CodyCross Vegetable Garden Pack answers

Vegetable Garden PackVegetable Garden

Here are the answers to CodyCross Vegetable Garden Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

No man is an __, expression of companionship.

Silencing a TV.

Poorly, not feeling 100 percent.

Yearly; plant type that lives for a year.

Snake that goes with Monty for a comedy group.

The heart's four opening and closing membranes.

Olympic medal for coming third.

A prickly succulent plant that lives in dry areas.

Tiny rocks lining paths in a vegetable garden.

Nose __, describes eating all an animal's parts.

One who sits at King Arthur's Round Table.

Historic Japanese military dictator.

Pacific Ocean climate phenomenon.

Puzzle 2

Lady Gaga song that features Beyoncé.

Information and skills gained through education.

Green spear-like vegetable that comes up in spring.

The Wet Bandits were this movie's hapless burglars.

Next prime number after 13.

Races that are 26.2 miles long.

Expression to wish someone a safe trip in French.

Region of hundreds of islands in southern Pacific.

What The Raven quoth in Edgar Allan Poe's poem.

Circle of mushrooms with a fanciful name.

Italian fashion designer Versace, Gianni's sister.

Puzzle 3

Animals that are hungry, hungry in kids' game.

Pungent bulb that can be grown in the garden.

Apple's web browsing program.

Naive people might have fallen off this truck.

A hole in the earth caused by impact like a meteor.

Salon treatment for bright, clean skin.

Country alongside Herzegovina.

Forwards thrusts on a leg, strengthening exercises.

TV watchers can adjust this sound level.

Doolittle's title.

Post __, US artist, released Hollywood's Bleeding.

Heat from the sun; one thing veggies need to grow.

Christie known for Murder on the Orient Express.

Puzzle 4

Birds of a feather flock __, rhyming saying.

A smart person who is very cerebral.

Someone who believes nothing can be known of God.

Red and white root vegetables eaten raw in salads.

A group of companies in related fields.

Location of US government, the __ of Columbia.

Gone with the Wind's heroine O'Hara.

Fizzy sugary drink tasting of yellow citrus fruit.

Decorative statue with flowing water feature.

US word for the herb called coriander in the UK.

Interrupting a comic on stage.

Acting brothers Mark and Donnie.

Puzzle 5

Apple earphones with no wires.

Ship that transports aircraft.

Brussels are a variety of these tiny green buds.

Battered Japanese vegetables and seafood.

This thinking might help you solve problems.

Qualifications awarded by universities.

Goes by, takes place.

Outtake, deleted scene.

Great Leap __, 1950s economic policy of Mao.

Creepy-crawlies who share the garden with veggies.

Tending to sick patients, assisting doctors.

World-famous singer who released Vogue and Holiday.

Kris, also known as Santa Claus.

Puzzle 6

What one does to their seatbelt when in a plane.

Water-boiling kitchen appliance.

Slimy garden pests that eat leafy vegetables.

You find them in homes and casinos.

__, Texas Ranger.

US state between Washington and California.

Itchy skin complaint.

On the back __; project with low priority.

Parts of spinach and chard plants that get eaten.

Black holes in one's eyes.

System of measurement used in most of the world.

Bring a product in from a foreign country.

Blade __, Harrison Ford film about hunting robots.

Nationality of England's King George I.

Take someone into custody.

Food that has been put into an airtight tin.

AntiVirus software with checkmark logo.

Puzzle 7

Sells items on the move.

Part horse, part man in Greek mythology.

Carrot variety in many shades; sky arc after rain.

Exhibition space for paintings and sculptures.

Mary, author of Frankenstein.

__, you've got mail.

Broadcasting time for songs on the radio.

Some veggie plants start here, before moving out.

Vegan turkey brand.

Light gusts of wind, welcome on hot days.

Number-one golf clubs.

The __ Falcon, film noir of a Sam Spade story.

Puzzle 8

Termite relative said to survive nuclear blasts.

Matthew, actor husband of Sarah Jessica Parker.

A person who permanently moves to another country.

Create offspring; what plants do to make seeds.

Inconsistencies in the storyline of a book or film.

Device that unlocks every door in a building.

1957 travelog novel by Jack Kerouac.

Volcanic explosions.

It sprays regular drops of water on a soil bed.

Poker hand comprising matching sets of 3 and 2.

Use it to pierce papers for filing.

Puzzle 9

Ford who married Calista Flockhart in 2010.

The highest ledge of a bookcase.

Taylor Swift said Look What You __ in 2017.

Day and month tracker; says when to plant what.

Common name for the trachea.

Unit of weight abbreviated to kg.

Midpoint of winter or summer.

Pillar-like monuments with pointed tips.

Starchy vegetables that can be mashed or boiled.

Long and narrow French bread roll.

These markers can be wiped off easily.

Puzzle 10

Ryan, star of the Deadpool movies.

Imitation brand merchandise.

Vigorous action for turning milk into butter.

Pollinating insect that produces a sweet food.

Prison photos of offenders' faces.

Commercial design art used for advertising.

Person from Germany's capital city.

Non-acidic substance.

Heat-makers, for heating houses.

See __, agree, have the same opinion.

Plants turn these rays from a star into energy.

Puzzle 11

In the wrong direction, not on the right track.

Building complex for a religious brotherhood.

Banned, prevented.

To Xerox a document.

Tall yellow flower whose seeds can be harvested.

Tube to take away waste water.

An organism that can produce its own food.

Daily rag that can be fashioned into seedling pots.

Drew, star of E.T. and Charlie's Angels.

Political system of the Soviet Union.

Puzzle 12

The entrance of a room.

Hit this, or go to sleep, in other words.

Removed wet ink with absorbent paper.

Little orbs that go on crops to keep slugs away.

African nation in which Lagos is located.

Small rodents often kept as pets.

Game Boy model that followed the Color.

Liquid used for pickling, apple cider or red wine.

Entertainers group, included Sinatra, Davis Jr..

Interface item with drop-downs: File, View, etc.

Vegetable plants are doing this as they get bigger.

Puzzle 13

Sesame seed paste used to make hummus.

They go round and round on the bus.

How tall a vegetable plant gets.

To officially register with a school.

Low, flat land between mountains.

Memorable advertising phrase.

Ceramic bearded folk that hang out in a garden.

Lonnie Rashid Lynn's stage name, it's ordinary.

Paul Revere's city with his 1855 time capsule.

A person's written account; an autobiography.

Dial that turns brightness of lights up and down.

Star Wars II is called __ of the Clones.

Device that removes impurities from tap water.

__ parentis, acting in place of a mother or father.

Belly buttons.

Overnight perching spots for birds.

Puzzle 14

White-headed bird of prey, a symbol of America.

Cabaret artist with flamboyant look, like RuPaul.

This College is responsible for US elections.

He played the title role in 2015's The Martian.

Moving plant to new container when too big.

Department that handles staff welfare and training.

To have luck be on your side.

Noodle associated with marinara sauce.

Make-up powders and creams.

The name of this instrument means "wooden sound".

Healthy plants need these substances like nitrogen.

Puzzle 15

Red flowers in Claude Monet's field paintings.

Quickly peeked out of the window.

__ around; messing about in an equine manner.

Name of a Honda hybrid car.

Game of Thrones character played by Kit Harrington.

You might hear "right hand on green" in this game.

Money or payment placed into a bank account.

Aretha Franklin song with a spelled-out title.

The DC superhero who is the king of Atlantis.

Fabric throw or cover for keeping warm.

Tall bridge constructed with arches.

Cuisine known for tacos, burritos, tamales.

Garden-growing veggie, may be red or savoy.

__ Leading the People, Delacroix's fervent art.

Three bones of the ear are hammer, anvil and this.

A garden environment and its organisms.

Noah, compiler of a popular American dictionary.

Wooded areas with dense vegetation.

Puzzle 16

Use these to dig holes or turn over soil.

Combination of the first two meals of a day.

Make milk separate.

Corner measurements that can be obtuse or acute.

Rip Van __; sleepy character in US literature.

The world's third largest ocean.

Crockery for breakfast food.

Christian Bale, Amy Adams scam film, American __.

Defended a ruling that was previously made.

Total number of dots on the highest-value domino.

Show off ostentatiously.

Farmers' __, stalls selling fresh produce.

Glued, like wallpaper on a wall.

Puzzle 17

Used a mouse button to access a link to a website.

The powder into which coffee is crushed.

Green __, UK phrase for US green thumb.

Vision check at the opticians.

These chess pieces can only move diagonally.

Care for, like gardeners growing veggies from seed.

Temporary floating bridge.

Baby hedgehogs.

First name of actors Fassbender and Sheen.

Endless struggle to get ahead.

__ control, department to check product standards.

The globe's central line of latitude.

Price of a flight ticket.

Nationality of artists Goya and Velázquez.

Puzzle 18

Disposable, designed to be used once and tossed.

Image manipulation software from Adobe.

Large Fromage, the person in charge.

Actor who fronts the band Thirty Seconds to Mars.

Country to which emus are native.

Sunny planter placed along a sill on a home.

The writing's __, premonition of disaster.

Strips of hair grown in front of men's ears.

Took control of a country by military force.

Break down, like organic waste turning to compost.

Author Ernest of The Sun Also Rises.

Puzzle 19

Setting for a natural, unenhanced photo.

Parting song from The Sound of Music, So Long, __.

Tiny plant in very early stages of its life.

Bunch of men who think they know it all.

Cooked leftovers.

These rates alter one currency into another.

Witty rhyming poem with five lines.

Making a sound like a bird or a cricket.

Supportive handle for easy access to a bath.

Pickle or can veggies so that they last.

Puzzle 20

Gary Paulsen novel named for a small ax.

Weather conditions in a certain area.

Old, aged.

Reasons for committing a crime.

The central part of a cell or atom.

Leading actor in High School Musical, Hudgens.

Shiny decorative craft scraps that catch the light.

Reload the contents of a web page.

Herb to grow in veggie garden and use in tabbouleh.

Insect byproduct; none of your __.

Lead vocalist of band who sang Paradise City.

Shop-owning raccoon dog in Animal Crossing.

Striking something with your feet, e.g. a ball.

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