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Here are the answers to CodyCross Unsolved Mysteries Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Royal attendant or advisor.

Robert Picardo was this kind of Star Trek doctor.

Anna's love interest in the Frozen series.

The breathing orifice on the back of a dolphin.

__ Man, unidentified body found on Australian beach.

Singer Ellie, who sang Love Me Like You Do.

Raw marinated herring encircling a pickle.

Ocean in which the Bermuda Triangle is located.

Video game company that created Donkey Kong.

Toil excessively.

One of the tramps waiting for Godot with Estragon.

Paris, Brussels or Dublin stock exchange.

Name for early 20th century refrigerators.

Meadows associated with US Open tennis.

Invaders in H.G. Wells' The Time Machine.

Error in a contract that allows rules to be bent.

Puzzle 2

State in which classified Area 51 base is situated.

Messi the football player.

Rock-haunting sea monster in Greek mythology.

Cook bacon until the fat comes out of it.

Bodies of crafters, traders and artisans.

Roman name for the Isle of Wight.

Nora the master rom-com writer.

Last name of Ethel, star of Broadway's Gypsy.

Dark Sky __, 2015 album by Enya.

Alpine dress with wide skirt and tight waistband.

Blue, semi-precious stone: Lapis __.

Brags, gloats.

Point it at yourself during a Zoom meeting.

Peak on which Noah's Ark is said to have landed.

Elder brother of Blyton's Famous Five.

Interfere with evidence in a court case.

A temporary break common on TV shows.

Puzzle 3

Capable of being levied.

Large flower, daisy family, often cut for bunches.

Comedian Amy, played BoJack Horseman's agent.

Lead male spokesperson of a jury.

Spicy North African sausage.

Small black crow with gray neck feathers.

Iconic Dr. Martens boot brand.

Route taken by a destructive army.

Gets in the way.

Animal whose existence is disputed or unproven.

Das __, political and economic work by Karl Marx.

Type of shed in the title of a Graham Greene play.

Accidental loss of liquid, e.g. through a crack.

__ Tepe, mysterious complex unearthed in Turkey.

Eternal Flame band.

Puzzle 4

Glowered, glared.

A roll of food, e.g. meat or cake, often chocolate.

WW2 clothes lines made to rationing requirements.

Professional tennis circuit with global venues.

Dog that found the stolen 1966 World Cup trophy.

Keeping to a public identity, following an image.

Goaded, incited.

The long-term average of weather.

Jack, beat poet of French-Canadian ancestry.

Internet-famous rainbow-trailing feline.

Remove a member of the clergy from power.

Lost North American colony, founded in 1587.

Streaked, tawny colored animal fur.

Alfred Hitchcock's 1958 thriller.

Bob Marley's backing group.

Marked with splashes or streaks.

Second-largest city in Iran.

Puzzle 5

Passage between outer door and house interior.

The top part of a fraction.

Watery-sounding name linked to Area 51.

Band that gave us The Dark Side of the Moon.

Eddie Murphy's detective in Beverly Hills Cops.

A poem containing eight lines.

Jewish place of worship.

Matthew McConaughey's True Detective character.

Decorative metal piece worn on a shirt's neckband.

Players find answers on a grid in this puzzle app.

Fine tea sets are made of this.

Inca rock complex with intricate interlocking blocks.

In the __, receiving public attention.

Puzzle 6

Old-fashioned, tied neckband.

An open box for horses or cattle to feed from.

What Wendy sewed to Peter Pan's foot.

Nation where the Dyatlov Pass incident took place.

Come together, bring objects together.

First name of actor known as The Rock.

The capital city of Portugal.

Coding machine used by WWII Germany.

Chinese tech giant with red flower logo.

Acid known as aqua fortis.

Magdi __, Egyptian pioneer of heart surgery.

They can often be "fatales".

The medical name for the roof of the mouth.

Cast this wider; look further afield.

Advocacy groups often seek this by changes in law.

Norwegian island with baffling abandoned lifeboat.

Puzzle 7

Flying hooved "Devil" in Philadelphia folklore.

People with a common purpose or goal are this.

Matrix identifier scanned on parcels or tickets.

Anise-flavored bulb.

She starred in The Devil Wears Prada and Mamma Mia.

Sacred hymns of Zoroastrianism.

Deep bowl that soup is served from at the table.

Navigator Fred, who vanished with Amelia Earhart.

The two main forms of rugby are union, and this.

Water-dwelling mammals that live in a holt.

Like the second O in Google's logo.

Turkey's capital and second-largest city.

With Tae, she sings Girl In a Country Song.

Card game for four players, working as two pairs.

Detachment of troops given a specific duty.

Italian city Shakespeare's Two Gentlemen came from.

Puzzle 8

Vodka, coffee liqueur and Irish cream cocktail.

Implies, suggests.

Small torch-like device used for examining the ear.

Phantom objects seen in California skies in 1896.

Southern region of Belgium.

A writ order commanding a person to attend court.

Winston's cat on the TV show New Girl.

Bernardine, Booker-winner for Girl, Woman, Other.

1999 film starring Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz.

An aircraft's flight recording device.

__ ready; quickly made, not refined.

Downward dog or plank, for example.

Portable electric induction hob.

Go is played on a square grid of this many lines.

__ Cube, strange ancient object found in Austria.

Puzzle 9

Miniseries about Thomas Cromwell's rise to power.

Martha, travel writer and war journalist.

Already-married person who gets wed again.

Ventilator used in early 20th-century medicine.

2017 Thor movie starring Cate Blanchett.

Maine town linked to woodland alien abductions.

Sending business mail without stamps.

Wedding celebrations.

Wood-preserving substance painted on fences.

Rolling paper strips into shapes to glue on cards.

Former first lady of Argentina known as Evita.

__ spider, hairy tropical and aggressive arachnid.

Star that's a prestigious award for restaurants.

Final speed of a moving object, terminal this.

Central square of Athens.

Abandoned floating palace in Jaipur, India.

This rocker released I Won't Back Down in 1989.

Another name for sit-ups.

Defeat, triumph.

Game with plastic sticks and falling marbles.

Supporter of a political group or organization.

President of the French National Assembly in 1791.

Puzzle 10

Appearance of crucifixion wounds.

Material used to melt metals together.

Acting family with Lynn, Jemma and Vanessa.

A secondary, often selfish motive.

Exhausted, shattered.

Section of an orchestra the clarinet belongs to.

Prison in which the Man in the Iron Mask was held.

Style of riding breeches named for a town in India.

"Second City" of the Philippines.

The highest award given at Cannes Film Festival.

Puzzle 11

Enemy in the game Among Us.

Transfer of power from one party to another.

Nickname for Beethoven's Violin Sonata No. 9.

Font family.

Hot-smoked herring.

Modus __, a specific way of doing something.

Legendary island west of Straits of Gibraltar.

Russian Caucasus republic with capital at Grozny.

Era of time during which the dinosaurs lived.

To ditch something from an aircraft.

Indispensable kitchen tools.

Whinnying sound made by a horse.

Racing with boats.

California city in which Tesla HQ is based.

Searching a person.

Scotland Yard detective in Sherlock Holmes novels.

A recruit, someone who has joined the military.

Legendary "Flying" ghost ship that never docks.

__ the Magnificent, the tenth Ottoman sultan.

Mean Girls fashion rule, "On Wednesdays, we __".

Puzzle 12

Next score after 40-40 in a game of tennis.

Classic 1966 Beach Boys album.

Plate __, the theory explaining the Earth's crust.

Bring the masses under military control.

__ Vista; Florida site of Disney World Resort.

Limited to a small, select group.

Closely entwined.

Author who wrote Cosmos: A Personal Voyage series.

A mammal whose young hatch from eggs.

Greenery thought to have been worn by Adam and Eve.

She's the main narrator of Wuthering Heights.

Lowest-value UK coin, withdrawn in 1969.

Ship that found the deserted Mary Celeste.

Puzzle 13

__ of the Guard, the British monarch's bodyguards.

Stable attendants employed to look after horses.

US president who reported a UFO sighting in 1973.

Device that drains liquid through tubes.

Sound made by turbulent blood flow in the heart.

Chanson de __, heroic tale of Charlemagne's nephew.

Tiny sovereign state on the island of Borneo.

Departure from life, final exit.

Brothers who broke free from Alcatraz in 1962.

Decorative trim; the front of a person's hairline.

Actor Jon, father of Angelina Jolie.

Anime series that gave us a style of running.

Swollen, distended with fluid.

Canadian singer known for Constant Craving.

Winner of the Battle of the Boyne: William of this.

Cuisine in which some recipes call for "schmaltz".

Puzzle 14

Home city of Shakespeare's Merry Wives.

Buddhist pilgrimage site of Buddha's birth.

Red submarine in Tom Clancy novel and film.

Crime, wrongdoing.

Beaujolais wine drunk young, a flowery type.

Energetic mania in Strasbourg streets in 1518.

Auto raiser.

Parisian fashion house: Paco __.

Andhra, Arunachal, Himachal, Madhya and Uttar this.

Obsessed with fads.

Country noted for annual nativity pyramid displays.

To lose, in jeopardy.

Ms. Romanoff, also known as the Black Widow.

Apelike forest-dwelling Sasquatch.

Foot-operated lever, such as on a sewing machine.

Basic embroidery work often including the alphabet.

Laughing nickname for endangered African penguin.

Puzzle 15

Legendary West Virginia monster with glowing eyes.

Online forum or club, e.g..

Jack Antonoff's indie pop stage name.

Decision-making group in Communist rule.


The smallest skeletal muscle in humans.

Ornate Russian palace chamber looted in WWII.

Tomb Raider of movies and video games.

Cut of beef also known as filet mignon.

Salvatore brothers fought over this first love.

Computer button for exiting a process.

Scientific study of the Earth's water.

TV series with Timothy Olyphant as a US Marshal.

Puzzle 16

She starred in Grey's Anatomy before Killing Eve.

It is often over, in action movie one-liners.

Bowl with holes, found in the kitchen.

Endangered camels found in the Gobi desert.

Scenic Icelandic waterfall on Hvítá River.

Group of elements that includes chlorine.

The first grain one was built in 1843.

Clenched celebration exhibited by sportspeople.

Phantom marsupials reported in the US since 1899.

Velour fabric that feels like a small mammal's fur.

Japanese street food dish with stir-fried noodles.

A liquid poured out as a sacrifice to a deity.

Girl's name and a hit for Fleetwood Mac.

Voluntary, deliberate.

Pharyngeal tonsils.

End-of-the-world event, with unknown date.

The original number of US colonies that rebelled.

Population with generations of inherited wealth.

The person telling the story.

Puzzle 17

Animal that primarily eats grass.

Vast cloud of gas or dust seen in the night sky.

The part of the foot between the ball and ankle.

Swan princess in the ballet Swan Lake.

Grilled corn on the cobs popular in Mexico.

Interfere, poke one's nose in.

American golf tournament in June.

Title held by Japan's feudal military leaders.

Panxian __, Chinese cave with ancient remains.

The rest of Bullwinkle's name.

Flick through pages or to shuffle cards.

Boasted or bragged, like a cocky cockerel.

Missy Elliott's biggest chart hit talks to the DJ.

Men In Black investigator played by Will Smith.

Mountain gorilla conservationist Dian.

Literary technique arousing sadness, pity.

Puzzle 18

An organism that feeds on others for energy.

Little __, cute-sounding name for alien visitors.

South Pole explorer Roald.

Pills without active ingredients.

Finance, provide money for a project.

Trick someone, dupe them.

Milan region, known for sparkling wines.

Petula Clark song inviting people to go here.

Where Sandy and Danny are in Grease's first scene.

City full of lost gold in a South American rainforest.

Digital media entertainment website.

Ex-England and Tottenham football coach, Terry.

The cellular organelle that contains RNA.

Ancient trade route linking Europe to the Far East.

Feather adapted and used for writing.

Puzzle 19

Those higher than barons but lower than earls.

Introverted, unsocial, shy.

Secret encounter with alien kidnappers.

Californian heathland.

The scientist who developed the polio vaccine.

Fragrant oil used in joss sticks, beauty products.

Civil rights activist who started a bus boycott.

Taiwanese beverage with black tapioca balls.

Unexplained evaporating blobs found in forests.

Gerard the French actor in Green Card.

Puzzle 20

Part of the process for smoothing chocolate.

Ability to see beyond the horizon.

Head-hugging knitted hat, type of beanie.

The smallest country in the Horn of Africa.

Italian car company with a trident for a logo.

Metal worker's hammer with two heads.

Gradually wind down a service.

The cannibal played by Anthony Hopkins.

Ship on which Gosnold sailed to found Jamestown.

Bassoon + trombone =.

The study of cancer.

Westlife singer and I'm a Celebrity... winner.

Home to American football's Packers.

Paints not unlike oils.

Taking power by force.

Small cavity in the skin that a hair grows out of.

Mystically rise and appear to float above the ground.

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