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Unusual Jobs PackUnusual Jobs

Here are the answers to CodyCross Unusual Jobs Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Bringing goods in from another country.

"Holidays __" Coca Cola jingle.

Wife of King Charles II: __ of Braganza.

Made as good as can be.

Slab of personal cleaning product.

Greek who wrote the first history book.

Listen sympathetically.

Employed to view the small screen for a living.

John Candy and Macaulay Culkin family comedy.

Magician's __ helps with props and bunnies in hats.

Large brown seabird with white wing flashes.

Largest naval battle of WW2 in the Pacific Ocean.

Slow-paced outdoor water park ride.

Puzzle 2

Hotel worker who carries guests' luggage.

Improvised session/getting-together of musicians.

TV show with James Badge Dale, Jessica Collins.

Line on a map indicating areas of equal rainfall.

German sportscar brand with the Cayenne model.

Hooligan in bars.

Irish whiskey cream liqueur brand.

Deathly embarrass someone.

__ trainer, puts cetaceans through their paces.

With the highest temperature.

Swimming measurements up and down a pool.

Bill & Ted's Bogus __, a 1991 movie sequel.

__ movers, work to avoid another Titanic incident.

Puzzle 3

__ collector, removes dead animals from tarmac.

Male singing voice between tenor and bass.

Hump Day in French.

Swimming area that mimics the movement of the sea.

"Grand Historian" of ancient China.

Contentions, arguments.

Recommended "daily" number of fruits/vegetables.

Taking a chance in a card game.

Church of England, the __ Communion.

__ at the seams means overfull.

Political campaigning role held by Lincoln.

Walking in huge bouncy strides.

US 80's sitcom about the Conner family.

Shallow East Indian water spotted with reefs.

__ Act, legislation to award remuneration fairly.

Professional __, attend funerals to swell numbers.

Iceni queen who led Celts against the Romans.

Flowers in __; Virginia Andrews' 1979 thriller.

__ Line, marker on a ship indicates water depth.

Metric measurement units for area, not acres.

Puzzle 4

Indian lunchbox delivery riders.

Teaches felines tricks in a circus.

__ care, medical assistance in hospices.

Early animator, created a running horse film.

The underwater remains of a sunken boat.

DIY cleaning preparation for stripping paint.

Exhibiting treachery.

Consisting of many folios.

Top layers taken off jam during cooking process.

Tiny machines created by Hiro Hamada in Big Hero 6.

Sci-fi classic, Close Encounters of the __.

__ Land, Admiral's wife's region of Antarctica.

Barge; narrow sailing craft.

Puzzle 5

__ maker, makes salty and sweet snacks at movies.

Charles Stewart __, Irish nationalist of the 1880s.

Try to make a big impression.

French luxury hotel brand, owned by AccorHotels.

Met and embraced.

Chubby, tubby, Gund kawaii cartoon cat.

__ well, lucky water source, drop a coin in it.

Tonic water flavoring.

Live long and __, Spock's blessing on all.

Putting a ding in car bodywork.

Type of land ruled over by rulers such as Genghis.

Hawaiian volcano, erupted May 2018 on Big Island.

__ sexer, deft fingers sort male and female fowl.

Beat somebody easily, thrash them.

Powering up a wristwatch manually.

Mythical knot, anagram of adoring.

Kylie Minogue's perfume, launched in 2007.

Inflection in the voice.

Aircraft __, giant sea vessel for launching planes.

Puzzle 6

Not in tune.

Women who assist in childbirth.

__ dancers, performers with sticks, bells, hankies.

Takes as one's own child.

Person in a giant furry suit at a football match.

__ 7: Peter, Janet, Barbara, George, Jack et al..

Cooked until noisy, with a crust.

To like one thing more than another.

Chased down.

Not destroyed or ruined, in existence.

Catchphrase of Shaggy in Scooby Doo.

President of Egypt during the Six-Day War.

The size or magnitude of something.

Puzzle 7

Fitting in, feeling at home.

Triumphs over adversity.

Climbing down a rock face on a rope.

Cause drama.

American artist with large, scribbled works.

__ cleaner, operative in among great whites.

Stephane __, jazz violinist with Django Reinhardt.

DiCaprio's role in 1993 drama This Boy's Life.

Chevrolet's metallic-sounding pick-up truck.

__ had a steamboat, the steamboat had a bell.

A food that helps with the stomach's work.

Circus performer who ingests flames.

J.R.R. Tolkien character; anagram of "a red beret".

Puzzle 8

The __ News, E Annie Proulx's tale in Newfoundland.

Immature, young.

When nurses inject, inoculate, vaccinate.

Annual musical festival held in Mozart's home town.

Trophy __, carves the names of winners onto metal.

Swimmer's device to block nostrils.

Forename of the mother of Leonardo da Vinci.

Milk actor, once married to Madonna.

Overshadow, eclipse, be better than someone.

Turkey __ remove the birds' feathers for Christmas.

White wine grape from Germany, expressly the Mosel.

Puzzle 9

Author of the novel Ivanhoe: Sir __ Scott.

__ Brown, TV mentalist.

Desert illusion.

__ boots; sturdy walking shoes.

__ knot, fastener shares name with elderly female.

__ Pie, tiny sheep who screamed "It's the woluf".

Ancient Greek serfs.

Someone who communicates with the dead.

Short break Ferris Bueller had.

Water jug.

Breaks computer systems for a (legitimate) living.

Sushi of raw fish on rice.

Puzzle 10

Fred __, danced with sister Adele in his youth.

Cut the end off crisply.

Rat __, disposes of vermin in a humane way.

Looking up to the blue.


Shorthand term for a sportsman's hamstrings.

__ sweeps, removers of soot from flues.

At the mid-point.

Dr Denis __, Congo gynecologist, Nobel laureate.

Big spotted cat that runs very fast but can't roar.

Another name for the Moorish style.

Puzzle 11

Street marker showing direction of nearest village.

Windy, with strong gusts.

Region of Italy that includes Lake Como.

One who drives out evil spirits, eg Max von Sydow.

Person who breeds and trains hawks.

The __, Simba starred, Elton John sang.

With each other.

Cooking on a barbecue.

Alabaman school where Booker T Washington taught.

Cross __, parallel lines drawn to indicate shading.

Puzzle 12

Gilbert __ played Aladdin's Iago.

The cut of clothes, especially jackets and suits.

Jonathan and Charlotte __, American magicians.

Professionals who purse lips and make sounds.

Dan Harmon's show about college.

Crinkling up eyes to protect against the sun.

To seal a wound with heat or a laser.

Light sponge named after a heavenly being.

Laszlo Biro's writing pen.

Wizard bank in Harry Potter.

Site of major Turkish earthquake of 1903.

Most dirty or muddy; filthiest.

Members of Protestant order in Northern Ireland.

__ society, the wasteful disposing of items.

North American tree and fruits resembling cherries.

Drawing, drafting, outlining.

Bestowed, put on display.

__ Sound; festivals held in Barcelona and Porto.

Horse __, softly spoken psychiatrist for equines.

Puzzle 13

Herbal Italian liqueur in tall tapering bottle.

__-gown, garment worn at nighttime.

__ to Heaven, Led Zeppelin ascension song.

__ testers, they ensure beds are comfortable.

Westworld's Man in Black.

Channel Island famous for cattle and Victor Hugo.

Hungarian, led his country to exit the Warsaw Pact.

__ artist, crafts wooden totems with electric tool.

Surgically remove a limb, usually a leg.

Shines softly.

__ the doctor's daughter, from Happy Families.

Precious patch of green in urban landscape.

Puzzle 14

Talking fluently or incessantly.

__ artists, they shape inflatables into animals.

Hurt, injured.

Frederick __, former spy, wrote The Odessa File.

House in Menlove Ave where John Lennon was raised.

__ ball gazer, bescarfed lady who tells the future.

__ call, performers returning for adulation.

Holding back the force of your hits is __ punches.

Tchaikovsky's last opera.

Films that have been rerecorded or revamped.

Big Macs.

Puzzle 15

Where the German fleet was scuttled on Orkney.

Prince William's wife: Kate __.

Norwegian alpine plateau and fjord.

Musical where Barbra Streisand sings "People".

__ Venom F5; high-performance sports car.

NW Indian state with state capital of Jaipur.

Raft of the Medusa's artist.

Non-alcoholic beverage.

Stacking and storage for dinner platters.

Human __, rural job of deterring birds from fields.

People erased from existence in Orwell novel.

Shapes trees and hedges into artistic features.

Woolly nocturnal animals with long tail and tongue.

Authentic, absolute, genuine.

Language created by L L Zamenhof.

Deep Purple lead, JC on Jesus Christ Superstar LP.

Weight around the neck (not the albatross).

Competitor in combined skiing and shooting event.

Puzzle 16

Pather __, Indian film about Apu and Durga.

Feeling in response to something.

Where locks reach the forehead; men's can recede.

A W.O. in tennis, when your opponent doesn't show.

__ dresser, decorates Indian beasts for parties.

Spanish word for a young unmarried woman.

Ellie __, Lights and Love Me Like You Do singer.

In heraldry, ermine is stoat and vair is __.

Holiday when a cup of wine is poured for Elijah.

Carrie __, jazz-loving lead in Homeland TV series.

Cinema __, tickled the ivories at old movies.

Did a mouse impression.

Pro-independence forces in Vietnam.

At the __ hour, means to do something just in time.

A leafy green vegetable: anagram of "Leo cares".

Puzzle 17

Use superior authority to reject an argument.

Tie rope together right over left; left over right.

Kill someone by grabbing them around the throat.

Presidential end of the White House.

Trivial, petty, insignificant.

Enclosed passenger units attached to motorbikes.

__ Goes, Cole Porter's 1930s musical.

__ red rice, staple from southern France.

What Gollum was obsessed with.

80s music genre of OMD, Erasure, Depeche Mode etc..

Émilie de __, physicist, Voltaire's mistress.

__ Peaches; baseball team in A League of Their Own.

Unswervingly loyal.

Canadian cartoon series set in Storybook Village.

Someone born between January 20 and February 18.

__ Judy man, seaside entertainer with a swazzle.

1950s slicked-back hair that forms a seam at back.

__ House, where a wounded Lincoln was taken to.

__ pen cleaner, looks after nibs and barrels.

Largest city of the Faroe Islands.

State of semi-darkness.

Noble title, ranked above a baron.

Lost's Dr. Juliet Burke actress, Elizabeth __.

Puzzle 18

Bud __, straight man to comedian Lou Costello.

Victorian sewer scavenger looking for valuables.

Tough __, sludgy obstacle race.

Male picture playing cards also called Jacks.

Human __, stands immobile for public viewing.

Aussie city sees Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras festival.

The Song of the Earth composer Gustav __.

__-cooked noodles, first boiled then fried.

Georges Remi's cartoon reporter.

Obtain by threat.

Online network of user-submitted newsgroups.

Food storage room.

Puzzle 19

Long-necked safari animal.

Smashed a ship.

__ safety inspector, checks desert island trees.

Boris __, Russian tsar, hero of a play by Pushkin.

Attempt to hit a ball that misses, e.g. in golf.

Hello, my name is Inigo __.

City of S Spain associated with flamenco.

Crescent-shaped sand dune.

Head and shoulders photo taken on an arrest.

Thick, sweet, golden syrup.

Town in Northern Italy famous for violin making.

David __, Bradford-born painter of A Bigger Splash.

Wear unusually elaborate clothing.

__ drama, TV show that is a dressy period piece.

Hoops worn on the wrist.

Make less heavy, make paler.

Benny __, Top Cat's sidekick.

Early Russian satellite.

Lamp __, Victorian who illuminated the streets.

Puzzle 20

Jon __, American Crossword Puzzle Tournament champ.

The Queen of __ made some tarts.

Drinking infusion of herbs and plants.

__ Spice, the singer Geri Halliwell.

Mary Karr's second memoir.

Boy's name; anagram of Ronald.

Human __ pigs consent to drugs testing.

__ away! Remove blocks from a plane ready to taxi.

Pearl __, collect gems from the ocean floor.

Like a sheep's woolly coat.


Filled a suitcase.

Fifi __; purple skunk in Tiny Toon Adventures.

Ocean containing the Franz Josef Land archipelago.

Smooth, mirror-like.

Will __, he was Batman in The Lego Movie.

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