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Here are the answers to CodyCross Weather Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.


Puzzle 1

Someone you don't know.

You need this to barbecue.

Measures taken to ensure safety.

Extremely cold, when water turns to ice.

Discharge from a gas, not good for the environment.

People or animals who like to be with others.

Swiss is a type of __ cheese.

Fog that forms across open water.

Stories of the USS Enterprise ship and its crew.

The Hateful Eight's actress, __ Jason Leigh.

Cauliflower's cousin.

Puzzle 2

It fastens your belt.

Country famous for its sausages.

Revised and changed.

Outer bar on vehicle, can be adorned with stickers.

Sacred beetle for the Egyptians.

Humorous genre that uses irony.

Gray and overcast sky.

An item that secures something.

Low-budget, second-rate film.

Similar to initialized.

Add this second element and you have water.

Puzzle 3

Wind from the ocean.

Agent 007.

People from an Irish city.

Unlock your tinned goods with this device.

The fairest of them all.

Represented by blue triangles on a weather map.

A Commonwealth and the largest country in Oceania.

Someone who makes furniture out of wood.

Seller of paintings and scupltures.

First writing systems in this ancient period.

An animal that eats only plants.

Historical account; name of newspaper.

It will never wilt, fall or be out of fashion.

Puzzle 4

Robin Hood was a prince amongst them.

Destructive rotating wind system.

Professional who helps leaders make decisions.

Food processor, mincer, cutter.

What marketeers want you to do.

Mistake in filming, usually funny.

Said to be the first food cooked in a microwave.

Searching about yourself online.

Everyone deserts this kind of ship.

Flammable liquid, propanone.

To go to bed, to rest.

Dandelions, lilies, roses, daisies.

Empty reasons to not do something.

Antonym of treason.

Containers sewn into clothes.

Tom, Jerry and Spike the __.

Road designed for high-speed vehicular traffic.

Puzzle 5


__ zero, lowest possible temperature.

Distance above the equator.

A club of women, especially at a college.

Relating to newborn infants.

Someone who remains alive.

Preferred pet, child, student, horse.

The greatest detective of all times.

Vital rain protection device.

Kids are terrified of them.

Covered with browned breadcrumbs.

Opposite of southern.

Someone appointed to conduct official negotiations.

Clarence __, US pioneer of frozen food.

An incredibly skilled musician.

Puzzle 6

Out of tune.

Mercedes-Benz and Sauerkraut.

Round hole for threading shoelaces.

Birthplace of furniture giant IKEA.

The __ of Oz, follow the yellow brick road.

Cold enough to make you shiver.

Financial worker, teller and loaner of money.


Daily light work of a household.

Flowers and leaves in an ornamental circle.

Egyptian monument.

Converging point; remote quiet place.

Puzzle 7

If you can pull them, you are in power.

Neither a duck nor a pigeon.

Altercation, argle-bargle, controversy.

Starter of armed conflict without reasonable cause.

Decorator, beautifier, embellisher.

Temperature scale also called Centigrade.

Type of vehicle used in farms; agricultural machine.

The river reaches the sea.

Someone who competes in sports.

Line where the earth meets the sky.

A mother's mom.

It means "friendship" in Spanish.

Puzzle 8

If you want to know more about plants, study this.

Polar bears live within the __ circle.

Paid assassin.

Hypothesis, proposition, thesis.

She seems to be always in distress.

Production, material, product, yield.

One hundred minus fifty plus thirty.

It definitely loves company.

Bug's bunny preferred food.

Bar, grogshop, saloon, cantina, café.

Puzzle 9

The opposite of capitalism.

Doctor of natural medicine.

Short, thin and pointed wooden dental stick.

French red wines.

Declared, annunciated, published, broadcasted.

Converted into stone; unable to move.

Male who lifts a lot of weight.

Avenue, street, road.

This measures changes in the weather.

Tequila, triple sec, lime and lemon juice.

Carpet or rug for worship.

Puzzle 10

Cloudless up above on a sunny day.

A five-pepole musical group.

Having been irritated.

A region's weather conditions.

Low-level hazy clouds.

Group of two or more computers.

Spray paint.

You can take a lot of pictures on this mountain.

Trapeze artist who is not the flyer.

Knives, forks, and spoons used for eating.

Unfavorable conditions.

Hot cereal made from groats.

Puzzle 11

Frozen dairy dessert, can be eaten on a cone.

Mount __, South Dakota's main tourist attraction.

To misappropriate funds.

Dark green gourd eaten sliced or pickled.

Bitterly cold windstorm with snow and ice.

Eleventh month in the Gregorian calendar.


Someone whose marriage has legally ended.

It means "yellow" in Spanish.

To block a passage; impede.

The amount of moisture in the air.

It goes everywhere with password.

Puzzle 12

German word for "leader".

Between third and fifth.

Soft tissue in the center of the bones.

Dividing line between countries, cities, etc..

Someone who spends his life on the ocean waves.

A medical physician or a veterinarian.

Short name for the largest peninsula in the world.

Day loved by some and hated by others.

To conceive, invent, design.

Jockeys' running mates.

Flat biscuity oblongs to place ice cream within.

Fantastic and adventurous trip.

Unforgettable series starring a Collie dog.

French art style, excessive fanciful ornamentation.

A hand-written letter, note, book, message.

Puzzle 13

The universe beyond our atmosphere.

Round white nut, bush shaped.

Sensational story that appeals strongly to the emotions.

Ethereal, heavenly, elysian.

Material used in film and photography until 1950s.

Late night until early morning work shift.

From birth to death and round again.

Piece of bent wire for holding documents together.

Avocado dip eaten usually with tortilla chips.

Impoverish, skint, broke.

What we are not allowed to do.

Medical group, could be A, B, AB or O.

Puzzle 14

St Anthony __, patron saint of lost possessions.

Gambling activity happens in these establishments.

Seats of kings and queens.

Those who fight with words.

JFK Airport is located in this US city.

Grey's __, medical drama set in a Seattle hospital.

Places with no lightness or luminosity.

Tuxedo flightless beauty.

Seasonal snow showers.

Where you put things you usually don't use.

Puzzle 15

Podium, tribune, stand, stage.

Person with absolute power and unlimited authority.

Exclusive control of an industry and a board game.

When Cinderella lost her shoe.

Antonio __ plays Puss in Boots in the film Shrek.

Military Church order from the Middle Ages.

Just one can spoil the whole fruit barrel.

Its distance is 26.2 mi or 42 km.

Person who takes the demons out of one's body.

Place where Don Quixote is from.

Native American legendary animal.

The substance of which a thing is made or composed.

The Theory of Relativity.

Small piece of dough wrapped around a filling.

Puzzle 16

Movie's master puppeteers.

Last educational test.

No use crying over it.

Skin of a yellow citrus fruit.

Maximum honor in competitive sports.

Wall of muscles below the ribcage.

The lowest female singing voice.

Story, account, summary of events.

Tool for cutting two circles out of paper.

Fast flowing air currents.

Compass point opposite southwest.

Puzzle 17

Italian actress in the 50's, Oscar and BAFTA winner.

Advisor on legal matters, counselor.

Protects side of cars; guitar company.

Striped cousins of horses.

Containing many small holes, permeable.

Home of the Cossacks and Bolshoi Ballet.

Not complicated.

Flowering plant that produces vanilla.

The mother of all underpriviledged ones.

Bugs Bunny's preferred food.

Happening lately, already done, not long ago.

Puzzle 18

Not running nor walking.

Not single.

Greek goddess of revenge.

Coin-operated music machine.

An enclosed structure in which heat is produced.

Antonym of superlative lowest.

Having permission to do something, past tense.

Puffy white or gray clouds.

Item stretched that returns to its original shape.

What you have to be to what you wish for.

School of higher learning, university.

Jungle inhabitant, long neck.

A supportive advantage.

Highly contagious "reddish" visual infection.

Feline that is decidedly not tame.

To add sugar.

Puzzle 19

Hair bobble made with bunched up material.

Negative balance on your bank account.

A crash between two or more vehicles.

White stone used for carving.

Period each year which records highest rainfall.

Extremely smart, outstanding, very ingenuous.

New or unusual things providing amusement.

Outlook, perspective, angle.

Skilled designer of buildings.

Countries or states ruled by presidents.

Fancy and bubbly alcoholic beverage.

Enchanted and mesmerized by someone or something.

Epidemic diseases spread across a large region.

Emission or transmission of energy.

Person who studies past chronological events.

To take the water or oxygen from; to lose water.

Puzzle 20

Spread, extent, scale; color variety.

Helpers of broken legs or twisted ankles.

What our memory is for.

The interests of a university or college.

Movie star prehistorical reptile.

Rotating, twisting.

Last name of Prime.

A large cooking pan for soups and broths.

Mythological beings that drink blood.

Ocean connecting to the Strait of Gibraltar.

Destructive and sweeping blaze in a rural area.

Aconcagua, Everest, Denali, Kilimanjaro.

Short break in the middle of a performance.

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