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Here are the answers to CodyCross TV Classics Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

__ bar; suspension component to prevent swaying.

Type of moss that compacts to form peat.

Part of a rugby pitch with most space.

Made immobile due to frozen conditions.

The __, mobster who spends time with his shrink.

__ World starring Chris Pratt.

Substances that oxidize others.

Store at the airport without tariffs.

New York police procedural show with 12 seasons.

With firm determination.

How much can you lift.

Big-name, Pepsi-competitor drink.

__, where the wind comes sweepin' down the plain.

Puzzle 2

Swiss hotelier opened a hotel in Paris in 1898.

Inlet of the Irish Sea near Ireland's capital.

Swedish TV sleuth played by Kenneth Branagh.

State of quality, what shape something is in.

Mustachioed dandy fought crime in this 70s series.

Small dustpan and brush for tabletops.

Napoleon's first wife's first name.

The __, David Bowie song recorded in 1972.

Swimming stroke named after flying insect.

A promise to give or grant something.

Clumsy and awkward, especially with hands.

Holiday where you use your own transport.

__ Park, home to WW2 Codebreakers in the UK.

Drink to me only with __: Ben Jonson.

Puzzle 3

The boards around the base of a room's walls.

Nothing between two runners at the finishing line.

British TV's detective show set in Jersey.

Benazir Bhutto: assassinated Prime Minister of __.

Our Father, who art in Heaven, __ be Thy name.

Mark left by an animal's foot.

Assembles information.

Making a whistling sound while breathing.

__ mind; suddenly remember.

Jessica __, amateur sleuth of Murder, She Wrote.

Relating to the weather conditions.

Exchange from larger to smaller.

Quiff-sporting fan of 1950s rock and roll.

__ crossbones, emblem on a Jolly Roger flag.

Prawns with their black filaments removed.

Puzzle 4

Girls who pull the morning pint from cows.

Dining place setting for a bread roll.

Converted carbs to alcohol, brewed.

"The Truth is Out There" sci-fi TV series.

Frank Gallagher led his dysfunctional TV clan.

La __; Spanish royal residence of isle of Majorca.

Many and various jarring sounds.

Red-brick uni attended by astronaut Helen Sharman.

Large glass flagons used for making wine.

Jack London's epic 1906 wolf dog tale.

Painting entirely in shades of brown.

Locomotive expert.

Point on underside of cowboy boot.

Strength of will, resilience, stamina.

Streamer that flies from a knight's lance.

Puzzle 5

Describes an itchy, prickly cough.

Former Manchester United footballer, Wayne.

A major banking center, Switzerland's largest city.

__ King, Steve McQueen handle in The Great Escape.

Dipped in liquid.

__ and Butt-Head, sniggering cartoon characters.

Lofts, roof spaces.

Make a careless mistake.

Baby __, the first generation born after WW2.

What Jesus rode on into Jerusalem, on Palm Sunday.

Jukebox musical __ Boys.

Hired a cottage.

Jacques __, ex French president, 1995-2007.


The Faerie __; epic poem by Edmund Spenser.

Serial killer who works for the Miami police.

Puzzle 6

Style of sunglasses with large lenses.

Become discoloured.

Nationality of someone from Malta.

Cherry dessert.

Egyptian burial ground with Step Pyramid.

Lacking any contents; just emptiness.

Guillotines someone.

Singer Tom Jones' signature song: It's Not __.

Northern Irish golfer Rory __.

Instagram is an example of a social __.

Pardoned, excused.

Strangely, oddly.

Wife of both Laius and their son Oedipus.

Big __, reality TV show that incarcerates its cast.

Dennis Weaver's cowboy who patrolled NY's streets.

Ramp to move boats into water.

Puzzle 7

Game-__, something new or transformatory.

Crush out of existence.

Ground meat encased in skin.

Six companions, coffee shop and catchy theme tune.

A publicizer such as for a record label.

African river explored by David Livingstone.

Flammable mixture also known as shellite/white gas.

Don't __ until you've tried it.

American bison species.

Garden structure.

Puzzle 8

The __ Line, high-seas drama with stirring tunes.

Very smart person.

They __ Kenny!.

The Double __: A Men at War Novel, by Griffin.

Indian name for okra or ladies' fingers.

Bud, comedy partner of Lou Costello in the 1940s.

Fault for two bad serves in tennis.

70s martial arts show with David Carradine.

"Out of the __ pan into the fire".

Egyptian god of the underworld.

Puzzle 9

Hounding or putting pressure on someone.

Lambs __ as they jump around in a field.

Long green salad fruit, mistaken for a veg.

Band of __, "Easy" Company's missions in WW2.

Bright and warming light and rays.

Forward mail to a new address.

__ engine, steam-powered vehicle with big wheel.

Dirk __; German NBA power forward.

Fastened, secured a garment.

__ Watson, known as MJ; Spidey's love interest.

Shiny, spotless, unspoiled.

Name given to residents of Buenos Aires.

Supporter of a king.

Skilled person who joins metal objects together.

Men __ Badly, politically incorrect TV comedy.

Airline with minimal luxury, lacking flounces.

Eyes __; 1999 Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman film.

Nourishing substance that encourages growth.

Roman __, Christian church that celebrates Easter.

The A in NATO, the mutual defence organization.

Puzzle 10

Game of __, bloody civil war complete with dragons.

Reply, get back to, react.

Alternate word for "snake" appearing in Genesis.

Tuneful and pleasant.

Star of the film "Gigi": Louis __.

Luncheon of the __ Party, Renoir painting.

Raincoat detective as played by Peter Falk.

Small shiny piece of metal to decorate clothing.

The stalk that joins a leaf to a stem.

Play by J. M. Synge: The Playboy of the __ World.

Period of time taken off between school and uni.

Capital of Thailand, also known as Krung Thep.

Sheet that shows assets/liabilities of a business.

Boundary ropes.

Type of restaurant that serves tacos and tortillas.

"Three __ and you're out".

Hotel __, associated with creatives such as Warhol.

Puzzle 11

Decade of Live Aid.

__ of Calais, Rodin's bronze six figures.

Meringue/cream dessert shares name with a cheese.

Strip that seals a gap between double doors.

To gain the superiority.

Accidents and emergencies at a TV's Holby hospital.

Kit and __ means the whole lot.

British show featuring relationships of 3 couples.

Name of Ireland in classical times.

Japanese topknot hairstyle for men.

__ Mansion, haunted house in the Big Easy.

German economist who wrote Das Kapital.

Prince Charles' royal title: Duke of __.


Puzzle 12

Ioannis __, Greek hardliner became a dictator.

Round-the-world boat sailed by Robin Knox-Johnston.

TV show about policing/drugs in Baltimore.

Colourful bedding plants with velvety petals.

Merry Christmas in Spanish: "Feliz __".

How the world ends according to Eliot, with a __.

Rhythmic speech song style.

Road and rail bridge linking Sweden and Denmark.

Obstinately opinionated.

__ Abbey, TV series focuses on the Crawley family.

Darcey __, English ballerina of the Royal Ballet.

Puzzle 13

Music with jazz, banjos, and harmonious vocals.

The League of __ mixes eccentrics and dark humour.

"Happiness is a __", quote by Peanuts' Schulz.

Proves; bears witness.

Newborn baby blood spot screening test.

London street and a metonym for UK civil service.

Furthest from the centre.

Hard everyday word for daily starting with "q".

Mockumentary in Slough with David Brent.

US word for "skirting" in UK, it runs around a room.

Architecture style known as Portuguese late Gothic.

Large grey bird of prey found in the Arctic.

Clerk, notary.

Government-owned forest in Luxembourg.

Another name for Sleeping Beauty princess Aurora.

Puzzle 14

Mount __ featuring four US presidents.

The __, Patrick "No6" McGoohan held in Portmeirion.

Judas' surname.

Held ball touches ground, then pushed by foot.

Sulky, ill-tempered, child-like.

Downward trips.


Matt Groening animation set in 31st century NY.

Container in which to keep your loaves fresh.

__ a dead horse, persisting with a futile situation.

Next to a body of water.

Popeye's girl.

Puzzle 15

Main country where the play Macbeth takes place.

Klaxons for bad weather.

__ Girl, Michael Jackson hit with West Africa link.

Ensemble comedy with Jerry, Elaine, Cosmo, George.

Underwater bladed vegetation used in matting.

British actor who played Henry VIII: Rex __.

A parcel not yet broached.

Type of cuisine that offers sushi.

High-jumping technique before the Fosbury Flop.

Absolutely __, Edina and Patsy as fashion victims.

The Compact __, Penelope Pitstop's feline car.

Street illumination in Victorian London.

Almost vomiting.

Card game where scoring involves moving pegs.

Twisted together.

Richard __, cover artist for the White Album.

Puzzle 16

Hammer __ means to go at something with vigour.

TV's mercenary bunch of misfits for hire.

Passeig __, grand shopping street in Barcelona.

Edge of __, labyrinthine thriller starred Bob Peck.

Smokey Robinson 1970 hit; The Tears __.

British Prime Minister in 1868 and 1874-80.

Usually eaten with a drink; cookies in the US.

Picture, watercolor, covered canvas.

Henry Fielding's narrative about a foundling.

Driven back, anagram of preludes.

Most humorous or comical.

Name given to residents of Rio de Janeiro.

Separates legally from someone.

Releases, exudes.

Dido, queen of __ in Purcell opera.

Twisted ligaments.

Kick in rugby that scores three points.

Putting a leather rope on a dog.

Puzzle 17

Cheech and Chong smuggle a van.

Great grandmother of Prince Harry, Elizabeth __.

British TV classic for 60 years with nautical motif.

Rhyming expression meaning fine, alright, aye, yup.

Criticise, reprimand, scold.

Freddy __, difficult-to-say tequila and orange mix.

Low platforms outside entrances to homes.

__ wheel, firework in memory of a martyred saint.

Sedimentary rock type from which Uluru is made.

The World __ to Garp, a novel by John Irving.

The __: TV show with Ozzy, Sharon, Jack and Kelly.

Warmth French Republican month.

Puzzle 18

Flower color changes with different fertilizers.

To cut a __ short; get to the point.

Accommodation with all the meals thrown in.

Surgical cuts.

Major battle victory for Henry V.

A Rush of Blood __; 2002 Coldplay album.

Tech items like fitness trackers, smartwatches.

Battlestar __, sci-fi TV with Cylons as baddies.

A common flavour of chewing gum.

With a yearning craving.

Fashion brand with playing card symbol as its logo.

City location of John and Yoko's first Bed-In.

Animation about a nuclear family and a talking dog.

Tool for finding the exact vertical of a surface.

The San Antonio Spurs' Dallas-based NBA rivals.

Puzzle 19

__ and cream, drink and indulgent accompaniment.

The __ Family, spooky clan headed by Gomez.

Anarchic kids' TV show with phantom flan flinger.

Kick a ball back without it touching the ground.

Relating to the coldest time of the year.

Tree associated with Buddha's enlightenment.

Smacks roughly.

She's as bright as a __.

Blankets scattered over sofas for effect/warmth.

Struck seed like a chicken.

Forty-__, seekers of gold in the American West.

Conclusion, the end.

Puzzle 20

Idle incessant chatter.

Instructed pupils in sport.

Compartments in a chest for socks, etc..

Charming and pretty; or you __, you lose some.

Street where an A bomb is found said the Jam.

Running away from, escaping.

Zuppa __, trifle-like dessert in honour of Nelson.

Hard-hitting drama set in WW2 POW camp castle.

Kevin __, who danced with wolves.

Buffy the __ Slayer, or the Chosen One.

Hand reader.

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