CodyCross Unusual Hobbies Pack answers

Unusual Hobbies PackUnusual Hobbies

Here are the answers to CodyCross Unusual Hobbies Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

The roaring decade of flappers and Prohibition.

Name of Hamlet's mother in Shakespeare's play.

Obscures from view.

Swiss dish of scraped, melting cheese.

Oscar, Canadian jazz pianist and composer.

Chinese city that puts the S in HSBC.

Japanese art of paper cutting, rather than folding.

The 2016 Disney film about a rabbit police officer.

Novel that opens with the line "Call me Ishmael".

Training a bird of prey to hunt.

The most abundant element in the universe.

Puzzle 2

December's birthstone.

Extra-terrestrial species in Alien movies.

Emily, who played Dr. Temperance Brennan in Bones.

Person responsible for maintaining internet sites.

Picture notes collected by deltiologists.

Country event where folks move to folk music.

Day of Atonement in the Jewish faith.

Singer of Beer Never Broke My Heart.

Historical Chinese area, invaded by Japan in 1931.

Searching for discount codes and bargain buys.

Songbirds that gather in murmurations.

Puzzle 3

__ book, artwork made by shaping a book's pages.

Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote about this Letter.

Native city of Tupac Shakur and Tom Hanks.

Tawny shade of an animal's coat.

Second brightest star in the night sky.

Bladed knives collected by Angelina Jolie.

Glitter, sparkle, gleam.

Male demon that tempts sleeping women.

To show the Roman Empire's extent, he built a wall.

Type of plant remedy used to calm anxiety.

Spanish people used to spend them.

Depending on, having faith in.

Fortified wine from Sicily.

Puzzle 4

Country, alphabetically between Gabon and Georgia.

Jason who sings Tonight Looks Good On You.

Spring mushrooms with honeycomb appearance.

David Tennant, Matt Smith or Peter Capaldi.

What a conchologist collects.

Two-legged cross between a serpent and a dragon.

The name of the three-headed dog in Harry Potter.

Most popular type of bowling.

Relatively recent spiritual trends, like crystals.

Detest, hate.

Hotel kit with cotton pads, shower cap for guests.

Temperature scale that starts at absolute zero.

Learning to use a computer programming language.

A sculpture or model of a person.

Puzzle 5

The stone closest to the middle circle in curling.

Port __, oil capital of Nigeria.

Crown representatives in British India.

Repeated movements to strengthen abdominals.

Singer-songwriter of The Piano Has Been Drinking.

Trainee male stockman at an Australian ranch.

Cocktail making.

2020's entry in Brad Thor's Scot Harvath series.

Particle-physics research site near Chicago.

First name of the Thunderbirds' Lady.

Treasure on a GPS outdoor treasure hunt.

1987 movie about a group of teen vampires.

Puzzle 6

Drama skills lessons before a stage show.

Decorative winter ornament made by crafters.

Lord Byron called it the pearl of the Adriatic.

Gas mixture in poorly ventilated mines.

Study or collection of paper banknotes.

Australian bird, or Natalie Portman thriller.

English rock band name with gratuitous umlaut.

People who classify the ratings of films.

Largest Belgian fishing port, with fish market.

Chief, foremost, leading.

The time between conception and birth.

Puzzle 7

Chinese card game similar to Crazy Eights.

Paul Bettany plays this Marvel hero.

Place where bees are kept.

It connects a computer to another device.

Legendary king of the birds in Hinduism.

Person who copied books by hand.

Piece of wood left over from sawing.

This type of acid builds up during exercise.

__-Venezia Giulia, region in easternmost Italy.

A religious East Asian temple with curved roofs.

Chapeau securer.

Competitive __; contests for fast consumers.

Loose costume worn by a judoka.

Puzzle 8

French equivalent of the name Stephen.

Viggo Mortensen's Ranger of the North character.

Italian inventor known for his radio technology.

Risky performance art with swinging flames.

Temporary, stand-in.

Joking, teasing, clowning.

Swiss, nutty-sweet cheese with large holes.

Irish stick-and-ball game for men, like camogie.

Famous lamp maker.

A person from the capital city of Egypt.

Sculpting creations on a beach.

Kenny, artist famously linked to Footloose.

Puzzle 9

Philosopher who influenced de Chirico.

Berlin airport, crucial to the Berlin Airlift.

The art of candle-making.

Medicine used to relieve pain.

John, starred in A Quiet Place with Emily Blunt.

Material porous enough to let gas and liquid pass.

Intertidal zone on a beach.

She sings Meant to Be with Florida Georgia Line.

Being pulled across ice by a horse.

Sleepy place Cain was exiled to in the Bible.

TV show, Christine Baranski plays a lawyer, The __.

Puzzle 10

Style of gymnastic dance on roller shoes.

Popstar Shakira's country of birth.

A written work on a topic.

Memento, souvenir.

Trick-taking game played with a deck of 48 cards.

Riggs' partner in Lethal Weapon film series.

Tree with bracts of yellow flowers.

Netherlands-based publisher of scientific journals.

Enormous strain of avocado.

God or other supernatural being that is worshipped.

Viral infection causing painful blisters, rash.

Puzzle 11

A Streetcar Named Desire, Brando shouts this name.

Expressions that deliver moral guidelines.

Glass containing an impossibly placed ship.

Roman author, full name Publius Vergilius Maro.

Feeling nauseous or sick.

Famous singing siblings Donny and Marie.

Sea snails and their shells.

Google-sponsored space contest, from 2007-18.

Indian tabletop game with men and strikers.

The T in the medical abbreviation ENT.

Wearing a dress or cassock.

Spiky Asian fruit with distinctive smell.

Deceptive actions, like with a magician's hand.

Spanish region of first wife of Henry VIII.

Puzzle 12

Recording dialog again, for a film.

Evening gathering for amateur astronomers.

Erosion caused by rocks in running water.

Impudence, disrespect.

Someone who leads a marching band.

Traditional timber home in Southeast Asia.

British horror film set on Summerisle.

The tropical fruit on top of the Wimbledon trophy.

Geometric shape, potential Tetris screen clutterer.

Fire Drill Friday activist, in Grace and Frankie.

Form of abstract drawing with repeated patterns.

Puzzle 13

Biology branch about organisms and their habitat.

Novel, film about black maids in 1960s Mississippi.

Search term used on the internet.

Virtual exercise workout with a group of cyclists.

Following a life of prayer, fasting, abstinence.

__-do, brave, almost foolhardy deeds of courage.

A person who shoes a horse.

Stealing garden figures from other homes' lawns.

Waterproofed cotton fabric, e.g. fishing clothing.

Nottingham bike-builders, founded in the 1880s.

A tiny amount, a pinch.

Deceiving someone, especially out of their money.

Oscar winner for "The Rose Tattoo": Anna.

Puzzle 14

Troublesome person, term used by Yosemite Sam.

Social networking site for knitters.

Bugs collected by a coleopterist.

Chemistry between two people; a loud personality.

Bells ringing loudly from a tower.

His law is one of the basics of electromagnetism.

Belgian port, capital of Flanders.

Theron film based on the life of Aileen Wuornos.

Oscar Wilde wrote about The Importance of Being it.

Dictionary, a language or vocabulary listing.

Type of short-stemmed glass used for brandy.

Storm __, pursuing severe weather conditions.

Fairy queen in A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Small posy of flowers linked to medieval times.

Puzzle 15

Keyboard instrument powered by air.

Book where friends find hungry vines in Mexico.

Pro wrestler, starred in Bumblebee and Trainwreck.

Speedy piling of cups, one on top of the other.

One hundred __ equalled an Austrian schilling.

Formal jargon used by lawyers.

Fantasy universe designed in a role-playing game.

Was abundant, existed in large quantities.

Popular substance for temporary tattoos.

German doughnut with no hole.

Scientist Wilhelm who discovered X-rays.

Puzzle 16

University where Prince William met Kate Middleton.

Another name for pyrography or wood burning.

Willa Cather's 1918 masterpiece.

The printing press was an extremely important one.

Describes face-detection technology.

One Direction former member, partner of Gigi Hadid.

Enthusiast who records locomotive numbers.

Business management of product transport.

Stage musical that features the Turnblad family.

A triangular, trichromatic autumn sweet.

Lover of Clytemnestra, murderer of Agamemnon.

Puzzle 17

Fickle, liable to change one's mind.

Gathering and pleating of material.

Lunch meat named after an Italian city.

This Noah wrote a dictionary.

Creating intricate lacework from loops and knots.

Weapons used by the Grim Reaper.

How text and images appear on pages.

He was Seymour in Little Shop of Horrors, Rick.

Longest river flowing through only one country.

Rolling down a hillside in a see-through sphere.

TV series about Sergeant Joe Friday.

Vertical edge.

Puzzle 18

Volleyball hits after bumps and sets.

Model kits popular with fans of Japanese anime.

Murder-solver played by Nathan Fillion, Richard.

Stay out of sight, fly under the radar.

The front or street-facing side of a building.

Type of projection, like an out of body experience.

Minister ranked below a Catholic priest.

Throw dice again.

Edgar Degas famously painted these dancers.

The New York borough north of Manhattan.

Eleven play music in The Twelve Days of Christmas.

French egg-custard tart perhaps with cheese, ham.

Plant with jagged leaves covered in stinging hairs.

Trace element in food key to thyroid hormones.

The planet named after the Greek god of the sky.

Water __; classic Chinese novel by Shi Nai'an.

Puzzle 19

Manchester United and England striker Marcus.

Provoking people into online arguments.

1984 horror novel by Stephen Gallagher.

Trisha, singer of She's in Love with the Boy.

Small-scale model for a larger project.

White wine from Northern Spain and Portugal.

Strings that secure a tent in place.

Thai New Year festival.

Measuring devices that can grasp both ends.

Surname of US president William Henry.

Together at the same time.

Cement work visible between bricks.

He married Sophie Turner of Game of Thrones.

Film section of clips, anagram of megatons.

Puzzle 20

Solid mechanics word for wringing out a cloth.

Fitted in easily and smoothly.

Social dance style from the Dominican Republic.

Infantry of the Middle Ages who wield spiked poles.

Machine to smooth down ice in sporting rinks.

EU grouping concerned with atomic energy.

Country of playwright Brendan Behan.

The tall slender tower of a mosque.

English traditional ugly face-pulling contest.

Shortened or vestigial digit of an animal.

Seinfeld "silly" pasta.

South __; Zambian national park with lagoons.

Pharaoh found in the Valley of the Kings at Thebes.

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