CodyCross Travel Souvenirs Pack answers

Travel Souvenirs PackTravel Souvenirs

Here are the answers to CodyCross Travel Souvenirs Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Came into view.

French term for vegetables cut like matchsticks.

Pretending in a card game.

Amphibian yoga pose, not full backbend.

Formed Soft Cell with Marc Almond.

Spanish husband of Mary I of England.

Mountainous Arctic archipelago off Norway.

All the war tools.

Stand-up comedian Jerry, who is a skilled magician.

__ dress, lacy costume worn for Spanish dance.

Birth surname of astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus.

Leaves a __ in someone's mouth.

Using the exact same words.

N African port-city civilization set up by Dido.

Device that measures energy used at home.

Atlantic area with sudden storms and light winds.

Bottle __, collectibles that keep wine fresh.

Puzzle 2

Endangered, risked, exposed.

Revolving symbols of a trip to the Netherlands.

The mooring of a ship.

Nursery rhyme girl with a sick dolly.

Magnetite, rock with magnetic qualities.

Song covered by Ike & Tina Turner and Prince.

Bitter San Francisco bread.

Putting into the ground again.

White-headed iconic bird of prey.

Cleopatra and Caesar's son.

Aussie souvenir yellow diamonds with messages.

Forgoes something, religiously.

Rotating cursor control device for PCs and laptops.

Staff, personnel, crew.

Top rows of seats in a theater.

Unintentional failure to notice something.

Someone who speaks passionately about a cause.

French province of Toulouse and Montpellier.

Prison movie with Tim Robbins: The __ Redemption.

Puzzle 3

Stress held in muscles.

Not backward.

Mother of Henry II, and rival of King Stephen.

Barcelos __, a decorative hen symbolic of Portugal.

It's unlucky to make this sound in a dressing room.

Juliette __, French actress of The English Patient.

Knitted cloaks from the Americas.

Capital of New Hampshire.

__ civet, mongoose that eats fruit and carrion.

Browsing __; products that you have viewed.

In one's direct surrounding district.

River mouth.

Spiced, grilled meat/veg in tortillas.

Janet Evanovich book, Sizzling __.

Puzzle 4

Emblematic French headwear bought as a souvenir.

Pleasantly, comfortably.

Irritating inconvenience.

Brushed with glue.

Angel __, candle-holders powering angelic buglers.

One who mounts paintings.

Santa __, seaside resort adjacent to Los Angeles.

Iraq's fifth president: __ Hussein.

Oscar-nominated horror film by Jordan Peele.

Cricket pitcher.

James __, sang You've Got a Friend in 1971.


Puzzle 5

Lasted for longer than scheduled.

Dresses worn by Swiss misses.

Leader of the Penguins of Madagascar.

__-pokery, deceitful or dishonest comportment.

Interlacer of yarns to make fabrics.

Collins said to take a look at him now: __ All Odds.

Furry hat, a reminder of Russian travels.

Stephen __ produced The Crying Game and Mona Lisa.

First name of Belgian detective Poirot.

Attraction at Disneyland Park: Haunted __.

George __, inventor, perfected the Kodak camera.

Puzzle 6

Fancy name for the common pigeon.

__ Court; Aussie tennis star of the 60s and 70s.

Birth nationality of Keanu Reeves.

Effectiveness, competence.

South American wind instrument souvenir.

Sicilian dish made of aubergines and celery.

Conservatory building for growing citrus fruit.

Maths symbol with left-facing arrowhead.

Why Head & Shoulders is needed.

Name of Welsh actor who plays Lucifer on Netflix.

A memento of a holiday destination.

You stay classy, __.

Largest natural lake in Africa.

Shelf __, quivering price indicators.

__ birth; twins, triplets, quadruplets or more.

Puzzle 7

To lose one over a cliff is unlucky.

Swallows and __, kids' adventure stories.

To remove a high official after misconduct.

Adjective relating to people of Burkina Faso.

Grapple with an issue.

__ carpet, elaborate Middle Eastern floor covering.

Delicate hand-held item waved by flamenco dancers.

Drink water, get wet.

Tall Californian tree, one named after Abe Lincoln.

__ Tom, he took a sneaky look at Lady Godiva.

Puzzle 8

__ sticker, collectibles for autos.

Costa del Sol city.

Another word for page numbers of a book.

Caitlyn, Kris, or Kylie.

Printed picture or photo to be framed for the wall.

Merriment or glee.

This Woman wields a Lasso of Truth.

__ farmer, breeder of camelids for their wool.

__ John, Robin Hood pal, his name belies his size.

Traditional Korean dress.

Term for when three or more celestial bodies align.

Opposite of hawkish, advocating peace.

Puzzle 9

Prominent female code breaker on Enigma cipher.

Fireside recess, sometimes with seating.

Trick, fraud, bamboozlement.

Fritter hours away unproductively.

More fit.

Strong, mutual attraction; to have __ with someone.

Furry teddy.

Collectible stirrers topped with tourist locations.

Subordinate position, being a feudal tenant.

Fruit beer with a hint of raspberries.

Puzzle 10

Outline sample documents.

Captain America villainous biochemist.

__ Mountains, Virginian peaks celebrated in song.

It holds up a wooden panel in the garden.

50s iconic actor of Rebel Without a Cause.

Yellow/brown garnet also called cinnamon stone.

Rough-skinned Chinese gooseberry.

Intriguing and gripping.

Irish county, with Mullingar as the county town.

__ York Gained Battle in Vain: rainbow mnemonic.

Describes the body from hip to foot.

Embellished clips worn at the ends of sleeves.

Prophet, thinker, one with foresight.

Sydney __ spider; expert spinner with deadly bite.

Famed restaurant of Rose Gray and Ruth Rogers.

Holiday keepsakes, picked up from a beach.

French explorer and settler of North America.

Puzzle 11

Common kitchen appliance before refrigerators.

Place of Christian worship.

Tamper, interfere with.

Allegorical novel by George Orwell: __ Farm.

Mary __, 1980s US track star, world record holder.

Get away from everything.

Boozy agave souvenir of a Mexican holiday.

Personal servant to a military officer.

__ bears, famous German teddy bear brand.

Piece of a tree.

Edward __, f/64 founder and snapper of still-life.

Puzzle 12

Threw sloppily.

The male in a marriage.

__ paper, artistic swirls and blobs from Florence.

Collectible Japanese paper for the folding arts.

Waldkirch carnival features the broomsticks of __.

Take __; become offended and outraged.

Country where actress Hedy Lamarr was born.

__ handkerchief; illusion with jumping cloth.

Rail against.

Water-going plaything.

A trusted advisor to King Alonso in The Tempest.

It borders both Russia and Norway: __ Sea.

Puzzle 13

Breathed in shock.

Machine for macerating beef.

Pressed clothes.

Bending forwards out of respect.

Large piece of unworked, newly discovered gold.

Seat __, short-term substitute at award shows.

Composure under pressure.

Statue of landmark properly called Elizabeth Tower.

Beautiful fabric Indian fashion keepsakes.

R&B singer Gabi __, better known as H.E.R..

Puzzle 14

Supple, resilient, elastic.

Liquid cooking substance from the Mediterranean.

Doberman or its miniature cousin.

Without a plug-in lead.

Jim __, writer of the songs on Bat Out of Hell.

Splitting into parts.

Michelle __ was Ms Monroe in My Week with Marilyn.

Merger of Tanganyika and Zanzibar.

Not old enough, e.g. to vote or drive.

Soccer-like sport where the ball is thrown.


Alopecia, especially affecting the heads of males.

Famous Irish stout, short-term souvenir of a trip.

Puzzle 15

French edible souvenir from Dijon.

Groups of dancers.

__ War; fought by king of Epirus against Romans.

Straw equine souvenirs bought by tourists in Spain.

Ruined by rain or decay; a child given many toys.

Canceled, declared invalid.

Camera lens for taking ultra-wide images.

Looked quickly.

Sandra __, star of Speed.

Whole nine yards.

Tallest living mammal.

Carpenters, builders who specialize in woodwork.

Storage baskets in chests.

Puzzle 16

Disadvantaged, lacking basic supplies.

Tobias __, Scottish writer of picaresque novels.

Decorative clasps for lock openers.

Often overcooked round green veggies: __ sprouts.

Norfolk estate built by Robert Walpole.

Fine goats' wool shawl from the Himalaya.

Neil deGrasse Tyson's late-night TV show.

Lurched from side to side like a boat.

Scheme of classification of species.

Cartoon group of the single Clint Eastwood.

Canadian game that uses a stick with a pocket.

Magical herbaceous plant with forked root.

Puzzle 17

Cheaper paper used for broadsheets and tabloids.

Genji and Lucio are heroes in this shooter game.

Aussie musical instrument, a holiday reminder.

Protectors for hot plates on tables.

Kate __, children's book illustrator and prize.

Successful Dutch football club based in Rotterdam.

Powerful whirlpool in the sea or a river.

D&D primal character class.

Making a difference to; upsetting.

Tomato-like fruit also called jamberry.

Won an Oscar for The Year of Living Dangerously.

Fellow pupil.

Puzzle 18

Harassing, pestering.

Hot, Indian meat curry.

Dark stop-motion film set in the Other World.

Triangular hangers show devotion to a sports team.

Nesting __ dolls, the iconic Russian souvenir.

Hairy swine live in the forests of central Europe.

Upmarket district of Dubai.

A stand for creating a painting.

Conducting wire in a light bulb.

The male offspring of male offspring.

Puzzle 19

Hero in Greek mythology that killed the Minotaur.

Entering prize giveaways.

Describes an action undertaken by a king or queen.

Art of turning in a lathe.

__ masks, art form from Gambia to the Indian Ocean.

Italian city where Much Ado About Nothing happens.

Those swimming in a lake for leisure.

Ocean in which Polynesia is located.

Leather __, strappy summer footwear from the Med.

Estate, land surrounding a stately home.

Money paid in advance to secure a purchase.

Puzzle 20

Hiding place.

Muriel __, studied flower tones inheritance.

Went behind a leader on a walk.

What a sinister person writes with.

Dream __, hooped nets from Indigenous Culture.

Turkish __, ornate footwear with upturned toes.

Brass __; 1980 hit for The Pretenders.

Putting in a glass container.

Communist forces against the Saigon government.

Smallish carnivorous mammals that emit a stink.

Sounding the alarm.

Mighty __, young girl raised a large gorilla.

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