CodyCross Uses for a Shoebox Pack answers

Uses for a Shoebox PackUses for a Shoebox

Here are the answers to CodyCross Uses for a Shoebox Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

The heart is one.

Liquid mixture used in pancakes.

Adjective for a mammoth, describes its skin cover.

Season when nature is reborn and animals return.

Artsy, creative.

Winnie the Pooh's bouncy friend.

Character from X-Men, can freeze anything near him.

Popular car racing in America.

A voice does this when yelling in a cave.

Follows frozen, TV and microwave.

Made a present of; gave away.

An offer of money for capturing a wild west bandit.

Clicking thumbs up to show approval of a post.

__ you glad I didn't say banana?.

Documents, pages, sheets; can be kept in a shoebox.

Movie genre of It and Saw.

Puzzle 2

Harder than paper, it makes a box.

If you get it all, you get the whole this.

Kid's game of skipping through chalk drawn squares.

Largest tree-grown fruit, known for meaty texture.

Tacking or darning with a thread.

Non-dairy substitute for butter.

Large construction vehicle that pushes dirt.

Shift into this to go extra fast.

Big-billed frenemy of Bugs Bunny.

Puzzle 3

Walt Disney's famous mouse, born in 1928.

Largest desert on earth, takes up 1/3 of Africa.

Arts and these; painting, card-making, knitting.

Stinky, small bulb for making tasty meals.

Dominant digit on the foot.

Three-legged camera stand.

Italian city on water with a network of canals.

Professor who is groundskeeper at Hogwarts.

Cartoon snowman with a song.

Different paths to get from point A to point B.

Room one pays to enter, figures out how to leave.

Flowers produce this base for honey, drink of gods.

Nail paint, can be stored in a shoebox.

Groups that represent workers' rights.

Began, as in a new day.

Puzzle 4

Young people who enjoy making things.

The kind of nonsense SpongeBob viewers wish for.

If you're not guilty you must be this.

Purple vegetable also called an aubergine.

Structure that uses breezes to power farming tasks.

Making small cuts with scissors.

Very large hotel named after a movie company.

There's no crying in this sport (movie reference).

Plan of timings for events.

This island has "buccaneers and buried gold".

When you can see 100% of the lunar surface.

This person referees or judges in sports games.

Puzzle 5

Cut-out card for drawing designs onto surfaces.

People on this list get coal for Christmas.

Smaller group of homes than a town.

Riddles to solve.

Musical insect with the ability to jump high.

This letter holder was alive in Blue's Clues.

What happened in the past.

Large jazz music group.

Mini people, perhaps Lego, to put in a diorama.

Disney film that featured A Whole New World.

They'll cripple computer performance.

Puzzle 6

Board game set in a world of living sweets.

A sprinkle of this helps Peter Pan fly.

A flash that comes before thunder.

Passed on to you by a previous generation.

Bits and pieces used in crafting.

Often transparent ocean floaters that can sting.

These happen, mishaps are no big deal.

Pasta often served with meatballs.

Stilettoes or platforms are these.

Type of ram used to knock down walls and gates.

Puzzle 7

Green veggie Popeye eats to gain strength.

Bone disease caused by lack of vitamin D.

Chilly island country that's popular with tourists.

Study of the human body.

Arranging things neatly.

Eight-limbed marine creature.

Tiny spheres of air in the water of a jacuzzi.

To determine a length or a distance, maybe.

Italian pasta dish layered with sauce and cheese.

Type of music player popular in 1950s diners.

Handheld bomb that one throws after pulling a pin.

Repeated design.

Puzzle 8

Electronic alternative to a piano.

Imaginative and good at art.

What you take when you accept responsibility.

Defunct celebrity gossip website abbreviated to HM.

Special price for a main, side and drink together.

If you're not a leader you're one of these.

What feminists want.

Scenes, exhibits.

Month US presidential elections are held.

In the Lion King, Mufasa falls into one.

Goldilocks stole this food from the 3 bears.

Puzzle 9

Turning that frown upside down.

Round shapes.

Bugs, little green aliens have this on their heads.

Not in real life but on the computer.

Hamper with presents in it.

Pretty blooms that make up a bouquet.

Burger King's signature item.

Eyelash-enhancing cosmetic.

Decorative tapes of material for crafting.

Making better with medicine.

Florida city where Walt Disney World is.

A private space above ground outside a hotel room.

Puzzle 10

A sweet, lickable candy you hold in your hand.

Billy Joel sang about this; peers can cause it.

Add, subtract, divide, or do this.

Arc de __, "triumphal" Paris military monument.

The Y in DIY.

Glistening aquatic carnivore that's been swimming.

__ buns; fruit rolls eaten on Good Friday.

Traffic stopper.

Answer to a problem, storage method.

At heart, not on the surface.

Puzzle 11

Flavored shaved ice, held in a pointed cup.

Another word for glue.

A very, very long run that ends with a medal.

The entire cosmos; all of matter and space.

Liable to break easily, fragile.

Looking at a solar eclipse can be this.

City-island on China's southern coast.

Frogs and newts; UK slang for stupid people.

Beethoven or Handel's job.

Power that is strong in Luke and Leia.

Thin wire in the middle of a light bulb.

Puzzle 12

Black stuff that's paired with salt.

Order given to a dog to walk beside its owner.

Rolling ones are moss free.

Exercises thrusting one leg forwards, knee bent.

Having a helpful purpose.

Cheek indentation.

Capital city of Spain, known for art and music.

Actor, governor known to say "I'll be back!".

Glass container for fruit conserves or jellies.

This enables an iPhone to unlock if you look at it.

Eat them between meals for energy.

Wooden storage boxes, once used for veggies.

Students might write one of these about a book.

Radiohead once sang, "But I'm a creep, I'm a __".

Puzzle 13

Pieces of sparkly material used for decoration.

What the nine ladies are doing at Christmas.

Michael Phelps' profession.

Type of children's play that mimics adult life.

This type of lens is a removable vision corrector.

The Trans-Siberian one offers epic train journeys.

Talking through your problems with a professional.

Red, chewy type of fish-shaped candy.

Information leaflet given to people free of charge.

A crease or fold in skin or fabric.

Hairy paint applicators.

Puzzle 14

Public enemy __, highly unpopular figure.

Unreal, pretend.

The opposite of something remembered.

Transport for those with health problems.

Deadly stinging insect that swarms.

Wake up late after catching too many z's.

Three words for the opening performer at a concert.

Album with blank pages for sticking things on.

Abbreviations include Liz and Lizzie.

Routine written labor involving forms or records.

Puzzle 15

Humans have opposable ones.

Drinking tubes, can be repurposed for art projects.

Wee Willie, who runs through the town.

Jars of sweet stuff made by bees.

Computer rodents.

Friend of Paris, daughter of Lionel: Nicole.

Action sport brand popular with skateboarders.

Gustave, who built a Paris tower.

Royal palace, make with a shoebox, toilet rolls.

Image that's the plan for how to decorate a room.

Coating that forms on teeth.

Game played at Wimbledon.

Louisa May, American author of Little Women.

A recently purchased automobile's special smell.

Bags used to protect the inside of trash bins.

Puzzle 16

Paper for covering presents or art projects.

Another word for dietary fiber.

Company that manufactures All Star sneakers.

Cold sphere Harry Potter throws at Draco.

Shape of the frame for placing balls in pool.

Jeremiah was one of these green hoppers.

__ be Thy name, Lord's Prayer line.

The answer-and-question game hosted by Alex Trebek.

Embellish something with paint and glitter.

Not acoustic.

Puzzle 17

Small, round orange fruit with a pit in the middle.

Design or image.

The Titanic ran into one.

Space where people put things for later use.

Tracking and killing of game animals.

Structures that span rivers.

Writing tools, can be erased.

Come up to room temperature for once-frozen food.

Little green person from outer space.

Receiving sounds with your ears.

Film and book genre with happily ever afters.

Little people who wobble, but don't fall down.

Gone __! Sign to tell folks you are absent.

Puzzle 18

Container that grasps things.

A fee, or what a battery needs.

Mr. McDonald; clown mascot of fast-food chain.

Insect with pincers, sounds like it can hear well.

Sports people who fight bouts in rings.

Stock units.

A man's formal outfit.

Largest city in Ireland.

To dance to jazz; dent carved into a flat surface.

__ Bell, Game Shakers main character.

Get the best of both of them; multiple advantages.

Hand in a sock or a doll on strings.

Scaly reptile with four legs and a tail.

Fried foods can leave this substance on fingers.

Puzzle 19

Using potatoes to put paint designs on cardboard.

The F in FKA, __ Known As.

The day before two days from today.

No shoes, no socks.

A laptop, desktop, or tablet, for example.

Exactly between a full moon and a new moon.

The art of using marionettes.

Taken over by too many bugs, e.g. termites.

Bart Simpson invites people to eat these.

Devote a piece of music to someone.

Not in the old way or fashion.

Puzzle 20

The only egg-laying mammal without spikes.

Flatter someone, with dairy spread maybe?.

Bird plumage, can be stuck onto art projects.

Taken into custody by police.

US word for sports shoes or trainers.

Arrivals on runways.

Punk rock band, albums Nimrod and American Idiot.

First letters of a name, often used on contracts.

Great Lakes state containing Detroit.

Rubber tube for washing cars or watering plants.

Round flat UK cakes with holes on the top.

Fallen branches gathered for setting alight.

Part of winter hat that folds over hearing organs.

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