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Here are the answers to CodyCross Treasure Hunt Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Loud metallic noises.

Grand golden drinking vessel.

Dry itchy skin with rashes.


Home built for horses.

Short recordings posted by vloggers.

Coin-like pieces used as substitute currency.

One-off, with nothing quite like it.

Pours juices and melted fat over roasting meats.

Metal box where schoolchildren store their books.

Small garden statues with pointed hats.

Thick, wet mud.

To cling or stick to something.

How tall something is.

Metal friend of Dorothy.

Mick of the Rolling Stones.

Puzzle 2

On this app, photo messages disappear quickly.

Diet and lifestyle without any animal products.

A geometric way to keep track of time and dates.

Sweet, green melon with a rough outer skin.

Boxes for flora; company advertised by Mr. Peanut.

Something with absolutely no meaning.

Oak Island excavation site of hidden pirate gold.

Desire for food or knowledge.

Declared to be criminal in the Wild West.

Causing boredom or impatience.

Arrival of keen prospectors to mine precious metal.

Puzzle 3

Isolated island continent with unique biodiversity.

Movie where Kevin gets left behind at Christmas.

Rapper who married Kim Kardashian in 2014.

Evil cowboy and main SuperTed villain.

A shot in the dark, rough estimation.

Tough or enigmatic puzzle.

Female person in charge of a family.

To cut off the flow of oxygen.

Foxglove extract linked to Van Gogh yellow period.

Nourishment through food; vitamins and minerals.

Best score in Blackjack.

Transparent sea creature with stinging tentacles.

Puzzle 4

Naturally talented with melodies.

Japanese art of folding paper into shapes.

Northern Ireland capital where Titanic was built.

Middle of a sandwich.

Plasterboard panel.

Cowardly like a certain animal.

Pile of dirt that's home to picnic invaders.

Dig up treasures that have been buried in the soil.

It is often ranked over quantity.

Curing, successfully treating disease.

Pikachu is the star of this game series.

Sound that accompanies lightning.

Mixed-up word puzzle with rearranged letters.

Something against the law, a crime.

Ice transport with sets of runners, Olympic event.

Puzzle 5

A sensation caused by absence of food.

Bright bird that can repeat your words.

Strand on a desert island.

Cleaning tool to suck dust and dirt off the ground.

Golden cup or memento of an achievement.

European country that borders Spain and Germany.

Loud blaring horn on a vehicle.

Energetic anagram of Monday.

Charles M. Schulz created this canine.

Collections of valuable objects buried in the soil.

Pretends to throw a punch in boxing.

A type of sweater with a hat built in.

Four times twenty.

Like most internships, unfortunately.

Chinese dumpling served fried or in soup.

Putting a tattoo on someone's skin.

Puzzle 6

Askew, slightly unbalanced.

Biggest US football game of the year.

Part of earnings that the government takes.

Animal's metal footwear; a symbol of luck.

Drawn or digital cartoons in motion.

Sister to Pugsley Addams.

Band known for Creep, Just, and No Surprises.

Precious items, treasures of great worth.

Elected leader of a democracy.

Foil-covered chocolate oval hunted for by children.

Puzzle 7

Act of painting someone's nails.

A tiny sprout of a plant just starting to grow.

Happening often.

Blinding blizzard.

MTV show about the lives of women in an LA suburb.

A personal journal for writing or taking notes.

Upwards, not horizontal.

Ark of the __; gold chest of the Ten Commandments.

Mythical island that vanished beneath the sea.

Chowing down on crisp vegetables.

Game of hitting a ball back and forth on a table.

Held in police custody.

Stress put on certain words or information.

Puzzle 8

Mammal with a bandit mask across its eyes.

Bond prefers his shaken, not stirred.

Crime against your own country.

__ Scrolls; ancient Jewish manuscripts.

On edge, anxious, restless.

Mythical one-horned horse.

Pasta dough that contains a filling.

A chopping and pureeing appliance.

Separating or picking out useful information.

What is on-trend in clothing, the latest designs.

Sensitivity to seafood, peanuts, pollen.

Melodious music or balanced feelings.

People who bring up children.

Cut exactly in three.

Puzzle 9

Greasy, thick artist's medium, long drying time.

Mary Poppins recommended this much sugar.

Speediness, quickness.

Classic car rediscovered after being in storage.

Legally binding agreement.

Like finding a needle in a __; impossible to find.

Synonym for preacher, pastor, clergy.

Name for a field where grapes grow.

Leading airline or project.

Decade of big hair, neon clothing, New Wave music.

Orchard fruit baked in pastry.

Place to legally purchase drugs.

Puzzle 10

Film studio that created Shaun the Sheep.

Objects retrieved from a shipwreck.

Small pickled cucumber.

Sword fighting for sport.

Tourist destination that's home to Disney World.

Betrothed to marry someone.

A fragranced liquid used as a personal adornment.

Walked like a duck does.

American music genre popular in early 20th century.

Large hairy monster; also known as sasquatch.

Polite, socially acceptable actions.

Describes an enigmatic clue or hint.

Tanned animal skin used as durable cloth.

Female noble married to a duke.

Puzzle 11

Notification sounds when messages come in.

The __ Five; Enid Blyton's mystery-solving gang.

Your funny bones are located in these.

Pictures, graphics.

Caused injury.

A thief that plunders ships at sea.

Engines that travel on tracks carrying passengers.

Tyrant, authoritarian ruler.

A rich, buttery nut with a curved shape.

Sharp kitchen utensils for cutting and chopping.

The coldest season of the year.

One piece of metal that's attracted to another.

According to The Beatles, Maxwell had a silver one.

Abounding with flowers.

Nighttime superhero.

Groomsmen, attendants who help during a ceremony.

American football team from New York.

A baby feline.

Raids in which jewels are stolen.

Puzzle 12

Joinings, people coming together as one.

Bounty __; one who pursues criminals for profit.

Smiley faces and other little symbols for SMS.

Ancient people counted on this, not calculators.

Precious gemstones, e.g. rubies, diamonds.

Visit faraway lands.

Describes Long John Silver's replacement appendage.

Bond villain who used his hat as a weapon.

Hard-shelled insect; German compact car.

Fireplace shelf.

Decayed part of a tooth.

Arab leader title.

Debone a fish.

Round, 3-D shapes like planets.

Bring goods into the country to sell.

Posh musicals with classically trained singers.

The smartest teeth in a human mouth.

Puzzle 13

Task, mission.

Jam, jarred or canned fruit.

Texas city mentioned in a song by Glen Campbell.

If you're in trouble, you might be skating __.

Several bones in the spine.

Site of a sunken vessel on the seabed.

Alien who travels through time in a blue box.

Relating to basic math with variables.

To be extremely smart; generating radiant light.

Horses aged between 12 and 24 months.

Puzzle 14

A baked chocolate dessert cut into squares.

There are 60 in a minute.

Red __; deliberately misleading clue.

Glass parts of a house that need washing.

Toppled someone from power.

Col. Mustard, Karl Marx sport these single lenses.

Egg decorated with jewels from Imperial Russia.

Place to borrow all kinds of books for free.

Moon goddess of myth, armed with a crescent bow.

Metal finger cap for pushing through needles.

Accessory made of precious metals and stones.

Another name for the Religious Society of Friends.

Puzzle 15

Gillian Flynn novel with anniversary treasure hunt.

Water-filled tank for fish.

Someone who has recently joined a group.

Sweet berry rum cocktail served over crushed ice.

To play a song to woo your beloved.

Smoke-resistant emergency exit.

Everything in existence.

Type of large-scale slingshot used in warfare.

Redesigns hair.

Vitality and health.

Black Pearl captain played by Geoffrey Rush.

Puzzle 16

Job opportunities.

Fighter whose style involves using their legs.

Don't look one in the mouth.

Big Mac or Whopper, for example.

Little __ Hood, visited her wolfish Granny.

Royal attendants.

Person who hunts for and collects treasure.

Holy city claimed by three religions.

Paces, walking measurements.

A fuzzy flyer that pollinates and makes honey.

Land with water on three sides, like Florida.

Puzzle 17

Popeye's preferred leafy vegetable.

Bar of gold or silver.

Ozzy and Sharon's hard rock festival tour.

Deep blue copper carbonate mineral.

Pirate's booty, stolen goods.

Breakfast grains in boxes.

Heroine in Disney's Aladdin film.

Male chicken who wakes up farmers.

Writer of The Hobbit and LOTR.

Money kept for future spending.

Lacy ornamental fabric mats.

A screen that displays information from a computer.

Meditative pastime with rod and line.

Puzzle 18

Giant Japanese monster.

Peanut-loving animal with a good memory.

Viewing a TV show or movie.

Providing a business with employees.

Pressure someone to make a hasty decision.

Precious, worth a lot of money.

Writing a post on Twitter.

Hungary's capital city, the 9th largest in Europe.

These affect people a lot during puberty.

Dig up, unearth.

Legal way to add a child to a family.

Tree fruit that can be roasted on an open fire.

Puzzle 19

It records your time in a running race.

Video game mascot Crash is this kind of marsupial.

Plant that lives for longer than two seasons.

England's first female monarch.

Old __; cocktail of muddled sugar and bitters.

The type of sea creature Nemo was.

Expert who shows visitors around a museum.

Indicated by a compass, e.g. north, south.

Miniature carved or sculpted figurine.

Wealthy founder of Microsoft.

Outdoor labyrinth with walls made from shrubbery.

Puzzle 20

A physical conflict between two armies.

The Nike logo is known as this.

Heated and turned to liquid, e.g. butter or cheese.

The innermost self and ego.

The capital of England.

Precious good luck charm that offers protection.

A shell-less crab on the lookout for a new home.

Effect caused by dropping a stone in water.

Doomed, hexed.

Opposite of foe.

Gandalf, Merlin, Neville.

Canadian boy singer known for haircut, tattoos.

A container or cup to hold; a boat or ship.

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