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Here are the answers to CodyCross Vegetables Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1


Triangular Indian spicy snack.

Hardest season to find parsnips in the market.

9th C BC Hebrew prophet, fought against idolatry.

Wooden target in cricket.

Setting for Cry, the Beloved Country: South __.

Tries to deceive or trick.

Deeply established, embedded.

In Roman numerals, XX.

Generally coin-shaped awards for gallantry.

Funds disbursed by the government.

Puzzle 2

Sweet __, musical starring Shirley MacLaine.

European region mainly in Poland, rich in minerals.

Early stage of developing for leaves or blossom.

Turns down, eliminates.

Vegetable, loved by Popeye and hated by children.

Electrical safety hub in the home.

Portuguese football legend of the 1960s.

The Woman __, book about dark-clothed ghost.

Dormant phase of hair growth cycle.

Vegetables belonging to the Capiscum genus.

Puzzle 3

Rubs muscles to relax them.


California city where Anchorman takes place.

In France, it's "choux de Bruxelles": __ sprouts.

He voiced Woody in the Toy Story films.

Unsettles, disturbs.

Overthrew the ship's captain.

Place for cold vegetables in a restaurant.

Vegetable known as aubergine in the UK.

Launder without a machine.

Puzzle 4

Lady Chatterley's forename.

Pink cane fruit that is associated with Scotland.


TV series investigating Laura Palmer's murder.

Singers of popular music.

Another name for garbanzo beans.

Another name for chanterelles.

Powered by water pressure.

Benjamin __, became Israel prime minister in 2009.

Describes eyes that are pink and raw.

Losing all sense of calm; being extremely worried.

__ Eddy, founder of Christian Science.

__ clock, downy seeds on a flower that blow away.

"As right as __", nice and tidy and organized.

Puzzle 5

Laugh like a witch.

Vegetable, also called Russian penicillin during WWII.

British expression of bad luck: "hard __".

Shakespearean character with the most lines.

Airships, e.g. Zeppelins.

__ Hill, the site of the Battle of Hastings.

White Japanese radish whose name means "big root".

Communities of plant or animal species.

Relating to sight.

Plunged or immersed in water.

__ of pearl, decorative gem also known as nacre.

Prayer niche in a mosque, where Imam stands.

Heart __; hit for Neil Young in 1972.

Hard arm joints, used for striking instead of hands.

Taken in large doses this works as a hallucinogen.

Cold, like an early spring morning.

Puzzle 6

Gland impacted by Hashimoto's disease.

Greenleaf, elf in The Lord of the Rings.

Weighted with lead.

Killed on a spike.

Capital of the Federated States of Micronesia.

Greek youth died swimming the Hellespont.

Spice sometimes added to paprika to up the heat.

Eye protection when working or swimming.

Makes less tight.

British composer of Peter Grimes, Benjamin __.

Water life.

Strait crossed by Europe's second longest bridge.

Drink made with Cognac, Cointreau, and lemon juice.

"Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled __".

Puzzle 7

Zucchini in France.

Tropical fruit found on Hawaiian pizza.

Worthy of receiving.

Publications containing records of annual events.

First female prime minister of Israel.

"Patriotism is the last refuge of the __".

German film director famous for Metropolis and M.

White metal pigment used in paint and ointments.

Large Rhodesian dog breed with spine markings.

Veggie that looks like strands of pasta: __ squash.

Isolated, peaceful place, perhaps by a river.

Someone who serves a G&T or mixes a cocktail.

The part of a baseball bat with the most power.

Puzzle 8

What a goldfish swims around.

Bulbous vegetable, also known as celery root.

Vivid purple gem named after a Japanese geologist.

Goes with creepy to describe a variety of insects.

Savory and salty biscuits go with cheese.

Luggage-carrying bars on top of a car.

Disease associated with an almost all-corn diet.

Forcibly ejected from a country.

Père-__, Paris cemetery in which Chopin is buried.

Empire __, took Caribbean migrants to the UK, 1948.

Puzzle 9

2016 Bake Off winner, __ Hussain.

Bends the rules; takes advantage.

More doubtful or uncertain than.

Italian company makes espresso and gelato machines.

Town squares.

A blanket or coverlet, from Central Asia maybe.

Male goose.

A 2006 Bond remake, __ Royale.

Another word for broccoli rabe.

Ice-cream cone or brass instrument.

First House of Hanover British monarch: King __ I.

Only vegetable with winter and summer varieties.

Hoisted on your own __, victim of your intentions.

In sports what Americans call sprints.

Puzzle 10

Light brown root vegetable, also called yam bean.

__ Pedy, Australian mining town famous for opals.

Fleshy, muscular parts of the lower legs.

Fresh vegetables mixed in bowls with sauce.

Cloth maker with a loom.

Took big steps.

Large quantity of something.

Greek monster with living snakes for hair.

First name of West German Chancellor Adenauer.

Blended, e.g. vegetables.

SOS Queen song.

Island province of China in the South China Sea.

Writings found in greetings cards.

Puzzle 11

The Pilgrims' dessert on Thanksgiving.

Sitcom that starred Jennifer Aniston.

The first capital city of Pakistan.

__ seat; backless safety cushion that adds height.

__ garden is typically English country floral.

Collection of Aristotle's work on logic.

Guilty, sheepish, downcast expression like a mutt.

Half a dozen cans/bottles; tight abdominal muscles.

Hiram __, discoverer of the city of Machu Picchu.

Least nutritional variety of lettuce.

Places to keep clothes at the gym.

She played Viola in the movie Shakespeare in Love.

Plagues of these have existed since Biblical times.

When people spontaneously burst into flames.

Puzzle 12

Happenstance of divine source.

State of being smaller in size or contracted.

Imitate an experience.

Cooking vegetable that looks like a banana.

A genre of detective, dark movies.

Measuring device to check engine oil level.

Not at all dull; something is always happening.

Describes an actor who always plays a certain role.

Development syndrome named after Austrian doctor.

Hats worn by cowboys.

Green beans in France: __ verts.

Receptacle worn by horses when eating.

Puzzle 13

A careless comment.

The color of flowerless garden carpets.

Bad-tempered, like a hooked knitting craft.

Writers of assignments or dissertations.

Used to see across trenches and in submarines.

Crown conferred on Norma Jean Baker: __ Queen.

Household item, cuts and slices fruits and veggies.

Football rule allows play to continue.

Small seabird; its great cousin is extinct.

Inhabitants of water-surrounded lands.

"__ taste on a beer budget".

Puzzle 14

Heat something up again.

Speaks slowly like John Wayne.

South American man.

First country believed to grow watercress.

Color of earliest carrots.

American word for what Brits call football.

Son of your brother.

Not dangerously.

Mrs __, Sherlock Holmes's landlady.

__ cutter, wheeled kitchen tool used to trim pies.

Mobile handsets, for example.

"After us the __" said Madame de Pompadour.

Further from the torso than proximal.

Puzzle 15

Julian __, Wikileaks cyberactivist.

One of the Frank Zappa's sons.

Salt of nitric acid.

Tending to develop into bone.

He is the theme of park north of Paris opened in 1989.

Where you'll find a plane's pilot during a flight.

"Be in __" means to have an illicit arrangement.

How a joint of meat is cooked in an oven.

Colorful vegetable often paired with peas.

Seasonal sweet onion native to Georgia.

Puzzle 16

Wicked female giants.

Similar to carrots, but cream colored and sweeter.

Missing, __ dead; although no actual proof.

Horses' hooves go __ on the road.

A Catherine wheel is an example of one.

Outshone, like when the moon covers the sun.

Collecting and keeping irrationally.

Type of spoon used by Lear's Owl and Pussycat.

Small, bright pink vegetables used in salads.

Opera about Mimi, a consumptive, and Rodolfo.

More petite or less clumsy than.

Table of elements.

Board game with a space for Free Parking.

Wealthy Chinese city, with Ping An skyscraper.

Puzzle 17

Thin meat slices covered in breadcrumbs.

Dutch violin maestro from Maastricht.

Fluttering insect that starts off as a caterpillar.

Slightly bitter chicory with red leaves.

Provide nutrition to hunger strikers.

Clothing worn in bed.

Leaving someone on a desert island.

Richard __, director of Boyhood.

Mojang's open-world video game using blocks.

Safe places where climbers step on to.

Resembling a small rodent.

What the second S in USSR stood for.

Exaggeration for effect.

Can be voyaged to by tourists, for example.

Memorable events.

Puzzle 18

Northern province of Ireland.

Child star and diplomat, Shirley __.

Make something less perfect.

One of the main veggies in vichyssoise.

French painter of Grande Odalisque.

No pain, __; it's worth putting effort in.

Authority on sweet potatoes: George Washington __.

Word for a soccer keeper.

A __, a tasket, a green and yellow basket.

Court position of Rigoletto, in said-named opera.

Puzzle 19

State of not being present.

Gold in big bars.

Synonym of removes, eg. removes leaves from tea.

Church spire.

How Vice President Quayle misspelled "potato".

Quote __, designates someone else's words.

Long drum, used in Puerto Rico.

Art term, Italian for "faded away".

Dried chilaca pepper: Spanish for "little raisin".

Sticks together to form a whole.

Taiwan is also known by this Portuguese name.

File-hosting service with blue squares on logo.

Camouflage __ have unique camo patterns.

Italian liqueur made from elderberries.

Puzzle 20

Country led by Golda Meir from 1969.

Called on the dog and bone.

Welsh privateer gave his name to a brand of rum.

King whose knights sat around a large round table.

She __ to Conquer, Oliver Goldsmith play of 1773.

__ Doom, hooded rival of the Fantastic Four.

Butternut or Hubbard, for example.

Typical witch characteristic.

Purple damage mark on the skin.

Red fruit that's used as a salad vegetable.

Commented teasingly.

Turn to ice.

Animals to which the term "dressage" applies.

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