CodyCross Under the Ground Pack answers

Under the Ground PackUnder the Ground

Here are the answers to CodyCross Under the Ground Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Messy, shabby, disheveled... maybe a beard?.

Wiping and cleansing a hard floor with water.

Comes into sight.

Program designed to gather emails from websites.

__ heaven, state of extreme happiness.

__ Fowl, protagonist who helps underground fairies.

The way that a grasshopper moves.

Milk processing plants.

Brits say "sweets", Americans say "__".

Bomb __, subterranean protective chamber.

Worship buildings for followers of Islam.

Puzzle 2

Surprise group dance in public.

Tune that alerts you to an incoming phone call.

Richmond is the capital of this US state.

Thai ginger-like root; two gals together?.

Timber from a conifer tree, not so tough.

A rescue craft used to save people at sea.

Trance state; you are getting sleepy....

Bottom level of a house, below street level.

Tooth caretaker professionals.

Puzzle 3

Stayed in a tent.

Cap of a Bic or Pilot writing instrument.

Italian fashion designer: Giorgio __.

Aniseed-tasting root veg with dill-like fronds.

Describes a mousetrap that is set with food.

Negative, critical people.

Officially forgive a guilty party.

Dig a passageway in the ground, like an animal.

Boundaries, caps; sometimes you push them.

Heart __; detour around a coronary artery blockage.

Puzzle 4

An obsessed person who follows another.

__ machine: money in, get snacks and drinks out.

Furry night-hunter with bandit face markings.

Expressed with a pen and not spoken.

The most far below ground.

Invoke, come up with, like a magician.

Choices or possibilities.

Comes after secondly.

Month when Martin Luther King day falls.

Another name for the devil.

Cold weather fabric, often checkered.

Time __, buried goods for future discovery.

Puzzle 5

Reduced to ragged strips, like paper for e.g..

One of Leo Tolstoy's novels: Anna __.

Lose one's __; not know where you are.

Starchy tubers, eaten baked, fried, boiled.

Decorated with a raised pattern.

Find your way out of this maize.

The Fox and __; Disney canine animation.

Piles of burning timber.

Canadian province to the west of Ontario.

Song written for the 2018 Super Bowl: "The __".

Sweeping dirt from the floor.

Prime __; elected leader of government.

1989 undersea thriller about deep ocean hole.

Puzzle 6

Mongoose that stands upright, aka suricate.

Leaving something submersed in water; super wet.

Happily, at Christmas.

Turned around on an axis.

Chinese tile game.

Repetitive Sinatra refrain about the Big Apple.

Method of teaching reading based on sounds.

Biggest European economy of the 21st century.

__ eating, finding solace in food.

__ well, water pit to drop lucky coins into.

Puzzle 7

__ around, comes around.

Trapped on a (dark purple?) island.

Where planes are driven from.

Those taking part in a moving protest.

Bright yellow root, powdered and used as spice.

Green marine vegetation; underwater lawns.

Secretes milk.

The level of wetness in the air.

Inspector, someone who marks test papers.

Emotional sensations.

Coal mining complex; with dogs like Lassie?.

Eddie __; lead guitarist with Jump! band.

The Texas __ Massacre, a cult horror movie.

Puzzle 8

Protective wheel coverings on a car.

Pairs of people.

Ant-like, wood-eating insect, lives in mounds.

Becoming a member of a gym.

Clothing marked with an indelible spot.

__ Boy, atomic superhero sidekick in The Simpsons.

__ Must Go On, Queen make sure the play continues.

Trench that's the deepest part of the ocean.

Wine __; sampling different beverages.

Plucked the brows.

Billy __, actor-comedian hosted the Oscars 9 times.

Puzzle 9

Name of a bird, or what you do after you chew.

Lewis, who wrote Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

Live comedy performed by one person and a mic.

Pulling up of invasive plant species from gardens.

Expensive fungus, rooted out by pigs.

Makes wider or larger.

Political territory ruled by an emir.

Having a short doze or a quick snooze.

__ League; top flight in English football.

Large pictures that are stuck on walls.

Puzzle 10

Bunches of flowers.

Covered a wound with a strip of material.

Professional who reviews buildings for soundness.

Cylinders carrying natural fuel underground.

Put in, anagram of resident.

Obstructing the path.

A heavy snowstorm.

__ Sin, Elton John song with Grammy nomination.

Busiest period of the day or year to travel.

Stretched before undertaking exercise.

Seasoned salted beef, carved thinly.

What Jack Horner stuck into a Christmas pie.

A likeness of a suspected criminal.

WWI soldiers' ditches.

Briefly halted 2017 ABC-TV show: Bachelor in __.

Puzzle 11

Crime __; where criminal acts took place.

Root vegetable that rabbits love.

Excessively, exceedingly; __ attached, maybe.

Aka groundnut; makes great "butter".

Star Wars __; Lucasfilm rebellious TV series.

Become less shallow.

Simple Simon met a __.

Ship in a __, an ornament that defies logic.

Wild dogs, might come out at a full moon.

Type of cough from deep in the lungs.

Puzzle 12

Buddies, pals, friends born around the same time.

The most carnal food, fleshiest.

Reaching the terminal.

Visually __; unable to see perfectly.

Illumination in a house.

Avengers: __ War, Marvel superhero movie.

Nocturnal, burrowing animal, first in dictionary.

Featuring in a film or TV show.

Clear-cut precious stones that are very hard.

An accurate attempt on goal in soccer is __.

Opposite of the state of beauty.

Sport in the Costner film Field of Dreams.

Cold weather apparel or people in hot weather.

__ Love of All, Whitney Houston's best love song!.

Religion that celebrates Dharma Day.

Don't mix __ with pleasure.

Puzzle 13

Creepy-crawly that ought to have 100 legs.

Period with no war or conflict.

Panel towed behind a boat, stand on and do tricks.

Gaping cut that may need suturing.

Having sworn to tell the truth in court.

Underwater boat.

Fruity drinks blended with milk or yogurt.

Official language of Iceland.

Form of American roots music; azure lawn?.

Strangeness, ridiculousness.

Estimation of how much a building is worth.

One-person peg game for the lonely.

Puzzle 14

Eric __, sang Runaway Train with Elton John.

Ancient bones found on a dig.

Prawns, pink crustaceans cooked on barbies.

Leather-processing plant.

Secret __, created by Lincoln just before he died.

Iron and stone device, uses shadows to tell time.

Retail __, shopping to make oneself feel better.

"__ of fire" means a difficult first experience.

Clap in unison.

Fuel pit that might gush.

Prayer cushion used during church services.

Second most widely spoken language in the world.

Puzzle 15

Slang nickname for an extremely idle person.

Deepest, hottest part of the Earth, not outer.

Wire __, tool that removes plastic cable sheathing.

Uplifting post-Easter holiday: Feast of the __.

Detailed, intricate, far from simple.

Wear this on your skin to protect against the rays.

Equipment used by lying-down surfers.

Staple that has had its husk and bran removed.

For attaching cloth diapers.

Made right.

Beater used for a percussion instrument.

Quote by Hitler: "Great liars are also great __".

Number of fatalities, e.g. in a war.

Submerged growth system supporting oaks etc..

Josie and the __, feline cartoon band.

Puzzle 16

__ steel, alloy with resistance to corrosion.

Yellow weed with strong root, clock-like flowers.

Be too strong for; overpower.

Number of stars in the Paramount Pictures logo.

James __, Mufasa in The Lion King.

Enigmas, conundrums.

The clock __ in Hickory Dickory Dock.

State where the Jack Daniel's Distillery is.

Hairy black and orange spider that burrows.

WTB meaning in sales lingo; desire to purchase.

Dance the __; on the dance floor all evening.

Name plaque on a door.

When the night has come... So darling, darling __.

Puzzle 17

Located a short distance away.

Romantic relationship with a married person.

__ Awards, ironic awards for death by own actions.

Spicy, fragrant root used in cakes or curries.

Sweeping brushes.

Meryl __, she voiced Mrs Fox in Fantastic Mr Fox.

Leader of Cuba for over a half-century: Fidel __.

Act of putting a body to rest underground.

__ squat or nothing.

Country with the largest expanse of inland water.

Word a photographer uses to get subjects to smile.

Puzzle 18

Entrance for passage through a fence, not the back.

Sunken sea vessel's ruins.

Don't look a __ in the mouth.

"Orange" ape indigenous to Borneo and Sumatra.

Inhabitants of the UK's capital city.

Making longer or spreading out; a deadline for eg.

On-the-bone meat from a young sheep.

Cemeteries below ground; Paris attraction.

A Swedish rock band or sweaters with an open front.

Sinking mud covered with a mini beach?.

Puzzle 19

RMS __, ocean liner that hit an iceberg and sank.

Mediterranean herb used on food like pizzas.

They keep boats in place with weight on a rope.

Heads __; outcome of a coin toss.

Spock actor__ Nimoy.

Subterrestrial prison in a fortress.

Japanese art of paper folding.

Money received when off work ill.

Shoes with no laces or buckles.

European country, first to appoint female MPs.

My Chemical __, alternative band.

Every four weeks.

__ pie, saccharine term of endearment.

Small white wild flowers with yellow middle.

Puzzle 20

Use it to carry sandwiches about.

Striped, burrowing rodent, a bit like a squirrel.

WWII ship; capital of North Dakota.

What Americans call a golf bunker.

Cancer that starts in the lymphocytes.

Abandon, take oneself out of a dangerous situation.

Leaders of sports teams or ships' crews.

Los Pollos __, Gus's workplace in Breaking Bad.

Kim __; won an Oscar for L.A. Confidential.

Westernmost of North America's Great Lakes.

These display colors in the sky when it rains.

Narrow, deep opening made when drilling for oil.

Large cushion for sleeping on.

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