CodyCross Wars and Battles Pack answers

Wars and Battles PackWars and Battles

Here are the answers to CodyCross Wars and Battles Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

A vast amount.

As clean as it gets.

Artist’s outline.


Remove from office.

Lizard constellation.

Besieged First Crusade city.

Battle of __, Luftwaffe-RAF air campaign of 1940.

Make up from bits and pieces to cook a dish.

Name popularly given to early humans.

The Sin of Madelon __, woman steals for her son.

A snake's sound.

Going down like a lead balloon.

Freemium musical streaming service.

One who is tight with money, penny __.

Puzzle 2

Gave him the slip.

Feral feline.

Risk manager.

Filipino sea filled with islands of the same name.

Candlelight movement.

Food cooked in a mold, often set.

Arrow constellation.

Barge in.

__ Adelson, US businessman and philanthropist.

Physical elements of writing, such as metaphors.

A. __, won an Oscar for portraying Hannibal Lecter.

Commonwealth country invaded by the US in 1983.

To act like a God, divine.

Science fantasy novel, A __ in Time.

An upholstered footstool.

The artistic Smurf.

Pacific battle of 1945 famous for flag-raising.

Third year students.

Puzzle 3

To pull someone back from __; the very edge.

1746 final defeat of the Jacobite Rising.

People from Guadalajara are __ by nationality.

Horse's gait, two-beat.

Waffle cookie from Central Italy.

__ Hill, Korean War battle and Gregory Peck movie.

Gilligan's Island millionaire, __ Howell III.

First element alphabetically in the periodic table.

Guards the prison of Azkaban.

Changing the tone of a flute.

Beaten in a contest.

Candy Land character, Queen __.

Birth condition of the mouth.

One can fix your brakes.

Demon purger.

William __, US writer of novels of the Deep South.

Puzzle 4

Uranus moon named after the King of the Fairies.

1944 battle for defense of NE India against Japan.

Province governor in Byzantine Empire.

Archie's main rival.

Mythical beast that dances at Chinese New Year.

A swing and a miss.

These social African carnivores love a good joke.

A rule of procedure.

French sauce with chopped tomatoes and lemon juice.

Churchill's __, WWII propaganda made in Canada.

Musical poem.

One who sews or alters.

Composer who wrote 21 nocturnes for the piano.

__ War, Finland-USSR conflict of the cold season.

Puzzle 5

Mikael __, from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Short 1967 conflict between Israel and Arab states.

Fab Four weren't jay walking on this album's cover.

Half-moon bladed knife with handles; dices herbs.

Of or relating to hamsters.

First names of Hardie, first UK Labor leader.

Capital of New Zealand's Taranaki region.

Crystal clear in the UK: "plain as a __".

Two triangles that have equal-length sides.

Robbery involving bank employees.

Clear skies.

Unwellness, weakness.

Ancient Roman game with similarities to football.

Leader of The Smurfs.

Codename for Soviet 1944 Eastern campaign.

Serpent-bearer constellation.

Blind muppet.

Puzzle 6

Holding __, continue flying while waiting to land.

The foremost yachting cup is named after this boat.

Bible battle: city walls fell to Joshua's trumpets.

German term for snow pellets.

Pitch your pennies in this well.

This Monopoly token is a dog.

__ amour, dark violet liqueur with rose petals.

Medical term for the loss of sense of smell.


BAFTA, __ version of the Oscars.

"Complicated" singer: Avril __.

This tree was said to be a plague prognosticator.

The chief pigment for determing human skin color.

Wall of earth providing protection; rampart.

Plains of __, victory by Wolfe who gained Quebec.

A devastating victory.

Puzzle 7

__ fish, Jewish cold, stuffed dish, or fishballs.

It's easy to spot this cat.

Mix up the cards.

Third __ War, uprising by slaves led by Spartacus.

Julie Andrews' favorite things, bright copper __.

Furry Russian hat with earflaps and insignia.

Pointy-hatted Halloween sorceresses.

Snowball __ is a 1972 screwball Disney comedy.

Final outcome or consequences.

Autobiographical novel by Brendan Behan: "__ Boy".

Garfield's preferred food.

Chilly relations between the Superpowers after WW2.

The highest branches.

Puzzle 8

Fiction writers.

Over the top.

Annoying, irritating, disturbing.

Hip condition where ball and socket are misaligned.

__ recession, two back-to-back falls.

Elbow length gloves.

Battle of Spain gives its name to a London square.

Maharashtrian, Gujarati strained yogurt dish.

Process of having moved to a smaller home.

British-Chinese 19th C trade conflicts over drugs.

Dalmatian's ride.

Huge six-stringed guitar played in mariachi bands.

Orbiting debris.

Boxer's skills, particularly an ability to move.

Skeletor's castle.

Air-core transformer named for Serbian inventor.

US actress, "mother" of Damien in The Omen.

Pinky, black-flecked gem from the Greek for rose.

Puzzle 9

Those who partake in heated discussions.

These marine mammals are not kings of the jungle.

MTV 1990's cartoon, Beavis and __.

Meat braised in a casserole.

Inspired 80s movie on a nuclear facility.

Never bite the hand that __.

City north-west of Paris, sounds like an explorer.

Part of winter hat that folds over hearing organs.

Silver bullet target.

Rwandan PM, responsible for the 1994 genocide.

Target used in jousting.

Military lines surrounded on three sides.

Crimean War "Soldier's Battle" fought in fog.

1942 aircraft carrier battle in the Pacific.

Covered wagon of the American West, prairie __.

Abnormally low pH.

Puzzle 10

Game of throwing a ring or horseshoe over a spike.

Fat-reducing enzyme from the pancreas.

Lantern festival held in NW China at New Year.

Shooting a gun.

Filled musical note with a stem and one tail.

Country where Riga Black Balsam Beer is brewed.

Old name for Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam.

Solid earth.

WW2 battle in the Netherlands named Market Garden.

Pays illegally for favors.

Image revealing logic puzzle.

Church workers.

She Wore a Yellow __, 1 last mission for Wayne.

Dolphinfish constellation.

Books for kids about a monkey: "Curious __".

Italian suit designer favored by President Trump.

What mice become to Cinderella.

Often marked by skull and crossbones.

Woven from the leaves of jipipapa trees: __ hats.

Puzzle 11

Number of signs of the Chinese zodiac.

A pirate's kitchen.

Icy weather.

Bradley __, American Sniper, Hangover actor.

Long loose dress, worn with belt by men.

Lard, herb sausage from northern Italy.

Isabel __, heroine of Portrait of a Lady.

Sam Smith's debut album: "In the __ Hour".

Anglo-__ Wars, Indian campaigns of the 18th C.

Battle of __, Red Army defense of this city 1941-2.

Walled racquet sport.

This monkey is a scream.

She had snakes for hair.

Puzzle 12

__ candy, sweet, toffee-like dessert.

Made witty remarks.

1571 naval battle between Ottomans and Christians.

Fore-and-aft sail.

Spanish enclave in Morocco.

Wilderness Explorer in Up.

Collects together, e.g. corn.

Drug that calms stomach liquids.

Part of a rowing boat where oars sit.

1800 French-Austrian battle and Napoleon's horse.

Of a bygone era.

Medieval comma; "little twig".

This early Monopoly token will light the way.

Bullwinkle adversaries Boris and __.

Mozart's Symphony No.41, not on this planet.

Puzzle 13

Out of control blaze.

Variety of actinolite, 1 of 2 jade minerals.

Discharges, emits.

Proper nouns used to describe residents of a city.

Eye disease.

Ninja turtle Michelangelo's weapon of choice.

Leonardo __, played Romeo.

War in Zimbabwe saw end of the Ndebele kingdom.

Come to know.

Saloon seat.

Mille-__, French, thousand-leaved vanilla slices.

This track and field event is no short hop.

Romeo's hot headed cousin.

__ Bridge, English defeat by Scots led by Wallace.

Lupine anteater.

New Year's Eve in Edinburgh.

Puzzle 14

Italian baritone of opera and film.

Cuxhaven historical coastal beacon.

Muscly actor; Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Speaking alone, as in a speech in a play.

Conveniently well-timed, fortunate.

Currency of Swaziland.

First letters of these poems form words.

US Revolutionary War started at this battle site.

Fluid-filled cysts, commonly on hand and wrists.

Cop's bracelets.

Turkish seaport, WWI campaign for ANZAC forces.

Unwelcome figure in Chinese folkloric tradition.

Cliffhanger director, Alfred __.

A straight line is an __ of a curve, if never meet.

Puzzle 15

Enigma variation by Elgar; Biblical son of Cush.

Bumpy, not flat, e.g. an __ surface.

William __, first English printer.

Indian language aka Manipuri.

Lime __, carbonated water highball drink.

A Taimut in Chinese mythology.

Building rules.

Little __; Keanu Reeves plays Prince Siddhartha.

The large bone at the base of the spine.

A tradition or custom.

__ Bank, battles of WWI; a North Sea fishing area.

They go everywhere with the bows.

__ War, Far Eastern conflict of 1950-3.

Old-fashioned term for table linen from the French.

Puzzle 16

Amiable Frenchman who loves the good life: bon __.

Zombies, vampires, etc.

Crabtree & __, body care products retailer.

Uprising of the Kikuyu in Kenya in the 1950s.

If it's way up there, it's __ as a kite.

__ Islands, uninhabited US Minor Outlying Island.

This Monopoly token is worn ahead.

Ethiopian flatbread made with a grain called teff.

Tree groups.

Restrained by a police officer's kit.

Aladdin's magic ride.

Lacking form completely.

Uses a bike.

Hark the __ Angels Sing.

Shop staff are called to clean up spills via this.

Costly 1916 battle on the River Meuse, France.

Puzzle 17

Monte __, WW2 battle for hilltop Italian abbey.

Scaled a mountain.


Casu Marzu is Sardinian cheese infested with __.

Actor among original The Electric Company cast.

Brest-__, ended the war between Germany and Russia.

Do this to the fire to make things worse.

This in time saves nine.

Two US Civil War battles also called Manassas.

Anatomical study of muscles.

Russian river with nearby nature preserve.

Puzzle 18

Mumbo jumbo.

Door rapping.

Glenn Miller hit, Moonlight __.

Poem named after a county in Ireland.

Fitting a device to immobilize a car's wheels.

The Electric Company parody, __ of the Jungle.

Cinderella’s time of change.

Seasonal rhinitis, usually in the late spring.

Candy Land location, __ Woods.

Birthday invitee takeaway.

Tree divisions.

Baboon with colorful face and a blue bum.

To make one feel small.

__ phu, Vietnamese battle ended the Indochina War.

Neptune's __, aquatic ballet dancer.

Franco-__ War saw Parisians eat the zoo's animals.

Puzzle 19

Of or relating to silkworms.

Where Incan ruler Atahualpa was taken by Pizarro.

Rendered cattle oil used for treating leather.

Life jackets are one of these devices.

Took advantage of workers.

Bad state of a wound.

Last element alphabetically in the periodic table.

Reptile organ found in a witch's brew.

Personal name of Japanese Emperor Meiji.

Steers a course on a ship.

On one's back foot.

Largest city in the Canadian province Saskatchewan.

Moules __, dish prepared with wine and shallots.

Begin to grow, come to life.

Divergent Series: __, 2015 movie.

Partner in crime.

Puzzle 20

Ron __, red headed Opie Taylor, Happy Days teen.

Play slowly.

Strait between Alaska and Russia.

Weapons stash.

Black moth with distinctive red spotted wings.

Public discussion and exchange of ideas.

__ Incident (1931), Japanese conquest of Dongbei.

Little blue pills called Sildenafil.

Civil war of the late 1960s in Nigeria.

Bass style of pale ale.

Shocking weapons.

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