CodyCross Valentine's Day Pack answers

Valentine's Day PackValentine's Day

Here are the answers to CodyCross Valentine's Day Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Play by Albee: Who's ____ of Virginia Woolfe?.

Stephen King's teenage character drenched in blood.

Green or black, small, savory fruits used for oil.

Moved smoothly, with no effort.

The Lost City publicized by Hiram Bingham: Machu _.

Bony fish that lures in prey with esca on its head.

Filled with shock or horror.

Old term for an admirer, potential boyfriend.

Reindeer whose name means "thunder" in German.

Knee-jerk, involuntary reaction.

Saggy like a cartoon dog.

Forename of poet Plath and suffragist Pankhurst.


Puzzle 2

Founder of WikiLeaks, Julian _____.

Your other half.

Literature of the opposing genre to fact-based.

Took pleasure in, delighted in.

Study of diseases and disorders of the ear.

French phrase meaning chic or "in fashion".

Seven of these short men worked as miners.

Gold or silver in bulk.

Gustave Klimt's golden image of a couple embracing.

One continent, as described by Alfred Wegener.

Sinatra's entourage.

__ Houston sang epic "I Will Always Love You".

Taxonomic rank between phylum and domain.

Removing the outer skin of fruit or vegetables.

Puzzle 3

Exonerated, declared free from blame.

Indicating something with your index finger.

Where you get off the highway.

Storage solution for organizing footwear.

Natural stimulant found in tea and coffee.

Shark with dark-edged fins.

Meg Ryan's partner in You've Got Mail.

Scientific study of fungi and fungal diseases.

Walking in step, like a military band.

Merrie __, cartoon series including Tweetie Pie.

Hitting the ball back and forth as a warm-up.

Villain in Much Ado About Nothing.

Form of art for which Osbert Lancaster was noted.

A stark contrast to weak and feeble.

Capital of Brazil, established in 1960.

Puzzle 4

Christopher __, the ninth Dr Who.

Cocoa-based treat given on Valentine's Day.

Violet-blue gem named after an African country.

Having a tendency to be quickly irritated.

Point on earth's surface above focus of earthquake.

Crossed the street illegally.

Shocking, horrendous, terrible.

Where Humpty Dumpty sat.

French city near Spain, 13th-c capital of Marjorca.

Limited __, company, a separate legal identity.

__ sling, red cocktail with gin, cherry brandy.

Sponsor of a child at its Christian baptism.

Damage to bodily extremities due to low temps.

Country where actor Heath Ledger was born.

Visual/audible device to mark tempo in music.

Growing in size.

Day with the fewest hours of daylight.

Palace complex in the center of Beijing: __ City.

Protecting from sword strike.

The act of submission.

A dating relationship with someone.

Cargo ship.

Descending a rock face.

What Sally sells by the seashore.

Puzzle 5

Departure, withdrawal.

Only country bordering both Uruguay and Venezuela.

Sigourney __, Alien star.

Bond inspired gin cocktail.

__-eyed, naively enthusiastic.

Drooped like a parched plant.

Except if.


Disney mouse.

European country led by Francois Mitterand.

Artist Edward Munch's most famous work: "The __".

Olympic prizes in bronze, silver, gold.

Puzzle 6

It helps stop bleeding when shaving: __ pencil.

Shy or reluctant.

To free someone from blame, forgive.

"I was born with a __ spoon in my mouth": The Who.

Life is beautiful' director Roberto __`.

Expensive red spice from flower of Crocus sativus.

Star-__ lovers, like Romeo and Juliet.

State of Enlightenment that Buddhists seek.

Country invaded by China in 1979.

Runway for models showing off new collections.

Singer of 1984's "Material Girl".

Puzzle 7

Opposite of alkalinity.

Roman god of wine whose Greek equal is Dionysus.

Opposite of a synonym.

High naval rank.

Device that prevents racehorse's peripheral vision.


Italian sauce of butter, cream and Parmesan.

Ceremony of public worship.

Ben __, Meet the Parents and Dodgeball actor.

Otis __ sang the soulful "These Arms of Mine".

One Thousand and One Nights: __ and the 40 thieves.

Treaty of __, signed to end the first Opium War.

Ostentatious display.

Love, treasure and care for someone deeply.

Ingrid __, Swedish actress of Casablanca.

Puzzle 8

Device used to increase the volume of sound.

Person who can put others in trances.

Tube used to blow molten glass into shapes.

Originator of the periodic table: Dmitri __.

Marks on the skin.

Representing the truth.


Hook-shaped, striped Christmas treat.

Person someone is engaged to.

Criminal fire starters.

To cover a couch with fabric.

Indian cinema industry.

Puzzle 9

French term for pre-dinner drink.

Operation where the nerves of the brain are cut.

Turning around and around.

Sleeping mattress that is filled with liquid.

First month of the Islamic calendar.

Illegal substances used to gain advantage in sport.

Insect that carries Malaria.

Nationality of Alberto Fujimori & Paddington Bear.

Forgetful 2001 album by Radiohead.

Eternal __ of the Spotless Mind, romantic movie.

__ Courageous, 1937 film based on Kipling book.

Made less polluted.

Dedication to someone, romantically.

Go Tell It On The __, a tale of racial tensions.

Puzzle 10

To lighten hair with a chemical.

Hitchcock's Psycho character, __ Bates.

With great enthusiasm.

To remove the skeleton from a fish.

Fiery Chinese zodiac sign.

Going out with someone, romantically.

Dampen sound.

Disease passed to humans by frothing biting dogs.

Loves strongly, is devoted to.

Another name for a teeter totter.

Discoverer of King Tut's tomb: Howard __.

Not give in to temptation.

Martina Navratilova's sport.

Singapore's international airport.

First female Prime Minister of India: Indira __.

Cleanliness; freedom from contamination.

Puzzle 11

All You Need __, sang The Beatles.

Yellow bird in Looney Tunes.

Pico de Orizaba is the highest mountain in ___.

Showing gentleness.

Room where a photographer works.

Of or relating to cattle.

Circular glass container used in a laboratory.

Rang on the phone.

An apology for swearing: "Pardon my __".

Fancy lady hat traditionally worn on Easter Sunday.

The R in ROI.

Alexander the Great's father: __ II of Macedon.

Strong cotton cloth used for oil painting.

__ Connection, equal parts Cognac and Amaretto.

Puzzle 12

Least sophisticated.

A bunch of flowers.

Romantic, loving.

Hitchcock's movie w/a detective that fears heights.

Baked treats that can be cut into festive shapes.

Male bird with colorful feathers that fan out.

President that delivered the Gettysburg Address.

Region of Portugal, an archipelago of 4 islands.

To knowingly lie under oath.

Severe mental or physical suffering.

Art made from different items glued together.

Nationality of Salma Hayek and Frida Kahlo.

King Lear's oldest daughter.

__ Hook, Peter Pan's nemesis.

Puzzle 13

Moving, changing unpredictably.

The inability to hear.

Keanu Reeves plays a gambler turned coach in __.

Your soul mate, the real thing.

World's most heavily populated landlocked country.

Clothing worn in the pool.

It __ One Night, with Clark Gable.

Written assessment, restaurant review.

Prosthetic devices inserted into body tissue.

A sweet, high-pitched sound of piano keys.

Created something new.

Nationality of Cleopatra and Omar Sharif.

Puzzle 14

Fizzy French sparkling wine used for celebrations.

Natural __, Darwin theory on evolution.

Condemnation to hell.

Chimpanzees are the most social of the ________.

Appalling, horrifyingly wicked.

Excluding someone from doing something.

Garden guardian.

Italian mountain range in NE Italy with 18 peaks.

COPD: chronic obstructive __ disease.

Containers to keep footwear safe.

Another word for casino card dealers.

Rehab and Back to Black singer, Amy __.

US husband and wife executed for espionage in 1953.

Puzzle 15

Regards with disgust.

Underground train in NYC is called the __.

Needle used to play a gramophone record.

To walk with long steps.

__ rash, also known as urticaria or hives.

Straight away, without delay.

Another word for dessert, since it ends a meal.

He gained fame on TV as "The Naked Chef": Jamie __.

Solemn form of supplicatory prayer.

Legs are attached to this large bony structure.

A bond or deed kept in the custody of a third party.

Collection of beehives.

Securely joined to something else.

Kramer vs. __, Hoffman, Streep get a divorce.

Legal representative.

Person who studies & researches the theory of law.

First name of former Soviet leader, Khrushchev.

__ boat, small naval vessel guards coastlines.

This country links Central and South America.

To repeat something recorded on tape.

Painting on plaster.

Japanese female hostess trained to entertain.

Puzzle 16

Soak up.

Hungarian currency, name derived from Florence.

Ten plus ten equals.

What lenses of glasses sit in.

Pair of hand drums.

__ Pradesh, central India state, capital Bhopal.

Someone out of this world, illusory, attractive.

In Harry Potter, Filch's cat is named.

__ admirer, potential clandestine partner.

Cancel permissions or access rights.

Party for unborn baby.

Puzzle 17

__ Jones, chick-lit character in love with Darcy.

__ Lange, star of Tootsie and King Kong.

The river traversed by Fitzcarraldo and phonograph.

To pulse.

Letter attributed to an apostle.

Cloth and curtains shop.

The Way You Look __, Sinatra's romantic ode.

They speak louder than words.

Spicy or savory flavor.

Wither, waste away.

Greek who sailed northwards and wrote On the Ocean.

Puzzle 18

Obscure, abstract.

Hot period of weather, usually coming unexpectedly.

Feeling contempt.

Before birth.

Aussie equivalent of Marmite, a national icon.

Alcohol loving butler in "The Tempest".

Group living organisms into taxonomy.

Snatched unlawfully; kidnapped.

Creator of melodies and lyrics.

Acting coquettishly, trying to attract someone.

Legally binding contract between lovers.

Use these machines to make smoothies.

Used to express good wishes when a person leaves.

Puzzle 19

Let air circulate freely in a room.

__ Melody, romantic Righteous Brothers song.

study of the customs of nonliterate peoples.

Steered a course on a ship.

Characterized by quickness and ease of movement.

Country that boasts the world's tallest waterfall.

Animals that eat both plants and meat.

The research technique NMR: nuclear magnetic __.

Remedy that relieves pain.

Something that makes you anxious or worried.

Cooked on a charcoal grill.

Agreement to accept later that which is denied now.

Held inside.

1999 film with Brad Pitt as a soap salesman.

Puzzle 20

Prejudicial treatment based on how old you are.

Jules Verne's days to go around the world.

Shelly-Ann __-Pryce, US track athlete.

Glasses for sparkling wine.

Buoyant, not sinking.

Don __ from Mad Men.

Baby porker.

__ Cortes, Spanish conquistador.

Spread out from a rolled state.


Warren __, actor and brother of Shirley MacLaine.

Between the crust and core Atychiphobia.

Libra, Scorpio, & Sagittarius are signs of the ___.

Decorative stone used on sculptures/kitchen tops.

Tools used for shaving.

Buffy the Vampire __; supernatural drama series.

Planned attire.

Capital of Lebanon.

Brand name for the sedative Diazepam.

Tools for removing the middles of apples.

Clench with embarrassment.

Stevie __ sang "I Just Called to Say I Love You".

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