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Here are the answers to CodyCross TV Journalists Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Basketball players need a lot of this.

Synthetic fluffy material in vivid colors.

Making cost gains on purchases.

Dick __, 2000s US vice president.

Tennessee Williams' Streetcar.

Each one has an equal and opposite reaction.

Former name of formal capital of Vietnam.

Humphrey who starred in Casablanca.

Alternative to Hell.

Intellectual property title granting sole rights.

Parts of a PowerPoint presentation.

Hall and Oates lost this feeling.

Running spikes or cycling shoe protrusions.

First name of US news host Stephanopoulos.

State of protection that often comes "first".

Type of bowling.

Cylinders on which thread is wound.

__ roll, aviation trick of a sideways revolution.

Tagliatelle, cannelloni, and pappardelle.

Writing credit in a newspaper.

Common division found in poetry.

Describes animals with sharp canine teeth.

Puzzle 2

Legal defamatory speech.

Big number, probably of many, many billions.

Past the date when a baby is expected to be born.

Another name for sleeping linen.

Don't call me __, quote from the movie Airplane.

This master runs role-playing games for groups.

Savannah, co-anchor of Today.

Being there in the moment, not absent.

Variant of vermin, insult used by Yosemite Sam.

Rosie the __, bescarfed icon of WW2 women workers.

Gods, divine beings.

Herb that commonly tops pizza.

__ Is Your Love? Bee Gees hit covered by Take That.

A baby goose.

Puzzle 3

Large scale sign for advertising in public.

The C and the first N in TV's CNN.

Country with the world's largest Muslim population.

There were 13 of these in The Hunger Games.

Type of tree that keeps foliage, even in winter.

Founder of CNN.

Firearm accessories that suppress sound.

Steel cable car that transports you when skiing.

Air-powered keyboard, originated in Germany.

__, there is no try.

Tequila lime cocktail with orange liqueur.

Physical item in space; relating to heaven.

Folklore of a culture, often including gods.

In MS Excel, a page of cells in rows and columns.

Puzzle 4

Describes temperatures of less than freezing point.

The spice of life.

Quickly looking at something through a keyhole.

Small onion substitute.

Removes the bends and twists from a hose.

The first B in the BBC.

Clothes dangle on these in a closet.

Explosive theory of how the universe began.

Foam __, popcorn-like polystyrene parcel fillers.

Long bone between the elbow and shoulder.

1976 movie about the fictional channel UBS.

John __; acclaimed author of legal thrillers.

Puzzle 5

Plant with thistle-like flower, heart is cooked.

Queen of England when Shakespeare was born: __ I.

This device predicts weather by pressure changes.

Person whose name is on an envelope.

Last name of Keith, former MSNBC Countdown host.

YouTube and Netflix are __ services.

Not partial; major.

X-Men character played by Hugh Jackman.

A global news channel headquartered in Qatar.

Research done outside a laboratory.

Puzzle 6

Identification used to sign into a computer.

Secures one thing to another.

Ancient Greek mariners considered them a good omen.

Long brass instrument with a slide.

Tree that drops winged seeds.

Describes land next to a thoroughfare or highway.

Tricking out of money.

Chicken dinner leftovers make dreams come true.

ABC's Sunday politics program.

Boxing, martial arts are forms of this.

Spanish phrase meaning with meat.

Motto of US Marines, means always faithful.

HMRC and the CIA are examples of these.

War journalist who co-anchored Dateline in 2005.

High-pressure environment, breeding ground.

Puzzle 7

Last name of Wolf, host of The Situation Room.

Rice dish cooked in stock on the stove top.

Company producing diapers and baby wipes.

South American country whose capital is Sucre.

Winged messenger of the gods, also a planet.

When it's absolutely silent, you could hear a __.

Sliding storage containers, in chests.

First book of the Old Testament, story of creation.

Adele's hit is called Rolling in this.

Early drawings on cave walls.

__ Hills, California setting for the film Clueless.

People who give quotes for a news story.

Creator of the Mongolian Empire: __ Khan.

Puzzle 8

Sticky strips to catch winged kitchen bugs.

An emotional display, usually unexpected.

Last name of Chris, host of Hardball.

Entertainment venues with clowns and acrobats.

Period of the Mesozoic era; a movie dinosaur park.

Communications firm with Navigator web browser.

__ and Tobago, island country in the Caribbean.

Who Chuck Todd has met with since 2014.

Belief that instead of religion, people are key.

Something old, new, __, and blue.

Jargon used in law documents.

Puzzle 9

Numbing agent once used in dentistry.

Looked after, kept someone safe from harm.

Named after their Mexican origin, smallest dog.

A news story that only one journalist can break.

Website that measures Internet connection rate.

Emotional quick change.

__ state, nation ruled by a monarch.

Interview answers are often on it.

Muscle-loosening warm-up exercises.

A red, sweet, tart fruit that grows on bushes.

Puzzle 10

To be together at the same time is to be in this.

Touch fastening method for clothes and shoes.

"Good night, and good luck" journalist.

Young boy who befriends and helps E.T. get home.

The Color __, book by Alice Walker.

A group of suppliers working to keep prices high.

Clutch at these in times of desperation.

Computer sport players.

A room for TV production.

Musical opposite of staccato.

One under par in golf, like a cute sparrow.

Cutting the grass.

__ cake, light treat made from sugar, eggs, flour.

Puzzle 11

Digging machine that removes debris from holes.

Business TV network with billionaire name.

Gradual slopes at the bottom of a mountain range.

Catholic fighters in medieval religious wars.

Someone who takes care of honey makers.

Hire an external company to complete a task.

Associated Press publication of proper grammar.

Classic Will Ferrell comedy set in 1970s.

Small, sour hedgerow fruit that grows in the wild.

Game played with a shuttlecock.

What male deer have in their mouths.

Rule with a __; very strict, inflexible governance.

Puzzle 12

Swollen with air.

Person from Wales or England, for example.

A fold of skin that blinks.

A solution of salt and water, often used medically.

Top-ranked journalism school at Northwestern.

Escorts to cinema seats.

Creamy soup made with sherry and shellfish.

Ice skating movement or a knot: __ eight.

Facebook, etc.: __ Media.

Image or video that transitions a TV ad break.

Fish commonly eaten by grizzly bears.

The __ Bones by Alice Sebold.

She's the oldest daughter of Trump.

Off the __ track, remote, untouristy destination.

Puzzle 13

Lenin or Putin's first name.

This Olympic-eligible sport uses a Frisbee.

The endings of a sensory neuron form this.

Aaron Sorkin series about a cable network.

What the last two letters of YOLO mean.

This green fruit is 96% water.

Ideas can be run up this staff.

Wife of an Earl or Count.

Person who carries out good deeds for no reward.

One who delivers the news.

A person's initials designed as an emblem.

A sextant helps sailors do this.

Annual takings for a business.

Fertile __; cradle of civilization.

Eddie and his rock band.

Puzzle 14

Railroad taking people long distance in N. America.

Rough and __, boisterous games.

Hand tool for grasping and turning wires or pipes.

Emotional or physical tension.

The Talented Mr. __ with Jude Law.

Dry ingredients that live in a rack with herbs.

Full-screen TV news graphics.

Michelle Obama's __ was titled "Becoming".

Type of tooth also known as the third molar.

__ weather since my man and I ain't together.

Last name of NBC, CBS, ABC, and CNN anchor Katie.

A quick, short run.

The zodiac sign Sagittarius is symbolized by this.

Classic coat style worn by spies and private eyes.

The joining of many elements into one substance.

Puzzle 15

Not leaning one way or the other, in the middle.

Dog teeth.

Negotiates the price.

Practice of trying to turn other metals into gold.

Barbara, first female anchor of ABC Evening News.

Fancy black three-piece suits.

Channel that was "Fair and Balanced" until 2017.

Sweet sauce made with egg and cream.

Burnt by hot water.

Fab four of 1960s pop.

Written additions to a diary, for example.

Country where Bran Castle (Dracula's Castle) is.

Spanish sailing vessel from the 16th century.

Virtual reality games require you to wear this.

Puzzle 16

The golden ball that ended a game of quidditch.

Name of the second longest river in Asia.

Filming device.

To ship goods outside a country.

Milky coffees with an Italian name.

How grandpa says he's fine: __ fiddle.

Traditional Dutch flowers.

Host of Inside the Actor's Studio, James __.

Term for non-technical presenter roles in showbiz.

The main tune that is consistent throughout a song.

__ shoulder, debilitating stiff condition.

Women whose song lured sailors to their deaths.

With elaborate decorations.

Month named like the first Roman emperor.

Puzzle 17

NSAID drug that reduces fever and pain.

Film director of E.T. and Jaws.

The heart's job is to __ blood throughout the body.

A moist one helps clean up after messy meals.

Host of ABC World News Tonight since 2014.

William I or Mehmed II.

Novels rest here between readings.

Hafthor Björnson in 2018, compared to all others.

Kool & and The Gang's advice on good times.

Daily morning TV series on NBC.

German city that is the HQ of Volkswagen.

Time of youthful inexperience; the best of times.

Puzzle 18

Screw top with just one straight line.

MSNBC show hosted by Chris Matthews.

Genetic engineering can include doing this to RNA.

Snakes with poisonous bites are this.

Got the deal signed.

McDonald's breakfast sandwich.

Playing short golf shots to the green.

N Island city, major entry point into New Zealand.

Network security block that filters web content.

The curtain goes up at this point.

One of the neurotransmitters linked to happiness.

The belief that life is meaningless.

Michael Jackson's famous dance move.

Presenter of CNN Tonight since 2014.

__ sour sauce of sugar, vinegar, soy sauce, tomato.

Puzzle 19

Figures that are forecast for a business.

Beyoncé's world tour named for 2016 hit single.

Study of places on the map.

Anchor of Nightline from 1980 to 2005.

Video game control devices.

__ in snow, phrase that makes drifts sound cozy.

Airing of a program on many different outlets.

Dried strips of cow meat.

Scribner is the __ of Stephen King's novels.

Puzzle 20

What Jack becomes after all work and no play.

Statue of this god stands in Rome's Trevi Fountain.

Hot sauce brand named after this spicy pepper.

Need, want, necessitate.

TVs and insects share this physical attribute.

Large website advertisements.

Short term for a media conference.

High School Musical star Hudgens.

The day Mitch Album hung out with Morrie.

Large felines like tigers and leopards.

High castle rooms.

Wasted TV time where no one is talking.

Sportspeople who compete with an épée or foil.

Flat cast iron or metal pan used for frying.

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