CodyCross Turtles and Tortoises Pack answers

Turtles and Tortoises PackTurtles and Tortoises

Here are the answers to CodyCross Turtles and Tortoises Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

__ Park, English Midlands home of rock music.

Author whose Discworld is carried by a turtle.

Downward dog or camel are examples of these.

The ability to communicate mentally.

Trading pathway between China and Europe.

The letter S in Morse Code.

Stinging tentacled creatures eaten by sea turtles.

Douglas, Hollywood silent movie actor from 1915 on.

The Bible has an old and a new one.

Evaluation of an employee's work performance.

Puzzle 2

Long-barreled firearm developed in the 1400s.

Marine swamp habitat popular with sea turtles.

Nutella tastes of this.

This sparks a reaction.

Luggage dragged behind you on wheels.

Lamp heated by a jet of burning fuel.

Poorly written poetry lacking good rhythm.

Negative thing that ruins a good mood or event.

To take money dishonestly from a business.

Religion in which the turtle Akupara features.

Puzzle 3

A candle-holder attached to a wall.

Catlover's nickname for a tortoiseshell-tabby cat.

Decorated in a bloom pattern, perfect for tea cups.

Partner of Consent in an Allen Drury novel.

A knitted hat with a ball on it is a __ hat.

Precious metal with excellent conductivity.

Curving downwards, like a snapping turtle's bill.

Greek island with famous ancient Colossus.

A yolk boiled somewhere between hard and runny.

Lyrical; also describes appropriate justice.

US presidents Jackson and Johnson.

Puzzle 4

Plain __; making smooth progress.

Fibrous protein from which turtle shells are made.

Ancient site of the Hanging Garden.

Duchess of Cornwall, married to Charles.

Gathering of old friends, e.g. ex-classmates.

Craving, yearning.

The __ of Mercy, named after a Leonard Cohen song.

Correct amounts of medicine.

German city with twin-spired cathedral.

Henri, French painter of Bathers with a Turtle.

Puzzle 5

Flared fabric to add flounce to a shirt or dress.

Jennifer married to Ben Affleck, 2005-18.

Nationality of Victor Hugo and Marcel Proust.

Replenish supply when detergent or ink run out.

He gave the turtle its shell in some Greek myths.

Steamed, white Chinese roll with a filling.

The skin is this to a tattoo artist; can be blank.

Water __, record of how much a person drinks.

The largest state in the US, borders Canada.

Hammer used to strike balls in croquet.

Place of confinement for convicted felons.

Monty Python had a Flying one.

Actor Humphrey, in The Big Sleep and Casablanca.

Who to __, Twitter list of recommended accounts.

Arid home of many American tortoise species.

Carved wooden equines on a fairground carousel.

Puzzle 6

Nonsense, gibberish, empty words.

To plot a route or make your way through somewhere.

In Europe, snapping turtles are an __ species.

Yellow, Dutch liqueur like eggnog.

Item a conchologist studies.

President Franklin, actor Bratt.

Andersen character who slept fitfully on a pea.

Aardman's Creature __ featured Frank the tortoise.

A break in a bone.

Bad guys in comics.

A huge rock festival is held in this Danish city.

Puzzle 7

Kate who acted in The Holiday, The Reader.

Name of the tortoise in Beatrix Potter's tales.

Clever retort or witty comeback.

Trademarked sole for Dr. Martens boots and shoes.

The waterproofing gel used around a bathtub.

Irish stone that pilgrims queue to kiss.

South American country whose capital is Quito.

Work space used on a rota basis.

Sailing event of many races.

One of four in the human heart.

Brainstorming plan of creative ideas.

Roman troops made defensive "tortoises" using __.

Gulf of Thailand city with large beach resort.

Puzzle 8

Disadvantageous "must move" situation in chess.

Sea turtles navigate using the earth's __ field.

Buckle this up as the driver or passenger of a car.

Fitness exercises that stimulate breathing rates.

Think up an idea.

Black rock used for arrow points in the Stone Age.

A likeness of a suspected criminal.

Marine turtles have these instead of hind feet.

Hats, caps, helmets, bonnets.

Alcoholic drink before a meal.

Puzzle 9

A collection of sentences around an idea.

Model who wed both Mick Jagger and Rupert Murdoch.

Audio narration on top of a movie's action.

Greek writer allegedly killed by dropped tortoise.

__ sling, cocktail associated with Raffles Hotel.

2001 Grammy-winning single by U2.

Short break during an on-stage performance.

Comic servant role in Italian commedia dell'arte.

Yearly financial statement to the authorities.

Night-active, like most snapping turtle species.

Puzzle 10

Turtle species named for its rubbery carapace.

The Toronto Telegram was a __ from 1876 to 1971.

Someone's words written down verbatim.

A painting that captures open countryside.

UK statesman whose wife was named Clementine.

Garry, comic who voiced a turtle in Over the Hedge.

Citizens of an island nation north of Cuba.

Musician's device that marks time with a tick.

White wine grape also known as Grauburgunder.

Standing on one leg with other up in ballet.

Puzzle 11

Process for choosing those in public office.

Subject of da Vinci's master work of the same name.

African tortoise whose name means "pathwalker".

__ ring, Irish band with clasping hands motif.

US independent film festival held in Utah.

Illuminated backlit container used in photography.

Toxic evergreen shrub, flower of Hiroshima.

The overall leader of a stage production.

Chopin's first name.

Throwing a ball by tossing from the waist up.

Easily cleaned coating for pots and pans.

Patty and Selma are twin sisters in The __.

Patient with memory loss.

Like water in a turtle's slightly salty habitat.

Script for Uralic and Slavic languages.

Wealthy rascal, cad.

Jewish festival commemorating the exodus.

Puzzle 12

What sponges do when placed in liquids.

Evolutionist known for his work on giant tortoises.

Hitchcock film about murderer Norman Bates.

Head bones, craniums.

Arthur, playwright of The Crucible.

Workers' rights associations.

Running order of a meeting.

Olivia, Oscar-winning star of TV's The Crown.

Turtle named for its habit of slipping into water.

Moves Like __, rockstar namecheck hit for Maroon 5.

Gadget first released in 2007, found in pockets.

Toy that makes noise, made for babies to hold.

Puzzle 13

Cleopatra's partner in Shakespeare's play.

Handmaid's Tale protagonist who lived in Gilead.

Archaic word for a soul; elf.

Positive, optimistic.

Edward, English physician and vaccination pioneer.

Simple flour and water mix used to make pancakes.

1980s comic book series, Teenage __ Ninja Turtles.

Beam that supports a wall or door.

Henry, played Superman in Man of Steel.

To sell products abroad.

Capital of Austria.

The rare Kemp's ridley turtle breeds in this gulf.

Thomas __, English composer of cathedral music.

Reddish brown shade of hair.

Spend these in Cameroon, but no longer in France.

Communist symbol alongside a hammer.

Aircraft without a motor.

Puzzle 14

Abundant, copious.

This tortoise has striking triangular markings.

A hidden design exposed when held up to the light.

The crime of illegally coercing money from someone.

British Record Industry Trusts Show accolade.

Descendants of ancient Mesopotamian empire.

A plant-eating creature, like adult green turtles.

Opaque blue, brown-veined gem used in beadwork.

Ghost actress who was once married to Bruce Willis.

Wiltshire plain on which Stonehenge stands.

Puzzle 15

Stories from an oral tradition.

Spanish-speaking country closest to Guyana.

Plucking the strings of an instrument.

American reptile named for its sealable shell.

Repairs damaged paint.

Rapunzel's animal sidekick in Tangled.

Rent collectors.

Not needing oxygen to survive.

To sleep through winter, as some tortoises do.

Fast, flashy, four-wheeled vehicle.

First female Doctor Who, Jodie.

Highest-value domino in a standard set.

Puzzle 16

Pointy teeth also known as cuspids.

Steve Rogers, aka Marvel Comics hero Captain __.

Barack Obama's middle name.

A case that comes to court for a second time.

American tortoise named for its vibrant underbelly.

Venetian watercraft for romantic tourists.

__ realism: fabulist art style.

Jew who weds a non-Jew in The Merchant of Venice.

Rolled-up chocolate cake served at Christmas.

True understanding of another's feelings.

They're used to dust fine material from relics.

North America desert, home to an endemic tortoise.

Give guidance to someone through talking therapy.

Puzzle 17

American tortoise species named after a rodent.

Reveal or expose.

Cavity in the body.

Capital of North Macedonia.

These are used to switch between record decks.

Ned, actor who voiced Mayor Tortoise John in Rango.

Penal __; settlement for exiled prisoners.

Legendary island called the Isle of Apples.

Imitation for comic effect.

Geri Halliwell's Spice Girl name.

Protein often added to laundry detergent.

Puzzle 18

Spotty African tortoise named after a big cat.

Old, like decorations passed through generations.

Painter who spent the end of his life in Tahiti.

Agave beverages similar to tequilas.

__ Moscow, football team plays in red and white.

NATO's headquarters are in this country.

Woman that someone is engaged to.

Indian Ocean atoll home to 100,000 giant tortoises.

Temporary sleeping arrangement in a tent.

Medical term for fainting.

__ sale; less public auction house listing.

What once was a comic is now this type of novel.

Stringed instrument native to Hawaii.

Bertie, employer of Jeeves.

Puzzle 19

US state where Suwannee turtles are found.

St Luke the Evangelist, the patron saint of __.

Mounted nobles from the Middle Ages.

Beached, stuck like a ship in shallow water.

Andean country where Amboró National Park lies.

Freshwater turtle named for its poultry-like meat.

Riding whitewater waves in an inflatable craft.

Wall-mounted framework for climbing plants.

Nicholas Sparks book __ in a Bottle.

When all else fails, you can appeal to this court.

Former currency of Greece before the euro.

Anna, Vogue editor famed for her sunglasses, bob.

Puzzle 20

A complete thought in writing.

She played the main role in Sister Act.

New York's second-largest borough.

Yann Martel novel about a young man and a big cat.

Turtles use these ocean movements to migrate.

Job one is dedicated to, career.

Height above sea or ground level.

Starchier banana relative often served fried.

Desert where Botswana's serrated tortoise is found.

A river, stream or canal.

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