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Venice PackVenice

Here are the answers to CodyCross Venice Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Sweet way to refer to a canine or pooch.

Archer ammo.

French designer who began her career in hatmaking.

__ Lion; award presented at Venice Film Festival.

Bulb vegetables that are a base for stews, curries.

Go after something, trace steps.

A report on the situation as it is right now.

Planet whose largest moon is Titan.

Like a __; Madonna music video filmed in Venice.

Massive groups of people.

Citation of a previously mentioned text.

Puzzle 2

Uncle Remus vulpine by Joel Chandler Harris.

Tiny pastry case with fruit filling.

1970s movie about angry newsman Howard Beale.

The Gabor sisters' homeland.

Seat used to exit a plane in an emergency.

Female donkeys.

Venice __; military shipyards in northern Italy.

Water zone near the surface of the ocean.

Venetian merchant's home with a warehouse attached.

Hamper, hinder.

Large rugs that generally run wall to wall.

Polls in advance of election.

Puzzle 3

Intellectual, concerned with abstruse things.

Slow, land-dwelling reptile with a hard shell.


A comedian they call Tater Salad.

Offer goods or services at a lower price.

Pithy, brief, concise.

Surname of tenor who sang Que C'est Triste Venise.

Funke, who wrote Venice novel The Thief Lord.

Brazilian passion fruit.

In a graceful, dance-like way.

Puzzle 4

Liqueur or the German word for spirits.

Prolific Italian lover, born in Venice in 1725.

Hurdles, obstacles in the way of doing something.

Ancient plant with protein-rich seeds.

French military leader who ended Venetian Republic.

Terms that are used frequently on search engines.

Nonconformists, misfits.

2017 Mabel hit featuring Not3s.

Study of natural or biological character.

General name for women's undergarments.

Chinese philosophy of energy balance.

Forks, spoons, and knives.

Puzzle 5

Boils, ulcers.

Small traditional Italian eatery.

Black-furred bearcat native to Southeast Asia.

Quirks, unusualnesses.

Album cover featured Marilyn Monroe and 70 others.

Festival held in Venice each July: Festa del __.

Irish stage actress; Petunia Dursley on film.

Someone who is prepared not to be victorious.

Having many uses or possibilities.

Territory overseen by a Muslim ruler.

Thick foliage that forms the perimeter of a field.

Textile factory seamstress.

Daily journalistic publication with current events.

Puzzle 6

Poet Laureate who wrote Annus Mirabilis in 1666.

Covered with small stones.

Male parents of cousins.

__ Square, Bethlehem place linked to the nativity.

Mary, Queen of Scots' secretary; murdered in 1566.

Currency in Portugal until the euro was introduced.

Shrewd, cunning, sharp-witted.

Canal boats.

Damage or hurt to the body.

Smells, particularly captivating on dog walks.

Artisan Italian ice cream dessert.

Informal word for winners.

The macaque in the selfie copyright dispute.

Venetian school painter of Danaë series of works.

Puzzle 7

Culture Club drummer.

Recurring opinion pieces published in newspapers.

The __; 2010 Angelina Jolie film set in Venice.

Deviants, monsters, miscreations.

Convent, where sisters live.

__ da Ponte; architect of Venice's Rialto Bridge.

Vows, election promises.

Batches of money.

Nation where Lapland is found.

Moral uprightness or decency.

Paul Michael Glaser's character, partner of Hutch.

Puzzle 8

Dead Heads follow this Dead band all over.

Restaurant serving Quattro Stagioni and Margherita.

Sending messages electronically.

Ethiopian town with monolithic rock-cut churches.

Bound together.

Upper joint of the human arm.

Venice isle with Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta.

Disappointed, upset.

Throws oneself higher in the air than another.

A murder mystery that aims to solve a crime.

Fobs attached to door-unlocking devices.

There are 12 of them in a classic Henry Fonda film.

One fifth is this.

Royal barge used at the Queen's jubilee.

Ability to keep things decluttered and tidy.

Puzzle 9

Illuminated idea indicator.

F1 car fault that defies a driver when turning.

Architect of 2008 Constitution Bridge in Venice.

Song sung by naval seafarers of the past.

Slim possibility.

Dug up, revealed new information.

Explorer whose name was adopted by Venice Airport.

Innocent, free from blame.

Byron's Newfoundland dog.

1969 road trip drama directed by Dennis Hopper.

Puzzle 10

Bunny animal whose paw is considered lucky.

Ingress, arrival, invasion.

People who tread the boards or play the circuit.

Digit on one's hand.

Headgear worn when riding a bike.

Order given by Starfleet Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

People who aren't seen as the norm.

Camp surrounded by wagons as used by the Boers.

Lady Penelope's chauffeur in Thunderbirds.

Expanding computer instructions in a spreadsheet.

This type of battle is increasingly tough.

Didn't enforce the usual fee.

Ship that sounds sharp.

German city with a statue of four animal musicians.

Palazzo __; Doge of Venice's palace (Italian name).

Formal declaration to end employment.

__ di San Trovaso; gondola boatyard in Venice.

Sleeveless jacket.

Largest NY borough, bordering Brooklyn.

Puzzle 11

A detour, scenic route.

Mayonnaise sauce with herbs, mustard, capers.

Jail for forgotten men with a trapdoor at the top.

Title of Barbra Streisand song from A Star Is Born.

Well-preserved Neolithic village in the Orkneys.

Term for exceptionally high tides in Venice.

Harry Potter's greatest enemy.

Base layer of paint applied to a wall.

Navigational instrument invented by John Davis.

Inferior substitute.

Sentimental longing for the past.

Occurrence or happening of something.

Puzzle 12

Art technique using acid to put a design on metal.

Only opera Alban Berg completed in his lifetime.

Streamers with triangular cloth flags.

In an inebriated manner.

Discovery after research.

Not wanting to interact with other people.

Waxy steroid substances.

When you'd have a late afternoon meal.

Metal door fasteners, also called snecks.

Wooden structures to house bunnies.

Jittery or apprehensive.

Hot green vegetable liquid eaten with a spoon.

Ragged street children.

Wrist-worn time-tellers.

Guide to hunting or fishing in Scotland.

George and Amal, who married in Venice in 2014.

Insides, internal organs.

Puzzle 13

Proceeds speedily, in the manner of a cockroach.

Gathers poems.

Andrea, Renaissance architect from Venice.

Study of mammals aka mammalogy.

To upend or topple.

Price deduction.

Positive sign or portent.

Sweet-and-sour drink made from citrus.

Venice, Berlin and Cannes festivals, collectively.

Having been straightened, disentangled.

French mechanical submarine launched in 1863.

Place where ill people are treated and operated on.

Puzzle 14

Shakespearean character Antonio of Venice is this.

Element named after Poland.

Pretending, lying.

What ignored pleas fall on.

A musical expression of love.

People who rouse others from sleep.

Calendar term associated with Norse god of Thunder.

Hillside farmer responsible for rounding up kids.

South American monkey also known as a zari.

Spiked shoes worn for safe climbing.

An edited and resubmitted version of a document.

Puzzle 15

Person who steers one of Venice's famous boats.

Donations, contributions.

Wading bird with utensil-like beak.

Sought-after position at the top of the charts.

Good health and condition.

Darcy's estate in Pride and Prejudice.

Place where bituminous seams are mined.

Venice citizen who explored North American coast.

Something played on an Xbox or Nintendo Switch.

Ranking system such as social class stratification.

Misshapen, distorted, monstrous.

Flaky pastry type used in sausage rolls.

2007 film with Vince Vaughn as Santa's brother.

Walter Becker and Donald Fagen's 70s rock band.

Commotion, ruckus, disturbance.

Ann __; leading figure in stem cell research.

Egyptian Red Sea resort with Abu Dabab Beach.

Puzzle 16

Unconventional, far from the norm.


Basic, letter-shaped chest garments.

Hebrew term for leavened bread; a Passover taboo.

San Simeone __; church facing Venice rail terminal.

Babies, young children.

Rodents with black- or red-rumped types.

Wilbur Wright's plane-building sibling.

Popular alcoholic drink made of grain mash.

Wizard keeper of Hen Wen pig in The Black Cauldron.

Ben Jonson's Jacobean comedy play set in Venice.

Structuring the eyebrows by plucking and dying.

One of four countries in the United Kingdom.

Censored swearing on TV.

Bothered someone, annoyed them repeatedly.

Puzzle 17

Describes beer made in your own house.

Sayings or predictions found in Chinese cookies.

Ancient trade route that ran from Venice to China.

A joey's mother.

Wall-hanging list of months.

Novak the Serbian tennis star.

Written essays in online newspapers.

__ Roma; Venice square and road transport hub.

Points where two or more lines intersect.

Age of Edgar Degas's wax dancer sculpture.

Puzzle 18

Eight times as large.

Infantile, immature, childlike.

Make someone a part of.

Matted, tangled hair.

Wild-boar-like creature.

Ghost of a dead pirate.

Prepared for action.

Yellow middle of a sunny-side-up.

Clothing from a previous era.

First four New Testament books.

Gwen Stefani's rock band from the nineties.

Extremely foolish.

Ponte dei __; Italian name for the Bridge of Sighs.

Roald Dahl's telekinesis book turned musical.

Wooden rowlock on a Venetian gondola.

Name for a person who scales mountains.

Wooden boards forming a terrace.

Fugitives, wanted criminals.

Puzzle 19

Arctic water to the north of Siberia.

Objects of cultural or historical interest.

A state of contentment and ease.

Duck Soup's fictional country.

__ Loggia; balcony at foot of Venice Campanile.

Decorative pieces worn on the collarbone.

Piaget is known for his theory of this development.

Shop selling Italian-style ice cream.

Iridescent, with a sheen like a shell's interior.

London stables owned by the British monarchy.

The head man, or a very large camembert.

Puzzle 20

Shows contempt for.

Waterways that criss-cross the city of Venice.

Those who care for horses.

French meat cut also known as a hanger steak.

__ Venezia; island that hosts Venice Film Festival.

Winston Deavor's sister in The Incredibles 2.

Walk like a duck.

Brings into line.

US term for a false accusation.

Bright and powerful supermassive black hole.


Japanese Gilbert and Sullivan operetta.

Knot at the end of a cord pendant.

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