CodyCross Universal Snacks Pack answers

Universal Snacks PackUniversal Snacks

Here are the answers to CodyCross Universal Snacks Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Cinephiles love them.

Special person to spend the rest of your life with.

Leather loop around a Scout or Guide's scarf.

This country gave the world ABBA and IKEA.

Pipe that collects rainwater from a roof.

The Smurfs' insufferable smart guy.

Blood-red gems; birthstone for July.

Chap, informal name for a person, often male.

Thin pancakes, sold on French street corners.

Basho, Japanese haiku poet.

Highly complex or intricate decorations.

Tuskegee soldiers of the 332nd Fighter Group.

Indian fritter of spiced vegetables in batter.

Uses dynamite to remove rocks.

Buy it, get money back later by proving purchase.

Long-legged wading birds of the wetlands.

Puzzle 2

Uzbek trading city on the ancient Silk Route.

This actress had several workout videos in the 80s.

Large ceramic cup used for morning beverage.

Notebook brand popularized by writer Bruce Chatwin.

Doctor Who companion played by Alex Kingston.

Gyoza and wontons are two examples.

In old films, this ground swallows people whole.

Short swords with curved blades from Asia.

Dried cow's meat strips preserved with salt.

Transport you can spend the night in.

A product made to protect an equine hoof.

Puzzle 3

Completed in a careless and hurried manner.

Italian meatballs, eaten as finger food.

Partridge, grouse etc, hunted for pleasure.

Required reading volume for an academic course.

Original name of dating app Tinder.

Motown quartet, sang Baby I Need Your Loving.

Plucked to create the perfect arches.

Symbolic greenery from a date tree.

Natasha who becomes Black Widow.

Greek dish of vine leaves stuffed with rice.

Drilled shaft for the extraction of petroleum.

Renouncing your own religion.

Puzzle 4

North African nation, setting of film Casablanca.

Asian sweet, hot, flat noodles with peanuts, eggs.

A sailing ship used from the 15th to 17th century.

Smaller relatives of stoats.

Jodie Foster won her first Oscar for The __.

Ballet practitioners.

Regeneration, rejuvenation, restoration.

Opener of a mythological box.

Deep-fried balls of ground chickpeas, spices.

A snort of disdain.

What the C in CIA stands for.

Puzzle 5

Japanese cylinder of rice with raw fish, seaweed.

Fire-breathing emblem on the flag of Wales.

The 1999 film starring Brad Pitt and Edward Norton.

Sweet thick drink made with ice cream.

South African bread loaf stuffed with meat stew.

Olympic medal-winning NBA All-Star point guard.

South African president 2009-18.

Base layer of paint applied to a wall.


The Shoshone woman who accompanied Lewis and Clark.

A home for Barbie, Ken and others like them.

Puzzle 6

Turkish city that was once Constantinople.

He's the father of Western Philosophy.

A business or bank outside of national boundaries.

Tools used for cooking, baking and eating.

Notes of a chord played in succession.

Pizza with tomato, garlic, oregano, no cheese.

Horse training sport.

The desolate desert planet from Star Wars.

TV skin care personality and her cosmetics brand.

How people see things when they agree.

This Philippines language is based on Tagalog.

Brown, clear soup from Japan, with seaweed, tofu.

Puzzle 7

What Angelina Jolie is in her 1995 thriller.

A strong divide caused by political differences.

Opposite of enemy; person you like.

Generic name for a Hoover, dust sucker.

Chinese duck with crisp skin, sliced for pancakes.

French-speaking province of Canada.

Traditional rigid bracelet worn by Indian women.

Well-known feline meme that's funny.

A group of ants who live together harmoniously.

Second king of Persia to invade Greece.

Exercise that copies the motion of using oars.

Seventh planet from sun or punchline to bad joke.

The Mayan goddess of the moon, love and medicine.

Peeling fruit that can be fried as fritters.

Puzzle 8

Participant in a battle.

Piractical insult likening one to a scabby hound.

Unpaid worker, typically for a charitable cause.

The masked antagonist from the Scream films.

Christmas pastry tarts with spiced fruit filling.

Rolled tortilla, cheese-stuffed then baked.

Blue underlined text clicked by users on a webpage.

Similar to a small woodwind instrument.

Verb form in history, like sat or ate.

Sapling from where Iscariot hanged himself.

Puzzle 9

Filaments twisted together to create a fabric.

Super sweet Turkish or Greek pastries with nuts.

Comes out from behind something.

Albums, EPs.

He discovered electromagnetic induction.

Red and gold superhero, alter ego of Tony Stark.

Medicine woman, Jane Seymour.

Iberian long doughnut snack, piped with ridges.

Herding dogs that nip the back of animals' feet.

Insult, humiliating remark.

1988 Banana Yoshimoto novel.

What the Titanic hit.

Hemisphere containing North and South America.

Puzzle 10

Sweet pastries from Denmark.

The opposite of guilty.

Massive extinct mammal with giant tusks.

A medication used to stimulate bowel movements.

Reciprocal of sine in trigonometry.

They have "killer" voices.

Bodies of water that made up China's boundaries.

Currywurst and bratwurst are these German snacks.

Cinderella had to be back home at this time.

Manny, NYT and WSJ crossword setter.

Puzzle 11

Make someone mad as heck.

Hand-held stick fireworks.

Battered hoop of vegetable with many layers.

The study of magical plants in the Wizarding World.

Minnesota Lynx WNBA player, nicknamed the Monster.

Creamy spaghetti sauce with cheese, bacon.

A galaxy; The daughter of Cepheus and Cassiopia.

Ship found commonly on the Mississippi.

Heavy construction equipment AKA power shovel.

Popular electronic dance song by Darude.

Puzzle 12

Fiery, ablaze.

Crazy in Love and Single Ladies singer.

Fried breakfast batter drizzled with maple syrup.

A 1980s action movie starring Willis as McClane.

Line that seems to separate the sea from earth.

Liquid escaping from a pipe.

Peruvian raw fish dish, cured in lemon or lime.

Most famous economic policy of FDR.

The luxury brand with Medusa's head as its logo.

Sore skin from overexposure to solar rays.

Justice-seeking Jack in Lee Child's books.

Male who inhabits a landmass engulfed by water.

String-knotting craft.

Puzzle 13

Culinary name for squid when cooked.

At the opposite end of the spectrum to ultraviolet.

A U-shaped ramp used in skateboarding.

Played Steve McGarrett in Hawaii Five-O.

A knight at the round table and Guinevere's lover.

Simple cubic performance space.


This is who gets the Best Picture Oscar statue.

Linen that is treated to make it waterproof.

Having the ability to swim independent of current.

Victorian novelist who invented the pillar box.

Person who has lent money.

Double-level bridge across Berlin's River Spree.

Bloodsucking insect that carries diseases.

Cooking banana, can be fried or bought as chips.

Swedish DJ Tim, better known by stage name Avicii.

Evergreen fruits from mixed-up conifers.

Puzzle 14

Iconic American street food sausage in a bun.

By mouth rather than through an injection.

Short four-legged marsupial native to Australia.

Casual suit jacket.

This Stewart is known for her decorating, cooking.

2012 Denzel Washington movie about a pilot.

Clouds are said to have a silver one.

Music associated with Louisiana Creoles.

Tree with long, draping branches, usually by water.

Absorbent sheets used after swimming.

Long-handled garden cutting tools.

Brazilian mini fried pie with filling.

His mother Malory runs their spy agency.

Cultural institution with exhibitions and displays.

A monstrous wolf from Norse mythology.

Puzzle 15

Shorten a book.

US president who declared "Ich bin ein Berliner".

According to them, All You Need Is Love.

City __, illuminating nickname given to Paris.

Polish dumplings filled with meat, cheese or fruit.

Acrobat or drinking glass.

Scaly-skinned animal group including snakes.

Movie genre featuring violent knife murders.

French finger food of miniature snacks for events.

Clothing material made from tanned animal hides.

The town where the Flintstones live.

Unit of measurement for digital data written as EB.

Lack of this hormone causes diabetes.

Puzzle 16

Filled tortilla rolls, can be eaten on the move.

Teenage detective from Neptune, California.

Tree species also known as the eastern larch.

Long, thin, Italian bread sticks for snacking on.

Garden artwork, figures, sculptures, busts, etc.

Unexpected contender in a sports match.

Stringed instrument played by Captain Corelli.

Sticks used to nudge elephants.

British coin formerly worth 1/120th of a pound.

Ledge around a boat that held firearms.

Astronomer who noticed gaps in the Asteroid Belt.

Checked someone's blood for diseases.

Trail-blazers, inventors.

Relaxed, laidback bloke.

Puzzle 17

Loud disturbing noise, din or rumpus.

Tedious, boring journey, from the Yiddish language.

Chocolate-chip, sweet and chewy but crisp snack.

Document kept until a promise has been fulfilled.

What Aussies call flip flops.

The stuff Lou Reed's Underground band was made of.

Patatas __, fried potatoes with hot tomato sauce.

National song played at Olympic medal ceremony.

1980s TV character with a Playhouse.

Like the feet of ducks and Portuguese water dogs.

The rabbit Walt Disney made before Mickey Mouse.

West Side Story's Jets faced off with this gang.

Invented the light bulb and the phonograph.

Puzzle 18

Tito or Jermaine or Janet.

Square, cotton handkerchief with a paisley design.

Bram Stoker's famous 1897 Gothic novel.

Time slipped away.

Necklace or string that holds work IDs.

Substance that causes immune responses.

Rolled grain eaten hot for breakfast.

Handfuls of puffed kernels served salty or sweet.

Screw-horned goat, national animal of Pakistan.

Little ones include Spanky, Buckwheat, and Alfalfa.

Nervously twist one's thumbs.

Southern English half-moon pasty filled with meat.

Puzzle 19

Joseph Heller's Catch-22 captain.

Architectural style with harsh lines and concrete.

Crescent-shaped French breakfast pastry.

Avocado dip from Mexico, great for a healthy snack.

Disney TV show with Zendaya as wannabe dancer.

Musical geniuses can do this after hearing a piece.

Descending stream of H2O in nature.

On maps, it appears as a curved, vertical line.

The British prime minister from 1940-1945.

Object known as the Space Stone in Marvel movies.

Puzzle 20

A group of cow, yak or bison.

Fast, deep dive.

Occurring in Spring.

Ke$ha hit; social app for sharing short videos.

French word for French fries, goes with pommes.

The joker in a medieval court.

Hawaiian shaman.

Woodland clearings.

1997 biographical drama with Jennifer Lopez.

Prosthetic lower limb of Long John Silver.

Growing from crescent to full moon.

Meat patty served in a bun.

Red skin splotches.

Low-cost lodging for people on a trip.

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