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Here are the answers to CodyCross Toy Collections Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

__ you don't succeed, try try try again.

Obtaining, getting.

Equipment for gymnastics or a science experiment.

A chopped down woodland trunk, fun to climb on.

First man to walk on the moon.

Rubus fruit.

The __ of Pop, JT's nickname; leader, chief.


Small colourful bird related to the cockatoo.

Appetizing, scrumptious, savory.

Red and yellow ride-in car from Little Tikes.

__ Families; animal figures with velvety skin.

Slot in the front door for receiving post.

Aircraft with a single set of wings.

Cartoon with heroic rescue dogs, led by Ryder.

Can be broken or smashed.

Process of separating wheat's grain from its chaff.

Elaborate ceremonial gear worn on top of hair.

Puzzle 2

Decayed plant matter used by gardeners.

Picks, selects.

A Christmas Carol author, Charles __.

__ Armstrong; elasticated strongman.

Country that produces the most Riesling.

Fantasy drama Game of __ set in Westeros and Essos.

What shall we do with a __ sailor?.

A chemical element with the symbol Si.

From the past, not modern, e.g. old toys.

Galway Girl singer; "perfect" Eminem collaborator.

British dog with a muscular build and wrinkles.

"__ if you know the answer" said the teacher.

Puzzle 3

__ People; colourful small Fisher-Price figures.

Straw hat with a flat top worn at a regatta.

__ Rally; Action Alley knock down playset.

Kitchen device for weighing ingredients.

Where __ Dare: Richard Burton takes on the Nazis.

Noises of complaint.

Swallowing food.

Competitive horse-rider who wears silks.

Where children go to learn.

Hendrix played an electric one.

Puzzle 4

A great place to keep your coins safe.

Rare Star Wars figure that fired rockets.

A Viking duel.

Flat panels that chandeliers hang from.

Sharp poles thrown in athletics events.

Moshi __; customisable collectable figures.

Moral sayings.

Found out by listening into someone's conversation.

The Lion, the Witch and the __, by C. S. Lewis.

Pulverised fruit drink.

Name of the first prime number after 17.

Bird of __, heavenly bird with stunning plumage.

Puzzle 5

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle with red eye mask.

Country where Halloween is said to have originated.

__ Collins; author of The Hunger Games.

Escapologist, often in handcuffs or buried alive.


Like a crab but longer body.

Rooms for Christian worship, small churches.

The one after sixth.

Left unable to see; without any vision.

Pecking someone on the lips.

Short or long, part of a top that covers your arms.

Bop It __; twist it, pull it toy from Hasbro.

Turned on and off, like the lights on a police car.

Puzzle 6

Settle comfortably in someone's arms, like a bird.

Little blue collectable figures with white hats.

Two Gentlemen of __, play, cites an Italian city.

To have a lot of valuables or money.

Cricketer who throws the ball towards the batsman.

Light summer meals with lettuce, cucumber, tomato.

Hungry __; ball-gobbling game with large mammals.

Wrist hoop.

Snarls audibly, like a bear.

Not quite, nearly, or very close.

Puzzle 7

Place to escape to or a place to cosy down.

__ Express; sought-after Harry Potter Lego set.

With high velocity.

__ Long; eternally popular Lionel Richie hit.

Friends With __; 2011 movie with Mila Kunis and JT.

Makers of the Game Boy and SNES consoles.

__ stick, wooden sliver for olives or cherries.

Cuddles up to someone.

They protect your hearing organs from the cold.

Busy travel time.

Someone who herds woolly farm animals.

Thin glass pipe used in science experiments.

A "shiner", an occupational hazard of a boxer.

Puzzle 8

Children whose parents have both died.

Fifth planet from the Sun, notable by its Red Spot.

Cotton square or scarf to wear around the neck.

Classic book series Little House on the __.

Grotesque, plastic, flexible toy hand puppets.

Health centres.

Nationality of someone native to Tehran.

Cuddly bug with tail that lights up.

Wall-mounted power points for plugs.

The __; Las Vegas Mr Brightside band.

Animals that live in water are __.

Large ammunition fired by submarines.

Charge for sending a parcel or letter by mail.

Midday meals, or eating them.

Track foundation.

Puzzle 9

Surviving longer than something else.

One __ fashion dolls; collectable boyband figures.

US vs USSR contest for primacy in the universe.

A pirate's underwear.

Baked in a dish.

To renovate or redecorate a room.

Strawberry __; sweet-smelling red-haired doll.

Ancient paper used for scrolls.

Hitting a nail with a tool.

Cooked in a vat or pan of hot oil.

Sales area outside a car showroom.

Robes worn by the clergy.

Large furry white creature who lives in the Arctic.

Achievements or wins.

Complex with many separate film screens.

Male emergency workers who fight crime.

Jazzy woodwind instrument with shiny body and keys.

A weather event with heavy drizzle.

Check your work for mistakes.

English privateer has a Canadian bay with his name.

Ecstatic, incredibly happy.

__ tape, a long, floppy ruler for checking length.

The grass is always greener there; on the __.

Stony garden areas with flowers growing.

The way you wear your hair.

Puzzle 10

Solid frozen addition to summery drinks.

The walls or banks around a castle.

Following the rules, law abiding.

Scrooge, protagonist of Dickens' A Christmas Carol.

Less than full time.

Having the same opinion.

The crème __, fashion and beauty blog by Evita Nuh.

Most massive elementary particle.

Noisy plastic spheres on a string; 1970s fad.

Observing, looking at.

__ kid; teen dancer with a bag on his shoulders.

Donnie, part of the New Kids on the Block.

__ store, get tools and DIY goods here.

Family relationship of Jesus to his higher power.

He-Man's skull-faced nemesis action toy.

Jumping or springing up, sometimes using a pole.

Bundle of dried grass; good place to hide needles.

Puzzle 11

To be sure of something, definite.

A person, somebody.

The one in front; anagram of "aligned".

Chinese pasta.

Made from wax and used for colouring.

In Grimm's fairy tale the sister of Snow White.

Toy pistols with a bang and a puff of smoke.

Spirals or coils like in the structure of DNA.

Louis Armstrong's instrument.

Specialist in fitting glass into buildings.

Lego __; advanced, mechanical block-building range.

Puzzle 12

Marvin Gaye heard it through the __.

Shiny sword raised by the Lady of the Lake.

What "Re" is a drop of in "Do-Re-Mi".

Third Diary of a Wimpy Kid book: The __.

Pocket knife with lots of handy attachments.

Political scandal that affected Nixon's government.

Baby doll that could actually cry.

Shots awarded by a referee after bad tackles.

Are they born of sweet cobs?.

Now and then.

A hot bath in a Roman villa.

Says out loud, making sure others can hear.

Cuddly toy of Dipsy, Laa-Laa, Tinky Winky or Po.

Biological process of expelling bodily waste.

An overlong narration, a woolly canine analogy.

Speedy two-wheeled vehicle, must wear a helmet.

To earn money to support a charity or cause.

Puzzle 13

Put these on your shelves to stand up your novels.

Gunfire, the popping of bullets.

Nationality of people from Guadalajara.

Measuring how heavy an object is.

Sign on precious metal showing its quality.

A street light or other long pole on a street.

The husband of an archduchess.

Tube-shaped parcels of meat cooked on bonfires.

Speed, rapidity, pace.

__ Bear; green Care Bear with clover on his belly.

Game for deducing identity from facial features.

Puzzle 14

Colour of a dandelion.

Summer likes this drummer in School of Rock.

Pianos with pipes.

Describes the split hoof of a cow, sheep or pig.

Bladed footwear for travelling over ice.

The small tower at the top of a castle.

Mr __ Head; Toy Story spud with facial features.

Managing, being able to handle something.

__ Babies; colourful Ty soft toys.

Edible seeds from pods, such as peas or beans.

Puzzle 15

People from Alexandria are __ by nationality.

Navy and pink fashion brand.

Cause someone to blush or feel ashamed.

Start to grow, for example a seed.

Worker at a book-lending institution.

Small, round dung left by mice.

Anakin and Luke surname in Star Wars.

Interactive creature that bursts out of an egg.

Gadget for counting your steps.

German city, home of the European Central Bank.

All the day's reports delivered to your mailbox.

Most powerful.

Foldable soft toy for resting your head on.

Adding beads to a string.

Puzzle 16

Not cheerful.

Making the sound of a lion.

Striking dance.

Strong offshore current that can drag you away.

Circular wire that carries locking instruments.

Sword __; replica of Thundercat Lion-O's weapon.

Many, lots of things.

Giant coconut crab in Disney's Moana.

Small settlements, even smaller than villages.

Took care of, e.g. someone who is ill.

Upmarket London department store with famous bears.

2005 hit for The Black Eyed Peas featuring JT.

One of four "fang" teeth in the mouth for cutting.

Puzzle 17

Brass instrument with a slide.

The vulpine arch-nemesis of Chicken Little.

Forest areas with plenty of trees.

Oaty dish from Scotland, now eaten for breakfast.

Wine glasses sit on them.

An on-stage test of ability for performers.

__ Elmo; giggling Sesame Street character toy.

One-quarter giant Knight Squad student.

An apostle.

Leave a hotel by informing the desk.

Micro __; tiny cars, trucks and other vehicles.

Deep purple variety of crystallized quartz.

Puzzle 18

Corrosive, burns caused by chemicals.

Tiny glittery discs, add Xmas sparkle to clothes.

Pound __; cuddly dogs with floppy ears.

A jotter for writing in.

Sleeping space in a home.

Zara __ sang Lush Life and Never Forget You.

They make bespoke clothing.

__ Pail Kids cards; Cabbage Patch Kids parody.

Piled boxes or bricks one on top of another.

The number of players in a rugby union team.

Falcon called a windhover because of its flight.

Puzzle 19

Opponents or enemies.

Long frozen drips.

Collectible teddy bears with buttons in their ears.

Assassination of Jesse James by the __ Robert Ford.

Less soft, harder.

French home of Monte Carlo.


__ Cathy; talkative doll with a pull-string.

The loveliest.

Not to be waved unless to antagonize a bull.

Puzzle 20

Someone who lives on land surrounded by water.

A long word for a drink.

Not educated.

Scaly dead skin on your scalp.

Peppa's mother in the children's cartoon.

Using a brush or a broom to collect dirt.

Cash __; plastic till toy from Fisher-Price.

Pull these at Christmas and listen for the snap.

Another name for an anteater.

The oddest, strangest.

Disney __; interactive video game with figurines.

Headgear for golfers and tennis players.

Pink Care Bear with hearts on her belly.

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