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Here are the answers to CodyCross Toys and Games Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Disney duck, bow tie, blue sailor shirt and cap.

To be pushed to do something.

White plant substance used to make fabrics.

Sport of throwing punches while standing.

People you look up to.

Mix of yellow and red.

Resembling air in lightness; a __ pillow.

Fashion doll, the love of Ken's life.

Pathway built to cross above water or land.

Legendary King from Camelot.

Reptile with a long body.

Keep it to yourself, don't tell anyone.

To take into custody.

Puzzle 2

You can put everything in this purse.

Classic card game where players form melds.

The normal condition of things.

Non-conformist, free spirit, counterculturist.

China-origin lion dog.

Famous musical performer.

Something non acidic.

Mammoth, mastodon.

Rita __, US actress, 1940s icon.

The round window of a ship.

Ancient Egyptian tombs.

Bad habit that makes you lose money.

Swollen; alight, blazing.

Brain disease that affects the ability to think.

Puzzle 3

Rangy, broad, wide-ranging.

Holy place where devoted servants live.

To take God's name in vain.

One of the fastest dog breeds.

Used to comb head.

Ordered actions leading to a result; surgical.

Cultural, political and economic center of Sweden.

Rule, standard.

He composed the 5th Symphony.

Too many wives and some of their heads.

Thin, long pasta; the best ones are Italian.

Asia is the largest of the world.

Puzzle 4

Chinese capital, once known as Peking.


Things will happen when you pull it.

Pursuing, going after.

Settlers __, board game with hexagonal settlements.

To succeed, you have to put your best foot __.

Is always meddling.

Created or produced by a fashion designer.

Light rain.

Legal member of a sovereign state or nation.

Enigmatic villain.

__ Gump, "Life is like a box of chocolates".

Puzzle 5

Computer accessory made of rubber.

__ top, mechanical toy that goes round and round.

There is no excuse for this.

Essential for climbers and mountaineers.

Nearest to the front end.

Antique term for poor people.

Soup with chopped tomato and cucumber, served cold.

Usually, this idea is never real.

Something that is left over or left behind.

Relating to veins, arteries or blood vessels.

Netflix prison drama, Orange is the __.

Closely following original teachings or doctrine.

Susan __, US actress of Thelma & Louise.

Invasion and occupation by force.

False teeth, first invented by the Etruscans.

This guy was stranded on an island.

Puzzle 6

Someone who is persistent.

Swamp lover related to the alligator.

Prevailing or powerful position.

Evita Peron's nation.

Qualified and knowledgeable wine waiter or server.

__ Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Chinese independent movie.

Definitely not a sweet dream.

Personal driver.

Adventure playsets with Klicky little people.

Green citrus fruit drink.

Australian toy that comes back when thrown.

Puzzle 7

Freddie __, singer of anthem We are the Champions.

__ Bricks, construction blocks that join together.

Two- or three-wheeled means of transportation.

Unforgettable UK movie actor of the silent era.

Genie and a wonderful lamp accompanied him.

To have wrecked.

We the people.

One of Britain's biggest football clubs.

An imaginary universe or world.

A domestic fowl.

Main component of natural gas.

Puzzle 8

A new version of a motion picture.

You definitely cannot pull the strings from it.

Container for holding liquid.

Waiter or waitress.

No more giant wall here.

Periods of time spent on the ring.

Set way of doing something, technique, plan.

"Ocean" matching pairs card game.

Residence of monarchs.

This UK city has a big eye.

Device to hold two or more parts together firmly.

Christian Holy Day; marks Christ's resurrection.

Puzzle 9

Added to water for teeth.

Sailing vessels from the 15th-17th centuries.

Green vegetable used to make pickles.

Related to the breast or chest.

Not a chair.

Canine companion for the unsighted.

When __, Prince's song about love and parenting.


Double-winged flying machines.

__ Pony, equine toy franchise.

Prohibited, suppressed.

Competitive property ownership board game.

Suspense can kill you when watching one.

Clappers and booers.

Neither municipal, nor provincial or state related.

Always use a very difficult one.

Many people don't like this type of party.

Puzzle 10

Looking for something.

Seat that takes you to the top of the mountain.

Power to influence or command.

Someone who is an expert in making keys.

Sausage dog.

Sideways rotary movement of the body.

Obtaining secret information without permission.

Sale of discounted or last-chance items.

Rope-like strand of hair, rasta.

UK city, home of the Beatles.

Substance or liquid fully concentrated.

Result from scraping the skin of a yellow citrus.

French writer and activist who saved Alfred Dreyfus.

Glass sphere filled with winter weather.

Device to shave away a pencil's worn surface.

Puzzle 11

Cooking, French-style.

First massively popular handheld console.

Depiction, graphical representation.

A building used for manufacturing.

The bad guy in a movie or book.

Part of the body between the wrist and the elbow.

One of the five senses.

Flat plastic flying disc.

US sci-fi animated series, George, Judy, Astro.

Body of water west of the three Americas.

__ 4, aim to get four discs in a row.

If only we could all meet there.

Round holes for threading shoelaces.


A bell-boy, a page.

Puzzle 12

Egypt's official language.

Jigsaw __, piece together scenic pictures.

Ignited, alight.

__ Price, toys and games for early years.

United States' first space station, 1970s.

To get free from dangerous or confining situation.

Rectangular storage with shelves and a door.

Of or relating to horses.


Delicious dairy product. Now also in vegan options.

Puzzle 13

Casino card game preferred by James Bond.


Driving faster than allowable limits.

Athletic competition.

Happy __, collect a full house of relatives.

Decorative mineral crystal used in jewelry.


The Doors' lead singer.

Elite US forces member.

Amorous couch just for two people.

Evaporated milk with long life shelf.

__ Head, vegetable with added body parts.

Puzzle 14

The percentage of a hotel's rooms that are in use.

Take __ Me, Abba song.

Much better than good.

Pole for bouncing, with spring and footplates.

To go back to the beginning.

Its bubbles can get to your head.


Work shift that starts around midnight.

Not everyone likes this type of joke.

Someone running for a position in government.

Artificial lake where water is collected.

Sea wanderer, ship personnel, crew member.

Flat, pad, abode.

Puzzle 15

Person who creates A-Z list in a book.

Website that allows one to post and watch videos.

Urge, appetency, craving.

Bludger or vagabond.

KISS' guitarist, Ace __.

Green-black fruit that makes guacamole.

Portable light within a transparent case.

Give an actor an unsuitable part.

Tall, long leg-necked ruminant of Africa.

Plumber's best friend.

Knives that double in size when opened.

Brightly colored modeling clay.

Right in the middle of everything.

__ Patch Kids, dolls found in the garden.

Flat shape with eight sides.

To overlook, to disregard something illegal.

Legendary bird that rose from the ashes.

__ Redgrave, UK Oscar, BATFA and Emmy winner.

Puzzle 16

German felt bears with button in ear.

Place of confinement for convicted felons.

Third largest land mammals.

To get even.

__ sticks, take turns to pluck sticks from a pile.

This US singer just wants to have fun.


__ Loren, Italian actress married to Carlo Ponti.

The second sign of the zodiac in astrology.


__ Street, worldwide known educational show.

Money value from a property or its interest.

Container for arrows.

The mother of all things.

Puzzle 17

Jack __, turn the handle and up he springs.

Mountain range home to Mount Everest.

Clinic, medical facility.

Electronic device that has hardware and software.

Bars for gymnasts.

__ of Catan, board game with hexagonal settlements.

A sleep-like state involving response to suggestion.

Chief cook.

The religion of the Dalai Lama.

To fall down; to cave in.

Puzzle 18

Fiery collectible miniature cars.

Not 2, 4 or 6.


Single hand covering used for club sport.

Legal ownership to creative work.

Celebration period.

To stand on the roadside with your thumb raised.

Gray rabbit, famous trickster of Looney Tunes.

Home once children have grown up and moved out.

Substance for washing clothes or dishes.

Kind of dance popularized in the US in the 1930s.

Common unit of distance in astronomy.

Green nut very hard to crack.

Game for playing on your own.

Taverner, bar owner, landlord.

South American rodent pet.

The Beatles' hometown.

A practice performance.

Puzzle 19

What opposites do.

The act of looting or plundering especially in war.

Science of organisms and their environments.

Small frying pan.

European country known for engineering prowess.

Zebras are full of them.

Large container with handle used for pouring drinks.

Adult male chicken.

Online or offline; book storage.

Fifth planet from the sun.

Chutes and __, board game with ups and downs.

Emotion felt when one has nothing to do.

Puzzle 20

Sudden, startling, brusque.

Wild, undomesticated, untamed.

Creator of paintings, writings, music.

Antonym of present.

The cousin of the dove.

Someone who comes to your aid.

Public officials who pass sentences in a court.

Strikingly unusual, mysteriously different.

Metallic element for regular coins and jewelry.

Large fish, similar to trout, pink meat.

Largest country in the world by surface area.

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