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Here are the answers to CodyCross Travel Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

It lights up its body to mate and communicate.

Frankenstein's author, Mary __.

Country where Usain Bolt was born.

Being part god and part human.

The Pink __, comedy with Peter Sellers.

Extremely happy and eager for something to happen.

International hotel chain, __ Inn.

Comic strip about Snoopy and his friends.

Creamy rice from Italy.

Brass instrument for fanfares.

Weakened form of a virus, used to immunize the body.

Self propelled weapon with warhead.

Clock that shows the numbers, not analog.

Liquid used to dissolve another substance.

Refusal to buy from a brand as a form of protest.

Process of gathering crops.

Puzzle 2

To occur, take place.

Town and south-west Italy coast, near Positano.

Ruble is the currency of this large country.

One very popular way of preparing potatoes.

NYC's largest borough.

The __ Games, film series and young adult novels.

Moves Like __, Maroon 5 song about a rock star.

Aircraft manufacturer behind the 747.

Some companies will ask you to answer a __.

Mollusc, beautiful shells, pearl maker, delicacy.

Puzzle 3

Synonym of joy.

Tall plant used to make natural sweetener.

Muscle in the back of the thigh.

Mouth protection for rugby and boxing.

Latin phrase which means seize the day.

A UN day remembers this 20th Century tragedy.

Four times a year.

After caterpillar.

One kind of makeup used daily by some women.

Island that is a big tourist destination in NYC.

Flight attendants who look after passengers' needs.

A place where a person lives.

La __, iconic 60s Fellini film set in Rome.

"Hands-off" control system on an aircraft.

French sweet pastry maker.

Gypsy fortune-tellers use them in their work.

Land surrounded by water on almost every side.

Puzzle 4

__ heel, a vulnerable point; name of a Greek hero.


The E in LED lighting.

The Forbidden City was China's __ palace.

Commemorative art.

Airport area where you pick up family and friends.

Scottish actor known for Trainspotting, Ewan __.

This kind of larva makes a delicate fabric.

Every woman is someone's __.

Joint union for the benefit of both parties.

White Italian bread.

Candy Land is a board game for __.

Room used in the repair of manufactured goods.

Precious metal craze in California starting in 1848.

A wave with a foamy broken crest.

Painting of an enigmatic woman made by an Italian.

To apply force.

Sicily city that names a city in New York.

In this film, Tom Hanks gets stuck on an island.

Puzzle 5

French cabaret dance with high kicks.

African state freed from Portuguese rule in 1975.

Place where two lines intersect, streets meet.

Prickly succulent plant.

Title character in Stephen King's first novel.

Type of cooking oil is short for Canadian oil.

Phoebe's best-known song in Friends, __ Cat.

Viva __, 1952 biopic of Mexican revolutionary.

Come after something else, in sequence.

Colorful talking birds, now endangered.

Bicycle for 2 riders, one behind the other.

Large grinding teeth at the back of the mouth.

Puzzle 6

A swinging or hanging bed suspended by cords.

Headache medicine.

Birth surname of Charlie Sheen.

Sport where you have to wait patiently with a pole.

The ability to be quick and graceful.

Last Tango __, Brando film.

Known as Queen Bee.

Particular version of a paper or book.

Michelangelo's masterpiece, __ Chapel.

Related to heat.

What one does fastest when alone.

__ Hill, London district and romantic comedy.

Wild horse, famous sports car.

Puzzle 7

Power tool used for cutting trees.

Spice from a tree's bark, used in many desserts.

Sport known as soccer in the US, is called __ in UK.

Christ the __, Brazil statue and new Seven Wonder.

Loose bowels, dehydration problem in poor places.

Crucial food source for whales.

One who delivers sermons on religious topics.

Semiaquatic egg-laying, duck-billed mammal.

A __ boy brings the pizza to your house.

Jenga is played by __ blocks until the tower falls.

Nickname of a former female British Prime Minister.

Soft white wax used to make candles.

A skillet with a series of parallel ridges.

Sitcom and surname of comedian Jerry.

Warehouse equipment allows for heavy hoisting.

Harry Potter's friend.

Conceives clothes and accessories, fashion __.

Fine birds are made of fine __.

A coconut is one of many species of __.

Capital city of Belgium and the EU.

Puzzle 8

Professional of law, researcher, helps lawyers.

Sandwich made with ground meat and a bun.

An essay is broken up into this type of unit.

One of Gaudí's masterpieces in Barcelona.

Singer and former member of The Supremes.

Grains of sand in container, measures time.

Clay, plastic or ceramic container for plants.

This is worth six points in American football.

French city and namesake of French anthem.

A bomb is an __ device.

Has huge spikes on its body.

Historical drama, Taylor is Queen of Egypt.

Routine in airports worldwide, metal __.

Classic sitcom about a witch named Samantha.

The licensing of trademarks or business to others.

Puzzle 9

Discussion with opposing views.

Oldest of the sons of Jacob, brother of Joseph.

Accessory needed in an egg hunt.

Crocodilian inhabiting Central and South America.

Country to the north of the USA, Ottawa is capital.

Being voracious or materialistic for wealth, power.

Long-eared hound.

Place for relaxation, rest, vacation.

Typical South American cape to keep you warm.

Shakespeare's prince of Denmark.

Piña __, Puerto Rican pineapple, coconut drink.

Gas burner in a laboratory or classroom.

Colloquial name of the Loch Ness monster.

Puzzle 10

The study of flying saucers.

Language of the Ashkenazi Jews.

White horse with a spiral horn representing purity.

A short transit break between scheduled flights.

The organ in the body that holds urine.

My Big Fat Greek __, 2002 romantic comedy.

Cold compress for treating minor injuries.

Of or relating to fish.

A well-known Beatles song.

Japanese art: folding paper into animals, flowers.

A person who takes care of a building.

__ of the Opera, play with masked protagonist.

Step on it when you leave the shower.

This type of cheese comes melted between toast.

Jane __, chimpanzee expert, UN Messenger of Peace.

Literary fiction genre.

Puzzle 11

Earth's outermost shell is composed of 7 __ plates.

Thrilling, exhilarating.

Small fish popular in ponds and aquariums.

Large ocean between Europe and the Americas.

Second airport in Rome, with the code CIA.

Don't run with it.

This stimulant in coffee helps you wake up.

City known as the financial heart of Brazil.

Old Testament book with the teachings of Solomon.

Humanitarian institution 3 time Nobel Prize winner.

Western movie legend, now a respected director.

Puzzle 12

Period following the birth of a baby.

The French word for Burgundy.

Ancient Chinese philosopher, famous for sayings.

American industrialist who founded a motor company.

Formal name for doctor.

Buzz Lightyear's catchphrase: to infinity __.

Where Peter Pan and Tinker Bell live.

Large mammal with white fur, lives in the Arctic.

City venue for the Nobel prize-givings.

Special way of doing something; a skill.

Yelling in surprise or terror.

One of the most important tourist sites in Russia.

Puzzle 13

Not present, missing.

This animal lays eggs on the beach.

Biblical queen, protected by her cousin Mordecai.

One of Pooh's friends, he has a spring in his tail.

Marvel mini superhero played by Paul Rudd.

Wizard featured in Arthurian legend.

Long __ iced tea, alcoholic cocktail with cola.

Large piece of property; elaborate house.

Film score composer known for Interstellar, Hans __.

Athens is the capital of this country.

The United Nations organization for culture.

A stitch in surgery.

German sports brand known for three stripes.

Hold a pot by its __.

Another name for a myth, folklore.

Well-preserved ancient animal or plant remains.

Puzzle 14

Seating furniture turns into sleeping piece.

Salted, thin and crispy baked "bread".

BASE __, extreme sport that includes a parachute.

Social media platform with a blue bird logo.

Playful sea mammal, Flipper was one of them.

Film shot throughout twelve years with Ethan Hawke.

Person who designs natural arrangements.

Process in which an aircraft becomes airborne.

Military nobility and warrior caste in Japan.

Not requiring a prescription, over-the-__ drugs.

Profit made from selling an asset, __ gain.

Behavior in good taste, etiquette.

Food that causes allergic reactions in many people.

Billy __ played Harry, Meg Ryan was Sally.

Puzzle 15

Beauty is in the eye of the __.

Flatfish that has both eyes on one side.

Unsolved crime of the past, not enough evidence.

Three-wheeled "bike".

Humanitarian aid organization, __ sans Frontières.

Illegal hunting.

TV series about the routine of a lifeguards team.

Festival celebrating the liberation of Israelites.

Alternating crops grown in a field, crop __.

Known for his portrayal of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Alec __.

Furniture used to store clothes.

Large lake between Bolivia and Peru.

Italian cheese grated on pasta dishes.

Robbery; breaking and entering.

Gambling game involving a wheel and a ball.

Winter game, __ fight.

Someone whose marriage has officially ended.

Actor who played Forrest Gump.

This kind of drug will make you sleep.

A human's lower jawbone.

PIN: __ Identification Number.

College for the clergy.

Official who assists the referee or umpire.

Puzzle 16

Form of greeting, can be firm or light.

Opaque blue to green stone used in jewelry.

Science that relates to nutritional planning.

Elsa's kingdom in Frozen.

Christmas comedy starring Macaulay Culkin.

Black little seed used in rolls and bagels.

Israeli PM and fighter in Yom Kippur War.

Mythological maze, built to be hard to escape from.

What champion Olympians receive.

Computer key that starts a new sheet of paper.

Leonard, who wrote the tunes for West Side Story.

Takes care of boss' Agenda; reliable helper.

Non-surgical procedure of digestive tract.

Surname of the US president in House of Cards.

Design on paper that can be seen against the light.

To accidentally put a joint out of place.

Political ideology of a classless system.

Puzzle 17

Bruce Wayne turns into this superhero.

Long-handled spade for moving earth and coal.

Two people, married or dating.


Singer of Purple Rain.


These carry passengers in a basket, __ balloons.

The __ of Oz, follow the yellow brick road.

Someone who is trying to hit the ball in baseball.

1837 Danish tale, The __ Mermaid.

Bugs Bunny's preferred treat.

__ republic, "fruity" dictatorship of the Americas.

Popular Mexican destination.

Australia's national airline.

__ line, where the waistline starts below the bust.

Exaggerated imitation in writing or acting.

Another term for test subject: __ pig.

Old Testament strongman with long hair.

Puzzle 18

Russian ballet company and orchestra.

The __ Times, US newspaper aka the "Gray Lady".

Pigments that give skin its hue.

Goldie Hawn is this actor's partner, Kurt __.

__ reaction, not an instant effect.

Tony Stark's alter ego.

Often limited space to stretch out on a flight.

Food for the movies.

To place things in an order.

In the morning, kids are told to go get __.

Puzzle 19

Town bombed in Spain Civil War, painted by Picasso.

Flights to and from places in the same country.

Rhapsody in Blue composer, George __.

Percentage fee paid when buying products.

Small red, black or white berry used in cooking.

Small storage space in a car.

The __, Boston crime drama with DiCaprio.

It beat the hare in a race.

Japanese photography firm, for cameras and prints.

Rate of change in position aka speed.


The sky above a country controlled by that country.

Puzzle 20

Device to measure fractions of time; used in races.

Fatty, large seeds from South America.

Playground or yoga pose (upside down).

To provide amusement for people.

Italian dish of veal and marrowbone.

Gladiator-slave led an uprising against the Romans.

Of or relating to the small components.

Astronaut who took a "giant leap for mankind".

The film, Beethoven, is about this kind of dog.

NY island famously bought on the cheap.

Light rail vehicle, also called trams or trolleys.

Throbbing painful headaches.

He Who Must Not Be Named.

Power to persuade someone to do something.

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