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Here are the answers to CodyCross Urban Legends Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Open source software operating system.

New Testament prophet, follower of Elijah.

__ mask, Jason's disguise in Friday the 13th.

Balep __, simple Tibetan bread made of tsampa.

Boris Becker's Swedish rival, Stefan __.

Drove locals from Lower Egypt in 17th century BCE.

Addams __ Values, film sequel.

Silver coinage used in Europe from 15th century.

Jungle swinger.


Puzzle 2

Birth nationality of Natalie Portman.

BMW cars and motorcycles.

Self-inflicted score.

Free, unoccupied time.

Feared, anticipated with horror.

Mystical and enchanting, using sorcery.

Result of outrageous action.

__ Cookie, Irish cream mixed drink.

Theft during unrest.

Polish, buff.

One Way __, star crossed lovers in Hong Kong.

Puzzle 3

Moses __, record-breaking Kenyan steeplechaser.

Famous San Francisco streetcars.

Good luck object.

Maori name for New Zealand.

Small Mogwai-evolved monsters with big ears.

Made to be moved.

Licorice flavored plant.

Hitchcock thriller about avian flocks attacking.

Alan Thicke appeared in the pilot of this series.

Make something into a liquid solution.

Crisis Hotline: __ Press 1, a documentary film.

Puzzle 4

Rock Around the Clock singer.

Undersize reproduction.

Fermented baked milk from Eastern Europe.

Jump The Keys.

Afonso __, king of Portugal, he fought the Moors.

Original name of Ian Fleming's Jamaica estate.

Slimy ghost goo.

Theater of __, Roman two-tiered open-air venue.

Pregnant woman who carries a child for another.

Variety of chrysoberyl, cat's eye.

Small, round Halloween nuts.

Chemistry laureate famous for studying hemoglobin.

Puzzle 5

Played on ice, usually with six players per team.

To take the bones out of a fish.

Bride's party.

Look out! Be careful!.

__berry, red, northern berry aka foxberry.

Waves formed by the planet's rotation.

Charles __, meaning hammer, Carolingian ruler.

Jean-Luc __, French director of À Bout de Souffle.

Dark __, ghostly novel by Michelle Paver.

Verb functioning as noun.

Tiered Japanese castle known as the White Heron.

Puzzle 6

Capital of the territory of New Caledonia.

__ Man, discovered during Zhoukoudian excavations.

Bart Simpsons' bully, comes from a bad family.

Sea of the Arctic Ocean, east of the Kara Sea.

Syrup producers.

Sons and __, DH Lawrence novel.

Jodie __, Clarice Starling in Silence of the Lambs.

Belgian inventor of internal combustion engine.

Spanish term for bullfighter.

Greek mythological queen, wife of King Priam.

Old term for boy, man, date, suitor.

Cocktail made for USA and USSR astronauts.

City in Spain where Picasso was born.

__ night, rhyming euphemism for Halloween.

Puzzle 7

Sweet pill, lozenge aka troche.

Indicative, revealing.

Natural, fossil resin similar to amber.

A threatening male supporter to a criminal boss.

Round __, musical drama, jazzman Dale Turner.

Court hearing, as in Kafka's ghost book.

Basal ganglia, hippocampus, olfactory bulb.

North Russian port city on the Kola Peninsula.

Gone, deceased.

Super-sized hill.

Puzzle 8

Nuclear war term for a million fatalities.

Neo noir film about California Water Wars.

Dave __, Comedy Central went MIA in 2005.

Small marsupial from Australia and New Guinea.

Area in Italy introduced silkworm.

French romantic painter & lithographer: Eugene __.

Writer of The Fault in Our Stars.

"The man in the __ suit is a spy": Paul Simon.

A __ Orange, violent Kubrick flick.

A source of income, via a bequest or gift.

Orangey-red gemstone, resembling the setting sun.

What the Beaufort Scale measures.

Avian mimic.

Excessive hair growth.

Puzzle 9

Swagman camped by a __ in "Waltzing Matilda".

Ancient times.

Businessman and third child of Donald and Ivana.

Equal parts lager, cider aka diesel.

Family members who have gone before you.

British smog.

The king in "The Madness of King George": Nigel __.

Octopus-like limbs, found on many monsters.

Country of Masters champion golfer Angel Cabrera.

The __, the Times newspaper's nickname.

Puzzle 10

Rest __, or RIP.

Alpes-__-Provence, French department in the south.

Large oceanic algae.

Meeting summaries.

__ Warburton, played David Puddy on Seinfeld.

Mallet and hoop activity.

Area of contentment, __ zone.

Jabba __, Star Wars criminal monster.

__ Galilei, Italian astronomer and physicist.

Canadian fries with gravy and cheese.

Thomas __, inventor of elastic.

80s rock hair style, overgrown afros.

Collection of organized documents or records.

Trembling, quivering, agitation.

Informal for "crazy".

Max Ernst's Surrealist mechanical elephant.

Romance with Audrey Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart.

Puzzle 11

Challenge to win ball off an opponent in football.

God of the Israelites.

Expression of surprise, from "God's wounds".

Bob for these fruits at Halloween parties.

Raised, brought up.

Yves __, luxury beauty house.

Early name for region in south-eastern Africa.

Juxtaposed voiceovers.

__ Copp, discovered and named calcitonin.

Meeting with a medium to try to contact the dead.

Puzzle 12

Amsterdam's airport, a central European hub.

Pool cleaner.

Bullish Navarre capital.

Bluffing; especially for children maybe.

Vampire Chronicles writer.

Particle accelerator for smashing atoms.


Variety of custards in Spanish.

Punishment following the trials of the Inquisition.

The internal bone structure of a human.

Arcade Fire's Awful Sound is also called Oh __.

Merciless slaying.

Puzzle 13

Alfred __, the "Master of Suspense".

Having three faces meeting at a point.

What the 24/7 Venice water buses are called.

Result of WWII rationing, spongy cocoa cake.

San __, medieval hill town near Florence.

Brain's ability to gain knowledge, understanding.

Imaginary ax play.

2015 Johnny Depp, Gwyneth Paltrow movie.

Feeding on bees, in the manner of certain birds.

British javelin world champ Fatima.

Fruit and oil producing plant.

Goblin-king maze movie starring David Bowie.

Sunset Boulevard song; a girl's name.

Painter from the pre-1800s.

Religious ceremony in extinct language.

Puzzle 14

Elastic latex substance.

Long John __, Treasure Island quartermaster.

__ Kalanick, Uber founder.

To give yourself or your ideas a shake.

Edible Japanese seaweed.

Zombies are this: not alive, but not quite gone.

Ash, god of the __ desert, west of Egypt.

Religious truths or beliefs.

Meet up app.

How are things in __ Morra? sang Petula Clark.

German artillery used in WWI: Big __.

Oil-rich country, with the falcon as national bird.

Shelley __, Wendy in The Shining.

Black __, humor from the macabre.

Swelling from an enlarged thyroid gland.

Muppet band – Dr Teeth and the Electric __.

Brown spotting of a book's papers.

Puzzle 15

Morticia and Gomez's son in the Addams Family.

Anxious, tense.

Gustav Klimt Golden Period art.

Dollar bill, to a carney.

British watch brand with Seksy and Xpose editions.

Wine from Sicily, usually fortified.

North African kingdom.

"All work and no play makes Jack (Torrance) a __".

Half-beast creature associated with cannibalism.

I live here.

Poison; __ and Old Lace.

Withdraw, flee.

Puzzle 16

A type of endive.

Gold medalist Duncan Goodhew's sport.

Fake blood __, pill-shaped scary outfit essentials.

First explorer to land on the South Pole: Roald __.

Bread made from grains allowed to germinate.

Auto glass.

Action of using an ax to cut wood (or heads off).

Suction equipment used in childbirth.

German prince who unified the German states.

Selfless concern for others.

Adjustable resistor, such as in a dimmer switch.

Anna __, 2012 film remake of a Tolstoy classic.

Puzzle 17

Good luck for sailors when they follow a ship.

Scientific study of humidity.

Tiny amount of something, from the Latin for spark.

Horror film franchise with a seasonal name.

Gianni __, FIFA president elected in 2016.

1945 musical about Iowa festival.

A literary murder-mystery.

World's largest island.

Appellation d'origine __, French certification.

Children's game in which you play doctor.

Heavenly, or in the sky.

It can modify a wine or a leader.

Puzzle 18

Swiss watch co; the national flag is in its logo.

Blue __, pineapple, Curacao tropical cocktail.

The largest and main island of Japan.

Steep-walled, bowl-shaped valley.

Naive and simplistic.

Princess Leia's rarely known last name.


Flying __, alien pottery.

Helena __ Carter, Corpse Bride.

Puzzle 19

First of the Old Testament patriarchs.

Hay fever is one example.

A corpse.

Next astrological sign after Libra.

Alpine sport conveyor.

Warsaw river.

Official government language of Ethiopia.

Pipes and leaks expert.

__ Myers, Halloween movie series main character.

Place where Pokemons are stored in the game.

Puzzle 20

Tina Fey's 30 Rock character.

Straightens curls.

Napoleon's final run-down residence: __ House.


__ Sea, northernmost point of Aegean Sea.

Picasso's mural depicting a Basque village bombing.

Margaret __, author of Gone with the Wind.

Condition where the skin loses pigment.

Asia Minor, the westernmost part of Asia; Turkey.

"Cruelly" created male soprano voice per Farinelli.

Of or relating to lobsters.

Outdoor flame feast.

Five hand-holding rhythmical performers by Matisse.

Where one who holds a grudge carries chips.

Practical joking and deception.

Fairy tale of tiny man who outwits thieves.

Jewish prayers of period leading to High Holy Days.

Famous comet passed the Earth in the early 1970s.

Lunar light.

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