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Here are the answers to CodyCross Weddings Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle leave your comment below.

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Puzzle 1

System of interconnected computers and servers.

To apease through conciliatory language.

Antonym of furthest.

Votes that are not for a motion are __ it.

Access, entry, door, path.

"I now proclaim you husband __".

Wasps and bees have it.

Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Merlot.

Alice in Wonderland was written by Lewis __.

People tie it when they get married.

The one with the least amount of free time.

To ignore orders.

Looking for something.

Con artist.

Puzzle 2

Non-conformist, free spirit, counterculturalist.

Prepared talks given after the wedding meal.

The Hindu third eye is located here.

Imaginary possible situation.

The most famous Hong Kong martial arts actor.

Famous song from the musical Annie, 1977.

Eldest "Little Woman".

To move someone down to the next division below.

Words that have no meaning.


Bartail __, or Indian __, lies on mud to hide.

Person in charge of stopping a train.

Capable of being warehoused.

A continuous sequence or range, variety.

Sound that is loud and repeated at a very fast pace.

Chemical element classification system: __ Table.

"In __ and in health," traditional wedding vow.

Puzzle 3

To proclaim the glory of something or someone.

To live up to expectations.

US oscar winner, political activist, fitness guru.

Personal driver for the wealthy.

A patch of earth for growing roses, tulips, etc.

Golden ale of low calories.

Queen of the Nile.

Happening right now.

Systematic order.

Or of relating to digits.

Term for the symbol used to abbreviate "and".

Criminal who obtains money or goods by deception.

The head of a company, chairman.

Uncontrollable burnings of scrubland and bush.

Nationality of painter Edvard Munch.

The condemned.

Sparkling wine used for wedding toasts.

Puzzle 4

Log out and you're __, not on the network.

Not single, widow/er or divorced.

Ban, prohibition.

A person who is engaged to be married.

Tale includes a magic lamp and a genie.

Mature tropical cyclone.

Occasionally spotted creature with massive prints.

The ability to keep on going for a very long time.

Collection of paintings, sculptures, etc.

Famous touristic atlantic island group.


Natalie __, Israeli-American star of Black Swan.

To become less liquid.

Herbivorous aquatic mammal with a rounded tail.

Where the Tower of London is located.

Puzzle 5

Traditionally a husband carries his bride over it.

Member of a singing group in church.

Citric hard candy with cream of tartar.


__, Woody Allen, 1977 romantic comedy.

Old-fashioned word meaning engaged to be married.


Cartoon cowboy drawn by a Belgian.

Don't throw the baby out with the __.

Prehistoric giants.

To become something or someone else.

Chopping off of head.

Polymer commonly used in synthetic clothes.

Synthetic hair moisturizer.

Measurement of frequencies.

It will take the leaves off a tree.

Somehow the longest day of the week.

Puzzle 6


Male who establishes a whole new field of endeavor.

The second little pig's house was made of __.

Lights, camera, __!.


1 and 0.

Antonym of exhale.

Large lizard.

Portable, movable.

Black tie event.

Another name for the armpit.

Circle with 12 astrological signs.

Oily, slippery.

Post-Soviet state.

Place of worship.

Irish poet who won the 1995 Literature prize.

Women to be married.

Composer Beethoven's first name.

Japanese horseradish.

Puzzle 7

Abundance of goods or material possession, wealthy.

What bats do with their wings.

Latin phrase meaning in good faith.

Turning up to a wedding without an invitation.

Antonym of softness.

Losing the liquid that goes through our veins.

Way of throwing a ball; easier motion than overarm.

Novel by Robert Louis Stevenson: "__ Island".

To adorn.

Having a sweet fragrance.

Recorded broadcast.

How steep a slope is, inclination.

Controlled distribution of resources.

Moving around and around, spinning.

Number that equals to 10 times 100.

From the place where gondolas are daily used.

Puzzle 8

William __, hued king of the Glorious Revolution.

The __, 2015 movie about the housing bubble.

Foresees, anagram of scripted.

Strong dark coffee, literally "pressed out".

For __, to begin with.

Flowing wet earth caused by heavy rain.

The most tired or exhausted.

Hooping metal or plastic circles around peg.

To give and receive.

Where the bride walks towards the groom.

Puzzle 9

Tarot card suits are batons, cups, coins and __.

Primary color.

Italian word for "slowly" in music.

Something that you can eat.

Existing in the present.

Cousins of the shallots.

Dating __, a matchmaking business.

Syrup producers.

Residence of monarchs and the very wealthy.

Place of worship, smaller than a church.

Won the Academy Awards for Best Movie in 1983.

Used to hold your clothes.

Spanish term for "port".

Band of elastic hidden by a bride's gown.

Puzzle 10

Last month of the year in ancient Rome.

Company that provides food at a wedding reception.

Greener relative of the cauliflower.

Describes the belief that the glass is always half full.

A novel idea.

Natural Born Killers star, __ Lewis.

The most amusing.

Chinese territory, world's 4th most populated.

Stealing or robbing.

"For better or __", wedding vow.

Really fond of reading and studying.

A one-piece garment worn by parachutists.

Puzzle 11

Until death __, traditional wedding vow.

To remove something from its rightful position.

A conduit for large quantities of flowing water.

Destroying, crashing.

Delicious highly prized food.


Unisex type of shirt, not a dressed one.

Phone number not in the phone book.

Something __, something blue; bridal tradition.

Resistance to disease.

Losing my __, REM's hit song from the 90's.

Y in DIY.

Puzzle 12

To make something easier.

The relationship between a husband and a wife.

Fields where turbines generate electricity.

To keep alive, intact or free from decay.

Putting the hair back with an elastic band.

Cool __, 1993 Disney film with John Candy.

To toss or mix together.

Water sport with a single-bladed paddle.

Fuzzy fruit stone.

Top hat __, formal wedding attire.

The tiniest speck or component of something.

Vietnamese revolutionary, declined Peace prize.

Opposite of longitude.

Killed unlawfully.

Without the part of the body where the eyes are.

Two digits in sign of approval.

Puzzle 13


Tissues connecting bones to other bones.

Seaport city in British Columbia, Canada.

Giant dog breed.

Chemicals used to kill weeds.

German word and song in Kander musical, Cabaret.

Large spider with thick hairy legs.

Tequila, triple sec, and lime juice cocktail.

A full life enjoyed during many years.

Fast ballroom dance.

Olympic team sport played in a pool.

Smaller version of a romaine or cos lettuce.

Similar to a computer program, runs on phones.

Instructions on what guests should wear.

Part of space from which nothing can escape.

Extract of tortoise for shining paintwork, maybe.

Mark on a pirate sentenced to death.

Puzzle 14

Floating timber.

Environmental contamination.

Pinkish tinge to the whites of your eyes.


__ old, __ new, __ borrowed, __ blue.

Michelle __, actress of The Fast & Furious.

Container for drinking ale.

Holy __, Christian description of marriage.

To sleep during the whole winter.

Lofty yellow plant memorably painted by Van Gogh.

Shiniest, most polished.

Puzzle 15

Paris luxury goods brand, famous for bags.

__ ranger, name given to 80's posh people in the UK.

__ Strait, water between Australia and New Guinea.

Method of travel over the Niagara Falls, in a __.

Like a pigeon, able to find its safe place again.

To keep, continue to use, have, own.

Burned round the edges.

Another word for the key on a map.

Weeping tree.

Cartoon about little blue creatures.

Units of measurement for alcoholic strength.

Second Bond film, From __ With Love.

Homeopathic remedy for treating bruising.

Evolutionary biologist, Charles __.

__ Melville, penned Moby Dick.

__ Green, popular Scottish wedding destination.

Scary creatures or critters.

Puzzle 16

Distinctive manners of expression.

Romeo's love.

The opposite of bury.

__ lead, the first-named woman on a cast list.

The season leading up to Christmas.

Wedding anniversary celebrated after 50 years.

Intricate silk design by arachnid.

For richer, for __; traditional wedding vow.

One who lacks courage.

Canine term for military ID.

Cattle, bison, buffalo belong to this group.

Popular early Ford car.

Puzzle 17

Not fertile or productive; unpolluted.

In some places it is called cookie.

Young male attendant of a bride at a wedding.

Small piece of jewelry or ornament of little value.

Short description under photo in article.

Bubbleheaded, absurd, foolish, brainless.

Superhuman __, detecting even the faintest sounds.

Adam __, actor of Click and Big Daddy.

This energy drink will "give you wings".

London's Tony Awards equivalent: Laurence __ Awards.

Conformity to the standards of taste or propriety.

Biblical character who betrayed Samson.

Green citrus from Florida, gives name to pie.

The guest of a person on the guest list.

Puzzle 18

Abbreviated form of the Supreme Court of the US.

A moon that isn't waxing.

Hand, phase, side.

The largest bodies of water.

Retailer of scented candles and accessories.

Trimming the corner areas of gardens.

Antonym of a lot.

Heavy item dropped to keep a ship in place.

To subject to fire or intense heat.

Disease often transmitted via dog bites.

A husband or a wife.

Advantages, anagram of pulses.

In finances, a __ asset can be converted into cash.

The __ Ultimatum, part of Matt Damon's franchise.

Weak in body or mind.

Formerly illegal "little pot" spirit from Ireland.

Puzzle 19

Shin __, leg condition experienced by joggers.

The things one shouldn't burn behind.

Written symbols.


To amaze and stun.

Ancient race of giants with single eye on forehead.

Ozzy Osbourne's band Black __.

Row of icons typically atop a computer screen.

September 27th celebrates leisure __ worldwide.

Word meaning the opposite of another.

To obtain carefully.

__ Del Toro, won an Oscar for Traffic.

Vow __, repeating your original wedding promises.

Comedy horror about snaking, slug-like monsters.

Removing unimportant plants from a garden.

__ suit, daytime formal dress for a bridegroom.

Glancing sneakily.

Puzzle 20

Flat panel using liquid crystals for TV viewing.

People invited to a wedding are on the __.

Right now, without delay.

Term for a cold-blooded vertebrate.

Song and dance man of Singin' in the Rain.

The main one.

In mountaineering, descending on fixed ropes.

Tall constructions.

The process of taking food in.

A new and exciting experience.

To separate from the body, like Addams' Thing.

Germany's finance city.

Something no longer winnable.

Greek goddess of love and desire.

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