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Here are the answers to CodyCross Verbs Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Tropical fruits eaten raw or in jam.

Fasten your shoe, or belt.

The hole that your eye is set into.

Lucky plant.

Leaped in the air.

Nursery rhyme shepherdess, also in Toy Story films.

Color of a Coldplay song.

Newborn baby birds.

If you held a party at your own house, you __ it.

Insects that feed on plants.

Puzzle 2

Achieve and realize your goals.

The Evil Queen asks questions to the __ glass.

A blood-drinking corpse that rises from the dead.

Prehistoric elephant-like beast that was wooly.

Drank noisily.

Buddhist or Hindu geometric symbol.

Comfortable indoor shoe.

Medical professionals who work in hospitals.

Crunchy breakfast cereal of baked oats.

Team game, perhaps resembling basketball.

Overhead surface of a room.

Buy snacks from a __ machine.

Make bigger, zoom in.

Puzzle 3

Hand-held devices for cutting nails.

A sweet citrus fruit, similar to an orange.

Nutrients that the body needs to stay healthy.

Blossoming, flourishing, blooming.


Collective noun for ducks describes them bathing.

Chuckling and chortling.

Most common type of summer squash.

An __ blanket heats up quickly to keep you warm.

Peppa's father in the children's cartoon.

Puzzle 4

Swing back and forth, scientifically.

People who jump out of planes for fun.

Work out a sum.

Spider's name in the nursery rhyme and fingerplay.

Found on a bike, glows by bouncing light off it.

Paying attention to how something is done.

Snoopy's yellow bird friend.

Chocolate coated balls, with malted milk inside.

Jungle mammal with armored shell and soft body.

The capital of Scotland.

What Adam and Eve covered up with.

Amuse an audience with acting or singing talents.

Fifth Diary of a Wimpy Kid book: The __.

Puzzle 5

These are left on your plate after eating a cake.

Writing friend.

Rented a room.

Film series about rival street dance crews.

Allow someone to do something.

__ Trudeau is the prime minister of Canada.

__ balloon, a flying machine with a basket.

By mouth or by speech.

__ Bells, a popular Christmas song.

Developing computer games or programs.

A male who serves in a restaurant.

Person of outstanding talent.

Rhymes with and means: jiggle, wriggle.

Puzzle 6

Adjective that describes things to do with rivers.

Victory, achievement, success.

Treatment or healing or remedy.

Power __, Mighty Morphin superheroes.

Take a parcel to someone.

Bird with splendid tail.

Carve this large orange vegetable at Halloween.

Wonder Woman's nemesis Minerva is known as __.

Wicker containers for carrying goods.

Appreciated, had fun.

Puzzle 7

A scale for measuring temperature, not Fahrenheit.

Black __, superhero from Wakanda.

Aircraft __, naval vessel that moves planes.

Breaks down food in the stomach.

Traveling on foot at a faster pace than walking.

Pleading, imploring someone for something.

The opposite of standing.

Container for water, use this instead of showering.

Stone Age male.

Opening your mouth wide when tired.

Puzzle 8

Added sugar.

Growing a new shoot on a plant.

Country in Central America means "rich coast".

Vehicle used with a sail to race down beaches.

Someone who is mega famous.

Responding to someone's email.

A copy of something.

Disney character whose nose grew.

Shining, like stars.

Hotel worker who helps guests book tickets.

Puzzle 9

Places to catch flights from.

Took air into the lungs.

Savory dough ball, often cooked in stews.

Snapping in half.

Musical movie starring the Jonas brothers.

A protective shade against rain showers.

The Lion, __ and The Wardrobe, Narnia story.

Transporting by hand.

__ rope; used in playground jumping games.

Nine-sided shapes.

Thing between a tightrope walker and the ground.

Puzzle 10

Spanish for "female friends".

Hug, snuggle.

Another word for "fires".

Small rooms at the top of houses.

Combining ingredients together.

Towards the top of a slope.

Mother of Disney character Merida.

One of many small indentations on a golf ball.

Cure for a disease or illness.

Capable of being eaten.

Puzzle 11

A field laborer who gathers fruit, harvests.

Calm someone down, make them feel better.

Summer's best friend in School of Rock.

Your brother or sister's son is your __.

__ Black, wizard aka Padfoot or Snuffles.

Something made from tree trunks is __.

Playing on the computer, e.g. Minecraft.

Musical instrument you strum.

Food comes in flaky, choux and shortcrust types.

Awards for winners.

Wax light source.

Nickname for August Pullman in Wonder.

Puzzle 12

Fluid-filled sore caused by friction.

European country famous for chocolate making.

Mick Jagger's rock band, The __ Stones.

Cultivate and look after someone, give them food.

Redesign hair.

Buy real, live animals here, to live with you.

Land that is good for growing crops.

Ripping, anagram of granite.

Channels that are dug to aid drainage.

Doing what someone tells you to do.

Puzzle 13

Spewing out lava.

Describes a poisonous snake or spider that bites.

An event happened or __ (rhymes with herd).

Dance performances with steps in a certain order.

Opposite of rougher.

Hitting an overhead shot in tennis with force.

Taking it easy.

__ a time; how fairy tales start.

Moves forward, like an army.

Murderer; professional killer.

Puzzle 14

Labels showing how much things cost.

Material that allows fluids and gasses through.

Special shoes with blades for gliding on ice.

Feeling pain or hardship means you're __.

Fast, four-wheeled vehicle, often a convertible.

Remove water from food to preserve it.

Animal dung used for manure.

Historical writing paper for documents.

Became hard or rigid.

Cross, angry and jealous.

Puzzle 15

Travel somewhere, make a journey.

Ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard are __.

Jewish Feast of Tabernacles.

Island habitat for orangutans.

The __ Five, adventure stories by Enid Blyton.

Large gatherings of people.

Defects in something, errors.

Word shouted by Archimedes when getting in bath.

The cockpit of a ship.

Clink, jangle; the sound from a bell.

You bowl down these.

Puzzle 16

Loud shouts of support.

Metal blades for chopping vegetables.

Act well, be good, not naughty.

Thin pancakes served with a filling.

__ dragon, an enormous lizard found in Indonesia.

Ms Fisher who played Princess Leia.

Butternut or Hubbard, for example.

Video game series set in the Half-Life universe.

Emerging from hibernation.

Bunsen __; a device with a flame in a science lab.

Irregular past participle of "catch".

Puzzle 17

Get things ready for an event.

Disney tale of Rapunzel.

"Hickory-__ Dock, the mouse ran up the clock".

Furrowed one's brow.

South American country, capital Montevideo.


Colored crayon brand.

A coherent and rational argument.

Turned into a liquid smoothie by a machine.

When you go to sleep every night.

Puzzle 18

Popped up, came into sight.

__ Conyers, Zach's aunt in Goosebumps.

"You can't make an __ without breaking eggs".

Lasting, remaining.

Squirrel-like rodent, could be called Alvin.

Makes something out of waste materials.

Jotter or pad for writing or doodling.

Pondering, using your brain.

Spice from the bark of a tropical tree.


Puzzle 19

Mix of blue and green color, also a gem.

French bread loaves in stick shape.

Period of the day after 12pm.

People who buy things, customers, clients.

The opposite of northeast on a compass.

Outlaw who robbed the rich to give to the poor.

Fast-swimming ocean predator.

Tables, chairs, beds, cupboards, and so on.

Watered crops.

Ticking off time towards an event or date.

French, German, Spanish and Italian are __.

Puzzle 20

Kicks the ball to another player on the same team.

Educated someone.

__ watch, as worn by Alice's White Rabbit.

__ spaniel, dog with big, floppy ears.

Shared out __ means everyone gets an equal share.

Removes, e.g. takes a DVD out of a player.

Biggest city in Spain.

Device for getting the liquid out of fruits.

Indian politician whose lifetime are 1869-1948.

Laugh, chuckle.

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