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Here are the answers to CodyCross Travel Agency Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Foul in race walking, a foot comes off the ground.

Plastic laminate for kitchen worktops.

Like __ jelly to a wall, extremely difficult.

__ Clinton, daughter of Hillary and Bill.

Country of origin for large kuvasz dogs.

Restless, unable to keep still.

Preparation of soil for planting.

An outing without an overnight stay.

__ boot, mid-calf item worn by Russian army unit.

Travel booking company with yellow plane logo.

Highest female singing voice.

Adeliza of __; married King Henry I in 1121.

__ and Nevis, island group.

Groups of the same number, e.g. cakes.

Herbie the VW Beetle.

Puzzle 2

Travel arrangements that can be modified.

In one's heart of hearts.

Wedding __; official, legal part of a marriage.

Scatter small amounts, like cake toppings or ashes.

Rudi Gernreich's controversial swimsuit design.

Russian city near the Norwegian border.

Shape of the rack in snooker.

Top-of-the-range hotel; highly rated.

Spanish hard sheep's cheese from La Mancha.

Family that kept the Wakefield Plays manuscript.

__ sound, enveloping cinema experience.

Sitcom starring Michael J Fox as deputy mayor.

Puzzle 3

Jamaican youth styled with suit and pork pie hat.

Space in front of your seat on a plane.

Common thread, anagram of leaking.

Captain Carrot's amazing animal superheroes.

Without any help.

__ out, what military types do on graduation.

Nickname for deadly 2013 Typhoon Haiyan.

Elu __; King of Doriath and Lord of Beleriand.

Fantastical creature with one forehead eye.

Outside of the busiest time or season for travel.

Film director Ingmar Bergman's nationality.

Remedy, set the balance right.

John __, world champion motorcyclist and GP racer.

Without a deity.

Puzzle 4

Looks hard at something/someone.

__ Turtle, Hanna-Barbera swordsman.

Outcome, result, consequence.

Accents called haceks are also known as these.

He made the shroud for cock robin.

The __ Magician; stage name of Val Valentino.

Describes olives with the stones removed.

Winter sport done on mountain slopes.

Smokey and the __, Burt Reynolds drove a Trans AM.

Small cabin used by holidaymakers.

Someone employed to look after horses.

Fuel-burning device for heating water in a home.

Big number, a 1 followed by 100 zeros.

__ yang, opposites.

Marry on Friday for __.

Puzzle 5

Shirt that's undone at the collar.

Feelings to the touch.

Draught __; placed by a door to keep out cold air.

Ocean at the mouth of the Amazon River.

Flying mammal a bit partial to bananas and mangoes.

Exclave of Oman surrounded by the UAE.

Fast Freddie, or Andrew __, cricketer.

__ Rain by Guns N' Roses.

Settle one's bill when leaving a hotel.

Witty talk and conversation.

White meat from feral porcines.

Prince sang about this car, Little Red __.

__ March, Joseph Roth focuses on Imperial Austria.

Romanian sculptor of Bird in Space and The Kiss.

Actress Deborah Kerr's nationality.

Representatives of France's National Assembly.

A country's money system.

Frank __; patented the ice lolly on a stick.

Parasol, umbrella to block out rays.

Puzzle 6

Otzi the __, alpine mummified body.

Bavaria capital and third largest city in Germany.

__ of Langerhans, essential parts of a pancreas.

Countryside access over fences.

The fair of face are born on this 24 hours.

Climb aboard a ship; begin a journey.

Buildings with rooms for holidaymakers to stay in.

The Scottish equivalent of Scandinavian hygge.

Tangy, zesty, appley, orangey, etc.

__ Brin; co-founder of Google with Larry Page.

My __, the Serial Killer by Oyinkan Braithwaite.

Puzzle 7

Neck band for a canine.

Holiday taken by the newlyweds after a wedding.

Greenish colour used in medieval Italian frescoes.

Like talking to a __; words going unheeded.

Giorgio __, owner of self-named Locanda __.

Slightly acidic loaf.

Metalloid named after Latin word for Earth.

Tour taken on a private bus.

Fast-kicking, Korean martial art.

Old __, the nickname of the USS Constitution.

Witch, enchantress.

Puzzle 8

Open, two-seater sports car; fast Tesla car.

They bring it to you.

Photo ID required for international travel.

Guitar pick.

Winning margin in a political election.

Headgear worn by rugby union players.

The least shadowed place, outdoors.

Where the bride, groom sit at wedding breakfasts.

"Sent to __" is to be ignored or ostracized.

Police drama about 15th Precinct cops.

Self-__; holiday basis with no meals included.

Creme __, what we more naturally call custard.

__ boards; wooden panels along base of a wall.

Surpluses, excesses.

Royal spouse of Marie Antoinette.

Puzzle 9

Horror movie legend, Peter __.

Northernmost region of Finland.

Fetched a ball in a game.

Mechanical device with moving parts.

Quirks, faults, shortcomings.

Describes a room overlooking the beach.

Pillars, obelisks.

Importantly, crucially.

Love in a Cold __, novel by Nancy Mitford.

Italian battle; purple-red colour named after it.

__ class; basic fare option for air travellers.

Site of uprising that began the Spanish Civil War.

__ Beatles, famous Fab Four tribute band.

Astronomer Galileo __.

Ready to listen keenly from every hearing orifice.

Hair stylist who promoted the bob cut: Vidal __.

Puzzle 10

Half-__, inadequate effort (a pub analogy).

Element discovered and named by Marie Curie.

Low cost; with only the basic essentials.

Grand Historian of Ancient China.

__ and fittings, parts of a home in a house sale.

Correctly, in the right way.

Group of large aquatic mammals at sea.

Incoming passengers at an airport or hotel guests.

Fluffy footwear worn while asleep in winter.

Doubting dwarf in C.S. Lewis's Prince Caspian.

Thin, inedible ship's biscuit.

Muscle power.

Leaves that are the brightest and healthiest.

Players in string section, bigger than viola.

Puzzle 11

Con, hustle.

__ the cat, grey rotund tabby feline.

Down payment or first instalment for a holiday.

Made a padded bed cover.

Question participants after the mission.

__ Flight 815, plane that crashed in Lost.

Husky, rough sounding tone to the voice.

__ Hound, Lambsy Pie's faithful sheepdog protector.

__ attendant, person who guards cars.

Winter, spring, summer and autumn.

Long berries; good source of potassium.

Crushing remark, criticism or scornful retort.

Wild bovine species from Southeast Asia.

Name of spouse of William I, Henry I and Stephen.

Be given a better class of room or seat, e.g..

He is "my darling" according to Scots song.

Largest of Denmark's South Sea islands.

Actor founded the Lord Chamberlain's Company.

Get-together for Harley-Davidson owners.

Puzzle 12

Gun-toting __ Jane, aka Martha Jane Burke.

Religious movement led by John Wycliffe.

Metal frames on a vehicle's front to gather bovines.

Alan __, South African cricketer, died in 1983.

__ class; travel option chosen by executives?.

Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival traditional cake.

Fighting in public.

Owner of the antique shop in Paddington's movies.

Passages of planets across the face of the sun.

Clear, marked.

Describes a room overlooking a swimming area.

Islamic thinker/medic, wrote The Book of Healing.

Hand signals or expressions.

Alarm for smoke in a workplace.

Golden solar effects at the start of the day.

Small cutlery item for stirring hot drinks.

Unreprimanded; without punishment.

Expert in math with points, lines, and surfaces.

Got sicker again.

Puzzle 13

__ reclaim; where travellers collect their luggage.

Burial cloths.

Racy 1992 single and album for Madonna.

Sightseer; someone who travels for leisure.

Person following latest fashion trends.

Move __; crank up the effort.

The Great British __, cooking in a tent.

The Story of Louis __, biopic of famous chemist.

Muscle injuries, especially to the ankles.

Moving, e.g. water or electricity.


The Big Apple.

A break in rhythm within a line of verse.

Puzzle 14

Waiting __; 1953 Samuel Beckett play.

Having no equal.

Frankly, sincerely.

Celebratory outer paper for presents.

They hold curtains away from a window.

TV show 13 Sons & __ follows the Schwandt family.

Tour __; company that arranges trips and travel.

Red Cross and Red __, international charity.

Tudor king, the only son of Henry VIII.

To be publicly humiliated.

The __, 1998 sports comedy starring Adam Sandler.

Argument that rings a bell.

Wariness, doubt.

Describes a flight to a far-away destination.

Toasted breakfast cereal linked to dieting.

Bruce Springsteen wanted her to come out in 1973.

Tectonic plate on which Europe and Asia lie.

Animals of __ Wood, country animals led by a fox.

James __; Canadian-American inventor of basketball.

Puzzle 15

Alpine mountain ascended by Paccard and Balmat.

__ to; as stated by sources.

Calligraphy tool that takes various nibs.

John Graham's crossword handle in The Guardian.

Hackman, Russo, DeVito, and Travolta flick.

Active during hours of darkness.

Policy to protect you when you travel abroad.

50s-60s guitarist with a twangy sound.

__ dollars, currency in the Hitchhiker's Guide.

Famous buildings or structures in cities or towns.

Poison for mushrooms.

Longform of LMK.

Puzzle 16

__ flyer; person who regularly travels by air.

Bugle call that wakes up soldiers at daybreak.

Agatha Christie's home on the River Dart.

Musical voice with rising and falling intonation.

Exempt from paying taxes.

The hottest chilli is the __.

Harry Potter Map tracking locations and activities.

Royalist faction in Spain from 1830 onwards.

CIA operative Carrie Mathison has mad jazz moments.

Lower leg guards worn by footballers.

Food blend for feathered friends.

Self-__; keeping oneself in the background.

Philosophical; anagram of acrostic.

Puzzle 17

The __ the Stone was released on Dec 25, 1963.

Reservation arrangement for a hotel room.

To do with the skull.

Promised on paper.

First Germanic king of Italy.

__ holiday; flight and hotel are booked together.

Type of military jet that rhymes with "carrier".

Match, imitate, copy.

"Candy is dandy, but liquor is __": Ogden Nash.

__ duck, bird that has dark plumage and red wattle.

Nettie __, she studied cytology and chromosomes.

Saves from peril.

Puzzle 18

Trouser support, what Americans call suspenders.

Wild mountain sheep of Central Asia.

Red, hot curry sauce; former name for Chennai.

Mary Somerville has a named college in this city.

Song by Bryan Adams: "__ of 69".

Rooms on board a cruise ship.

People who are staying in a hotel.

Forest biome also called taiga.

To feed from breast or teat.

Substance that makes surfaces shine.

Puzzle 19

Gallic tribe with capitals at Orléans and Chartres.

Crushed into tiny particles.

Cleaning teeth.

A very popular baked pastry in North America.

Jack __, outdoor wear brand with pawprint logo.

Donato __; designer of St Peter's Basilica.

US state for which Lincoln was a congressman.

The first leg of a return journey.

E.g. an airport shuttle, to take you to your hotel.

The dance of Havana.

Car that time-travelled in Back to the Future.

__ Scale, a ranking of wind speeds.

Sri Lanka's Lion's Rock cultural heritage site.

Puzzle 20

Jibing, teasing.

Walked noisily and heavily.

The action of limescale on a kettle.

Safety restraint for rear middle seat passenger.

According to Genesis, Abel's relationship to Cain.

Room __; food and drink ordered from a hotel room.

Squashed closely together; packed with people.

South American women.

Shakespeare play, __ Night.

Articulate arguer and speaker, orator.

Arrangement of horizontal bones around the torso.

Stretches of sand or pebbles next to the sea.

Braided Czech Christmas bread.

Glittery bits enhance clothing in ballroom dancing.

Rodin's thoughtful sculpture.

Lead singer of the Who: Roger __.

Violent, gory horror film with bladed attacker.

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