that binds to other identical molecules.

Straight ahead.

Friday in Spanish.

Another name for tetanus.

Mary, Queen of Scots was of this royal house.

Employs a former worker.

Battlefield hideout.

Puzzle 5

Bake small piece of food in sauce.

Alphabet for writing Slavonic languages.

First discovered at Mount Vesuvius.


Wilder __, pioneer US-CA neurosurgeon.

How you're seeing when agreeing.

Signals guest's arrival.

He delivers the news to your door.

Draughts in the US.

One beat the hare.

Platform for executions.

Rosh __, the Jewish New Year.

There are nine Olympic events of this type.

Fourth Roman emperor, poisoned by Agrippina.

London's tallest building, with spectacular views.

US national park, a world Heritage Site since 1984.

Puzzle 6

They orbit the Sun; 1970's video game.

Piano Man, Uptown Girl, We Didn't Start the Fire.

Russian nuclear weapon detonated in 1961.

Caesar's famous last words.

Organisms interacting in their environments.

To get acquainted, versed, familiar with.

Perfect spot to watch the Great Migration.

The best feature of an antenna.

Water free.

Escaped slave leader in the Third Servile War.

Church of the Holy __, Jerusalem Christian site.

Spanish producer of sparkling wine.

Mollusc, for one.

Puzzle 7

To rob goods or valuables by force.

Communications code word for the letter "f".

Doctor who operates on patients.

Nikola __, Bulgarian still life painter.

Breakfast and snack food, rolled nuts, oats.

Lemon __, flowering herb with citrus flavor.

__ Chamoun Sports City Stadium.

Sun's center and Earth's equator are perpendicular.

Wolfenstein is set in an alternate __ timeline.

Roofless bus, ideal for sightseeing, UK staple.

Signals the beginning of the Derby.

Sagrada __, Gaudi's unfinished Barcelona church.

Puzzle 8

Gulf __, Arabian waters named after Yemen port.

Artist who painted Black on Maroon.

Agamemnon's foe.

Sani __, Nigerian strongman leader of the 1990s.

Basilisk, a __ in South American rainforests.

__ Grieg, Norwegian composer of Peer Gynt.

Depp is a cult director in this Burton film.

Disciplining card.

The Lorax's message.

How a word is stressed.

Picturesque Thai island loved by backpackers.

Flower cluster found on trees.

Remain out of sight.

Puzzle 9

__ Defense, popular chess opening.

Agricultural soils studied in this field.

Almost the same size.

__ Bernabéu, impressive Madrid football stadium.

Former spelling of the Chinese province of Sichuan.

Palm island and tourist attraction in Dubai.

What you didn't finish.

If you're easily knocked out, you may have one.

Bowl inhabitant.

Reap the __, female lead runs salvage yard.

Medieval dagger with an i-shaped handle.

Puzzle 10

Ernest __, discovered the stem cell.

Way up the mountain.

Exhibition for industry product demonstrations.

Walt's nautical-themed Tokyo resort.

Having equal dimensions.

Ancient Greek inventor of the water clock.

Dome __, gold-roofed shrine in Jerusalem.

For Whom the Bell Tolls, first author.

Fanny & __, Swedish film by Ingmar Bergman.

Aristocratic family of ancient Rome.


Carnival in New Orleans.

Gumshoe, sleuth, tracker.

Dalí put a lobster on this household object.

Free reed wind instrument played in blues.

The Brain Coral gets its name from its __ shape.

How Moses makes coffee.

Puzzle 11

Cocktail made with Sherry wine, sugar and citrus.

Famous walls.

To complete forms, paperwork.

The Airedale is the king of this breed.

One who uses needles.

The way in which something is designed.

You must always play nice here.

Pharmacologically inert preparation.

Style of Hip Hop dance often paired with locking.

Greatest seafood consumer per capita in the world.

Website's rush hour.

Weight discs go here.

__ Laxness, Iceland's Nobel Literature laureate.

Government agency, protects borders.

Greek titan of time.

Dallas antagonist.

Between the elbow and the wrist.

Stanley __, director of A Clockwork Orange.

Puzzle 12

How do you organize a party in space.

Hindu incantation.

St __ Cathedral, Red Square's onion-domed church.

Military uniform, from drab color.

He belts Jumping Jack Flash.

Examine with little attention to detail.

Padraig __, Irish poet and nationalist.

Ra on the periodic table.

War, gladiator sword of ancient Rome.

Break in the smoothness of something.

__ Stadium, Belarus' "dynamic" soccer field.

Arabic fried dough dessert, Awwamaat.

Underwater pursuit popular with Red Sea tourists.

Spend these in Russia and Belarus.

A horse, of course.

A clock's hands go round and around.

Puzzle 13

Sweet and fruity alcoholic punch.

Main tributary of Tocantins in Brazil.

Santiago __, impressive Madrid football stadium.

Emotional letdown; plane falling.

__ Liberty, welcoming green towering figure.

Gods of Egypt actor, Brenton __.

She loves rock 'n' roll.

Joker, in poker.

When the wind blows, the cradle __.

What schizophrenic bookkeepers hear.

The outside of the baseball diamond, not infield.

Cures for all that ails you; snake oils.

__ stargazers have eyes on top of their heads.

They catch it, don't have it, then give it away.

The __ Hill Mob, London street, bankers.

Plato's teacher.

Puzzle 14

Lasting but a day.

Mover's friend.

Tells you how high you are.

Turkish soldier, one of the Sultan's private guard.

Bladed boots invented in Finland.

No. 4 on the periodic table.

What you cook aquatic reptiles in.

Jacques __, French-German composer of the Can-Can.

Swiss sans-serif typeface invented in 1957.

Early Mesopotamian peoples.

Hercule Poirot expressed his surprise this way.

Public space at the heart of Amsterdam.

2015 Israeli Prime Minister.

It studies atmospheric pollutants and dust.

Extinct Tasmanian stripy dog-like creature.

Dead star.

The __, Best Documentary, Allied victory.

Salt and pepper.

Puzzle 15

__ Romijn, played Mystique in X-Men.

Semitic language spoken in Ethiopia.

One might show up when you're gone.

Burn one, in poker.

Rush hour main character.

Turkish nut dessert, semi-gelatinous.

Stress reliever.

__ City, papal residence at the heart of Rome.

A smaller version of an onion.

Moorish fortification in Spain, such as Segovia.

There's no time like this.

Deeming a will authentic, or not.

Deceive with charm.

Designed the first helicopter, tank, and submarine.

This profession checks systems or brains.

To cover with a thin coating of gold.

Cupboard with drawers or shelves.

Arabian Nights author.

Aliko __, Nigerian billionaire conglomerate owner.

Puzzle 16

English name for red Bordeaux.

Hospital ride.

Ventilation is exchange of __ for carbon dioxide.

__ the needle, aligning a compass to north.

South African national park and safari.

Strong public disapproval.

__ Steps, iconic scenes in Eisenstein's film.

Epistolary novel written by Samuel Richardson.

Teacher's audience.

Royal residence, such as Buckingham or Versailles.

Two-channel sound production.

Puzzle 17

Mother of Augustine of Hippo.

They were Lost in the Supermarket.

Jefferson __, Washington monument to ex-president.

Precious metal beaten very thin.

Luxurious French food made of goose liver.

Lighten the load.

Sir Terence __ penned The Browning Version.

Gravity-bound groups of stars.

Eight-legged horse in Norse mythology.

Hotel __, The Life and Times of Klaus Barbie.

Numbskull, stupid person.

There is no royal road to it.

Hanged posthumously after Restoration period.

Brazil's iconic football stadium.

Great apes.

Farm fan.

Puzzle 18

Copius amount.

Lacoste's logo critter.

Latin American spiritual folk healer.

German animal park, birthplace of polar bear Knut.

Ambiguous gender identity., website advocating great books.

__ Rock, Jerusalem's gold-roofed shrine.

Umbrian region Greek white wine.

Dutch violinist of Johann Strauss Orchestra.

The __, woman in train station, Oscar winner.

French king and head of a dynasty in his name.

Not guilty verdict.

In this assassination no one dies.

Winning move at the end of a game of chess.

Effect on the audience of a Greek tragedy.

Puzzle 19

You never get paid when you play.

Wears costumes and pitches high stories.

Ancient bodies on display in Cairo museum.

An African giant killed by Hercules.

Universal __, theme parks in Florida and Japan.

Picking up dumbbells.

He throws out the trash.

Boisterous celebration; horseplay.

Antonym of success.

Puzzle 20

In referencing it means aforementioned.

Snooty grain, difficult to say.

__ Île, historic center of Strasbourg.

Indian Buddhist cave temple with wall paintings.

Burj __, towering sailing boat hotel in Dubai.

Utensil combines spoon, fork and knife.

Greek brandy and muscat wine.

Father of all wolves in Norse mythology.

What rectangular trees grow from, __ roots.

Fanny pack.

A set of symbols or characters used in writing.

What a Director says.

Train stations.

Place to buy foods and goods.

Gem's wide part.

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