CodyCross Trick or Treat Pack answers

Trick or Treat PackTrick or Treat

Here are the answers to CodyCross Trick or Treat Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Actor known for playing Venom.

Holey bowl used for draining pasta.

Airport safety area of guards and metal detectors.

Spice used in sweet, gooey buns or rolls.

Type of plates that exist below the earth's crust.

Wild beast that comes out when there's a full moon.

Indian religion, said to be the world's oldest.

A folded sheet of paper used for advertising.

Feline enemy of Batman.

Fake teeth, can be fangs.

Messaging app whose logo is a green speech bubble.

Popeye the sailor man's love.

Puzzle 2

Dress up as these with pointy hats and cauldrons.

A small saltwater fish and pizza topping.

Brave female protagonist, like Jane Eyre.

Daniel Day-Lewis portrayed this president on film.

Spectacle lens combining two different strengths.

The kind of stone that gathers no moss.

Shape of the huge glass structure at the Louvre.

Jack-o'-__, a lit pumpkin with carved face.

Rock type formed by cooled magma.

These Boys sang Fight For Your Right, Sabotage.

Puzzle 3

Pam __, Jim Halpert's future wife on The Office.

Sleeping spot that doubles as a sofa.

British word for what North Americans call candy.

Round pebble used in road surfacing.

Squishy thinking organs made from marshmallows.

This could be Ionic, Doric or Corinthian.

Rocky, the boxer's surname.

Not changing the oil will kill this in the car.

The astrological sign represented by two fish.

Stand-up and improv are forms of this.

Musical duo Linda and Cecil, sang Teardrops.

It's the first M in New York's MOMA gallery.

Pygmy chimpanzee from West Africa.

Charles Dickens' 1838 novel, __ Twist.

An Indian, triangular pastry with potato filling.

Puzzle 4

The study of android and cyborg technology.

Safe places for homeless animals.

To leave something in an incorrect location.

Author of Gone With the Wind, Margaret __.

Making chicken noises.

Put up paper bats and lanterns for Halloween.

It was his idea to breach Troy in a giant horse.

Artificial lenses for Halloween eye effects.

A journey of a __ miles begins with a single step.

Clover-based symbol of Ireland.

Comic hero based in the city of Metropolis.

He played Benjamin Button and Joe Black.

Led Zeppelin sang about these steps to heaven.

They are alive with the sound of music.

New __, space probe that visited Pluto in 2015.

Long, thin loaf of French bread.

Puzzle 5

Cloth over the eyes for spooky party games.

Dutch artist who painted Belshazzar's Feast.

The Star Trek character played by William Shatner.

Wall instrument for measuring atmospheric pressure.

Morbid fear of animals.

Bassist for alternative rock band REM.

Black-and-white grid contrived by a cruciverbalist.

Name of Snoopy's bird best friend.

The monarch with the golden touch.

Live video streaming app owned by Twitter.

Passages contained in the Bible.

High-speed current of air over the Earth.

Disconcerting, putting one on edge.

Model star of America's Next Top Model.

Puzzle 6

The green birthstone associated with May.

Wax sticks to put in pumpkins.

A powerful and sudden desire for a certain food.

Mostly, most of the time.

Precious metal (Rh) used in catalytic converters.

Make louder.

Hair-__, making hair stand on end.

A calendar and agenda combined to schedule.

Canadian province with the postal abbreviation AB.

14-line poems by Shakespeare or Petrarch.

Nationality of Bjorn Borg and Greta Garbo.

David Blaine is known for these.

Puzzle 7

Antagonist of The Incredibles.

Costume put on to avoid recognition.

Part of a chicken's skeleton pulled for good luck.

Austrian city served by WA Mozart Airport.

Triple-headed guard dog of Greek legend.

A shrub or tree that grows in coastal saline water.

Board and pieces, including rook, for classic game.

Fleetwood Mac song about a woman taken by the wind.

The Hindu god Ganesh is depicted as this animal.

Open, not secured with a key.

The __ Horseman, character in Sleepy Hollow legend.

Puzzle 8

This latches a belt.

Frights, sudden spooky happenings.

The Middle Eastern country where Petra is found.

Time flies when you're __ fun.

Krueger's first name in the Elm Street series.

The salt content of food; chemical symbol Na.

Simple toy that can be a hand, sock or marionette.

The leg bone next to the tibia.

Watson's detective partner.

__ in still water, 1970 Grateful Dead song.

Reptiles with scaly skin that sheds.

First name of Friend who married Chandler.

Apple service for buying and downloading shows.

Puzzle 9

The study of the microscopic structure of tissue.

Long luxury vehicle.

Ocean where you'll find Cuba and Jamaica.

Will Smith plays a scientist who survives a plague.

Have a party to mark an event like Halloween.

Comic book series: The League of Extraordinary __.

Name of Napoleon's first wife, empress.

A ferocious predatory ray-finned fish.

Expensive French sparkling wine.

Cemetery; setting for some Halloween movies.

To publicly promote a product, job, or event.

Zodiac sign represented as a goat, Dec.-Jan..

Wimbledon tennis champion every year 1976-1980.

In Tennessee Williams' play Laura has a Glass one.

Puzzle 10

Volcanic island off the coast of Naples.

Ancient Greek god of the Sun.

Whistler painted a famous portrait of his.

Genre of movie popular at Halloween.

Sharp pole for cooking meat on.

Margaery and Olenna's house in Game of Thrones.

They're properly known as the Academy Awards.

Basic working cell of the brain.

Big __, constellation that's part of Ursa Major.

Mary Lennox finds this garden in book of same name.

Toothy animal that builds dams.

Cruise line whose fleet includes the Odin.

Sinister and spooky.

Roxette urges people to do this with their hearts.

Puzzle 11

The brass instrument played by Louis Armstrong.

Naughty mythical creature that breaks computers.

Spewer of lava.

First book of the Old Testament.

Russian author of War and Peace.

Title word describing Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man.

Japanese food heating device used at restaurants.

Simple saccharide also known as blood sugar.

The X-Men hero named after a one-eyed creature.

Cut-out that paint is applied to transfer an image.

Many kids dress as these male witches at Halloween.

Irish spirit said to scream and warn of death.

It's the city in Sex and the City.

Asian cat breed with blue eyes, dark face and paws.

Puzzle 12

Segment of pronunciation for a single sound.

Superman's journalist girlfriend.

Fried bread circle coated in sugar, with a hole.

The country known for its Highlands and Loch Ness.

Tawny, distant relative of black and white giant.

1977 sci-fi movie, first of a nine-part franchise.

He played Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thrones.

When the clock strikes 12 after Halloween.

Spookiest phase in the lunar calendar.

Rodent who sleeps through the Mad Hatter's party.

"Stay With Me" UK singer.

Parallel __; alternate reality.

Puzzle 13

To use fabric and stuffing to cover furniture.

She was Galadriel in the Lord of the Rings.

The data transfer rate of a network.

Caught __, apprehended while committing a crime.

American writer of A Farewell to Arms.

Nighttime lunar glow.

Glass home for a pet turtle.

__ Talks song by Neon Trees.

Yellow bloom Vincent van Gogh enjoyed painting.

Timber weathered by the ocean and washed ashore.

Cacao treat given to children on All Hallow's Eve.

Puzzle 14

Sign used in tweets and Instagram posts.

The bone located in the front of the knee.

A standing one involves heavy applause.

Adele's Oscar-winning Bond theme.

Harmful hex with a powerful stare.

Dutch artist who painted a famous Starry Night.

Ethereal, enchanting.

Toasted cube of bread on a salad.

Japanese venue of 1972 Winter Olympics.

Australian entertainment group for children.

A spotted big cat but not a cheetah or jaguar.

Weightlifting supporter.

Lunar indentations caused by meteorite strikes.

Puzzle 15

Controlled by an evil ghost.

__ Four, superhero group who battle Dr Doom.

A person who studies chemistry, physics or biology.

Edgar Allan Poe's The __ Letter.

He sings Starboy, Blinding Lights and The Hills.

He co-founded Apple with Steve Wozniak.

Film industry in India.

One raised patch of skin, happens when frightened.

Babylonian ruler, writer of a code of laws.

Nemo is this type sea creature.

Puzzle 16

To pull a plant from the ground.

Sets of multiple music notes played together.

Geographical name given to a floating kitchen unit.

Fancy beef cut: filet __.

Vocabulary specific to a job or group exclusively.

A loose ad in a magazine.

A seed that comes from the same place as Big Bird.

Act of putting someone in an underground tomb.

Italian city where Marco Polo was born.

If this weekday falls on the 13th, it's unlucky.

Disney's Sleeping Beauty's real name.

An apple a day keeps this person away.

One of Four Horsemen, leaves people hungry.

The removal of tissue or cells for examination.

Puzzle 17

Vacant dolls used by ventriloquists.

Wise saying; one of many found in the Bible.

Cheese- or meat-filled pasta squares.

Ben from Zoolander, Tropic Thunder.

Ancient Roman goddess of wisdom and warfare.

Beauty __, a pulchritudinous competition.

Day of __, Mexican celebration around Halloween.

Body part behind an insect's thorax.

A song sung to get someone to go to sleep.

One who helps sell homes.

Poor farmer in the Middle Ages.

Puzzle 18

These cutters have rounded tips for children.

Stopping permissions or access rights.

Video-game star Sonic is this animal.

Boiling, like a witch's brew.

Bright yellow powder used in Indian cookery.

Japan's largest active volcano.

Batman villain known for his white face paint.

Apple music device that replaced a mini version.

Bone in the upper chest, known as the collarbone.

A rock-like object that orbits the sun.

Netflix series about the British royal family.

Layers of cells removed by exfoliating.

The type of star you're told to make a wish on.

Unlucky number in many cultures.

Actor known for Goodfellas, My Cousin Vinny.

Puzzle 19

English playwright, author of The Alchemist.

Popular Owl City song from 2009.

Track and field contest with ten events.

Country said to be home to the legendary Bunyip.

A 1986 film based on Stephen King's The Body.

Toy lapdog from China, named after its capital.

Long pasta noodles commonly served with meatballs.

Terrifying dream.

The southern polar lights, aurora __.

Grave lawn decoration for Halloween.

Firm tissue found in ears.

Puzzle 20

Florence art gallery, it houses The Birth of Venus.

Familial sisters of authors in the 19th century.

Floating arrow on a computer screen.

Stinky Halloween pranking phrase, "Pull my __".

Carbohydrate found in potatoes, corn, and pretzels.

Friendly Ghost in cartoons and movies.

Surname of Kardashian matriarch Kris.

Country that celebrates Bastille Day on July 14.

A pendant that opens to reveal tiny photos.

Going for long walks in the countryside or woods.

Cypress Hill hit: __ in the Membrane.

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