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Here are the answers to CodyCross Video Games Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

Shudders and trembles.

Another word for legends.

Mythical small men live underground, or on a lawn.

Get cow's milk from these.

To become smaller and smaller; opposite of grow.

Pop Goes the __.

Set these so you wake up on time in the morning.

Prince __ Island, Canadian province in the east.

Describes a small unhealthy child.

Having electronic body parts.

__ Kong; game series featuring a cartoon gorilla.

Evil sea witch in Disney's The Little Mermaid.

Cutlery shaped like a bowl for desserts and soups.

Code or plan by a government for people to follow.

Green countryside areas surrounded by hedges.

Medieval comedian.

Puzzle 2

A venue where sports matches take place.

Currency of the United States.

Using scissors, trimming, snipping.

Christmas book character Ebeneezer __.

Less expensive.

This bird lays the biggest eggs.

The Legend of Zelda: __ of Time.

Full length garment for girls, with a skirt.

There are sixty in a minute.

Something with water escaping from it.

__ runner; a type of never-ending platform game.

Another word for embarrassed.

Puzzle 3

Shapes with eight sides.

Turning milk into butter.

Webs or chains that make up systems.

Small game consoles designed for you to hold.

Games that require thinking and decision making.

A cut that a surgeon makes.

Ariel's fish friend in Disney's The Little Mermaid.

Soccer players are sent off with these.

Rough drawings.

Text sections in a book.

Puzzle 4

To turn from liquid into gas.

Really funny, something that makes you laugh.

Teachers, professors or lecturers.

Nickname for fans of Justin Bieber.

Sculptures that spout water.

Decorative chains worn around the wrists.

Forgiving legally.

The company that makes the XBox games console.

Speaking offensively about gods or religion.

Fair __, something is done in an honest way.

__ World is a game where you build roller coasters.

Puzzle 5

Come out, stop being hidden from view.

Video game series with mazes and ghosts.

__ electricity makes your hair stand on end.

Chilly animated film series about Sid and Manny.

Scooby Doo's best friend.

Boil water in this, for drinks.

Antonym of exhale.

Thin paper or plastic tubes for sipping a drink.

Type of fuel often used by busses and trucks.

Takes someone's property unlawfully.

Puzzle 6

To feel or show great delight.

Pushing someone roughly.

Cross the street illegally.

Shy Dwarf friend of Snow White.

Another word for writers.

Trips on a plane.

Closing a door using a key.

Pocket monster video game series, with Pikachu.

Feeling compassion and the same emotions as others.

To make something look bigger.

Gaming accessory with an earpiece and microphone.

Canadian singer, Avril __.

Animals that give birth to live young are __.

Children build these outside when it's very cold.

Courage that is shown by a hero.

To make a pencil more pointed.

Donkeys, horses, tigers and lions are all __.


Puzzle 7

Glimmer or twinkle.

An electric gadget for inflating things.

Asked to a party.

The author of Charlotte's Web.

Dried grapes used in fruit cake and mincemeat.

A disease or sickness.

Describes movement of snakes.

Singing with your mouth closed.

By the sea, on the edge of the ocean.

Medical professionals.

You __ traits from parents, passed down to you.

Tiny white petalled flowers found on lawns.

The cover of a book; skills involved in making it.

Go faster.

Puzzle 8

Cold Arctic place that is home to Santa.

Making an image better or clearer.

A memory of a past event, often seen in movies.

Creative video game with 3D building blocks.

Lie on the ground and make this in wintery weather.

The arms of an octopus.

Luxury car, can be chauffeur-driven.

Falling over briefly.

Serious life-threatening reactions to certain foods.

Set something up, found a business.

Three-sided shapes.

Written in capital letters.

Christianity, Islam, Buddhism are all __.

The real name of the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

One who jumps from a plane with a surfboard.

Stay at a friend's house overnight.

Quickly swiping finger through text on a screen.

Puzzle 9

Sneaks goods over a border.

Tooth experts who check teeth and do fillings.

Makes better.

Single track passenger transport system.

__ Persia; video game series with an Arabian theme.

Words that have the same meaning are known as __.

Music video game with singing and instruments.

Sweet treat made with oats and golden syrup.

Reaching a destination.

Same as Middle Ages.

Puzzle 10

To alter or fix.

Harry __, wizard extraordinaire.

Small owls.

Figures often seen at the top of a Christmas tree.

The best thing since __ bread.

A yellow substance made by flowering plants.

Jak and __; video games about a boy and an ottsel.

Greek God of beauty.

Opposite of brighter or lighter.

Friend of Asterix the Gaul.

Able to speak a foreign language perfectly.

Soft felted French headgear.

Someone who uses a bow and arrows.

__ & Juliet, animated film about lawn ornaments.

A power tool for smoothing a wooden surface.

National __, a country's official song.

Julius __, Roman emperor, said "Veni, vidi, vici".

Cringed and grimaced in pain.

Toy company that makes Barbie dolls.

Puzzle 11

Building where people go to work.

Sparkly headpieces worn by princesses.

Little bits of food that are dropped while eating.

St Francis of __ is the patron saint of animals.

US stands for United __.

To provide something to meet demand.

You use this kitchen tool to shave potatoes.

A frame that athletes jump over in a race.

Enemy of the Beast, who loved Belle.

When water turns to ice, it has __.

Canadian singer Shawn __; he sang Stitches.

A set of DVDs, for example of a television series.

Red spots on the skin, allergic reactions.

Uprising against a government.

Add content to a website; __ videos to YouTube.

Underwater king in Disney's The Little Mermaid.

Extra terrestrials.

Take a layer of paper off a gift.

Puzzle 12

Sculptures of people, made from stone or marble.

Small platforms to stand at for making speeches.

One Fish, __, Red Fish, Blue Fish; Dr Seuss story.

Japanese video game with a blue robot character.

The force that pulls us towards the ground.

Marriage ceremony.

Made someone aware of something.

Babies, very young children.

Chilly country with Reykjavik as the capital.

The Mario video games are set in the Mushroom __.

Copying and __, moving text around on a computer.

Spanish parties.

Puzzle 13

A student's course guide.

Video games where players jump and dodge obstacles.

Jamaican hip hop artist and Rockabye singer.

Poem where the 1st letters of each line form words.

Movie-linked game series, including Battlefront.

Snatching, taking something from someone.

Hard building material made from cement/stone.

Opened something with a key or code.

To identify what illness someone is suffering.

Large, frozen pieces of ice in the sea.

The referee __ (bans) the player for one match.

A to Z.

Green stalky vegetable that resembles little trees.

Dark-haired great apes that beat their chests.

Toy car make that sounds like firesticks container.

Something theoretical, exists only in thoughts.

Puzzle 14

Lack of knowledge, unawareness.

Nintendo racing game, with Luigi and his brother.

Emergency vehicle for transporting sick people.

Players match precious gems in this puzzle game.

Warm place for raising baby chicks.

Spaces with toys and games.

Catching or stopping a criminal.

The MX in BMX.

Getting smaller, like Alice after drinking potions.

Outfits for bathing in pools.

Your __ muscles are in your lower stomach area.

Buzz __, toy spaceman.

Historical Egyptian queen.

Puzzle 15

Surprise attack from a concealed position.

Not winning, being defeated.

Horse's home.

When you stop trying, you __.

Pulling something, e.g. a car, behind a vehicle.

Slimy garden creatures with shells on their backs.

Joe is a short version of this boys' name.

Single flight leg with no return ticket.

The season when it's most likely to snow.

A string of prayer beads in the Catholic religion.

Groups of people singing.

A maid and girlfriend of Robin Hood.

Building toys for the very young.

Disney's Sleeping Beauty princess.

Abduct someone and hold them prisoner.

Permanent ink marking on the skin.

Facial hair worn by hipsters and Father Christmas.

Fictional part-human, part-robot being.

The opposite of "pushed".

__ eggs are cooked in hot water in their shells.

The __ of Zelda; video games featuring Link.

Capital city of Spain.

Puzzle 16

Small smooth stone found on a river or beach.

We breathe in __ and breathe out carbon dioxide.

Absorbent item for washing or cleaning dishes.

Bold, brave, willing to take risks.

A country's national tune.

Self __ is self-respect, confidence in yourself.

Big, wild cats with orange fur and black stripes.

Sport played in a ring with gloves on.

You cut your food with them.

Using fingers on a keyboard to write an essay.

Precious stones found inside oysters.

Peter Piper __ a peck of pickled peppers.

Press a stamper into an __ to make marks on paper.

Bunny's busy day.

Puzzle 17

Each TV program in a series is an __.

Machine for turning bread into a breakfast treat.

Scandinavian invaders of the Middle Ages.

Mound of earth created by a colony of tiny insects.

Person who follows you around furtively.

RPG stands for role-__ game.

The boss; the person in charge of a football team.

She helps deliver babies at home and in hospitals.

Vehicle with huge tires, for farming.

The abbreviation VR stands for virtual __.

The N in UN stands for __.

__ eggs, crack them and simmer in water to cook.

A Christmas Carol's author Charles __.

Puzzle 18

Strong dark coffee, literally "pressed out".

Sudden downwards plunge of a plane, front first.

The item that beats paper but is blunted by stone.

Not plural.

Holes in your teeth that need fillings.

He wants to steal the Krabby Patty formula.

Another word for kings and queens.

Detective __ Holmes.

The height of a place above sea level.

To reduce amount, to move to a smaller home.

Drawing aimlessly.

Scented sprays for the neck and wrists.

False stories spread on the internet/social media.

Opposite of darker, shadier.

Wii U first-person shooter featuring Inklings.

Female mythical sea creatures.

Turned a document into strips for privacy.

Control column device for video games.

Puzzle 19

Someone who loves playing practical jokes.

People from Peru.

What a jockey rides.

Green and silver house at Hogwarts.

The study of myths and traditional stories.

Wear one of these over your eyes so you can't see.

Famous smelly French cheese.

Escape from prison or chains.

Another word for a host of a television show.

Fixing an artwork so it's good as new.

Describes birds flying away for the winter.

The main character of the Tomb Raider games.

Delayed, canceled until another time.

People who make audiences laugh.

The identification of an illness in a person.

FourFiveSeconds record producer, married to Kim K.

Puzzle 20

Fitness runner.

Post photos or videos online, e.g. onto YouTube.

To bring something back to life.

Wears away, e.g. soil in a riverbed.

Triangular bone above coccyx at base of spine.

Property that has been taken by a thief.

The end performance in a play or musical.

Shoelaces that have become undone.

Round houses made of ice blocks.

Magical themed land.

SOS distress call.

Food suitable to eat under Jewish law.

Type of film with stunts and special effects.

Land where crops are grown or animals graze.

To respect and look up to someone.

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