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Here are the answers to CodyCross Tricky Spelling Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

An aged type of cheese similar to Swiss.

Infant sea monster, adopted son of Godzilla.

Bristly pig of Central and South America.

What walls stand on.

Prince Charming's friend in Cinderella.

Custom-made, or made-to-measure.

Fine art posters created using inkjet printers.

Strangely, very oddly.

Making points.

Relating to or containing water.

Thomas Hardy novel: Jude the __.

Puzzle 2

Eggy Victorian-era method of printing photographs.

Complex Hindu geometric figure, often made of sand.

Bacon sounds.

Woodlands music festival held in Dover, Delaware.

F1 team with whom Jackie Stewart won world titles.

Bittersweet liqueur infused with cascarilla bark.

Affair that could be Dangerous.

Beauty contest.

San Diego Comic-Con's first year was Nineteen __.

This Monopoly token speeds around the board.

Reach a goal, accomplish a challenge.

Puzzle 3

Meticulously complete, missing nothing.

Time system with respect to distant stars.

Illustrative mark added to the end of a chapter.

Ridged, ribbed textile for clothes.

Common name for animals of suborder Vermilingua.

A chess position where every available move is bad.

Type of stage where the audience is on two sides.

Intensify efforts.

Youth movement started by Lord Baden-Powell.

The adjustable one was one giant step for wrenches.

Puzzle 4

Official language of Maharashtra.

Michael, scientist who wrote on magnetic fields.

Damsel-in-distress in the video game Donkey Kong.

Borneo, Taiwan and Cyprus are these.

West African shirt also known as Kitenge.

Hanseatic avenue of warehouses in Bergen.

Red stalks cooked and eaten as fruit with custard.

To be fair, it should be blind.

Castrated court guards in Ancient China.

Nutrient absorbed by the body through a pill.

Iggy Pop's backing group.

Cupboard with decorative tin panels.

Puzzle 5

Musical about the Gospel of Matthew.

Speaking suddenly without thought.

Become pregnant or birth an idea.

Early spring bloom that grows wild in wooded areas.

A character's speech.

Sworn enemy of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Third Dashwood daughter after Marianne and Elinor.

Yellow, Dutch liqueur like eggnog.

Nickname for Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Hive-dwelling insect, also known as Apis mellifera.

Hazy, indistinct.

Puzzle 6

Fortune telling by the flight of birds.

Marine crustacean related to the woodlouse.

Jackson sister born before La Toya and Janet.

William, author of Neuromancer.

Say critical things about.

Public praise of acknowledgement.

Indian philosopher who founded a major religion.

Female children of your siblings.

Rankine, Celsius, Fahrenheit, Newton.

Old term for the past participle of bind.

Capital of the Chechen Republic.

App for making short lip-sync videos.

Puzzle 7

Ethiopian prime minister who won Nobel Peace Prize.

Xia, Ming, Song, and other great ones.

Charles II's horse, and the king's own nickname.

French sculptor who designed the Statue of Liberty.

Not paying attention, leaving things to go to ruin.

Like dopamine, molecule that makes one feel happy.

Fictitious name assumed by a writer.

The opposite of widdershins.

Hall or lobby also known as an arctic entry.

Government bodies that handle public complaints.

Puzzle 8

Laying a wink over the opposition's in Tiddlywinks.

Bill Anders' iconic 1968 snap taken in lunar orbit.

Cross-shaped arms in church construction.

Vague, sketchy, inaccurate.

Neck of a guitar, where fingers press the strings.

Cashew relative produced primarily in Iran.

French name of supportive women's undergarment.

Restaurant serving large cuts of meat.

Great ape whose name comes from its reddish coat.

Spaceport on Tatooine in the Star Wars universe.

Puzzle 9

Stripe of pleated lace used to decorate blouses.

Vast ancient ocean during the Mesozoic Era.

Artist born Emmanuel Radnitzky.

Kept something afloat.

Brother trapped in confectionery house.

Anxiety or nervousness, often screamed.

Fourteen lines in iambic pentameter.

First marine submersible to be used in combat.

Tropical flower painted by Georgia O'Keeffe.

Soft, tossed Chinese noodle dish.

Springfield's corrupt mayor.

Greek, mandolin-like instrument.

Shrewdness in business.

Puzzle 10

Archaic term meaning shortly afterwards.

Sheep crying.

Unrealistic, like a Cervantes character.

A musical composition inspired by the night.

Class of animals that mostly have eight legs.

Certain, no doubt.

The title given to the daughter of a tsar.

Roddy, played Cornelius in 1968 Planet of the Apes.

Field of biology dealing with complete sets of DNA.

Entirety of earth, our solar system, and beyond.

Small bird in the family Sturnidae.

Puzzle 11

Tiny, or a letter that isn't upper case.

Type of torch a welder uses.

English executioner, famous for botched killings.

Powder mixed with milk to make whipped cream.

The study of cells and tissues with a microscope.

Large lake providing water for nearby cities.

A shift that starts at midnight.

POTUS helicopter.

Mexican state that's also a dog.

Defensive walls made with wooden stakes.

In a manner without mirth.

Puzzle 12

An event such as a wedding or party.

Mathematical study of derivatives and integrals.

Sounding deep and resonant.

National epic poem of Finland.

Hard Italian cheese for grating on pasta.

Focus, aim at a target.

Place that provides a service.

London stage where Shakespeare works debuted.

Final Pokémon form of Abra with IQ of over 5,000.

Hungarian sheepdog known for its mop-like coat.

It cures what ails you.

Italian name for a dining room sideboard.

Puzzle 13

Type of flower used to produce saffron.

Keeper or trainer of elephants in South Asia.

Surprise! A contraction of God's wounds.

Playwright of The Pittsburgh Cycle.

You can have many up your sleeve.

Pulled by reindeer.

DJ's creative song introductions.

First lamb born of Dolly the Sheep.

Island site of giant Moai sculpted heads.

Feeling sore in the muscles after sport.

Happy, merry, jubilant.

Planet named after the god of agriculture.

Yiddish term for a person of integrity.

Puzzle 14

Current name of Western Poland's largest city.

In irritating blemish; a spoiled child.

Russian chess grandmaster Boris.

Stubbornly insistent on doing something.

Perfect example, held up for all to see.

Deposits used to make sure property taxes are paid.

Small bread from Lazio, Italy.

Long poem by Homer about Ulysses.

Not prepared.

It's trash.

The base of the hexadecimal numbering system.

Puzzle 15

Thin pathway for a funambulist to walk across.

Minty essential oil associated with hippies.

Area including Belize and Barbados.

Early settler in Alaska.

An inherent or natural feature of something.

Cut him out and do it yourself.

Needed, essential.

Comfortable for working, like a keyboard.

Sega's final home console from the late 90's.

French fever of the 19th C for art from Nippon.

Puzzle 16

Enigma Variation IX; an Old Testament patriarch.

Serious and formal.

A loud call made to signify a battle or fight.

Scottish Loch with bonny banks.

American physicist, produced the first laser.

1953 musical set in Baghdad.

Descend from a height using a rope.

Leather-worker who prepares animal skins.

Noisy bushland antelope of southern Africa.

Type of concertinaed bonnet of the 18th-19th C.

Picasso's cardboard maquette stringed instrument.

Turn to bone.


Number of faces on an icosahedron.

Puzzle 17

Annie sang about this day.

Shoe lifts do this to shorter people.

Opposite of westerly.

San __; Venice church with saintly relics.

Forceful, with strong feeling.

He famously painted his mother in Grey and Black.

Term of endearment or summer flower.

The Beatles led this British phenomenon.

Green vegetable or film producer Cubby.

Chemical added to toothpaste to fight cavities.

Glass created when volcanic lava cools.

Puzzle 18

Art style of Rembrandt and Vermeer.

The C in SCOBY when making Kombucha.

A bunch of breeding birds.

Legal arm of the Israeli government.

Spiky plant that's a Scottish symbol.

To split an atom in half; dividing into parts.

Shaped like an egg.

Roofed porch, an outdoor space attached to a house.

N Indian city, site of the Hussainabad clock tower.

Japanese puppet display with visible puppeteers.

Formican dirt pile.

Some famous ones include Merlin and Prospero.

Penalty carried out after losing a game.

Puzzle 19

The name of the cat who has a statue at the Savoy.

This 80's band doesn't kill anyone.

Tom, friend to Huckleberry Finn.

Star Trek's Mr. Spock was this species.

Russian peasant or tough guy.

Exchange particles for color force between quarks.

Castrate or spay an animal.

Leaf-like growth covering damp tree bark.

Psychological noun for the face you present.

Groups of musical notes played at the same time.

Teeth used for grinding up food.

Protein from cooked, fermented soybeans.

Fauns; tailed figures sculpted by Praxiteles.

Puzzle 20

Capital of Kentucky, burial site of Daniel Boone.

South African author of Cry, the Beloved Country.

Loki is known as this in Norse mythology.

One of two main parts of a sentence; has a verb.

Maze where you'd find Sarah and Hoggle.

Gone in sixty seconds.

At first.

A split into two for contrast of both parts.

Inciting rebellion against the government.

Shuttlecock sport.

Keyboardist of The Zombies, who held his head up.

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