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Valuable Things PackValuable Things

Here are the answers to CodyCross Valuable Things Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Scornful or sideways glance.

English 70s band sang "Part of the Union".

Large sum of money.

McDonald's skinny chips.

Any one-legged balance posture in yoga.

Marcel __, did Mona Lisa with added facial hair.

The Lost __, Ray Milland goes on a drinking spree.

To damage, degrade.

The M in BMW.

The chatty sound of birds.

Hugh __, writer of Dr Dolittle.

Feel-good 60s show about an intelligent dolphin.

Injected serum designed to prevent diseases.

To have put something in earth to grow.

Costumes, elaborate ones created for Carnival.

Carol __, discoverer of the enzyme telomerase.

Hebrew month in which the Jewish New Year falls.

Puzzle 2

In Irish mythology, god of love, youth and beauty.

Early plant growths sticking out of the ground.


Ralph McTell wrote and sang it: Streets of __.

Heist starring Viola Davis and Michelle Rodriguez.

Tyler __, crossword solver shown in Wordplay film.

Luxury boats, owned by millionaires.

Chandler married her on Friends.

Symbols that form characters in a font.

They are always up to no good.

Put money into something in order to make money.

Puzzle 3

__ jet, personal air travel.

Antarctic channel marked by Cape Renard.

"Because Change __", slogan of Zurich Insurance.

Big spades.

Third order of angels, in the first hierarchy.

2004 album by The Killers with Mr Brightside.

Santa's reindeer beginning with P.

__ Ju 87; German dive bomber plane aka Stuka.

N American grasshopper gets its name from its cry.

Harsh, caustic, biting, sarcastic.

Brand of a classic card holder for desk.

Extracted gas via drilled boreholes.

Those who supply things.

Minor illness or medical complaint.

Italian word for veal.

Medal-winning hurdler Sally __.

__ Kirk; where Princess Anne married Tim Laurence.

Car maker of the Carrera and Cayenne.

Puzzle 4

He invented the spinning mule: Samuel __.

Motor contest over a quarter mile, as in Grease.

Quilted facial and toilet tissue brand.

Arrow maker.

Survival food high in protein and fat.

University of Berlin named after this naturalist.

__ levitation; gravity-defying illusion.

Thinly dispersed, not densely.

US saying for a drink of coffee (has a boy's name).

Payout from a share in a business.

Joyous businessman, first employer of Scrooge.

Luxurious goat wool.

First king of Belgium (1831-65).

__ oblige, kind conduct of those of high rank.

Puzzle 5

Bass guitarist for The Who: the late John __.

French celebration bubbly.

Ross __, Crossword Man, was The Listener co-editor.

Medical term for chickenpox.

Visible wobble of the moon.

Largest white blood cells in the human body.

Longest river flowing through Myanmar.

In the way of; plosive sound in speech.

__ letters, anonymous abusive correspondence.

Lustful, lecherous.

Capital of Somalia.

Plaster impression of a baby's sole after birth.

Method of solving mathematical problems.

Cambridge spy who defected to the USSR in 1963.

Slug or snail.

He won an Oscar in 2004 for playing Ray Charles.

Puzzle 6

Collected by a philatelist.

__ Raitt, American blues singer and guitarist.

Louisa May __, author and Civil War nurse.

Acronym computer designed by Mauchly and Eckert.

Plastic payment method, __ card.

French Riviera town, famous for the Lemon Festival.

__ Dhawan; launch site used by Indian space agency.

Irrigation trench in a farmer's field.

Archaic term for table linens.

Clown-like performers in masks at Binche Carnaval.

Drink or swill alcohol.

Not easily scared.

Ermine animal, like a stoat.

Puzzle 7

Canadian region, the site of an 1890s gold rush.

Prepaid piece of plastic given as a present.

Ripening of cheese to its optimum maturity.

__ Club, Dashwood's notorious 18th C establishment.

Energetic, lively.

Carl __, Swedish botanist, father of taxonomy.

Of humble parents.

__ Crusade; 1230 campaign led by Teutonic Knights.

Leo __; elected head of Irish government in 2017.

Suddenly, like a bolt from nowhere.

UK power pop band, sang Mystery #1.

International airport located in Las Vegas.

Ancient Greeks called this alloy "white gold".

Building and land owned by a person or business.

Dutch __, style of New England architecture.

Record-keeper who kept accounts notched on sticks.

Vain and conceited person.

Greek hedonist philosopher, believed in atoms.

Son of Northern Dancer and Flaming Page.

Powerful empress consort of Emperor Taizong.

__ One, the new name for Britain in Orwell's 1984.

Puzzle 8

The middle portion of the small intestine.

Roy __, tennis player with 28 Grand Slam titles.

Stephen __ Langdon, late 19th-c. Assyriologist.

Type of glass for expensive wine glasses.

According to legend the mother of King Arthur.

Peer-to-peer __, giving money, with interest.

Twelve inches.

Triangle with three different-length sides.

Korean car maker of the Tucson.

__ XIII; king of Spain who ruled from 1886-1931.

Brand of Polish honey liqueur.

__ Macoutes, Haitian forces under Duvalier.

Person opposed to technology.

__ panty-line or VPL.

Puzzle 9

UK town of pioneers and the co-operative movement.

Extra __; Chinese cheese aged for up to 10 years.

A, B, C, D, et al.

Support for those not legally married.

Country with a Golden Eagle Festival every October.

Manservant Jeeves's forename.

70s oil well firefighter working in the North Sea.

British brand known for its iconic trench coat.

__ and testament, document for inheritors.

Jules __, French composer of Manon and Hérodiade.

Fanny by __, 1944 melodrama with James Mason.

Miser's dream magician Albert Levinson's alter ego.

Puzzle 10

Lord Byron's dramatic poem that inspired Schumann.

Aparicio, star of Roma movie.

Human body gland impacted by an iodine deficiency.

Swedish city with Scandinavia's oldest university.

Musical beats clapped in time.

The most dusty, with charcoal embers.

Lord __, photographer, brother-in-law of The Queen.

Battle of Normandy German army trap: __ Pocket.

__ Mastiff, costly Asian dog breed.


Become longer, e.g. days with hours of daylight.

Irish toast wishing good health to fellow drinkers.

Spanish town cordwainers are associated with.

Pink Powerpuff Girl with freezing special powers.

Ghostly Rolls Royce car.

Exponent of Japanese martial art involving sticks.

Sponge cake from Genoa, Italy.

Puzzle 11

Gigi __; Italian goalkeeper of Juventus.

French makers of No. 5 perfume.

Silkmoth genus.

__ one's troth, old-fashioned term for getting wed.

__ Monday, Shrovetide day of eating bacon and eggs.

Charlton Heston's character in Planet of the Apes.

Small Indian coastal state known as land of lamps.

__ of Love, Kate Bush's single and album.

Potteries porcelain maker since 1793.

Talking for a long time.

Amistad revolt leader.

Indulgence due to affluence.

Tom __, chef with a range of self-named Kitchens.

Fungi; they're used in baking bread, brewing beer.

Puzzle 12

Extravagant and ostentatious.

Early cuboid box camera with a scout-like name.

Point awarded for regular flights.

Edible bivalve with ribbed shell, orange roe.

Monsieur __, Chaplin plays the killer of women.

Unsaturated hydrocarbons with double bonds.

Spoiled the appearance of, like a book or ballot.

Golden Girl, __ Getty.

Escorted to seats.

Journals, daily records of life.

Training for long-distance races.

Wooden rabbit enclosures.

Sufi devotional music of India and Pakistan.

Give someone security.

Bordering on, on the edge of.

Second-largest city in Mali.

Puzzle 13

Mean __, Vinnie Jones prison soccer film.

Strength, concentration.

Strains eye muscles.

Roman who built a British wall.

__ Dog, pricey artwork by Jeff Koons.

Creamy, velvety white sauce.

Type of swan with a trumpet-like call.

Carrying violation in basketball.

Le __, French cast-iron cookware brand.

Unworldliness, innocence.

Early pop pioneer, produced Telstar in 1962.

Anxious; excited; strained.

City where Churchill's Iron Curtain ended.

Puzzle 14

Camera brand for instant photos.

Get to know, be familiar with.

Battle of __, during the Greek War of Independence.

One of Van Leeuwenhoek's discoveries.

Formed a famous songwriting team with Bacharach.

Grinding of teeth in anger.

Valuable metal or shade of blond hair dye.

The study of place names.

Pleasure-loving teller of a Canterbury Tale.

England's presumed oldest inhabited home: __ Manor.

Mats __, Swedish No 1 tennis player of the 1980s.

Antagonistic cousin to Tommy and Dil in Rugrats.

Series of Soviet robotic lunar rovers.

Premises for producing copies of books.

Someone attractive but intellectually undemanding.

Language of the foreign film After the Storm.

Puzzle 15

Hungarian spicy cheese.

Gigantic Brazilian sports stadium.

Attitude of superiority and snootiness.

Tommy and __, Christie's sleuthing married couple.

__ metals, such as gold, silver.

Integrity, principled ethics.

Became eight times as large.

Woody Harrelson in the Hunger Games.

Slovenian spa resort on the Adriatic Sea.

US car maker of the Escalade.

Copperfield illusion with a blade and a box.

Second largest moon of Jupiter.

Without merit.

Fix to the ground using a hammer and pins.

Early portable gun supported by a tripod.

Musician with Rich Kids, Slik, Visage and Ultravox.

Enthusiastic declarations of approval.

Garden birds with Song and Mistle varieties.

Puzzle 16

Anglican church service held late afternoon/sunset.

Miniscule dot.

Legal term for pre-trial detainment of a suspect.

Home of Green Arrow in DC Comics universe.

Fendi clutch bag named after French stick.

Seating that looks like a hanging ovum.

Afternoon social event for older couples.

Inappropriate, awkward.

Ruled Britain between 1820-1830.

High-flying songbirds.

German Lenten festival.

Antioxidant found in tomatoes.

Shoes worn in Irish and Scottish dances.

Character in The Mill on the Floss: Maggie __.

A Wrinkle in Time director.

Obstruction, build-up.

Most hurried.

Tower of London "Mountain of Light" diamond.

Part of Southern Ocean with Balleny Islands.

878 AD battle won by King Alfred the Great.

Puzzle 17

Hindu goddess of knowledge, art and nature.

Founded the company of the BlackBerry device.

Carson __, writer of The Heart is a Lonely Hunter.

Mongol conqueror, founder of Timurid Empire.

Boxers' knowhow, a skill learnt from experience.

Shirt-sleeve pins.

Deadly Australian jellyfish with lethal sting.

Sample sent in advance.

DJ, popularizer of the term rock and roll.

Glee, contentment, joy, pleasure.

Aka The Fresh Prince.

Civet coffee.

Describes the body from shoulder to hand.

Captain __; polar bear leader of the Octonauts.

Da Vinci drew Vitruvian Man in this process.

German vampirish film about Count Orlok.

Puzzle 18

__ novels, comics for adults.

__, 1936 Spanish Civil War battle in SW Spain.

Molluscs with glossy, patterned shells.

DNA equivalent of the RNA component uracil.

Capital of Algeria.

Requiring immediate action.

Lunar __ 1; robotic probe, circled the Moon in '66.

Greek pastry that resembles shredded wheat.

Mouse-sized marsupial.

Major salivary gland at the base of each human ear.

__ Pierce, winning melodrama for Joan Crawford.

The __ File, spy thriller by Len Deighton.

Complicated dispute.

A two-__ approach; two ways of achieving a goal.

Cumbersome dragging.

__ In Mine; 1960 Elvis Presley gospel album.

TV drama where Emily Thorne gets back at others.

Waxed, country coat brand worn by British royals.

Puzzle 19

Helmut __, German-born photographer for Vogue.

Holds forth.

__ Tweet; stays at the top of a profile page.

Clubs that organize floats at New Orleans carnival.

1980s arcade game: __ Bobble.

Another name for gold bars.

Aston __, car brand driven by Bond.

Fractional equivalents of 0.1666....

Roger __, Queen drummer and writer of Radio Ga Ga.

Days up to Christmas.

They join either end of a necklace.

Puzzle 20

Constantin __; patriarch of modern sculpture.

Smoky, dried pepper for seasoning food.

Play by Alan Ayckbourn: Absurd Person __.

Ray-Ban pilot-style sunglasses.

PC, desktop data processor.

Reactive gas used in toothpastes.

Saint Pierre and __; French overseas territory.

Bernard Sumner and Peter Hook's rock band.

Supervisor of a young woman.

Star of the film 40 Days and 40 Nights: Josh __.

Heath __, cartoonist of fantastic contraptions.

Resistance fighter, like in the Balkans in WW2.

Oldest English stately home safari park.

Filled, saturated, flooded, permeated.

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