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Here are the answers to CodyCross Vlogging Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Big, yellow bloom with brown, edible seed head.

Never finishing, always going on.

Short bursts of running.

Quality of gravies or custards that are not smooth.

Blog showcasing a person's day-to-day.

Sign up for regularly sent content.

Norwegian Kon-Tiki expedition explorer Thor __.

Ice __, paddling competition at Québec's Carnival.

Position at the top of the charts.

Quick drying method of plastering.

A __ government is one run by women.

Author of Jack Ryan books, Hunt for Red October.

Cunard liner became a floating hotel in Long Beach.

Pencil __, it transforms blunt leads.

Movie with Kurt Russell set in a fire department.

Country to which the cockatoo is endemic.

Puzzle 2

The Grim __; death personified.

Hybrid of domestic cattle and the European bison.

Commit sound to tape.

Fell below expected levels.

Fluffy rectangles for drying oneself after a bath.

__ in the Womb, anatomical sketch by Leonardo.

Repeated each seven days.

Cherry __, Ben & Jerry's punning ice cream.

Trip made by an explorer; __ of discovery.

Deserving of merit.

Louisa May __, Little Women author.

Perez Hilton's specialty.

The opposite of the waning of the Moon.

Lynn Redgrave film and its title song: __ Girl.

Puzzle 3

Vivid shade of red.

Place to adopt an animal.

Parade ring, where horses are viewed before racing.

Also __, or AKA.

Give the motivation to accomplish something.

Trick shot masters Dude __.

Boo'd Up singer.

Jewelry that hangs from a neck chain.

Alternative name for Risso's dolphin.

Danish pastry filling made with butter and sugar.

12th-century king of England, married to Matilda.

Puzzle 4

Urgently important issue.

Margaret __, author of Gone With The Wind.

__ Gears, Cream album that features Strange Brew.

One part of an online-based series.

Name for military or political operations.

Desert plant aka orache; anagram of lush bats.

Origin of Meghan Markle's engagement ring diamond.

Step-by-step how-to.

Track __, another name for athletics.

Apparition, ghost.

Sheets, pillowcases, blankets are this.

Mapping out the day ahead of time.

Katharine __; developed nonreflective glass.

Puzzle 5

Austrian capital known as city of music and dreams.

__ Marsalis, composer of Blood on the Fields.

Wrote one's name on a contract.

Global trucks brand headquartered in Sweden.

__ rings; chunky, golden, worn on fingers.

__ shower; pre-wedding party for wife-to-be.

Claire and Phil in Modern Family.

Japanese dish of salmon draped over rice.

Erna __; pioneer in computerized phone systems.

Column or series dedicated to guidance.

Trust or rely on.

Magical pet pig in Disney's "The Black Cauldron".

Senior members.

Green brothers' channel Crash __.

Puppy licks.

Puzzle 6

The Comets lead singer.

Visitor-focused video or program.

Using a garden tool to neaten the edges of a lawn.

Cooked chicken leg.

Major 1950s conflict over the 38th parallel.

Not using a script; making it up as you go along.

The art of surviving in wild shrubland.

Instruction, teaching, training, coaching.

The Beaux' __, George Farquhar's play of 1707.

Athlete who shoots and skis.

Devotees, fans.

At first, not finally.

Puzzle 7

Still frames.

Port city in Kerala, India, also called Kochi.

Long-stemmed vegetable used in salad.

Actress Julie, who patented a range of lingerie.

Protection away from danger.

Modern day gourmand.

Exile someone from the kingdom, in fairy tales.

David __, London photographer of the swingin' 60s.

Please someone by doing what they ask.

The Four __; mysterious worlds in The Nutcracker.

Reduced by 50 per cent.

Bambi's mate and mother to their twin fawns.

Cunning, deceitful, sneaky.

Born in __, The Boss sang about his country.

Puzzle 8

Swiss town on an important lake.

Singer who took a Walk on the Wild Side in 1972.

He plays the title role in Anchorman: Will __.

Father-son team who created Mt Rushmore artwork.

Racehorse kidnapped by the IRA in 1983.

Deliberate closing and opening of a single eye.

Device that newsreaders read from on live TV.

Cutting and combining video to improve the flow.

Steinbeck's standard poodle, appears in a book.

Distributors of Bibles, notably in hotels.

Toasted salted snacks, sometimes served on planes.

End scroll of a film acknowledging workers.

Dutch polymath of the Renaissance, Desiderius __.

Puzzle 9

Breaking in half, like a cracker.

Corkboard for pinning messages, __ board.

Foot mark left by tigers, lions, bears, etc.

__ washer; machine that uses high-powered spray.

Gerhard __, SPD German Chancellor.

Setting of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.

Voiceover commentator.

Posting rude, sometimes off-topic messages.

French art form of the 1940s meaning "stain".

Hitting with an open palm.

Prisoner's marital visit.

Oldest French brandy, produced in southwest France.

Liquid mixture, in science.

What fingerprints can do, relating to suspects.

Mack __, Bobby Darin hit.

Puzzle 10

Right-hand pages of an open book.

__ Zwick; directed DiCaprio in Blood Diamond.

__-cell disease features oddly shaped blood cells.

Miserly or close-fisted.

If this count is high, many are tuning in.

It's Blowin' in the Wind, my friend.

African country that contains all of Lake Kyoga.

Moves up and down in an engine.

Ancient Japanese military boss.

Hot, black drink made from ground beans.

Hot water __, fill with water for a warm night.

Using arms to propel a boat, with oars.

Marked items on a scale for quality.

Comic, satiric imitation of celebrities on video.

Sitcom with Ted Danson as Sam Malone.

Puzzle 11

Driver of a stolen car, for thrill or pleasure.

Spanish white grape and a golden horse color.

Wife of Orpheus.

Shiny like copper, silver or gold.

Relax, calm down.

Aiding and doing this for a criminal is illegal.

All of one's hair up, resembling a horse.

Species of the boating school teacher on SpongeBob.

Told a news story, gave an account of an event.

Responses below a video.

Illnesses or complaints.

The __, brawling Irish movie with John Wayne.

Mother of Hamlet.

Leader of the first team to reach the South Pole.

Macabre, morbid, ghastly, chilling.

Rhett and Link's Good __ Morning.

Puzzle 12

Some; various.

To be present and operate alongside another.

Mary __; supernatural nanny in PL Travers' books.

Carrie's mental condition in Homeland: __ disorder.

Freddie __ of Freddie and the Dreamers.

Paul __ plays JARVIS in Iron Man and Avengers.

Renewal of interest, in a fashion, or a play.

Personal belief, not fact.

The tail __ the dog.

__-Yafo, major Israeli city on the Mediterranean.

Meal-making, perhaps for an audience.

Desk carousel of business contacts.

Regular message board readers who never contribute.

Not typically girly girls.

Puzzle 13

1949 plane crash that killed Torino footballers.

Brussels vegetables, love or hate them.

Dodgeball in Quidditch.

Gave blood, or money to charity, for example.

Comedienne and dog lover Jenna __.

Teach, pass on experience.

Site of the Serbian Exit Festival, founded in 2000.

German city with an impressive Gothic cathedral.

The Greatest __, about P.T. Barnum.

Fridge __, holiday keepsakes for the kitchen.


Puzzle 14

Similar to sour cream, but higher in fat: creme __.

Arata __; Japanese Pritzker Prize-winning designer.

Project or idea originator.

Nonfiction text published in a magazine.

Secured a gate.

Expression meaning what a fool I am.

High __, romantic film with Well, Did You Evah!.

Letters of adoration sent to a celebrity.

Purplish, spring flowers known for healing.

Indian language; anagram of Belgian.

Online content collection.

Italian sportswear brand with half ball logo.

Puzzle 15

Group of like-minded fans.

The best part of an event or a year; focus on it.

Human leg muscle, the longest in the body.

Pass the parcel or musical statues, for example.

Large Israeli city in the Negev Desert.

Beatles song about place that is in my ears, eyes.

Director of political movie Vice.

Treaty of 1959 with 12 original signatories.

Bit by bit.

A way to walk from one level to the next.

Puzzle 16

__ Sunset, Elton song sampled on Ghetto Gospel.

Main characteristic of Phoebe's cat on Friends.

Tea Party US city that hosts a marathon.

Ingredients and step-by-step to prepare a meal.

Written dialogue prepared for shooting a video.

Description for someone determined to succeed.

West African hard wood that resembles mahogany.

Architectural style with flying buttresses.

Dumb __, small elevator/lift seen in restaurants.

The male counterpart of brides at weddings.

Disappear, become invisible, like the Cheshire Cat.

Margot __, actress of The Wolf of Wall Street.

Vicious Doberman from 1988 film Oliver & Company.

Horn blast used as a warning signal.

Puzzle 17

Murderer; professional killer.

Plant, the essential ingredient of absinthe.

Plan of things to do, with timings.

Multiplied by a handful number of times.

Brand of petroleum jelly used as a lubricant.

Devon port city associated with The Mayflower.

__ Kant, German/Prussian philosopher.

Ghost or something else felt but not seen.

Intended demographic.

Exercising in a pool, doing lengths.

1970s style shoe with very thick soles.

__ factor; something that boosts your mood.

__ Jones, Rogue One's Jyn Erso.

__ Castle; Denmark's Elsinore palace.

Green screen used for video manipulation.

"Social Contract" philosopher Jean-Jacques __.

Puzzle 18

Kelly __, Irishwoman Margaret in Boardwalk Empire.

Previously mentioned.

John __, 1930s american gangster killed by feds.

Elastigirl alter ego in The Incredibles.

Narrow jeans, likened to guttering.

Descriptive nickname.

Crescent-shaped French pastry.

Transmitting videos through the Internet.

Title track from David Bowie's last album.

Perform for someone's enjoyment.

Main narrator of Veronica Roth's Divergent series.

Nemo is this type of striped sea creature.

South Indian city on the Mysore plateau.

Least numerous leukocytes in the human body.

Puzzle 19

Jo-Wilfried __; high-ranking French tennis star.

Special visitors invited to a show; non-regulars.

Fairy king in A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Also known as sea hawk, this bird preys on fish.

Balls of ice cream, added to cones.

Tracks or running paths.

Connected, chained together.

British term for descend a cliff via rope.

Song by Belinda Carlisle: __ is a Place on Earth.

Current sought interests, fads or tendencies.

13.5 inch bronze statuettes with gold coatings.

Puzzle 20

16th-century Italian calligrapher and font.

Tilly __; designed a flow restrictor for engines.

Chinese toy dog and smart puffy dog crossbreed.

Netflix series about the Queen, with Olivia Colman.

The end all, be all.

Hot green pepper in Mexican cuisine.

__ Beals, starred in Flashdance.

Items made available to purchase; merchandise.

Inspire others through pep talks.

Instrument that greets the New Year in Scotland.

Ability to keep calm and composed.

__ dog; stretching canine yoga pose.

Family history and origins.

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