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Here are the answers to CodyCross Vienna Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Shakespeare wrote about this person of Venice.

Pale stallion breed associated with Vienna.

Apps are a type of this program.

Saved group of songs on an electrical device.

Santa's first name.

Family game with gears and turning cogs.

Fruit oil in Earl Grey tea.

Money states bring in through taxes, fees.

Another word for merry-go-round.

Sea-creature display like Vienna's Haus des Meeres.

Bridges designed to carry trains over valleys.

Puzzle 2

President Andrew or first name of painter Pollock.

Hairstyle often given to military men.

The Amazonian boto is a rare river-dwelling one.

The stitching conclusion of a knitting pattern.

Character in The Rocky Horror Show; bright pink.

Bright red superhero played by Ron Perlman.

The largest country in Africa; anagram of gale air.

Wall __, 1960s recordings by Phil Spector.

Source of wisdom, often ignored.

Tony, dramatist, authored Angels in America.

Psychology session to release tension.

The Liliputbahn is a famous miniature __ in Vienna.

The Amazing World of __, a blue cartoon cat.

Government assembly in German-speaking country.

Medieval castle overlooking the River Avon.

Apple-filled dessert associated with Vienna.

Puzzle 3

Large-screen smartphone, doesn't fit in pockets.

Stitching along the bottom edge of a skirt.

Vegetables like lentils, beans, peas.

Beethoven's only opera, premiered in Vienna, 1805.

Wary, reluctant, cautious.

Model Jenner, related to Kim, Khloé, Kourtney.

Ancient name for volcanic crater near Naples.

He vants to suck your blood!.

Shape: 4 equal sides, 2 obtuse and 2 acute angles.

Orient __, famous train that passed through Vienna.

The baddies in Western movies.

__ law, temporarily imposed military rule.

Full of cold, unable to breathe properly.

Abandoned ship found afloat in the ocean, Mary __.

Popular brand of hot tub.

Puzzle 4

Small country in the Persian Gulf next to Iraq.

__ Regal, 12-year-old blended Scotch.

Jane Hopper's alias in Stranger Things.

Dressing table.

Popular small Ford car that's a real party.

Language you'd hear spoken locally in Vienna.

Liam who has a very particular set of skills.

The 15th century Inca citadel, Machu __.

Johannes, famous composer buried in Vienna.

An archaic word for pigs.

Data transmission codes.

Professor of Nintendo puzzle game series.

The Disney character raised by apes.

Poses for an artist.

Mr. Smithers, obsequious assistant to Mr Burns.

Puzzle 5

Second-largest island in the Caribbean Sea.

An acknowlegment of offense.

Imperial palace in Vienna, dating from the 1200s.

Alcoholic drink made from bitter blackthorn fruits.

With both __, with full force, unrestrained.

Gathering of employees and employers.

Bird that catches fish in its throat pouch.

In 1985 film, Mikey Walsh says they never say die.

Dynasty that ruled Russia from 1613 to 1917.

Doc Smith's sci-fi book series.

Powdered milk for infants.

Matching jumper and cardigan worn with pearls.

When Vienna hosts an internationally-famed concert.

Closed loop for an electric current.

Leader of the Autobots in Transformers, __ Prime.

Puzzle 6

Amazonian tortoise named for its pink-tipped legs.

The Living __, 1987 Bond film set partly in Vienna.

Donda rapper who was married to Kim Kardashian.

Dish out medical treatment.

Starz time travel series with Heughan and Balfe.

Fairs, festivals.

1987 hit said to be the first hip-hop love song.

The house in the novel Rebecca.

Line that's the opposite of those of latitude.

Decade of platform shoes and disco.

Task carried on outside the lab.

Singer who had a 1977 hit with Vienna.

Puzzle 7

Surname of Australian actors Chris, Luke and Liam.

The __, weekly British financial magazine.

Egyptian queen, wife of Mark Antony.

A person's opinion or frame of reference.

Word meaning "steerable" applied to early airships.

Formula 1 superstar born in Vienna in 1949.

Constructive metabolism.

Countries or states ruled by presidents.

Creature you'd see in Vienna's Schmetterlinghaus.

What Angelica Schuyler is when her needs are met.

Puzzle 8

Plaything you build and drive.

Animal that eats other animals and plants.

Artificial unsaturated fatty acid.

Thrown when upset, like a temper tantrum.

2015 Broadway musical with music by Sara Bareilles.

Vienna's famous Zentralfriedhof is one.

Nike shoe named after a branch of the US military.

The Devil __, 1968 horror starring Christopher Lee.

Creepily, eerily, scarily.

Aromatic, wine-flavored aperitif.

Element whose atomic number is 78.

Issa Raye's unassured show.

Famous shopping street in central Vienna.

Puzzle 9

"Stay hungry, stay __" -- Steve Jobs.

First name of kids' Adventure series author Price.

Italian Job car chase vehicle in a primary color.

Relating to or keeping in heat.

Talk about, converse over.

The United __ has a major agency office in Vienna.

Ugly-looking, eel-like parasitic marine swimmers.

A spectacle; a play often put on at Christmas.

Old term for fines administered by law.

French confection of candied chestnuts: __ glace.

Symbolic Dutch still-life art, often with skulls.

Describes the area where land meets ocean.

Passage between seats on a ship or plane.

Saintly namesake of Vienna's main cathedral.

Weightlifting rod with weights at either end.

New Musical __, UK music magazine.

Name of mother-daughter duo in Gilmore Girls.

Puzzle 10

Wide Viennese shopping plaza known for its markets.

Young Pakistani activist, Nobel Peace Prize winner.

One of the Seven Wonders that stood at Alexandria.


__ de Soleil acrobatic show.

River that flows beside the Taj Mahal.

Disney series with the Ashleys and T.J. Detweiler.

Go Your __, chart-topping single for Fleetwood Mac.

Type of skating scored for technique and artistry.

To kidnap or carry off by force.

Chess piece also known as the horse.

First name of Viennese philosopher Wittgenstein.

First attempts at writing a novel or essay.

Pieces of coconut meat or breakfast cereal pieces.

Liberty __, vest-like undergarment with no boning.

Elaborate, detailed and fancy designs on furniture.

Gas that has replaced hydrogen in most airships.

Actor Pattinson, star of Twilight and The Batman.

A rafter is a male of this poultry.

Puzzle 11

Dr. Dre's recording label.

Blood-sucking flies known for leaving itchy bites.

On __ Tides, fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

Eponymous theater genre known by its district.

Carefully, timidly, like a pale spice.

Vast Viennese park home to a famous china factory.

Negatively charged particle.

Gut parasite, humans infested by undercooked meat.

Stationary heater in a room.

Collaborating, meeting with.

Neighborly jealousy, wanting others possessions.

World famous bell in Austria's Stephansdom tower.

WWII novel and film: "The Guns of __".

On the quiet, in secret, shh shh.

Bow-shaped pasta.

Outfits of a particular period, person, place.

The landing place where ships are unloaded.

Puzzle 12

E.g. grade II building of historical importance.

Obvious statement.

Bracelet for the upper limb.

Korean fermented cabbage.

Language type involving the mix of two languages.

Island shared by Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei.

First name of Viennese author and journalist Zweig.

Control, rule.

Bono asked "Who's gonna ride your wild __?".

Jodie, actor who played Clarice Starling.

Site where anyone can write articles; spiritualist.

Pure as the __ snow; whiter than white.

Dog command to return to its owner.

Vienna has a famous statue of Strauss playing one.

Supporting beams in a floor or ceiling.

Puzzle 13

The Haunted __ stars Eddie Murphy.

Xi, 21st century leader of China.

Hinged-shelled mollusc.

Pensive Rodin sculpture, The __.

First name of Three Tenors opera singer Pavarotti.

Brand whose logo is a gorgon's head.

Vienna's famous Gothic-style city hall.

Proper and polite conduct.

Zooey Deschanel lives with three men in this show.

All your __ goods, everything you own.

Rustic wine tavern, of which Vienna has many.

Virginia Woolf's androgynous protagonist.

Shape with lots of sides.

Painful swelling caused by bacteria infection.

Another term for a bill.

Peruvian seafood dish made with raw fish.

This happens when wind, water wear soil away.

Ancient city and capital of Minoan Crete.

Bird that appears in title of an 1896 Chekhov play.

Puzzle 14

Great Dane cartoon.

Americans who call Montgomery their capital.

Popular tourist island constructed in 1960s Vienna.


Only eat these in months with an R?.

Readers' page-keepers.

__ sleep, a sci-fi cold coma to outlive peers.

Bruce and Diane's daughter; Marmee in Little Women.

Other name for a groundhog.

A government run by only a few, often the wealthy.

Composer whose Pasqualatihaus is a Viennese museum.

Puzzle 15

Pop artist famous for glorifying Campbell's Soup.

Last episode in a TV series.

The Egyptian jackal-headed deity.

Round Viennese bread roll named for an emperor.

Foreman and Ali had a famous one in the jungle.

Velvet-like leather.

A stage actor is said to tread the __.

The element essential for gas exchange.

Capital of the Yucatan state in Mexico.

Forename of Elvis's mum.

John, author who sets many of his books in Vienna.

90s horror movie of a killer wearing a ghost mask.

Degrade, devalue.

Points on which things turn or tilt, as on seesaws.

Early stage of a baby in the womb.

Puzzle 16

Aviator who crossed the Atlantic nonstop in 1927.

Music style founded by Viennese composer Schönberg.

Unknown number, last of many occurrences.

Award-winning author of Hunger, Bad Feminist.

The medical term for bad breath.

Racquet sport that uses a shuttlecock.

Farrah Fawcett's 80's hairstyle.

Residents of the Greek capital.

Apparatus through which images are received.

The man who fell in love with his own reflection.

East of Eden and Giant actor.

Puzzle 17

Lost underwater city located in Atlantic Ocean.

English dessert of meringue, fruit and cream.

Tough broadleaf tree with year-round leaf cover.

Winterreise composer Franz, born in Vienna in 1797.

Race Nipsey Hussle said continues.

Home storage structure for hammers, saws, etc..

Intimidate or bully someone.

__ personae, or a list of characters in a play.

French ruler who conquered Vienna in 1805 and 1809.

Early machine to artificially control breathing.

Most popular mineral on earth's crust.

Puzzle 18

Type of logic often used in computer science.

Raw material from which paper is made.

Indicates, shows evidence of a skill.

Maria, Sound of Music subject born in Vienna.

Cold Spanish tomato soup.

Shrank/moved from a blow to the body.

Clint who had a fistful of dollars.

Famous art nouveau clock on Vienna's Hoher Markt.

Deep crack in a glacier.

Battery with copper-colored top.

Buildings, office space.

Puzzle 19

Car-racing over rough terrain.

Famous 19th century Ferris wheel in central Vienna.


__ Express saw Lloyd Webber's skating trains.

Odin's battle-ready female warriors.

Heroine nicknamed 'The Maid of Orléans'.

Tequila, lime or lemon juice and orange liqueur.

Charles Darwin's favorite archipelago.

Acting family that includes Drew and John.

Artificial language with its own museum in Vienna.

Horrible __, children's book series about the past.

Puzzle 20

Make a literary collection.

Style of metal sunglasses associated with pilots.

Bird said to stick its head in the sand.

North American rodent that lives near wetlands.

Southernmost of Vienna's 23 districts.

Performer or performance by a cross-dresser.

Glee TV show made this 1980s band popular again.

Non-fiction publisher founded in Vienna in 1923.

Measurement of electricity between 2 points.

Doonesbury cartoonist, Gary.

Country the Magyars call home.

__ Familia, Barcelona church designed by Gaudí.

Thin pasta strips from Asia, used in stir-fries.

Adds mental weight to someone's mind.

Painter from a wild art movement.

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